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205 PASSING THROUGH Words and Music by B.R. HORNSBY ‘Medium Slow groove Ds7(n03rd) Ft “f Dé7(n03rd) q A FH (© 1993 WB MUSIC CORP. and BASICALLY ZAPPO MUSIC ‘All rights administered by WB MUSIC CORP. nA doles Reemrued 206 Dbs Gos Dbs wakes me up—— froma fit - ful don’t see much in the fu - ture Gs Des fF FR Got. the Pma vag-a - os Dbs 1 be- lieve I'm in a lit-tle t not so hard to Comaj9 Abm9 Wak the train sta - tion, Walk - ing down. the high - way, Walk - ing down the high - way, Comaj9 FA look- ing out for Took- ing out for look ing out One day you'll see Don't know what Want faith in some - thing some - thing for some - thing some - thing, to ay some - things 207 Fo(addGb) Ghaddab) oo through the park, — through— the park,— ‘through— the park,— walk ~ ing walk - ing walk - ing Go(addasy Graddab) Fo(addG) oo FFE FAA with a fam-il - iar ring when I see you smile, so hard — to___—be = lieve,