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Furnish – purchase/fabricate and

GENERAL CONDITIONS delivered to jobsite
18. Install – mount, connect or apply in
Art 1: Definitions and Documents position.
1. Contract Documents 19. Provide – “furnish + install”.
- Agreement
- Gen. Conditions Art. 2: Execution, Correlation and Intent of
- Special Provisions Documents
- Specifications 1. Contract Documents
- Drawings - 5 sets – signed by the Owner and the
2. Project Representative – full time Contractor.
construction inspector – hired by the - Complementary
owner. - Binding
3. Sub-Contractor – direct contact to the 2. Borne by the Owner – responsibility for
Contractor – executing “any part” of the adequacy of the design & sufficiency of
contract. Drawings and Specifications.
4. Surety – provides the guarantee for the 3. Contractor shall have 1 copy of all
Contractor’s Bonds Drawings, Specs., Breakdown of Work
5. Proposal Bond – cashier’s check/surety and Sched. Of Const’n Work at the site.
bond with the proposal submitted by 4. Owner – furnish 3 sets of Drawings and
the Bidder. Specifications to the Contractor.
6. Performance Bond – furnished by the
Contractor – guarantee of good faith in Art. 5: Shop Drawings
the work. 1. Contactor – prepares 2 copies of shop
7. Payment Bond – furnished by the drawings.
Contractor – guarantee of good faith to 2. Submission of shop drawings –
pay all obligations. accompanied by a Letter of Transmittal.
8. Guarantee Bond – furnished by the 3. Corrections, changes and variations –
Contractor – guarantee to the quality of contractor – prepares 3 sets of shop
materials, equipment and workmanship. drawings.
9. Bid Bulletin – additional information
issued to bidders before the date of Art. 7: Permit, Taxes and Surveys
bidding. 1. All construction permits and licenses –
10. General Conditions – procedural and to be paid for by the Contractor.
the administrative aspect of the 2. Contractor – shall secure Final
contract. Occupancy Permit – but not responsible
11. Special Provisions – supplementary or for the delay in the issuance.
modified instructions issued prior to the 3. Owner – responsible for the
bidding. establishment of lot lines, boundary
12. Supplementary Specifications – added lines, easements and benchmarks.
or amended information issued to the 4. Contractor – shall pay for the Surveyor
Specifications. for confirmation of location of columns,
13. Schedule of Material and Finishes – piers, walls, etc.
outline specification. 5. Any deviation form the drawings shall be
14. Breakdown of Work and Corresponding certified to the Architect within 24
Value – listing – different parts of the hours of the discovery of the same.
15. Written Notice – information, advice or Art. 9: Equipment
notifications delivered in person or by 1. Contractor – furnish 3 copies of
mail. complete catalog data – manufactured
16. Time Limits – duration of time allowed item of equipment.
by the Contractor.
Art. 10: Materials, Fixtures, Appliances and - Estimate – lump sum
Fitting Furnished by the Contractor - Unit prices – but not exceeding 25
1. Unless otherwise specified – 3 samples percent in the original Contract.
shall be submitted by the Contactor. - Actual direct cost + 15 percent -
2. Contractor – submit samples as many as Contractor’s profit, overhead and
may be needed for the purpose of tax.
testing – all cost shall be paid for by the 6. Any claim for adjustment – must be
Contractor. asserted within 15 days from the date
of the change.
Art. 11: Materials, Fixtures, Appliances and 7. The Architect can order minor changes –
Fitting Furnished by the Owner but not involving extra cost.
1. Contractor discovers any defect 8. Owner – reserves the right – have extra
furnished – notify the Architect. work to other person, firm or
Art. 12: Royalties and Patents 9. Contractor – give written notice to the
1. Contractor – pay all royalties and license Architect within 15 days after receipt of
fees on all patented material furnished such instruction involving extra cost.
by Him. 10. Contractor – give written notice to the
Architect within 15 days after
Art. 15: Temporary Structures and Facilities recognition of such delay (due to the
1. Contractor – provide temporary office Owner) and proceed to the claim of
with water, light, telephone and toilet extra cost.
facilities and Architects office of approx. 11. Substantial Completion – not less than
12sq.m. 98% of the Contract amount.
2. Nobody is allowed to sleep or cook 12. Architect – shall issue Certificate of
inside the building line of the project Completion – if substantial completion
under construction. passed any final test of materials.
13. Contractor – written application of
Art. 16: Protection of Work and Owner’s Certificate of Completion if substantial
Property part of the work has been used or
1. Smoking is prohibited unless in occupied by the Owner.
designated places. 14. “Period of Making Good of Known
2. Transplanting elsewhere within 50m Defects or Faults” – not more than 60
from the building line – by the calendar days after the issuance of the
Contractor. Certificate of Completion or within 15
days after its expiration.
Art. 20: Work 15. Search for Causes of Defects or Faults –
1. Modification of Contract Prices – written requirement of the Architect –
resulting overruns or underruns – not the cost of the work of the Contractor –
exceeding 5 percent. borne by the Owner. Unless if such
2. Owner – at any time can order changes defect or fault is the liability of the
or alteration – in a written instruction. Contractor.
3. Change of Sub-surface Condition – the
Architect make such changes in the
Drawing and Specifications – with the
Owner’s approval. Art. 21: Time of Completion of Work
4. Adjustment of Contract – equitable 1. Owner – shall give the Contractor a
adjustments from the original Contract – written Notice to Proceed.
and if the work involved increased – 2. Contract Time – commence on the 7th
Contractor shall furnish proportionate day from the receipt of the Notice to
additional Performance Bond. Proceed. Every calendar day – working
5. Value of Extra Work day.
3. Extension of Time – if the delay is not such condemned work or material
caused by the Contractor – he may file a used, the Owner may auction or
request for extension within 15 days privately sell the said material.
from the occurrence of the delay. 9. Other requirements before Final
4. Written Consent of the Bondsmen – Payment:
attached to any request for an extension - Certificate of Final Building
of time – submitted to the Owner. Occupancy
5. Contractor – give written notice to the - Certificate of Final Inspection (of
Architect – at least 10 days prior to utilities).
beginning – in suspending or resuming - 3 sets of As-built Drawings
the work. *As-Built Drawings – working
6. Liquidated Damages – a payment drawings showing the system and actual
required due the Contractor to the locations of the outlets, fixtures,
Owner for failure to complete the services and equipment that were
Contract within the Contract Time.
- 3 copies of Directory of Panel
Art. 22: Payments
- 3 copies of Instruction and Manual
1. Contractor – shall submit within 15 days
of operation
from the receipt of Notice to Proceed a
- 3 copies of Keying Schedule
complete Breakdown of Work and
- Guarantee Bond (30% of the
Corresponding Value of the Contract
Contract Price) – period of 1 year
after the Final Acceptance of the
2. Contractor – may submit a Request for
work – guaranteeing the quality of
Payment for work done – periodically
work and materials. Guarantee Bond
but not more than once a month.
required only if the Owner releases
3. When 50% of the Contract has been
the Performance Bond and Payment
accomplished, no further retention
shall be made on the balance of the
10. Release of Retention – 3 months after
the date of the Final Payment.
4. Progress Photograph to Accompany
Request for Payment.
Art. 25: Sub-Contracts
- Photos shall be 6” x 8”.
1. At least 15 days prior to the date of
- 4 photos at each side of the
bidding – the Contractor shall seek the
Architects clarification for the need of
- 2 copies for each photo shall be
Sub-Contracts in some particular areas
delivered to the Architect.
of the work.
- All negatives shall bear a date of
exposure (date taken).
5. Within 15 days after receipt of Request
for Payment, the Architect shall either
issue a Certificate of Payment of
withhold the Request for Payment.
Art. 27: Contractor’s Right to Suspend Work or
6. Within 15 days from the date of
Terminate Contract
approval of the Request for Payment or
1. The Contractor may suspend or
of issuance of Certificate of Payment –
terminate the Contract upon 15 day’s
the Owner shall pay the amount as
written notice to the Owner and
certified by the Architect.
Architect for the following reasons:
7. No payments shall be made on
- Suspension of work by any court or
Contracts in excess of 65% of the
public authority for 90 days with no
Contract Price (conditional).
fault of the Contractor.
8. Upon 10 day’s written notice by the
Owner, if the Contractor fails to remove
- Failure of the Architect to act upon
the Request for Payment within 15
- Failure of the Owner to act within
15 days upon any Request for
Payment or Certification of Payment
issued by the Architect.
- Failure of the Owner to pay the
Contractor any sum within 30 days
after its award.

Art. 28: Owner’s Right to Terminate Contract

1. Sufficient cause to justify termination of
the Contract if the Contractor does any
of the following:
- Declare bankruptcy, insolvent or
assigned his assets to his creditors.
- Violate provisions of the Contract
Documents and fail to comply with
the agreed Schedule of Completion
including extensions.
- Failure in superintendence,
workmanship, sub-contracts and
proper materials.
- Failure to make prompt payments.

Art. 31: Contractor’s Insurance and Bonds

1. Performance Bond – 15% of the
Contract amount – faithful performance
of His work.
2. Payment Bond – 15% of the Contract
amount – payments and obligations
arising from His contract.
3. Such bonds shall be in the form of
Sureties and will remain in effect until
replaced by the Contractor’s Guarantee
4. Performance and Payment Bonds – will
be released after 2 months from the
Final Acceptance of the work and only
after the Contractor furnished to the
Owner a Guarantee Bond (30% of the
Contract cost).
5. For the Contractor’s guarantee and
warranty, such repairs and corrective
works shall be done within 5 days after
written notice to the Contractor.