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N. Jackiw
Copyright � KCP Technologies, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

Revision History
TO DO: -- remove alpha notices

3/17/10 -rnj
Implemented Path interface for SamplerCurves,
and wrote PointOnSamplerCurveAnim, so we can animate along
them, fixing
BZ68. JSP: Animate point on Point Locus or Function Plot
produces java exception.

*** 11/2009 RELEASE AS JSP 5.00 coordinating with GSP 5.00

9/9/08 -rnj
Removed support for provisional 'Derivative' command
in <g2> 5/1/05), since its format (identical to 'Function')
inappropriate for the imagined-future-JSP that can
re-differentiate symbolic derivatives from the functions
that they

7/31/08 - rnj
Added support for

dashed, dotted, solid - line styles

Separately, consolidated various redundant isHit

from Draggable gPoint subclasses into the superclass.

7/24/08 - rnj
Added support for

hairline, thin, mediumLine, thick(*) - line styles

dot, small, mediumPoint, large - point styles

"medium" style, which sets both mediumLine and mediumPoint


(*) Since "thick" had different semantics under g1, "thick"

is only interpreted as "thicker than mediumLine" if your
specifies MinGrammarVersion=2 (or higher) as a parameter.

7/11/08 - rnj
Added (requests for) anti-aliasing to graphics contexts,
leading to improved
appearance in most browsers. Also began switch to
Graphics2D, for better
rendering appearance. Done so far: points, straights,
circles, point loci,
straight loci.

6/22/05 - mrj & rm

Renamed output to "jsp5_dev.jar", and abandoned class-
folder output. By retargetting
GSP export to a new applet name, we prevent v2-grammar HTML
files from inadvertently
being used with v1 (jsp4.jar) applets. From v2 (and
jsp5.jar) and later, we have a new
mechanism for protecting future growth (MinGrammarVersion,
see 2/01/03). The "_dev" is
simply to indicate that v2 is currently in development and
should be sandboxed; once
V2 is believed final we will switch to jsp5.jar (before
release of GSP5).

6/21/05 - rnj
Implemented <g2> PlotFixedXY(coordSys, xCoordConstant,
yCoordConstant); [TT#3043].

5/1/05 - mrj
At Matt's suggestion, including in <g2> "Derivative". It
has the same grammar as a Function
("Derivative(xcor, ycor, prefix string, calculation string)
(parents);"), and is mapped by
to a Function object. This is for possible future
extensions, e.g. if we ever make Functions
editable in JavaSketchpad, Derivative will need to be
marked as different than Function on export.

12/10/04 - mrj
More work on a <g2> grammar for TT#2920. Function Plots are
now implemented.
Grammar: FunctionPlot(function, coord sys, number of
samples, domain start, domain end, projection)
where projection can be 0 (y = f(x)), 1 (x = f(y)), 2 (r =
f(theta)), or 3 (theta = f(r)).
Example: FunctionPlot(37,6,200,-10,10,0);

Additionally, "Point on object(objRef, number)" can now

have either a FunctionPlot or a PointLocus
as its parent. In either case, the number argument
specifies the relative location of the
point along the parent -- the decimal fraction of the way
through the parental domain that the
point should be located.

Added testfile.html and adjusted build configuration

(.xcode file) so that interactive
debugging is possible. Replace the construction parameter
(and only the construction
parameter) of the testfile.html applet to run a certain
construction under
the debugger.
Clicking on the About box now includes the URL of the
applet appended to the URL
of the page to open.

10/25/04 - mrj
Builds under XCode, and project has been divided such that
every class is in
a separate file. Also, new file the build
number and relevant
strings are now in their own file, rather than class
variables of [TT#2914]

Functions are now implemented, with a <g2> grammar [1st

half of TT#2920].
Grammar: Function(xcor, ycor, prefix string, calculation
In the calculation string of a Function, use 'x' for all
occurances of the
independent variable.
Use: Calculate(xcor, ycor, prefix string, calculation
Changed calculation string: now accepts user-defined
functions: @f{A-Z}.
Example: Calculate(15, 15, 'f(3) = ', '3 @fA')(2); //2 is a
Also, calculation strings are now allowed to have an empty
parent list.

10/6/04 - mrj
New feature for build 0652 and later: the applet's build
number is displayed
in the lower left hand corner. Use the applet-wide
parameter "ShowBuildNumber"
to specify: 0 or no parameter means no build number shown,
1 means build
number displayed. [TT#2906]

8/17/04 - rnj
Rewrote Move buttons to avoid reliance on a fixed movement
vector that could
become obsolete under changing geometry. New API (an
extension of Draggable
interface) is amenable for path-specific subclassing if we
want to eventually
add GSP4-style path-navigation intelligence.

Refactored FreePoint and DriverPoint to share a common base

class, MouseFreePoint
primarily for code sharing.

8/11/04 - MRJ

Implemented angle bisector and defined <g2> grammar for it


Defined a new parameter, <PARAM NAME=PixelsPerLengthUnit

VALUE={integer}>, which
indicates the scaling factor to use in showing measurements
as approximately in
inches or centimeters rather than always in pixels.
Eventually this will be
exported from GSP's Advanced Preferences | System | Screen
Resolution field; for now,
it needs to be hand specified [TT#2593]. This should be
documented in <g2>, but is
grammar-neutral in the sense that <g1>-JSP won't crash if
there's an applet PARAM
it doesn't recognize.

Implemented the ability to decide, either on a sketch level

with a parameter, or on a
measurement or calculation level with an argument (or
both), how many digits of precision
past the decimal point should be displayed [TT#2862].
Document in <g2> but note that
<g1> won't crash.

Implemented and defined <g2> grammar for

ToggleVisibilityButtons, which can both show and
hide objects (and change their labels accordingly)

Added a build number, which should be kept in sync with the

desktop Sketchpad build number.

DO Fix JSP export of dimensioned constants! What's wrong with TinLissy, for
instance--it spits out 360 deg, when we really want 2Pi radians. Or is it that our
plotted rotations should be interpreting their args in degrees (more likely)?
ADD TextColor attribute?

2/01/03 Implemented colorization as a type of Transformer, and

convinced loci to archive
colors of individual samples if their traceGObj was
colorized. Defined grammar <in g2>
and constructions for Spectrum and Intensity univariate
colorations and RGB and HSV
trivariate colorations, corresponding to GSP 4.0's color

Fixed a problem in which intersections of lines could

behave extremely poorly,
numerically, when the second of the two lines was near
vertical. [TT#2557]

Defined a new parameter, <PARAM NAME=MinGrammarVersion

VALUE={integer}>, which indicates
the MINIMUM version of the JSP grammar that legally
describes the contents of an
CONSTRUCTION parameter. This in turn implies the minimum
version of the JSP applet
capable of parsing that CONSTRUCTION. Added code at Sketch
startup that verifies
the present applet understands a grammar at least equal to
the MinGrammarVersion.
If not, the applet refuses to parse the construction (which
would error, since we
don't understand its grammar), and instead displays an
applet-window error message.
The contents of this error message can be specified in the
HTML file itself as
the value of a new parameter (NAME=GrammarVersionError); if
that parameter is not
present, a generic error ("You must update this JSP &c.")
is used instead.

Rewrote Sketch class parser error handler to throw

exceptions containing human-readable
error messages rather than to print errors to
System.console. Modified GSP applet
to field thrown errors from sketch and display them
directly in the applet window.

11/08/02 Extended gCircle:CircleCenterAndRadius:Constrain() to recognize

that parent2
(the radius specifier) may be a (length) Value rather than
a Segment. This
fixes TT#2480.

10/28/02 Replaced GObject.descendsFrom() implementation with one which

limits recursion both for
negative and positive searches, rather than for negative
searches only. This dramatically
increases the effectiveness of this search when looking for
ancestors of children located deep in
the object list but with relatively few ancestors.

Revised version# printed to console command line at applet


[released as 4.00 with no official grammar version number but, informally,

grammar#1 <g1>]

6/11/01 mdl - added CoordSysByAxes, RectangularUnitPoint

UnitPoint now an abstract base class of SimpleUnitPoint

(old unit point), and
RectangularUnitPoint (new). Unit points, Axis now support
getUnitLengthX() and
getUnitLengthY() methods for rectangular axes support.

6/11/01 rnj & ml - fixed problem where dragged unit points snapped
back to their
original scale when dragging their origin. Also defined
better UnitPoint()
semantics, and changed "Axis" to "Axis3" for backsupporting
GSP/3 sketches
[UPDATE GRAMMAR!] and introduced "Axis4," which is defined
rather than
by a coordSys (Axis3), instead by an origin and unit point
(as per GSP4).
Also added "SquareUnitPoint," expecting coordSysByAxes and
to follow.
6/9/01 rnj - Revised copyright notice to 2001, and switched
release to JSPDR3.5++ as
we anticipate frequent development up until release of
GSP/4.00 (at which point we
should rev the applet to JSP_R400, or some such).

11/1/00 Released as JSPDR3.5, locally only, because the Converter

has not yet been updated.

10/4/00 Added
Rotate/MeasuredAngle(preimage, center,

7/3/00 Added
ConcatText(x, y)(t1, t2, ..., tn);

which concatenates text objects and places

them at (x, y).

6/19/00 Added

formatting tags, which apply to any text object. These

override the
default font for said text objects. Thus "plain" should
appear as the
first format to override a default. For instance, if
actionFont is
ITALIC, and you want it to be BOLD NON-ITALIC, use [plain,
bold] for
the format specifier. The [plain] overrides the ITALIC of
the default
actionFont; the [bold] then re-adds bold formatting to the


formatting tags, which apply to any text object.

PegText(pointParent, textParent);

which creates a copy of textParent whose fundamental

position (pre-justification)
is located at pointParent's coordinates.

FixedText(x, y, message);

which creates text which does not change at x, y (pre-

6/16/00 Added
SimultaneousButton(x, y, title)(but1, but2, ...,

which causes but1 - butn button parents to be pressed


Added [image('url')] formatting attribute to buttons.

an (optional) image causes the button's appearance to be
by the image, rather than by its string name.

11/20/99 Sent to ESCOT as 3.4 for Chris DiGiano's wandering llama.

11/20/99 Added support for points on polygons (use Point on object(xxx,

offset)) where
xxx = thePolygon and offset = originalVertex + edgeLength.

Added support for "layer(x)" formatting tag, which allows

you to manually
control the drawing order of objects within their layer.
Use positive numbers,
where higher values appear on top of lower values. Values
don't have to be
consecutive, but if you specify values greater than 1000,
you may move into
the next higher layer of objects.

11/19/99 Added
ImageOnPoint(point, imageURL);
ImageBetweenPoints(point, imageURL);

7/16/99 Factored event handling out of the core Sketch() class,

which now implements event-model
neutral event handlers and derives from a caller-provided
class, SketchpadRuntimePanel,
that implements the caller's preferred event handler
(forwarding received events on to
the Sketch()'s model-neutral handlers).

7/9/99 Added support for DiagnosticLevel parameter, which controls

statusLine and debugging info.
Switched back to 1.1 event model for escot beans.
Added a new target, SketchpadBase.jar, for distributing
inner classes under ESCOT volunteer license.

3/26/99 Posted to site for controlling the SRC applets, but did not
bundle as
a newly-available download. I believe I fixed some of MRJ
2.1's inconsistencies
by turning system.out.println()'s into system.out.print(...
+"\r\n")'s, but
I still get stray "verifyErrors" at runtime on arbitrary
classes which have not
been touched since working fine. Currently, Axis() always
fails---try nucalc.html.
Goal is to wait until Pro5 ships, and see if it's finalized
Java tools fix my problems.

3/9/99 Fixed problem where applet failed to redraw properly on

Avoided deadlock if sketch.paint() threw

11/9/98 Fixed FixedAngleMarkedDistance, MeasuredAngleFixDistance,

MarkedAngleMarkedDistance, for correct vertical displacements.

RELEASED DR3 - End of June 1998

6/18/98 Reverted to Java 1.0 Event Model for Netscape 4.0/Mac

compatibility---damn them!
Shortened a few classnames so it works on a Mac (with
limited filename lengths) with browsers
that don't understand ARCHIVEs---damn them!

6/15/98 Improved speed of sketches containing multiple loci


6/8/98 Implemented Dilation/MarkedRatio

Added DriverPoint(measureX, measureY, initialX, initialY);

6/2/98 Added a JSP_ExternIO getExternIOItemList() method, which

returns a list of the
GObjects in a sketch that can be directly addressed by a
given JSP_ExternIO
interprocess communication protocol.

Added Parameter measurements which can be set by external


5/24/98 Implemented loci of gStraights

5/23/98 Fixed a bug that caused some versions of Internet Explorer

to crash on a
bad cast while loading sketches. Specifically, old code
used the same
routine to read ints as doubles from the paramLine, and
some grammar-spec
parentIndices, when moved from char to double to int,
experienced sufficient
precision loss to wind up referencing the wrong parent!

4/17/98 Made analytically-specified vastly more efficient by

suppressing updates in
measurement text during locus resampling.

Implemented Dilation/SegmentRatio

4/16/98 Updated to new (Java 1.1) awt event model

Changed # of significant digits on displayed measurements

from max to 3.

4/14/98 Added separate Bean development project as a target of the

master JavaSketchpad.�
Codewarrior project. Removed "applet wrapper" from Bean,
and replaced former Applet
services to the Sketch (which were stubbed out at the Bean
level) with a separate,
JavaSketchpad-specific interface, SketchpadRuntimeServices,
which allows a Sketch
object to be embedded in an arbitrary runtime context.

2/11/98 Implemented Translation/MarkedAngle/MarkedDistance

Implemented Translation/MarkedAngle/FixedDistance

2/10/98 Added PolarTranslation to the grammar (was implemented but

undocumented in DR2).
Fixed grammar for Perpendicular, Parallel, Intersect1,
Intersect2, and Ray, all
of which had reversed parameter lists.

Fixed reversal of coordinate system ("up" corresponded to

negative values for y)

2/10/98 rnj Added IAC support (JSP_ExternIO) and developed some sample remote
applets that
communicate with current code (DR2.2a).

2/6/98 rnj Posted JSP DR2.1, containing below fix (for AMTE JavaSketchpad
as well as Scott's latest WinExporter, which fixed a WinNT
error message
about missing .DLLs.

1/29/98 rnj Updated to Codewarrior Pro 2.1, Java 1.1.

Implemented transformed circle interiors. This now

eliminates the bug
in which images of circle interiors were circles.

----------DR2 RELEASE: 9/20/97---------

9/20/97 rnj - Changed about box to point to jsp_about.html.

9/17/97 rnj - Added 'r'/'R' as a synonym for reset

Fixed a bug in which the about box button text was not
always displayed in
a consistent font.

Added support for a space token delimiter in

compoundExprs, allowing
'1 3 +' to be interpreted as 'one plus three' instead of
as 'thirteen plus'.

Added support for converting double apostrophes ('') into

apostrophes when they're embedded in apostrophe-delimited

9/10/97 rnj - Reversed the interpretation of movement pairs (they're

now dest, source) for
compatibility with desktop Sketch format.

Eliminated bug in which traced points traced their label

as well.

Fixed a bug in which loci's initial appearance (first

frame) was incorrect.

Added X+Y axis objects (KLOOGE: still needs custom

DrawVisible() routine)

Added Unit Points.

9/9/97 rnj - Added tan() func to compound measurements for desktop-

and restructured things so there's a single
equFormComponent space
instead of a separate one for each derived multimeasure.
This allows
easier conversion from desktop Sketchpad (in which there
is only
one enumeration of all equFormComponents).

Added PlotXY() primitive.

9/8/97 rnj - Added initial loci, with circle & segment paths.

9/5/97 rnj - Added Ratio/Points to Measurements.

Added tracing.
Added "DirectedAngles" parameter, default 1, to control
signage of angles.

9/4/97 rnj - Defined coordinate systems (and Origin/Unit + UnitCircle

specs), with
thick or thin grids, defined multimeasure framework and
simple (x, y) coordinate measurements.
- Added support for Translation/FixedAngle/MarkedDistance

9/3/97 rnj - Deferred graphics initialization until the applet is

known to be
initialized (i. e. in start() context instead of during
init()). This
fixes some problems evident in Internet Explorer 3.0/Win.
- Added radius, circumference, perimeter, ratio/segments,
area, slope,
and distance measurements.
- Put into place basic framework for calculations (parse +
Current grammar requires expression compilation (into
RPN) to be
performed by the user, rather than the applet, but
supports the
arithmetic + predef functions of desktop JSP--the only
lacking is for equFormComponent-extraction, which has to
wait until
we have multimeasures.

9/2/97 rnj - Added a status display to the applet during parseGObjs().

- Turned off animating threads when the applet is stopped,
requeued them when
restarted. The implementation here incidentally removes
the restriction on
5 auto-start action buttons: the sky's the limit, now!
- Implemented a simple "about box" paradigm: hitting '?'
when the applet is
active launches the jsp home page, or clicking in the
lower-right corner.



- Removed mouse-dragging from yesterday's automatic updater

to increase
responsiveness to drags. The trick is to use Paint()
instead of Repaint()
if you have to redraw the screen during multi-threading,
because the awt's
screen update thread (which repaint() tickles) is lower-
priority than any
sketch-based thread.

- Added support for Label, Action, and Measure family of

font parameters (e. g.
LabelFont = "TimesRoman", ActionSize = 12, MeasureBold =
1, MeasureItalic = 0.)
This allows users to override Sketchpad's defaults for
text styles.

- Fixed a bug in which changing a sketch's speed zapped

"instant" movement buttons.

- Added support for BackRed, BackBlue, and BackGreen

background color parameters
(range is 0-255 for each; default is (200, 200, 200)).

- Added support for "auto" formatting parameter for action

buttons. Up to 5
buttons may have this format in a sketch. Any button with
this format will
be automatically "clicked" the moment the applet begins.
You can auto-click
a hidden button to cause its action (e. g. an animation)
to occur without
presenting the button control to the user (because it's

- Added basic framework for simple measurements, of which

Angle and Length
are implemented. Added a formatting attribute,
suffix(str), which sets str as
the (optional) suffix of a measurement. Added an applet
MeasureInDegrees, which if 1 will result in measurements
being reported in
degrees (default = 0; radians). All angle measurements
are currently directed.
8/31/97 rnj - Rewrote drawing and g-object updating to avoid race conditions
when multiple
threads are updating both the GObjectList and the screen
simultaneously. Now,
the screen updating rate is constant regardless of how
many separate threads
are updating the GObjectPool. Tasks that affect the
object pool should call
GObjectsLock()'s mutex lock; tasks that require
continuous screen updating
should request it of the sketch (through
rather than directly from the AWT (through repaint()).

8/30/97 rnj - Added generic support for animation buttons, which must
be subclassed
for specific paths. Implemented circular paths.

Added global speed control: < and > slow up and speed
down animations and movements.
(Check that this works for movement!)

Also implement gStraight paths, although currently JSP

always assumes animation
on gStraights is animation on the segment between
gStraight endpoints. (This is
true, for segments!)

8/29/97 rnj - Added support for labels, which are always in the same
New applet parameters include LabelFont (default:
Helvetica), LabelSize (default: 12),
and LabelBold (default 0) and LabelItalic (default 0).

Labels are specified by a label(xxx) formatting

parameter. Currently only point labels
are drawn.

Added support for movement buttons, which are specified

by a compound-constructor as follows

MoveAction ({numeric1}, {numeric2}, {numeric3}, {string})

({obj1a, obj1b, obj2a, obj2b ... objNb, objNb)

The movement button's upper left coordinate is located at

({n1}, {n2}) in the coordinate plane.
The movements limited speed is specified by {numeric3},
in pixels per frame. This is
the speed that the slowest moving point in the action
will travel. A speed of zero means that all
moving points should travel to their destinations

The movement button's label is specified by {string}.

The secondary argument list contains N pairs of point

references (1...N), where N>1.
Each pair of point references (a and b) indicate first
the free point to move, and
second, the destination of that free point.

Added Show and Hide actions.

ShowButton ({x}, {y}, {string}) ({obj1}, {obj2}, ...


8/28/97 rnj - Rewrote BAP-equivalent to avoid redundant recursions.

- Rewrote string parser to avoid overscanning string

contents when parsing construction:
huge speed up!

- Added clipping of intersections between gStraights that

weren't both lines.

8/27/97 rnj - Fixed a bug in Rotate/MarkedAngle in which all angles

were reversed.
Switched to JAR-archive distribution (n. b. this will
require a change
in desktop GSP-exported HTML.)

2/14/97 rnj - Implemented optional custom color format (form: "color(r,

g, b)" where
r, g, and b are all ints between 0-255). Here is the note
for the
eventual grammar doc:

You may also assign an arbitrary color using a format specifier of the form

color({red}, {green}, {blue})

where {red}, {green}, and {blue} are {numericConstants} between 0 and

255 specifying in total a color within a RGB color cube. Thus

[color(0, 0, 0)]

is a synonym of "[black]", and

[color(255, 255, 255)]

is a synonym of "[white]".

2/13/97 rnj - Implemented DILm3R_C. (This is already described in the

DR1 grammar,
though it wasn't implemented for the DR1 release.)

------ DR1 Release --------

2/6/97 rnj - Removed AlphaNotices in favor of simpler console-based

alpha notice;
released DR1.

2/3/97 rnj - Implemented ROTm3A_C and DR1 AlphaNotices

1/21/97 rnj - Added support for gImages specified by URL. Syntax is:
Image(<x-double>,<y-double>, <url-
Image (0, 0, 'nickj.gif');

9/18/96 rnj - Fixed some bugs affecting rays and parallel lines.

- Implemented basic transformation architecture, and

handlers for REFLECT_C, DILfR_C, ROTfA_C, TRANSfXfY_C,

9/17/96 rnj Switched JavaGSPspec parent references from label strings

(which are not
inherently unique and which are computational intensive to
parse) to an
implicitly-indexed numeric reference.

- Added comments to JavaGSPspec.

- Added linear, line/circle, and circle/circle
- Added CircleByCenter&Radius.

9/6/96 rnj Reduced startup speed by 60% and eliminated bugs related to
lines and rays when multiple JavaSketches appear in one
context (e. g.
a web page) with different sized panels.

9/5/96 rnj Implemented points on circles.

9/2/96 rnj Implemented circle interiors, points on gStraights, and

and perpendicular line constructors.

8/30/96 rnj Replaced manually-specified DragDependencies with

calculated ones. Most GObjs still only track parents and
children, but after assembling the construction, we
percolate up
from all GObjs() to their draggable ancestors to statically
compute dependency lists for the drag ancestors.
isolates most of this, though Sketch.InitObjects() becomes
responsible for making a few calls during sketch startup

8/27/96 rnj Completed v1.0 of Least Squares dedicated applet. Archived

"Least Squares 8/27/96" and released internally to
DataSpace group.