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Place: Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology, Department of Pharmacy,

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Sriwijaya.

Time: January 15, 2018 until February 22, 2018.

Tool: The tablet hardness test(MosantoHardnessTester),tablet hardness

tester(Friabilitytester),disintegration time test equipment(disintegrator),thermometer,
stopwatch, analytical balance.

Ingredients: Paracetamol, lactose, talc, magnesium stearate, FD & C Yellow,

starch, HPMC, Aquadest.

Testtablet hardness

Tabletwas taken as much as 5 tablets, and then inserted one by one into the tool
hardness tester and the unit is on. Tablet hardness test result data are recorded.

tablet size uniformity test

Testingwas done by measuring the volume of the diameter and thickness of 20

tablets at random by means of calipers. Results expressed either if the coefficient of
variation (CV) of 2%.

Tablet ThicknessUniformity test

Uniformityweights performed for 20 tablets randomly weighed and then one by

one tablet was weighed using an analytical balance. Uniformity of weight is calculated
from the deviation weighting to the weighted average and adjusted its analysis with the
terms yant contained in FI IV:

Deviation average
Weight Average - weight - average in%
Average A B
25 mg or less 15% 30%
26 mg to 150 mg 10 % 20%
151 mg to 300 mg 7.5% 15%
More than 300 mg 5% 10%
content Uniformity test

Perform literature review to obtain the corresponding assay method with an

active ingredient used in the table. Perform the test as much as 3 x replication.

tablet friability test

Tablettaken as many as 20 tablets and then cleaned and weighed (W1 g), and then
inserted into the tool Friability tester for testing. Tool set with a rotation speed of 25 rpm
for 4 menit.Tablet removed, then cleaned and weighed again (W2 grams). Calculated%
friability tablet.

% Fragility tablet =
W1 -W2 X 100%


Test Time Shattered Tablets

Take 6 tablets were randomly measured using a disintegration

time(disintegratortester)medum temperature of water maintained at a temperature of
37.50°C + 0.5°C (Make sure the temperature recorded correctly). During the ongoing
determination then dinaik lower basket speed of 25 rpm. Tablet disintegration time is
when the tablet is completely destroyed and there is nothing left at the bottom of the wire
basket. Conventional tablet disintegration time is not more than 15 minutes and no more
than 60 minutes for the coated tablets. For other modifications tablet adjusted to the tables
contained in the USP.

Data Analysis

Data obtained from the results of several tests that include hardness test, hardness
test, and test the disintegration time. Data analysis is done by comparing the results of
testing to the requirements of each test.