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National Police Cadet Corps (Sea)

Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary)

Campcraft Badge Criteria
The Campcraft Badge Test consists of three components:

1. Knots and Lashings Practical

2. Tent Pitching Practical
3. Theory Test

All three components must be satisfactorily cleared before a cadet is considered to have passed

Knots and Lashings Practical

Cadets must be able to tie the following knots and lashings correctly and neatly. A maximum of three
mistakes are allowed for a cadet to have considered passed. Cadets have a maximum of 45 minutes
to tie all the required knots, coilings and lashings.

Stopper knots: Thumb Knot

Figure of Eight Knot

Loop knots: Tent Guy Loop

Fireman’s Chair

Bends: Reef Knot

Sheet Bend
Fisherman’s Knot

Hitches: Clove Hitch

Timber Hitch
Round Turn and Two Half Hitches
Highwayman’s Hitch

Shortening Formations: Sheepshank

Chain Knot

Coilings: Simple Coil

Old Navy Coil

Lashings: Round Lashing

Shear Lashing
Square Lashing
Diagonal Lashing
Gyn Lashing*
(*must know how to tie and open the tripod)

Tent Pitching Practical

For the tent pitching practical test, cadets will form groups of four and pitch an NPCC 4-man tent in
under 20 minutes. Thereafter, they will have to individually inspect and evaluate the tent they have
pitched in the role of a lesson conductor. Cadets with inadequate tent pitching hard skills and
evaluation soft skills will not pass.

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National Police Cadet Corps (Sea)
Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary)
Campcraft Badge Criteria
Theory Test

Cadets will have to undergo a 35 min long theory test. The test will cover basic terminology, knots and
lashings, application of knots and lashings, and tent theory. They will have to score 75% of the total
marks in order to have passed.

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