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whether to weather?
Produced by HobbyZone Limited under
licence from SAM Publications irstly, apart from aching For this issue of SMMI we once again have
21 Kingsway, Bedford, MK42 9BJ, UK feet and a hoarse voice, the an eclectic mix of subjects for you, and on the
Telephone: +44 (0) 1234 211245 2017 Scale Modelworld was subject of weathering, can I point you to our
Fax: +44 (0)1234 325927 once again a triumph, not only centre-piece Takom Tank World, which this
for the organisers, but also for the traders and month is brought to you by non-other that Mig
Publisher   SAM Publications visitors! The SAM Publications stand was very, Jiminez himself, as he guides you step-by-step
Group Editor   Andy Evans very busy on both show days, and the editorial through painting and weathering an AML-90
Associate Editor   Andy Renshaw
Design   Jonathan Phillips team were really pleased to welcome friends Armoured Car. Matt Edwards also provides
Editorial Consultant (UK): Keith Forsyth both old and new, and we thank you for your in-depth guides to finishing the unusual Rye
Editorial Consultant (Dioramas): Leigh Jones company! One thing we all agreed on was the Field Models 1:35 Sd.Kfz.185 Bergepanzer
Editorial Consultant (Figures): Mark Dollery sheer eye-watering diversity of materials now Tiger, in Italy 1944, and a 1:35 rocket armed
Editorial Consultant (EUROPE) Vitor Costa
Editorial Correspondant (Historian): Anthony Tucker-Jones available to the modeller, both in terms of Sherman Firefly. We also give a warm SMMI
kits, accessories, paints and tools. The welcome Darren Caiels with his 1:35
 Contributors different paint and weathering ranges AFV Club British Infantry Tank
Xavier Aillaud; Jezz Coleman; Matt Edwards; Robin Gilby;
Peter De Haan; Wimm Huisman; Mig Jiminez; Jacob now available are perhaps the biggest Mk.III Valentine Mk.1. We also have
Hederstierna-Johnson; Richard Kent; Charlie Pritchett; growth area of the hobby, as we are another couple of features from
Peter Robinson privileged to work with the likes Peter Robinson and Richard Kent,
 Advertising Sales   Mark Willey
of Hataka, Ammo by MIG, AK who look at the British Chieftain
Interactive, and Lifecolor in our tank, and Danumurthi Mahendra
SMMI Choice   +44 (0) 1234 224992
Pre-press Production   HobbyZone Limited three modelling titles, and bring weighs in with another British
Printed and Bound in the UK you build projects featuring their We Recommend vehicle, a 1:35 kit of a Warrior
 Distribution by Warners Group Publications Plc products. Weathering, in particular MCV. So as always there is plenty
The Maltings, West Street, Bourne, Lincolnshire has now become one of the key to enjoy, and as it is approaching
PE10 9PH Telephone: 01778 391000 areas of modelling, and ‘whether Christmas, if you are stuck for a gift,
 North American Distribution by Disticor
to weather’ has been the subject of then a subscription to SMMI would
695 Westney Rd South, Suite 14, Ajax, Ontario, much debate, however, this remains be a thought! And on that note,
Canada L1S 6M9 Tel: + 1 (905) 619 6565 a subject of personal choice, and can I wish everyone a very Merry
what suits the individual modeller, Christmas and a Happy New Year.
 Thanks to the following for their contributions:
Alex Medwell (The Airbrush Company) but whichever way you lean, the
Thomas Randrupp (Revell) amount of materials available is Andy Evans
Brian Keaney (HobbyLink Japan) breath-taking! Editor
Alina Rizhko (MiniArt)
Stewart and Clair White (Creative Models)
Peter Binger (Hobby Company)
Mig Jiminez (Ammo of Mig)

John Bristow (Deluxe Materials)

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Volume 47 Issue 561, December 2017
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4 Scale Military Modeller International January 2016
December 2017

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V 47 I 561 – December 2017

Enigmatic Tiger

‘Turquoise’ Rwanda 1994

Charlie Pritchett builds
the 1:35 Takom kit and
Mig Jimenez does the
painting and weathering


masterclass 22
Baghdad Street Fighter
In December! 26guadalcanal
US Marine World War II

Your chance to win a copy of:
Tanks – History of The Royal
Tank Regiment

66Warzone Taking up the Challenge 70the deep end! 74stug supply

Watery Diorama Wirld War II Scene

80challenger I 88modelling
with mig Real to Replica
Robin Gilby uses Ammo by
MIG products to detail the
1:35 MiniArt T-60


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Scale 1:35 / Tiger, Italy 1944

enigmatic tiger

1:35 SD.KFZ.185

what is it? initiate them? We

do know that it was
rye field models first built as a command

s far as I know, there vehicle then used as a normal
have been only three kits tank by s.Pz.Abt 508. It would also
of the so-called ‘Tiger appear that at some point the tank suffered Well there are plenty of parts
Bergepanzer’ produced. some damage, and was withdrawn from in the box that’s for sure. All
The first was Italeri a good few years back, use, converted and then sent back out to are very finely moulded in dark
but now writing this, did CMK bring a do whatever it was it was meant to do. This grey plastic. The track links and
conversion out for the very old Tamiya build then features the 1:35 Rye Field Models pins come as separate parts, and
Tiger? Could be four then. Right, so now version. there is an etched fret and Zimmerit
Rye Field Models and Dragon have come tool should you wish to have a go at
out with their own versions of this unusual applying it (the real version did have
and obscure vehicle. This vehicle was found KIT DATA a battered and chipped coating of this
by the Allies at the side of the road in Italy anti magnetic paste applied). Also within
1944, and it would appear that there was no Sd.Kfz.185 Bergepanzer Tiger, Italy 1944 the box is a clear sprue for the episcopes, a
definite designation, or any firm details as Manufacturer: Rye Fields Models decal sheet, cable and string. The instruction
to what, after the workshops had converted Scale: 1:35 booklet comes with three decals for three
it, was its use and purpose was? Was it a Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded with etch versions, as well as a plan of where the
recovery vehicle, or was it used to deliver Kit Number: RM-5008 Zimmerit should be applied. On checking
explosive charges withdraw, and then my references, I noted that I would have to

6 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

06-13-Enigmatic-Tiger-SMMI-1217.indd 6 13/11/2017 13:58

enigmatic tiger
Sd.Kfz.185 Bergepanzer Tiger, Italy 1944

This vehicle was found by the Allies at the side of the

road in Italy 1944!

06-13-Enigmatic-Tiger-SMMI-1217.indd 7 13/11/2017 13:58

Scale 1:35 / Tiger, Italy 1944

…..and all the extra

details added

The hull

After a primer coat, a pre-

shade was added
The turret assembled with
Zimmerit added and the crane
cables fixed

Base coat applied and scrap card used to mask of areas help with the shading Camouflage colours added and faded with the base coat

8 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

06-13-Enigmatic-Tiger-SMMI-1217.indd 8 13/11/2017 13:58

enigmatic tiger
Sd.Kfz.185 Bergepanzer Tiger, Italy 1944

A wash of dark oil paint added to the details Picking out the turret details with a wash

Brushing on a light base coat mixed from oils Lighter scratches being added…..

do a little bit of scratch building to add some off the moulded on rear mudguard brackets. photographs, I made the rear brackets that
omitted detail, and to change some other In Stage 10 I had to make the holes in parts are on the rear hull edge. I now attached just
details to get a better representation of the D50 wider as they would not fit over the the legs of the smoke dischargers to the hull
real beast. It all depends how far you want to lugs. Use part Z25 instead of Z5, and the sides, as these were still on the abandoned
go I suppose. Now the instructions will have rear jerry can bracket needs to be changed, tank. I chose to leave off the right hand
you start with the turret, but I started from as in the kit it attaches to the tool box shelf towing cable but keep the left hand one, as
Stage 8, the lower hull. There are no issues and this is wrong. I added a brace under it. well as the gun cleaning rods on that side
here, and if you want the suspension to be The tool box bracket should also be hollow, just to give the model an even more unusual
workable, then just remove the tabs from if not fitting the tool box. Between the appearance. To finish off the construction
the swing arms. I basically then assembled rear exhausts there should be some type it was now time to add all the details to the
the hull and turret but left off all details. I of towing bracket. This is not included in turret. First the weld seam on the right of
removed the moulded-on bolts beside the the kit. I made one from plastic card and the turret on the chin was corrected to line
hull machine gun ball mount, as this was an stretched sprue using images of the real up with the vision port. Then the episcopes
early feature. Then using the Zimmerit tool one as a guide. In Stage 13 I added part B21, on the copula were sanded at a slant to
and guide, as well as many images as I could as it’s not listed. I also added the Feifel air give a more angled appearance. Only some
find, I then set about applying the paste. duct brackets, these are included but not of the spare track holders were used, and
For this I used a PVA Grab Adhesive, which listed in the instructions. I then attached scratch built hooks were also added. The
I smeared on to the area with my finger, the command aerial mounts and their crane and all the ropes and cables posed
and then I used the tool to apply the ridges respective brackets. As well as adding Feifel no problem, just be careful not to break
needed. The real vehicles Zimmerit was, to attachments, I also added add the spare them when handling. There is a discrepancy
my eye, very worn in certain areas, so I did antenna tube supports made from plastic regarding the pulleys and jigs, and some
my best to replicate this. Once happy with card to the top and rear face of the hull. guesswork was needed on the part of the
the overall look, I put it aside to dry. In Stage 14 I only added one headlight, as kits designers. But to be honest, their guess
in Stage 9 I left off parts D55, as there both were not on the real version. In Stage is as good as mine, so I left these as they
were not fitted to this version, and shaved 15 I extended part X6, and then using were! To finish off I then accentuated any


06-13-Enigmatic-Tiger-SMMI-1217.indd 9 13/11/2017 13:58

Scale 1:35 / Tiger, Italy 1944

….and now some darker scratches A dark wash being laid into the details

Humbrol 173 being painted onto the tracks Brown oil paint being applied and removed from all wooden surfaces

weld seams, then washed her in some soapy with a dark wash mixed form Sepia oil paint, to where I thought the wear would appear.
water to remove any dust and grease from thinned with White Spirit and applied to the The tracks were then painted in Humbrol
the assembly and left the tank aside to dry. Zimmerit with a soft flat brush. A pointed 173 track colour, and the episcopes were
For the paintwork, I decided to go brush was then used, allowing the wash to then picked out in Dark Brown and the glass
for broad Red/Brown and Green wide flow in, and around all the raised detail. After faces were painted a very Dark Green/Black
camouflage bands over a Dark Sand Yellow about ten-minutes any excess was removed mix. Stains were then added by placing dots
base, with a Grey Primer base. Over this I with a clean brush moistened with White of oil paint on the roof and on the crane and
laid in some pre-shading, using a very Dark Spirit. After about twenty-four hours of were dragged down with a flat brush. After
Brown mix through my airbrush. All of the drying, I then mixed a light base colour from another day of drying, the kit was sprayed
base and camouflage colours were mixed oil paint and using flat brush lightly added in AK Interactive Matt Varnish. Next up was
from the Vallejo range. Over the shading this colour to the Zimmerit. This was done painting the equipment and tools, all using
coat I applied Dull Sand Yellow then the just to make it stand out more. Next I flicked acrylic paints.
Brown and Green shades. The base coat was some of the wash mix onto the surface of The faces of the episcopes were then
then misted over the camouflage to blend the model, adding more around the rear given a coat of gloss whilst the oil paint on
the colours and dull them down a bit. Next deck and on the wheels. Scratches and chips the handles was drying. More flicking of
two coats of Humbrol Gloss were sprayed were then applied using various mixes of dirty oil colours was then done around the
on, letting each coat dry. This coat helps the camouflage colours, thinning them with crane and rear engine deck. The rubber on
with the application of the decals. The only water. A finely pointed brush and a sponge the wheels was now tackled, using a Dark
markings I applied were the number ‘3’ and was then used to place these marks. I first Grey mixed from Humbrol Matt Black, and
the black cross. Another coat of gloss was applied the light colours then the dark. I a touch of White oil paint. To finish off the
sprayed over these to protect them from the wanted the model to look well used and painting stage, I mixed various oil colours
upcoming weathering process. This began scratched, so spent some time adding these to match those of the vehicle, and then

1 0 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

06-13-Enigmatic-Tiger-SMMI-1217.indd 10 13/11/2017 13:58

enigmatic tiger
Sd.Kfz.185 Bergepanzer Tiger, Italy 1944

Heavy dusting of earth pigments being added then removed from some areas. A graphite pencil was used
to add metallic effects to tools


06-13-Enigmatic-Tiger-SMMI-1217.indd 11 13/11/2017 13:58

Scale 1:35 / Tiger, Italy 1944

picked out bolts, tool brackets and other

raised details. Once the oils had dried, I
then gave the tracks a coat of White Spirit,
and whilst still wet I applied several earth
and dust pigments. Again, once these had
dried, the pigments were removed from the
faces of the tracks, and on the inner running
surface using my finger and a cotton bud.
Dust pigment was now put on to the upper
surfaces of the model, and White Spirit was
used to blend it in, and around the details.
Dark oil washes mixed with pigments were
painted around the filler caps to give the
look of oil/fuel/water spills. The metal parts
of the tracks, tools cables and cogs on the
crane were then highlighted using a graphite
pencil, and this was how I added the sheen
to the towing cable and around the hatches. I
then added a few chains, some jerry cans and
figures and the build was complete.
I really enjoyed this model of the unusual
vehicle, and my sincere thanks to Robbo
Roberts for providing the build kit.

1 2 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

06-13-Enigmatic-Tiger-SMMI-1217.indd 12 13/11/2017 13:58

06-13-Enigmatic-Tiger-SMMI-1217.indd 13 13/11/2017 13:58
track links
Finn Fighter
Manufacturer: Tamiya
Scale: 1:35
Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded
Kit Number: 35257
Cesar Mendes converts the 1:35 Tamiya
T-55A to a T-55MK Command Tank
This build uses the Tamiya T-55A as its base. With careful weathering
I then set about scratch building several
parts and adding a lot of super-detailing.
you can produce and
For the conversion to a T-55A Command eye-catching model
Tank I also used the AEF Designs Finnish

1 4 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

14-15-Track-Links-SMMI-1217.indd 14 13/11/2017 13:36

track links
Finn Fighter

on the side
T-55M/MK –
The Mighty Finn
Finland purchased some seventy T-55s
from the Soviet Union in 1965 and these
were delivered between 1965 and 1967. An
additional ten T-55AMs were bought from
Poland and converted into T-55AM-Marksman
SPAAGs (the turrets being delivered in two
batches, the first one was ordered in 1988
and delivered between 1990 and 1991
and the second one was ordered in 1992
and delivered in 1993). In the late 1980's a
modernisation project started, and these
upgrades delivered the T-55M and command

T-55 Command Resin Conversion Set #KT-26

a Legend T-55 Fender Fuel Tank #LF1219,
Friulmodel RMSh Tracks and T-72 Drive
Sprockets, an Miniarm NSVT Machine Gun
# B35060, RB Model T-55 100mm D-10T
Gun Barrel #35B41, Voyager T-55A Medium
Tank Detail Set and SKP Lenses and Tail variant the T-55MK. The modernisation
Lights SKP183. I used various paints and program included a thermal sleeve around
weathering sets to achieve the finish I was gun barrel, new MECAR 100mm APFSDS-T
after including some heavy use of pigments ammunition, a new FCS from Bofors (FCS-
around the glacis and running gear. FV/K) with passive day/night sight for the
Gunner with LRF, a new loaders hatch with
AA-MG (12.7mm NSVT with new Norwegian
sights) an uprated IR capability, 8x 76mm
Wegmann smoke grenade dischargers, 1x
71mm Bofors Lyran illumination grenade
mortar, new storage and equipment boxes,
new RMSh tracks (similar as T-72M1's), new
side skirts with the deep-wading air intake
tubes removed. The T-55MK had similar
modifications plus an extra radio and
antenna. Also, up to fifty-six T-55 turrets were
purchased from the Soviet Union in the late
1960s and emplaced in coastal fortifications,
with the last of these being deactivated in
2012. The Finnish T-55s were retired from
service in 2002, although several remain in
use as mine clearing or recovery vehicles.


14-15-Track-Links-SMMI-1217.indd 15 13/11/2017 13:36

modellers masterclass
Sponsored By: Hobbylink Japan /

Manufacturer: Tiger Models
Scale: 1:72
Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded
with etch
Kit Number: 9601

Middle East Highway Base

Manufacturer: Black Dog
Scale: 1:72
Kit Type: Cast resin
Kit Number: D72025

1 6 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

16-21-Masterclass-SMMI-1217.indd 16 13/11/2017 14:03

sponsor: hobbylink japan
Modellers Masterclass

street fighter

urban fighter fret to enhance the rear of the turret.

With construction compete I
look I used several Abteilung Brown
shades in thin layers. Finally, I added
tiger models sprayed on a base layer of Ammo by chipping on the hatches and on the
black dog MIG ‘One Shot’ Primer, and then chose engine deck that would have been

1A2 SEP TUSK II is a main the AK Interactive/Meng-Model US synonymous with urban operations.
battle tank equipped Modern Vehicles Set, which provides I then airbrushed another Satin coat
for the urban both paint and modulation effects, to protect the work already done, and
environment, and fitted and gives some very nice colour then began to add more Abteilung
with the Tank Urban Survival Kit - or results in my opinion. Once I was based weathering, using Dust, Cream
TUSK, for added protection. For this happy with the desert colour, I added
build my intention was to produce a a coat of Ammo by MIG Satin varnish,
small-scale diorama of an M1A2 SEP I began the weathering process using
TUSK II in action in Baghdad during Ammo by MIG Brown for Dark Yellow
2007, at a checkpoint. I selected the filter, followed OIF and Dark Yellow
very nice Tiger Models kit, and it washes, and to further enhance the
proved to be a very easy and painless
build that required just a small
amount of filling and sanding. Tiger
Model also provided a small etched


16-21-Masterclass-SMMI-1217.indd 17 13/11/2017 14:03

modellers masterclass
Sponsored By: Hobbylink Japan /
The Tiger Models kit is very nice….. ….the turret has some
neat etched pieces…..

…and the entire

assembly only required
the minimum of filler

and the tracks come as moulded pieces…..

I used the AK
Model US Modern
Vehicles Paint Set

The colour
was built up in

…and then weathering

was applied….

…using various AK Interactive,

MIG Productions and Ammo by
MIG products

1 8 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

16-21-Masterclass-SMMI-1217.indd 18 13/11/2017 14:03

sponsor: hobbylink japan
Modellers Masterclass

I used a Black Dog diorama base… …with AK Interactive Asphalt….

Brown, Faded Yellow, Faded White, As I said earlier, I wanted to

Light Mud and Faded Navy Blue. produce a scene that showed …and painted and
For the tracks, I used AK-721 Rusty the Abrams in a dusty urban weathered with
Tracks, and the runners of the road environment, and to recreate various products
wheels waere painted with Vallejo this, I used a very nice Black Dog
Dark Rubber. I then added various resin ‘Middle East Highway Base’.
AK Interactive dust pigments such as Unfortunately, the resin base
Europe Dust, Africa Earth, and Asphalt provided was a little bit small to fit
Road Dirt, Middle East Soil and Airfield on a large (even in 1:72) MBT like the
Dust. Once I was happy with the look a Abrams. So, the road section fixed on
Matt coat sealed everything in. a wooden base and enlarged on each
side using AB Modelling Putty. The
highway part and the road part of the

The same
pigments were
applied to the
Abrams as to the


16-21-Masterclass-SMMI-1217.indd 19 13/11/2017 14:03

modellers masterclass
Sponsored By: Hobbylink Japan /

of the base, I applied Tamiya Light
Sand Textured Paint, highlighted
with Sand Yellow, Wooden Deck and
White oil paints, and shadowed with
different Africa Korps and Yellow
Brown washes. The highway bridge
was painted with a mix of Scale
75 Grey hues from their Black and
White Paint Sets, and the road blocks
were weathered with thinned oil
washes, especially Abteilung Dust
and Cream Brown. Black Dog also
bridge were painted using for the AK supply some paper road signs in the
Interactive Asphalt, from their recent kit, and. I chose one with ‘Fallujah’,
new range of products dedicated a city well known for the fighting
to dioramas. Here I decided to show that occurred in 2004. The road
a weathered and dirty section of signs were again weathered with oils
highway, and so first the asphalt and AK Interactive Streaking Grime.
was weathered with Abteilung 50 After airbrushing on a coat of AK
oils, Asphalt, Dust and Cream Brown Interactive Matt, the Abrams was
and the same pigments used for the fixed to the base using a metal tube.
Abrams were also used A quick touch up here and there, and
to maintain the the project was complete.
correct shades.
For the sandy part

The road signs are

part of the Black
Dog kit

2 0 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

16-21-Masterclass-SMMI-1217.indd 20 13/11/2017 14:03

MSTA S howitzer
1/35 Zvezda

November 2017

# 36366 tower
# 36367 hull
# 36368 fenders

16-21-Masterclass-SMMI-1217.indd 21 13/11/2017 14:03

valentine mk.1
Scale 1:35 / British Infantry Tank Mk.III

in december

vickers armstrong and the kit contained several highly-

detailed parts, including an etched
afv club fret and an aluminum gun barrel. I

he Valentine Mk.1 was the decided to replace the kit’s rubber
first of eleven main variants, band type tracks with a set of plastic
and was designed by Vickers individual link tracks from Bronco.
Armstrong. The Valentine Mk.1 The kit was assembled
reached trials in 1940, and it then starting with the main hull,
entered service around July
1941, and featured a two-man
turret with a 2-pounder main gun
and a coaxial Besa machine gun, and
was powered by an AEC A189 135hp petrol
engine. This was the first time I had built an
AFV Club kit and I was impressed with the
quality of the moulding, details were crisp

2 2 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

22-25-Valentine-SMMI-1217.indd 22 13/11/2017 14:06

valentine mk.1
British Infantry Tank Mk.III

British Infantry Tank Mk.III Valentine Mk.1
Manufacturer: AFV Club and all the kit supplied pieces in this build using an Iwata Eclipse HP-CS airbrush, to
Scale: 1:35 needed minimal clean up, and all parts had give the model a shadow coat. Once the
Kit Type: plastic injection moulded with etch a great fit, and were well designed and well primer was completely dry all the main areas
Kit Number: AF35178 thought out. All the parts were assembled to of the model were highlighted using Vallejo
complete the kit and then I moved onto the Model Air White. The main colour used was
aforementioned-Bronco tracks. These took Vallejo Khaki Green #3, and this was sprayed
quite some time to separate each link from onto the model in light coats, leaving some
the sprue and clean-up but it was worth the of the highlight and shadow detail showing
extra effort, and each link clips together to through. Next, all the small detailed parts
give a set of fully workable tracks. Finally, were painted by hand using a detail brush.
the antenna was made using a length of Black was used for the machine gun and
stretched sprue. Once the kit build was Light Brown was used for the wooden box,
complete it was given a coat of Vallejo Black machine gun stock and tool handles. The
Acrylic Surface Primer which was applied tools were painted using AK Interactive True
Metal and Gun Metal, and the exhaust was
painted using various tones of Brown and
Orange to simulate rust.
Once the main paint work was complete,
the model was given a couple of coats of
Vallejo Satin to protect it from the enamel

Priming and painting was done using an Iwata

Eclipse HP-CS airbrush

22-25-Valentine-SMMI-1217.indd 23 13/11/2017 14:06

valentine mk.1
Scale 1:35 / British Infantry Tank Mk.III

weathering products used in the next stage. a nice effect. Once the wash process was pigments were sprinkled over, using an old
Once the varnish was fully dry the model completed some of the vertical parts, such paint brush. The pigments soaked up the
was given a pin-wash of AK Interactive Dark as the sides of the turret were given some pigment fixer and were then left to dry.
Brown Wash, and any excess was cleaned light streak marks using AK Interactive Dark Once dry the loose pigment was gently
up using some Winsor & Newton Artists Brown Wash, just to add some variation and brushed off the tracks. AK Interactive Mud
White Spirit, and a small flat paintbrush. to give an overall pleasing look to the model. Effects was then used sparingly over the
This process really makes the details like the Next the tracks were first given a coat of tracks, and applied with an old toothbrush
bolts and rivets stand out. The wooden box, Vallejo Black Acrylic Surface Primer and using my thumb to flick and create specks.
machine gun stock and tool handles were then a light dusting of Vallejo Dark Brown. The tracks were then turned over and I used
given some grain detail using AK Interactive Once dry various Vallejo pigments were some Vallejo Dark Steel Pigment on a cotton
Enamel Wash for Wood and the tools were used to give the tracks a dusty and dirty swab to give them a metallic look where
given some detail using AK Interactive appearance. To do this the tracks were the rubber parts of the wheels would have
Track Wash. Various tones of AK Interactive laid out flat and were dampened using AK run. Then the tracks were attached to the
Enamel Rust Deposits were used on parts Interactive Pigment Fixer, then various dry model, and the same method of pigment
of the exhaust, as this dries matt and gives fixer and pigments was used to add more
dust and dirt to the wheels. To complete
the weathering some Black Pigment was
dry brushed onto the end of the gun barrel
and some Dark Steel Pigment was used over
the machine gun. This was applied with a
rubber tipped shaper/sculpting tool which
I find works best for fine detail work, as it
gives more control than a normal brush or
cotton swab. Finally, some AK Interactive Oil
was applied sparingly to various areas of the
model including some of the wheel hubs,
tools and exhaust parts. Overall a great kit
and an enjoyable build.

2 4 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

22-25-Valentine-SMMI-1217.indd 24 13/11/2017 14:06

22-25-Valentine-SMMI-1217.indd 25 13/11/2017 14:06
Scale 1:10 / 1st Division WWII

life miniatures

1 his is build features one KIT DATA
of Life Miniatures earlier
releases, and beginning with US Marine 1st Division, Guadalcanal World War II
the assembly phase, all the Manufacturer: life Miniatures
resin casting gates were removed, filed and Scale: 1:10
sanded to a smooth finish, and fitted with Kit Type: Cast resin
1.6mm stainless steel pins to add strength Kit Number: LM-B017
to the joints, ready for a primer coat. The
helmet and the straps were then drilled
and temporarily mounted so they were This mix was then airbrushed from below at an
detachable from the head, and the rifle was angle, to create shadows (2). Once dry, a mix of
mounted on the same way (1). the base coat and Basic Skin Tone was applied
to lighten the colour. This mix was airbrushed
The Face and Chest from above at an angle to hit the high points
The face and chest were airbrushed with a of the face and chest (3). At this point, I laid
skin colour made from Vallejo Cork Brown and in the eye colours using my tried and tested
Brown Sand in a 50:50 mix, and then diluted method, described fully in previous issues of
with Vallejo thinner to a milky consistency. SMMI. The mouth was painted with a red and

2 6 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

26-29-Marine-Bust-SMMI-1217.indd 26 13/11/2017 14:09

US Marine 1st Division World War II

This is build features one of

Life Miniatures earlier releases


26-29-Marine-Bust-SMMI-1217.indd 27 13/11/2017 14:09

Scale 1:10 / 1st Division WWII

4 5 6

purple mix and highlighted with Vallejo basic USMC P1941 HBT stripe pattern by using
skin tone. The face colours continued with the Green Jacket Vallejo Grey-Green,
shadowing of the ears, nose and eye areas, Shirt which was thinned
with Cadmium Red being added to the base The P1941 uniform was worn and mixed with a
flesh tone, added in thin layers, and blending by the USMC at the start of glaze medium to aid
this into the surrounding colours by using the World War II, and was seen the flow of the paint.
paintbrush just damp with paint. The hairline in most images of the Pacific The stripe pattern
was painted with Basic Brown with a highlight war. The USMC Jacket Shirt had was then slowly built
of Tan Brown beneath the helmet line (4). A a striped pattern, made up of up. Take some time with
similar approach was made to the chest area,
with additional washes of Red beings added
two main green colours, so as a
starting point, I used Vallejo
7 this as it really adds to
the overall finish of the
to the Flesh tone to give a sunburnt effect. US Green, with the stripes bust! The equipment
The dog tags were painted Matt Black, with a in Grey-Green, and a straps were painted in
Silver overlay, and the chord was Brown with a final washed out the same fashion as the
Yellow Grey highlight. Matt Black was helmet straps, and
used to age the rifle straps had
Helmet and Straps the uniform. a Mid-Brown base,
The helmet was hand painted with US Army These colours and the frayed
Green with a large brush, and using a ‘stipple were laid edges and buckle
action’ gave some texture to the finish. A drop over each holes were Mid-
of Mid-Green was then added to the base other, so Brown mixed with
colour and this was also stippled over the as a main Yellow Ochre
base colour in a random approach, to give rule, the base with a Black Wash
some weathering effects. Once this was fully colours were laid to depict wear
dry, the next coat consisted of Mid-Green and down first, with the and tear. The
Green-Grey, mixed to give a final highpoint subsequent lighter colours metal buckles
finish. I then added some Matt Black lines following. So, the main body was were Matt Black
and minute dots to create some chipping base coated with Vallejo US Green, and and Gunmetal, mixed
damage, and these were randomly drawn this was airbrushed from below to hit all the with highlights from a 2B pencil
with a metallic pencil. The same metallic dark and shadow areas. I tend to highlight lead (6). The rifle stock had a Light Flesh base
pencil was then used to edge the helmet and shadow each layer, as its easier to do. The colour, and the graining was done with Dark
rim for additional wear and tear. The helmet US Green was then lightened with Vallejo and Light Brown in thin random lines, to give
straps had a Green-Grey base and a Sepia Grey-Green, and then airbrushed from the the appearance of wood grain. Once this was
tone wash, to form some dirt and grime. I top of the figure to form the first highlights. fully dry, a Vallejo Sepia Shade was diluted
then mixed some very diluted Black and drew The base colour was then darkened with with thinners, and by adding a layer at a time,
lines onto the straps to give more texture. The Vallejo Black by adding one drop to ten of the colour was built up until I was happy with
metal fasteners were Mat Black and a metallic distilled water, and applied into the dark the wood finish (7).
pencil was used here once again. areas (5). The next stage was to add the

2 8 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

26-29-Marine-Bust-SMMI-1217.indd 28 13/11/2017 14:09 ModelC 迅雷模型 Email:





1/35 Scammell Pioneer TRMU30/TRCU30 1/35 Scammell Pioneer SV/2S 1/35 Scammell Pioneer R100
Tank Transporter 30 ton recovery tractor heavy artillery tractor

1/35 WWI German Artillery Crew for Krupp 21cm Morser

MC35125 MC35124
Gun Layer $18.50 USD Artillery Officer $18.50 USD

MC35127 WWI German Artillery crew set for Krupp 21cm Morser
(includes 3 figures, 6 projectiles and 6 charge canisters)
$54.00 USD
MC35126 MC35128
Charge Carrier 21cm Ammo
$18.50 USD $5.00 USD

Model Cellar
PLEASE NOTE: all our figures and accessories are unassembled and unpainted
To place an order and to see more please visit our website: includes: 6 projectiles and 6 charge canisters

26-29-Marine-Bust-SMMI-1217.indd1 29 15/05/2017
13/11/2017 13:43
the panhard aml-- 90
he Panhard AML-90 is a fast,
long-range and relatively
cheap first generation
armoured car with
reconnaissance capabilities. Designed on a
small, lightly armoured 4x4 chassis, it weighs
an estimated 5.5 tonnes—much lighter
than a tank, and therefore more suited to
rapid airborne deployments. Since 1959
AMLs have been marketed on up to five
continents; and several variants remained
in continuous production for half a century.
These have been operated by fifty-four
national governments and other entities
worldwide, seeing regular combat. The AML-
90 was a heavily upgraded and modernised
version, fitted with a sophisticated turret

3 0 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

30-39-TAKOM-10-Page-SMMI-1217.indd 30 13/11/2017 13:38

sponsor: takom

and ranging system, and a D921 90mm

gun on the right and a co-axial 7.62mm
machine gun on the left. Other modifications
included the replacement of the unlit optical
sights with TJN2-90 combined day/night
sights. A menagerie of other sights and
sighting equipment were also offered to the
AML-90 for export customers, including the
same CANASTA night sights package and
electronics suite as fitted to the AMX-10RC.
The CANASTA system included a low-light
television camera and display units for the
AML’s gunner and commander, along with
a moving electronic reticule with sight
angle corrections. One of the defining
characteristics of the AML-90 was the large
searchlight mounted co-axially with its
90mm gun, a domed commander’s cupola
with vision blocks. Two types of French laser
rangefinders were available as standard,
although several foreign designs such as the
Avimo LV3 could also be fitted, such as the
TCV 107 and the TCV 29, and AML-90s were
offered with a variety of new powerplants.


30-39-TAKOM-10-Page-SMMI-1217.indd 31 13/11/2017 13:38

The Panhard AML-90

3 2 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

30-39-TAKOM-10-Page-SMMI-1217.indd 32 13/11/2017 13:38

sponsor: takom


30-39-TAKOM-10-Page-SMMI-1217.indd 33 13/11/2017 13:38

panhard aml-90
Scale 1:35 / French Light Armoured Car

ricm/opex ‘turquoise’ rwanda 1994


rench vehicles deployed to
of Africa carry some of the KIT DATA
most attractive camouflage
schemes available to the AML-90 French Light Armoured Car
modeller. However, these schemes are not Manufacturer: Takom
very well documented outside of France, Scale: 1:35
and for those of us interested in the conflicts Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded
in such places Rwanda, Congo, Ethiopia, Kit Number: 2077
Angola, Sudan and Chad, they can provide
a very interesting resource. This French
AML-90 is based on two very popular
Rwanda images, and it seems the vehicle
was originally painted in the standard French
Army camouflage of Black, Green and Brown.
However, France almost always applied a

new camouflage scheme to the units sent

to warmer areas, as it did in the first Persian
Gulf War. This camouflage scheme used the
Sand and Brown colours over its previous
camouflage. These vehicles suffered a lot due
to the conditions, environment and terrain,
so often that second layer of paint peeled off,
and the original camouflage became visible.
This is a both challenge and a fun exercise
to play with the chipping products. So, if we
want to make a realistic model, we should try
to copy actual images, and focus our work on
accurately copying each chip and the dusty

3 4 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

30-39-TAKOM-10-Page-SMMI-1217.indd 34 13/11/2017 13:38

sponsor: takom

French vehicles deployed to of Africa carry some of

the most attractive camouflage schemes available


The build was easy and

quick, with just a couple
of scratch built additions


30-39-TAKOM-10-Page-SMMI-1217.indd 35 13/11/2017 13:38

panhard aml-90
Scale 1:35 / French Light Armoured Car

Only small parts of the original camouflage will be visible through the chipping, so The next step is to apply a nice coat of Chipping Effects. You can do this in two
we will only paint the Black and Green areas avoiding the Brown coats and let dry only for few minutes

Now let’s add Light Sand but without covering the areas that need to be painted Now fill the last areas with Brown. After few minutes drying we can start chipping
Brown with our brush and water

we can also make flakes very accurately using a

toothpick or other tools…

First we must soak the surface with water and a …..we can then begin to rub on the surface with the
large brush….. brush until the first chips appear….

….as you can see

….and this is very easy to control

and the result is very realistic…..

3 6 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

30-39-TAKOM-10-Page-SMMI-1217.indd 36 13/11/2017 13:38

sponsor: takom
Time now to add the decals with
your favorite decal solution, then
let it dry and apply a satin coat

The first weathering step will be a filter…….

it will change
the base shade

….which will allow us

to unify all colors….

Once the filters dry, we can add

darker washes, and remember
to use enamel products here
as it they easy to blend and to
correct any mistakes….

…, let it dry for couple of minutes and then blend it with a brush damp
with enamel thinner
Streaking Effects are
good to use on the side Oilbrushers are
plates of our model new way to create
shadows and
highlights in a fast
and easy manner.
The Oilbrushers
contain a small
brush that allow you
to apply the shade
directly on our model


30-39-TAKOM-10-Page-SMMI-1217.indd 37 13/11/2017 13:38

panhard aml-90
Scale 1:35 / French Light Armoured Car

….and here is
First we will apply the shadows …… the light colo= r must be applied on exposed the result of
using a Dark Brown color on areas to create a highlight effect….. Oilbrusher work
corners and deep areas…….

3 8 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

30-39-TAKOM-10-Page-SMMI-1217.indd 38 13/11/2017 13:39

sponsor: takom

Now for some dust especially on ….so, using a flat brush soaked with thinner, blend
the lower areas….. the dusty areas with vertical movements, in a
random way

Time for pigments, and

choose three different
shades to create more

….. - Apply the different pigments onto the surface of your model and fix with
enamel thinner. You can apply several coats until you achieve the desired look.
You can remove any excess pigment with a sponge


30-39-TAKOM-10-Page-SMMI-1217.indd 39 13/11/2017 13:39

ipms uk column

Membership Timeslip!
Details presented by john tapsell

Membership of IPMS (UK) offers you six high ’m suffering from a slight far as my family and friends are concerned. I
quality magazines per year; access to our decal sense of timeslip as I write this recently celebrated a ‘significant birthday’ and
bank, instruction column. You won’t read it until as well as my family’s gifts, the guys and girls
library and technical late November but in the office clubbed together and got me two
magazine here I am putting fingers to keyboard in things that I really appreciated – a mixed case
advisory service; dis- Issue 2 2017
March ~ April

Written by Modellers for Modellers

late October. The biggest event of the IPMS of decent red wines and book on matching the
counts at a number of year will take place between me writing right wine to the right food (and vice versa).
well-known retailers, this column and when you get to read it. I’d That, for me, was the greatest compliment – a
including online love to say that Scale ModelWorld was an bunch of people who only see me during the
traders and free entry outstanding success. I’d like to tell you how week in a work environment but still know
much I enjoyed it, how much money I spent enough about me to choose the ‘right’ gift.
to Scale ModelWorld.
and what I bought, but all that is in the future The Christmas break also gives me a
Membership is open for me. The next major event chance to catch up with
to anyone, regardless Hispano Suiza H6C
in most of our calendars some of the projects that
of skill level and with
A Honey of a Stuart in Tunisia
Catching up with a French Corsair
will be the much-vaunted always seem to get put to
no requirement to Christmas festivities. For me one side during the year. I
that means time spent with have an Abrams project on
belong to a Branch. my family which is great in the go now, but tucked to
Membership Secretary: small doses but something one side is a Ferret Scout
For further information about IPMS (UK) please of a chore at times. It means Car project that is ready
write to Colin Marrow, enclosing three first class time away from work which to paint. It needs some
stamps. You will receive an information pack also excellent, but such an additional window dressing
enforced break leaves very for the base and that’s what
including a complimentary copy of our in house little time for modelling. All those other stopped me moving any further with it. I
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For many modellers, Christmas is a chance forty-four gallon drums look like cans of
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Membership Subscription Rates creating a ‘wants’ list, often The whole inspiration for
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much more approachable than modelling as

4 0 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

40-IPMS-UK-SMMI-1217.indd 40 13/11/2017 14:12

military news
News And Products From Around The World

SMMI on the side

Hanomag SS100 Vidalwagen w/V2 Rocket
Manufacturer: Takom
Scale: 1:35

Kit Type: Plastic
injection moulded
with etch
Kit Number: 2110
Price TBC

Military News & Previews Manufacturer: Takom
Scale: 1:35
Kit Type: Plastic
As always it is our intention to provide our readership with the most up-to-date and
injection moulded
comprehensive survey of the industry and its impending releases as we can supply in with etch
print, and to this end we rely largely on contributions and and information recieved Kit Number: 2088
from outside sources. In the interests of accuracy, SMMI invites all manufacturers and Price TBC
producers of kits, accessories, conversions, decals and books to keep us informed of
Merkava Mk.1
their current and proposed future releases, and let us have this information, along Manufacturer:
with any high resolution images, and we will be glad to include them. Bearing in Takom
mind the more the information supplied, the more column space their products will Scale: 1:35
occupy in the SMMI News Section. Any press releases, news updates, product details Kit Type: Plastic
and bulletins should be sent direct to the Editor at injection moulded
with etch
for inclusion in the earliest possible issue of the magazine. Kit Number: 2078
As ever there are plenty of new products around to edify and excite, so without Price TBC
further ado….here is the news!
M3 Grant
Andy Renshaw Manufacturer: Takom
Scale: 1:35
Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded
with etch
Kit Number: 2086
Hobby Fan
HF087 – 1:35 M501 Missile Loading
Price TBC


CB35142 – 1:35 M1224 MaxxPro
Tiran 4
MRAP Scale: 1:35 Kit Type:
Plastic injection
moulded with
Kit Number: 2051
Price TBC

Merkava Mk.1 Hybrid

Manufacturer: Takom
Scale: 1:35
Kit Type: Plastic
injection moulded
with etch
Kit Number: 2078
Price TBC


41-45-Military-News-SMMI-1217.indd 41 13/11/2017 14:13

military news
on the side Amusing Hobby
35A019 – 1:35
Zvezda Pz.Kpfw.38D mit
Pz.IV Turm 8cm
5042 – 1:72 Jagdpanther PAW 600 35A021 – 1:35
Jagdpanzer 38D

MTL-35103 – 1:35 Tracks for Centurion
MTL-35177 – 1:35 Tracks for Karl Morser
MTL-35201 – 1:35 Tracks for Merkava Mk.I
35381 – 1:35 Panhard
Trumpeter 178 with French
Armoured Vehicle Crew 
01049 – 48194 – 1:48
1:35 M270/ Sd.Kfz.261, German Radio Communication
A1 Multiple Vehicle 
System - US
09542 –
1:35 StuG
07146 – 1:72 Russian T-62 Main
Battle Tank Mod.1962

Model Miniature
MM-R211 – 1:35

MR Modellbau
US Modern
Set Accessory
and Figure for US

35031 – 1:35
A2 Mine
Clearance Vehicle MR-35534 – 1:35 3Pdr (47mm) Gun MR-35580 – 1:35Valentine Mk.II/IV Barrel and Stowage Vickers medium Stowage and Gear
Tank Mark I MR-35585 – 1:35 Stowage and Gear
MR-35569 - 1:35 Wheel Set M35 Sturmpanzer 43 Brummbär
ADGZ Armoured Car MR-35587 – 1:35 Radiator Set
Revell MR-35570 - 1:35 Upgrade and Interior
M35 ADGZ Armoured Car
Mercedes L3000S
80-3305 1:72 M109 G SPG

4 2 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

41-45-Military-News-SMMI-1217.indd 42 13/11/2017 14:13

FO Rpicked
for 2016
35-4037 – 1:35
Tarpaulin Latil KTL4
35FS 1022 – 1:35
Citroën Kégresse

Andrew Rawlinsom
P19 Porte Canon
35FS 1040 – 1:35
Tracteur Knox

Signed-off by:
), 1:32
a r ly version
03944 NA Mustang

Panzer P-51D-5

Custom Factory Concepts

1:35 - Easy 8 Spare Road Wheels
CF3533FK – 1:35 GAZ-63 on Ya-187 Tyres  with Hanger Brackets
CF3534 – 1:35 FK GAZ-51 1:35 - Easy 8 Spare Road Wheels
with Separate Hubs
1:35 - D74850 Solid Wheel
1:35 – T-62 Track Pads
1:35 - W212 Waffle (Double H) Pads


British Lee/Grant
8 . IV, 1:4
03923osquito B Mk

Job Number:
File Name:
SAM Publications
Latest Issues
Insert Date:

03921 Invader, 1:48


Silesian Models
1:72 - Sd.Kfz.250/4 alt
83898 – 1:35 44M Tas
85501 – 1:35 8LKW 5t mil glw
Available from all good model
stockists and online from

Truppenluftschutzwagen 85514 – 1:35 Soviet MBV-2, Late

F-34 Gun Visit our website W W W. R E V E L L . D E /E N @RevellGermany

Revell GmbH, Unit 10, Old Airfield Industrial Estate,

Cheddington Lane, Tring, HP23 4QR
Tel: 0845 459 0747, Fax: 01296 660041,
©2017 Revell GmbH. A subsidiary of Hobbico, Inc.
All rights reserved. Trade enquiries welcome.


41-45-Military-News-SMMI-1217.indd 43 13/11/2017 14:13

military news
on the side Panzer Art
RE35-486 – 1:35 Road Wheels for 2S3
Fine ‘Akatsija’
RE35-491 – 1:35 Stowage Box for
Molds Scammel Pioneer SV2S
RE35-492 – 1:35 Sd.Kfz.8 Cooler Mask
FM56 – 1:35 RE35-493 – 1:35 Road Wheels for
Type 89 Ko AMX-13 RE35-494 – 1:35 Road Wheels for M113 
RE35-495 – 1:35 Cooler Mask with

Boldivision Canvas Cover for Scammel Pioneer

35008 – 1:35 E25 RE35-496 – 1:35 Stowage Set for
Moskito Conversion Set Sd.Kfz 251C
RE35-497 – 1:35 Stowage Set
for Hanomag SS100
RE35-498 – 1:35
Stowage Set for
Sd.Kfz.234 Vehicles
RE35-499 – 1:35
Stowage Set for
Sd.Kfz.250 Alt
RE35-449 – 1:35 KW-1
and 2 Front Armour Plate
with Flap
Blast Models
BL35304K – 1:35 AML 60 and 90 Sagged
BL35305K - 1:35 AML 60 Update Set
BL35306K - 1:35 AML 60 and 90 Engine w/
2090 – 1:35 CM-11
Ant Resin
AR-35001 – 1:35 AU-220M Baikal 57mm
Doors (M48H) Brave Tiger. Automatic Weapon
BL35307K - 1:35 AML 90 Update Set ROC. Army Main Station for BMP-3
BL35308K - 1:35 ML 60 and 90 Chassis Battle Tank AR-35002 – 1:35
Doors 2091 – 1:35 CM-11 Armour Turret with
BL35309F - 1:35 ML 60 and 90 Cred  (M48H) w/ERA Brave 30mm 2A72 Gun
BL35310F - 1:35 AML 60 and 90 Crew - Early Tiger. ROC Army Main Battle Tank and Accessories for
BL35311F - 1:35 AML 60 and 90 Crew – Late 1006 – 1:16 Type 94 Tankette Tiger-M

– 1:35 US
(Modular Advanced
Armed Robotic System)

Atelier Infiniti
1:72 - Tortoise Heavy Assault Tank
1:72 - M13/40 Carro Armato Tank
1:72 - Carro Commando M13
1:72 - BT-7 (1935) Tank
1:72 - BT-7 (1935) Tank
1:72 - BT-7 (1938) Tank
1:72 - BT-7 (1938) Tank
1:72 - BT-7A Artillery
Support Tank
1:72 - BT-7A Artillery
Support Tank
1:72 - BT-7A F-32
Artillery Support Tank
1:72 - BT-7A F-32
Artillery Support Tank

4 4 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

41-45-Military-News-SMMI-1217.indd 44 13/11/2017 14:13

military news
News And Products From Around The World
T35206 – 1:35 Australian M 113 ALV
Conversion Set
T35207 – 1:35 Australian M 113 ALV Big on the side
Set Conversion  
T35208 – 1:35 Australian Container
T35209 – 1:35 Engine LAV 25
T35210 – 1:35 Engine M 1025 Humvee BGM-71 TOW Set
T35211 – 1:35 M 561 Gama Goat fire Manufacturer: Legend

Black Dog
T35204 – 1:35 Australian Mercedes
truck V2 Conversion Set
T35212 – 1:35 Marder II Sd.Kfz.131
Accessories Set
Scale: 1:35
Kit Type: Cast resin
Kit Number: LF3D008
6x6 D72046 – 1:72 House with Gate Base Price: TBC
T35205 – 1:35 Australian Mercedes D35095 - 135 Column #3 Base

MRAP TOW Turret Set

Manufacturer: Legend

Scale: 1:35
Kit Type: Cast resin
Kit Number: LF3D009
16109 – 1:16 Turned Hexagonal Bolts Price: TBC
1 10 - 1:16 Turned Hexagonal Bolts and
Nuts IDF Magach Early
35L-114 -1:35 Barrel for Russian Stowage Set
12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun DShK Manufacturer:
35L-167 - 1:35 German Legend
7.5cmKwK42L/70 Gun Barrel Scale: 1:35
35L-171 - 1:35 Set of Gun Barrel Tips Kit Type: Cast
for MG 08 resin
Kit Number:
Price: TBC

Leopard C1 Late
Conversion Set
35L-228 - 1:35 Barrel for German Manufacturer:
75mm PaK 40 Gun Without Muzzle Legend
Brake Scale: 1:35
48L-31 - 1:48 German 3.7cm KwK Kit Type: Cast resin
A 7 L/42 tank gun barrel for Kit Number: LF1356
Pz.Kpfw.38(t) Price: TBC
48L-32 – 1:48 Set of Two Barrels for
35L-224 – 1:35 Barrel ROQF Mk.1 ZB 37 MGs US Navy SEAL #3 (w/FN
76.2mm for Matilda Mk.IIICS with 72L-50 – 1:72 Set of Two Barrels for SCAR Mk17 and M79)
Besa MG Barrel German MG34 Manufacturer:
35L-226 1:35 Early Barrel for 72 L-64 – 1:72 German 75mm KwK
Valentine Mk.II to VII or Matilda Mk.III/ Legend
40 L/43 barrel for Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.G Scale: 1:35
IV with Besa MG Barrel 72 L-65 - 1:72 German StuK.40 L/48 Kit Type: Cast resin
7,5 cm Barrel for StuG. III Ausf.G Late Kit Number: LF3D010
and StuG.IV Early Price: TBC
US Navy SEAL M79 Gunner
(w/FN SCAR Mk17)
Scale: 1:35
Kit Type: Cast
Kit Number:
Price: TBC


41-45-Military-News-SMMI-1217.indd 45 13/11/2017 14:14

on the side Friul
Abteilung 502
New Pigment Sets
ABT401 – Urban Textures and FV 432 Metal
Buildings Track Set
ABT403 – Rust and Exhaust Peter Robinson
ABT410 – Earth The box contains two plastic bags which is no big deal to remove. I then
ABT411 – Dust and Dirt containing 105 metal track links in two bags compared the links with my 1:35 reference and one bag with 240 track pin bolt heads, pictures and plans and they are spot on.
plus a length of wire for the track pins. There Another nice set of detail metal track from
is also a set of instructions and guide. There Friul, and while the links themselves have
is minimal clean-up required, with just one very good detail the inclusion of the nuts for
small burr to be cut off each link, although the track pins is a very nice touch which will
there is some drilling required on each link make the track look more authentic. Thanks
on each outer edge. There is also a small to Friulmodel for the review sample.
amount of clean-up on the track edges,

Eduard Etch for Tamiya

Robin Gilby and straps at the
Eduard have released a new batch of 1:35 rear of the engine
etched sets to enhance and detail the deck. These are all
recent Tamiya Valentine British Infantry top quality sets as
tank. There are three choices on offer, the you would expect
first is #36359 – Full Exterior Set. This looks from Eduard, and
pretty comprehensive with all you need to will look great on your
detail your model with fine brass fenders, Valentine, or some of the parts
clasps and some turret parts too. Second would even be suitable for the new Archer

True-Earth is #36360 – Desert Fenders Set, a different

style of fender with mountings and fittings.
SP Gun also just released from Tamiya.
Highly recommended and thanks to Eduard
Alu-Effect Metal Glazing Finally #36361 – Canister Holder which is for the review samples.
Alu-Effect is not a colour but a filter –as it the smallest set and just supplies the holder
reflects the underlying colours|

4 6 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

46-49-Previews-SMMI-1217.indd 46 13/11/2017 14:19

Initial Look at Items Received from Manufacturers

Russian 152mm Self Propelled
on the side
Howitzer – MSTA-S
Manufacturer: Zvezda Eduard
Scale: 1:35 Brummbar Detail Sets
Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded 36363 - 1:35 Sd.Kfz.166
Kit Number: 3630 Brummbär
36364 – 1:35 Sd.Kfz.166
Robin Gilby Brummbär Schürzen
Here is an interesting new release 36365 – 1:35 Sd.Kfz.166
from Zvezda, the monster Russian Brummbär Zimmerit
MSTA-S Self Propelled Howitzer. This
is one of those more obscure modern
vehicles which was never on my radar so I Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ethiopia,
was interested to find out more! The vehicle Georgia, Ukraine and Venezuela, so I should
entered service with the Soviet Army in find some interesting finishing options
1989 and it is armed with a 152 mm/L47 among that lot! The Russian Army currently
howitzer. Currently it is in service with Russia, still operates around 550 of these artillery
systems themselves which is based on the
chassis and engine components of the T-72
and T-80 MBTs. The model is packaged in
a huge top opening box with some eye-
catching artwork, and is supplied on twelve
sprues of light grey plastic including some
decent link and length tracks. The upper and
lower hulls are superb one piece mouldings
full of great detail. Also in the box, you
get some clear parts, nylon mesh, small
length of string and some basic decals for
three suggested Russian Army vehicles. All
these are finished in one choice of overall
dark green. This looks like a great build
of something a bit different, and as I have
always enjoyed Zvezda kits in the past I am
certainly looking forward to getting stuck Duplicata
into this one too! Look out for the full build in
a future issue of SMMI, and thanks to Zvezda
for the review sample. New Signs and Posters German Maps, World War II – all scales
U.S. City Traffic Signs – all scales
Iraq War Highway, Traffic
and Saddam Signs – 1:48
Allied and
Japanese Aeronautical
Charts and Maps, World
War II – 1:48, 1:35 and
KFOR Kosovo Checkpoint Signs – 1:35


46-49-Previews-SMMI-1217.indd 47 13/11/2017 14:19

on the side Plus Model
Gas Station
Model Scene Robin Gilby
Grass Tufts Here is a neat release from Plusmodel,
Robin Gilby a 1:35 multi-media Gas Station – set
Here are some ‘Grass Tufts’ from Czech number #494. The model is presented
manufacturer Model Scene who specialise in a sturdy carton with an attractive full
in model railway and diorama accessories. colour image on the top lid. Inside you
There are five varieties on offer, including will find eighteen resin parts depicting
early and late Autumn and Early and Late
the pumps, fittings and overhead lamps.
Summer. They differ from others on the
market by being pre-coloured in two Also included are the structure walls
shades, a very nice touch which does make from laser carved wood sheet which look
a big difference in realism. great, some card roofing, a etched fret with nice presentation throughout. I guess it
Many thanks to Model Scene and I look further detailing, cable, wire and a couple of would be suitable for any 1940s or 50s
forward to using these new tufts on my nice decal sheets to finish it off. The decals diorama, or even a contemporary or post-
future projects. tend to suggest a European setting, though apocalyptic setting or anything in-between! to be honest the only restriction here is your
imagination. This is an interesting release,
with great detail and possibilities and very

4 8 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

46-49-Previews-SMMI-1217.indd 48 13/11/2017 14:19

Clifton Curios Models
To be sure of future copies of Scale Military Modeller International,
fill in your details and hand this form to your newsagent


Selection Please reserve/deliver* a copy of Scale Military Modeller International
Close to East Midlands Airport, Donington Park Race Circuit and of Products on a regular basis, commencing with the .......................................... issue
Ashby de la Zouch, Easy to reach from A42 & M-1 Derby, Leicester, available!
Loughborough, & Nottingham *delete as appropriate

We now Title/Mr/Mrs/Ms
stock Ashby Road, Breedon on the Hill, DE73 8AZ First name: ............................................... Surname: ................................................
Products CAFÉ & FREE PARKING on site Address: ......................................................................................................................
Brushes; Glues; Fillers; Scenic Materials; Tools; Aviation & Military Books; Magazines Postcode:.....................................................................................
Clifton Curios Models – Vintage Postcards & Ephemera Daytime Telephone No:.......................................... ....................
tel. 01827 373497 (after 6p.m.)


a n g e LI N



uer m
b ased for

• Hataka True Colour Guarantee

• Seamless painting experience

• Unmatched flow control

• Designed for pro modellers

• Forgiving for beginners

HTK-CS81 Modern German Army AFV paint set contains:
• Limited odour Yellow Olive NATO Brown Sand Beige Sand Brown
NATO Green NATO Black Grey Beige Light Olive
Try Also:

Available at your local hobby store and

46-49-Previews-SMMI-1217.indd 49 13/11/2017 14:19



MDF 29
+ P&P

By Andy Evans

y today’s exacting military standards, the Aircraft, but the arrival of the jet age brought a plethora of
success of the Panavia Tornado is quite new aircraft into the skies. Many designers clung to the
achievement, and one that made its tri-national ‘traditional’ one-aircraft-one mission thinking, and therefore
programme one of the greatest feats of international air forces found themselves with numerous specialised
military and political co-operation of the 20th century. fighters, bombers and reconnaissance aircraft. As budgets
Rather than being the proverbial ‘camel’ (otherwise became tighter, many promising projects began to be
known as a horse put together by a committee), the discarded through financial or political pressures, and
Tornado has proved itself to be a true thorough-bred, several countries began to see the sense in committing to
able to deliver ‘as advertised’ in all weathers. The bi-national or tri-national military projects, or alternatively
latter has been the cornerstone of the Tornado’s were persuaded to ‘buy American’. In Europe, the growing
performance, when at its peak, it was one the NATO Soviet threat post-War, led Britain, Germany and Italy to
that could function by night, by day, in fog, in rain agree to produce a single aircraft type, that could fly a wide
or snow, and mount realistic offensive operations. variety of combat missions, and yet still be tailored to meet
Tornado was conferred with an excellent radar, the needs of the individual user nations. So was born the
powerful engines, the ability to carry a large war- Cover: Illustration Purposes Only ‘MRCA’ - later Tornado - and a management company,
load at both low-level and medium altitudes, had a Panavia Aviation, was created to oversee the project, which
superb short field ability, which offered a compromise between traditional was for a swing-wing, low- level ‘bomb truck’, capable of defence suppression,
runways and STOL performance. Many historians would doubtless say stand-off laser designation, anti-shipping and reconnaissance tasks, with further
that the famous De Havilland Mosquito was the original Multi-Role Combat consideration for a dedicated interceptor variant. The programme was a triumph
of co-operation, which incredibly faced few hitches and produced perhaps the
greatest aircraft of its type. Proven in battle from the deserts of Iraq to the skies
of Europe, as well as in keeping the peace, the Panavia Tornado has a singular
history, and up-date programs has kept it flying onto the 21st Century. Now in
the last years of its service life, was perhaps a good time to look back on what
is, and remains a very fine aircraft, and this new Datafile from SAM Publications
brings the Tornado story to life!

ORDER HOTLINE: 44 (0)1234 211245
SAM-MDF-29-Tornado-Ad.indd 1 50 13/11/2017
02/11/2017 14:23
Figure News And Products From Around The World

figures on the side

in focus Tommy’s War

Piper Daniel Laidlaw Victoria Cross
Manufacturer: Tommy’s War
Figure News and Previews Scale: 54mm
Kit Type: Cast resin

An Exciting Year Ahead

Kit Number: TW32VC01
Sculptor: Benoit Cauchies

Presented by Andy Renshaw

As we near the end of 2017, I must say it’s been quite a year for
figure and bust aficionado’s, as well as a good time for those
keen on dioramas, and with some of the rumours percolating
out of the industry, then 2018 looks to be equally exciting.
We will of course bring you as much detail as we can as
the month progress, but for now, here’s a look at what’s
new and up and coming, and remember to tell you
vendor you saw their products in SMMI!
Briefing at Dawn - Pilot, RFC 

The Bodi
Manufacturer: Tommy’s
Scale: 54mm
Hungarian Driver for 40M Turan Kit Type: Cast resin
Manufacturer: The Bodi Kit Number: TW32037
Scale: 1:35 Sculptor: Nino
Kit Type: Cast resin Pizzichemi
Kit Number: TB35107
Sculptor: N/A RA Balloon Observation
Manufacturer: Tommy’s
Scale: 54mm
Kit Type: Cast resin
Kit Number: TW32038
Sculptor: Nino Pizzichemi

Private, 1/4 Bn Seaforth Highlanders,

France and Flanders 1917
Manufacturer: Tommy’s War
Scale: 54mm
Kit Type: Cast resin
Hungarian Driver for 40M Crewman Kit Number: TW32039
Manufacturer: The Bodi Sculptor: Nino Pizzichemi
Scale: 1:35
Kit Type: Cast resin Marine, Royal Marine Light Infantry,
Kit Number: TB35108 Antwerp 1914
Sculptor: N/A Manufacturer: Tommy’s War Scale: 54mm

Kit Type: Cast resin
Kit Number: TW32RM01
Sculptor: Diego Fortez

Fan Machine Gunner, 1 MG

Abteilungen 1918
Manufacturer: Tommy’s
US Army M113 Crew – Vietnam – War
Four Figure Set Scale: 54mm
Manufacturer: Hobby Fan Kit Type: Cast resin
Scale: 1:35 Kit Number: TW32DC01
Kit Type: Plastic injection
Sculptor: Douglas
Kit Number: HF741 Craner
Sculptor: N/A


7 12:44 50-55-Figures-In-Focus-SMMI-1217.indd 51 13/11/2017 14:23

figure news
on the side SKP Model
RAF Flight Sergeant
Alpine Miniatures Manufacturer: SKP
Scale: 1:35
US Armoured Infantry 2AD Normandy Kit Type: Cast resin
Manufacturer: Alpine Miniatures Kit Number: TBC
Scale: 1:16 Sculptor: TBC
Kit Type: Cast resin
Kit Number: 16037
Sculptor: John Rosengrant

British Machine Gun Team Marching - NW

Manufacturer: Geko Models
Scale: 1:35
Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded
Kit Number: 3GM0014
Sculptor: N/A

British Machine Gun Team in Combat - NW
Manufacturer: Geko Models
Scale: 1:35
Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded
Kit Number: 3GM0013
Sculptor: N/A

Rado Miniatures
Under Fire, SS-Schütze, 5.SS-Pz.Div.Wiking,
Poland 1944
Manufacturer: Rado Miniatures
Scale: 1:35
WSS Panzer Commander – Winter Kit Type: Cast resin
Manufacturer: Alpine Miniatures Kit Number: RDM35004
Scale: 1:35 Sculptor: TBC
Kit Type: Cast resin
Kit Number: 35238
Sculptor: Taesung Harmms

WSS Panzer Gunner – Winter

Manufacturer: Alpine Miniatures
Scale: 1:35
Kit Type: Cast resin
Kit Number: 35239
Sculptor: Taesung Harmms

Also available as a two-figure-set 35240

Under Fire, SS-Unterscharfuhrer, 5.SS-Pz.

Div.Wiking, Poland 1944
Manufacturer: Rado Miniatures
Scale: 1:35
Kit Type: Cast resin Also available as a two-figure set RDM35006
Kit Number: RDM35005
Sculptor: TBC

5 2 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

50-55-Figures-In-Focus-SMMI-1217.indd 52 13/11/2017 14:23

Figure News And Products From Around The World

on the side

New at Historex
World War II Soviet Female Soldier
Manufacturer: Life Miniatures
Scale: 1:10
Kit Type: Cast resin
Kit Number: LMGS003
Price: £36.00

Sergeant Rifle Brigade

Manufacturer: Benito
Scale: 54mm
Kit Type: Cast resin
Kit Number: MV135
Price: £30.35

Royal Model
German Infantry at Work
Celtic Warrior
Manufacturer: Pegaso
Manufacturer: Royal Model Scale: 75mm
Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin
Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: 75-127
Kit Number: TBC Price: £38.35
Sculptor: TBC
Special Operation Forces - Black
Cohort – Callsign Rhinoceros
Manufacturer: DG Artwork

Project Scale: 75mm

Kit Type: Cast resin

Armor 35
Kit Number: DG75F005
Price: £36.00
Soviet Soldier NKVD 1935-1945 Feldgendarme
Manufacturer: Project Armor 35 Manufacturer: Scale 75
Scale: 1:35 Scale: 1:35
Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Type: Cast resin
Kit Number: ARM352152
Kit Number: SW35019
Sculptor: TBC
Price: £11.75
Orderly Officer of the Emperor
Manufacturer: Metal
Scale: 54mm
Kit Type: White metal
Kit Number: SMM164
Price: £60.00


World War II Soviet Female Tanker
Manufacturer: Life Miniatures
Scale: 1:10
Kit Type: Cast resin
Kit Number: TBC
Sculptor: Sang-Eon Lee


50-55-Figures-In-Focus-SMMI-1217.indd 53 13/11/2017 14:23

figure news
on the side MJ Miniatures
World War II US Tanker
Djiti Production Manufacturer: MJ Miniatures
Scale: 1:35
Kit Type: Cast resin
Daguet 91 - French Tank Crew First Gulf War Kit Number: MJ35010
(Two Figure Set)  Sculptor: Man-Jin Kim
Manufacturer: Djiti Production
Scale: 1:35
Kit Type: Cast resin
Kit Number: 35077
Sculptor: TBC MiniArt
German Tank Crew – Winter
Tank Crew
Uniform Special Edition Manufacturer: MiniArt
Manufacturer: MiniArt Scale: 1:35
Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded
Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded Kit Number: 37032
Kit Number: 35249 Sculptor: N/A
Sculptor: N/A

British World War II Bren Gunner

Manufacturer: Djiti Production
Scale: 1:35
Kit Type: Cast resin
Bravo 6
Kit Number: 35076 Raubtierfütterung Red Army Correspondent
Sculptor: TBC Manufacturer: Bravo 6 Manufacturer: Bravo 6
Scale: 1:35 Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Type: Cast resin
Kit Number: B6-35122 Kit Number: B6-35124
Sculptor: Vladimir Demchenko Sculptor: Vladimir Demchenko
Manufacturer: Bravo 6
Scale: 1:35
Kit Type: Cast resin
Kit Number: B6-35123
Sculptor: Vladimir Demchenko

5 4 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

50-55-Figures-In-Focus-SMMI-1217.indd 54 13/11/2017 14:23

Figure News And Products From Around The World

Young Miniatures on the side

Waffen SS Young Machine Gunner 1944
Manufacturer: Young Miniatures Ant Miniatures
Scale: 1:10 Russian Special Operation Forces in Syria #1
Kit Type: Cast resin Manufacturer: Ant Miniatures
Kit Number: YM1869 Scale: 1:35
Sculptor: Young B Song Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: 35137
Sculptor: N Gordeev

Atelier Elan 13
Maket ‘Scramble’ RAF Pilot and Dog World War II
Manufacturer: Elan 13
Scale: 54mm
1 BEP Indochina 1950 Kit Type: Cast resin
Manufacturer: Atelier Maket Kit Number: TBC Russian Special Operation Forces in Syria #2
Scale: 75mm Sculptor: Robert Lane Manufacturer: Ant Miniatures
Kit Type: White metal Scale: 1:35
Kit Number: 35138 Kit Type: Cast resin
Sculptor: TBC Kit Number: 35138 Sculptor: N Gordeev

Russian Special Operations in Syria

Manufacturer: Ant Miniatures
Scale: 120mm
Kit Type: Cast resin
Kit Number: TBC
Sculptor: N Gordeev


50-55-Figures-In-Focus-SMMI-1217.indd 55 13/11/2017 14:23

rtr markings
MMI has got together Commonwealth markets. The publishing arm
with Casemate UK to bring of Casemate is one of the leading publishers in
you an exclusive monthly the fields of military history, defence studies,
competition to win one of and military science worldwide. Casemate’s
their latest military titles. Founded in 2007, publishing list covers subjects as diverse as
Casemate UK is a major specialist publisher Roman History, Napoleonic Wars and the Iraq
and book distributor in the UK, European and and Afghanistan conflicts of today.



What is the motto of the Royal

Tank Regiment?
A) Fear Naught
B) Fear One
C) Fear Us


SMMI/Casemate RTR Markings Competition
Scale Military Modeller Magazine
Media House, 21 Kingsway, Bedford, MK42 9BJ
Or email:
Competition Rules
Employees/volunteers working for SAM Publications Ltd, Casemate Publishing and associated companies or their families are not permitted to enter. Entries are limited to one per person/household. No
correspondence will be entered into. The judges’ decision is final. Winners’ names will be published in a future edition of Scale Military Modeller International.
All entries must reach Media House by 22nd December 2017, when the prize draw will take place.

5 6 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

56-Casemate-SMMI-1217.indd 56 13/11/2017 14:25

The Latest Armour Books Reviewed

books on the side

Pen & Sword

in focus Rommel in North Africa

Publisher: Pen & Sword
Author: David Mitchelhill-Green
ISBN: 9781473892200
Format: Softback, 208 pages

Osprey Publishing Price: £14.99

Erwin Rommel
which saw is the arguably
the most
Early US Armour renewed use in
Publisher: Osprey the form of the German
Author: Steven J Zaloga British .55in Boys general of the
ISBN: 9781472825148 anti-tank rifle - Second World
Format: Softback, 48 pages also used by the War. Revered
Price: £10.99 US Marine Corps by his troops
in the Pacific. and applauded
The French by his enemies,
campaign made the so-called
it clear that Desert Fox
the day of the
legendary status for his daring exploits and
anti-tank rifle bold manoeuvres during the North African
was ending due campaign. In this book, richly illustrated
to the increasing thickness of tank armour. with over 400 images, the author examines
Fully illustrated and drawing upon a range the privations and challenges Rommel
of sources, this is the absorbing story of the faced in leading his coalition force.
anti-tank rifle, the infantryman’s anti-armour
weapon during the world wars. The AMX Light Tank
Publisher: Pen & Sword
Operation Market Garden (3) Authors: Gilbeau, Robinson and Lau
Publisher: Osprey ISBN: 9781526701671
Author: Ken Ford Format: Softback, 176 pages
ISBN: 9781472820129 Price: £16.99
Format: Softback
Price: £14.99 The AMX 13
was originally
designed in
Using specially commissioned artwork and
the immediate
detailed analysis, Ken Ford completes his aftermath of
trilogy on Operation ‘Market-Garden’ by the Second
The first American armoured cars began examining this attack which, if successful, World War.
to emerge around the turn of the century, could have shortened the war in the west It represents
seeing their first military use in 1916 during considerably. Yet it turned out to be a bridge French
the Punitive Expedition against Pancho too far. ambitions
Villa. When the United States entered World for national
War I, the American Expeditionary Forces resurgence
used some armoured cars in France, and and
American armoured cars were used by the
from wartime dependence on American
French Army. In this study, using detailed military technology. Being a light tank it
full colour plates and rigorous analysis, US was an ambitious and far sighted departure
armour expert Steven J. Zaloga chronicles from conventional tank design and it
the development of the US armoured car in found a ready export market as well as
the years leading up to World War II. being a critical part in the French Army
arsenal. Its basic hull design lent itself to the
The Anti-Tank Rifle development of a vast list of variants.
Publisher: Osprey
Author: Steven J Zaloga
ISBN: 9781472817228
Format: Softback
Price: £12.99

The emergence of the tank in World War I

led to the development of the first infantry
weapons to defend against tanks. Anti-tank
rifles became commonplace in the inter-war
years and in the early campaigns of World
War II in Poland and the Battle of France,


57-60-Books-SMMI-1217.indd 57 13/11/2017 14:28

on the side Osprey Publishing
Pen & Sword US Battleship v IJN Battleship original role of transporting troops across
Publisher: Osprey the battlefield, specialized versions perform
Author: Mark Stille a multitude of other functions including
The Cambrai Campaign 1917 ISBN: 9781472817198 command and control,
Publisher: Pen & Sword Format: Softback fire support, anti-tank and
Author: Andrew Rawson Price: £12.99 anti-aircraft defence, and
ISBN: 9781526714374 casualty evacuation. This
Format: Hardback In the build-up to World new fully illustrated study
Price: £15.99 War II both the United examines the service record
States and Japan believed of the M113 from its initial
Cambrai Campaign 1917 is an account of their battleships would play fielding through to the end of
the British Expeditionary Force’s battles a central role in battle, but the Vietnam War. It will also
in November
after the Pacific War began describe the many US, South
and December
of 1917. It starts in December 1941, the role Vietnamese, and Australian
with the plan of the battleship proved variants of the M113 used in
to carry out a to be much more limited the Vietnam War as well as
tank raid on the than either side expected. information on tactics, unit
Hindenburg Employing full-colour tables of organisation and
Line at Cambrai. artwork, carefully selected equipment, and a selection
The raid grew archive photographs, and of engagements in which the
into a full-scale expert analysis, former US M113 played a decisive role.
attack and Navy Commander Mark Stille examines
Third Army
the two head-to-head clashes between the
would rely on a
different style battleships deployed by the United States and
of attack. The Japan in the struggle for control of the Pacific
preliminary during World War II.
would be done away with and the troops M113 APC 1960-75
would assemble in secret. Each stage of Publisher: Osprey
the battle is given equal treatment, with Author: Jamie Prenatt
detailed insights into the most talked ISBN: 9781472817464
about side of the campaign, the British Format: Softback
side. It explains how far the Tank Corps Price: £10.99
had come in changing the face of trench
warfare. Over forty new maps chart the
day by day progress of each corps on The M113 is the most widely used and versatile
each day. Together the narrative and the armoured vehicle in the world. Fielded in
maps provide an insight into the British 1960 as a simple ‘battlefield taxi’, over 80,000
Army’s experience during this important M113s would see service with 50 nations
campaign. The men who made a difference around the world and 55 years later, many
are mentioned; those who led the thousands are still in use. In addition to its
advances, those who stopped the counter-
attacks and those who were awarded the

Osprey Publishing
Victoria Cross.

Battle of the Odon

Publisher: Pen & Sword
Author: Georges Bernade Sagger Anti-Tank colour artwork and
ISBN: 9781473857612 Missile v M60 Main insightful analysis, this
Format: Hardback Battle Tank book explains how the
Price: £25.00 Publisher: Osprey effective use of the Soviet-
Author: Chris supplied AT-3 Sagger
The Battle of the McNab
Odon evokes the (9M14 Malyutka) anti-tank
ISBN: missile allowed small
clash between the
British Army and the
9781472825773 Arab tank-killing teams
II SS-Panzer Korps, as Format: Softback
to destroy Israeli armour
they attacked across Price: £12.99
at an astonishing rate. It
the Odon Valley also analyses the tank that
during Operation The 1973 Yom Kippur opposed it, the US-built
“Epsom” in June 1944.
War rewrote the M60A1, which had to fight
Using contemporary
photographs and textbook on the for survival against the
documents, this book tactics of modern Arab Sagger’s, and shows
provides day-by-day armoured warfare. how in both the Sinai and
details of the operation Unlike the previous the Golan Heights, the
that was just one part major Arab-Israeli IDF quickly learned that
of what is commonly war of 1967, the firepower and infantry/
referred to as the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) faced an enemy artillery cooperation were the keys to their
‘Battle of Normandy’. that had invested heavily in modern Soviet survival. weapon systems and tactics. Using detailed

5 8 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

57-60-Books-SMMI-1217.indd 58 13/11/2017 14:29 Bookw

Bookworld Wholesale Ltd.
Unit 10 Hodfar Road, Sandy Lane Ind Est,
Stourport, Worcs DY13 9QB

wholesale Tel: 01299 823330 Fax: 01299 829970

web: www. bookworldws. co. uk email:info@bookworldws. co. uk

Panther and Jagdpanther

Units, Part 2 Tankograd 7030. Finland’s
The Eastern Front-From Operation Soviet T-10 Heavy Tank Maavoimat. Abrams Squad 21 Foto File 1.Krupp Protze Abrams Squad
Bagration to Berlin Part 2.Following and Variants This publication shows the Finnish Abrams Squad: The Modern Modelling and Variants. Commander’s Edition
on from an earlier title, this volume This study, written from original Army motor pool in phantastic exercise Magazine is the FIRST and UNIQUE SABOT Publications new book is the The Modern Modelling Magazine is
concludes the unit histories of the army’s Russian and Ukrainian primary source photos and concludes the Tankograd magazine in the world devoted to first in a new line of books. Foto File #1 the FIRST and UNIQUE magazine in
Panther battalions and chronicles the documents that have only recently been quadrilogy of the military vehicles Modern Warfare modelling. Here you is on the Krupp Protze, the 6-wheeled the world devoted to Modern Warfare
service of the Jagdpanther units on made available, uncovers the history of in Scandinavian Armiesí services will find the best articles of the best truck used extensively by German forces modelling. We celebrate our first 20
the Eastern Front. Complemented by this enigmatic tank using 130 stunning (Danske Haeren, Norge Haerens Styrker, modellers and writers in the world. Step in World War II. This book contains issues with a special and limited edition
13 pages of painstakingly researched, contemporary and modern photographs Svenska Armen, Finlandës Maavoimat). by step articles, painting techniques, prints of original photographs of the of a guide for collectors. Thematic
exquisitely presented colour illustrations, of the T-10 as well as full colour side- Illustrated with 128 colour photographs building techniques, illustrated reports, Krupp Protze that have never before indexes and summaries of best articles
black and white archive photos view artwork. and two graphics. news, reviews and much more
been published.Paperback,46 pages.
£14.99 £25.00 £13.99 £9.99 £17.99

Tankcraft 4. Churchill War Machines 04.

Tanks. Tankcraft 3. Panther Tanks. M1A1 SA in Iraqi Service
Flesh & Skin. In his fourth book in the TankCraft In this book, his third in the Tank M1A2 Main Battle Tank Warmachines 04 is entirely devoted to
The extremely talented artist that has series, Dennis Oliver uses archive Craft series, Dennis Oliver uses
Foto File 2. Einheitsdiesel Volume 2 In Detail. the Abrams tank in the service of the
taken part in this book show all aspects, photographs and thoroughly researched, archive photographs and painstakingly This is the second volume on the M1A2. Iraqi Army. This book contains over 100
tricks that they use and secrets involving vividly presented colour profiles to tell researched, exquisitely presented colour and Variants Expanded to 148 pages of full color color photographs of the tank in use,
painting flesh. Different types of flesh on the story of these iconic British tanks. illustrations to examine the part these Foto File 2 is on the German Standard photos on the Army’s M1A2. Includes many of which show combat damage and
which these artists apply their different As readers have come to expect from the powerful tanks played in the Normandy Lorry, or Einheitsdiesel, used extensively vehicles from 3-8 Cav, 2-8 Infantry, 1-37 extensive use. This book also contains
styles and techniques. This book is TankCraft series, the large full colour battles and also the battalions that by German forces in World War II. This Armor, and various units in Europe. All 8 color plates of the Iraqi Abrams
profusely illustrated with step by step section of this book features available operated them.A large part of this book book focuses on the standard version, the new content and all photos are taken of showing various markings, as well as a
photos and descriptive text explaining in model kits and accessories as well as showcases available model kits and kitchen variant, and the communications actual vehicles in service with the U.S. complimentary decal sheet with enough
depth the secrets of flesh painting. aftermarket products. aftermarket products and accessories. variant.Paperback,46 pages Army on maneuvers in the field. markings for 5 Iraqi vehicles. 64 pages.
£10.99 £14.99 £14.99 £17.99 £33.99 £20.99

Army Wheels in Detail

18.Scammell Pioneer M1A2 SEP In Detail Encyclopedia of Armour
This publication contains detailed (Revised and Expanded) Modelling Techniques
historical photos, scale drawings, Tankograd 4006. The revised and expanded reprint of Volume 4-Weathering
Tankograd 9006. SABOT Publication’s first and sold-
detailed drawings from the instruction
manual and color profiles. English and Panzer IV in Combat Tankograd 9003. out book on the M1A2. The original
Throughout almost 150 pages and
BAOR The Final Years more than 700 large photos, Volume 4
Czech language.48 Pages This is the enhanced and updated edition BAOR The Early Years. 100 page book has been edited, some explains step by step and in detail the
now with 16 more pages and an amazing Vehicles of the British Army of the Vehicles of the British Army of the
corrections made, and includes the weathering and fading techniques and
85 (!) new and hitherto unpublished Rhine 1980-1994.Out of print for a Rhine 1945-1979.Out of print for a addition of 44 more pages of brand new
number of years. This book has now effects necessary to adapt your models
photographs. Illustrated with 156 black number of years. This book has now large color photographs of M1A2 SEPs to any given setting with a highly
& white photos been re printed due to popular demand. been re printed due to popular demand. in action around the world. realistic finish.
£13.99 £13.99 £13.99 £33.99 £28.99

The Weathering Magazine Tankograd 5070. Tankograd 3031.

21.Faded. Tankograd 5071.
Leopard 2A6. Leopard 2A6 Development MTVR Tactical Truck.
The latest issue of The Weathering
In two volumes with a total of 140 pages, The German Leopard 2A6 Main Battle Tankograd 5069. MTVR Tactical Truck of the US Marines
Magazine is entirely devoted to the
effects of fading and discoloration. Tankograd 9001.British 311 colour photos, 21 graphics and no Tank Development - Description - Panzer Task Force. The Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement
less than three 1/35 scale drawings it Technology. In two volumes with a This publication grants a detailed view (MTVR) range of vehicles is a family of
Within this release, you will see various Infantry Brigade Berlin permits the closest look on modern total of 140 pages, 311 colour photos, on the vehicles and capabilities of a tactical off-road trucks especially designed
examples of pale and faded finishes Armoured Vehicles in Berlin Urban
seen not only on tanks, trains, and German main battle tank technology 21 graphics and no less than three 1/35 modern German armoured formation by the Oshkosh Corporation to meet the
Area Camouflage.Out of print for a scale drawings it permits the closest look in fascinating and action-packed requirements of the United States Marine
submarines, but also on civilian and number of years. This book has now ever published Illustrated throughout
science fiction subjects. with 112 colour photographs, 7 graphics on modern German main battle tank photographs.llustrated with 90 colour Corps.Paperback,138 colour photographs
been re printed due to popular demand. technology ever published. photographs and 12 graphics,64 Pages and 7 graphics
and two 1/35 scale drawings.
£8.99 £13.99 £13.99 £13.99 £13.99 £13.99

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Stockists of the following subjects: Aviation, Military, Naval, TWO OR MORE BOOKS £4. 50
Major credit cards accepted, UK cheques payable to Bookworld Wholesale Ltd MINIMUM £4. 50

57-60-Books-SMMI-1217.indd 591 13/11/2017 12:09
on the side Osprey Publishing
Pen & Sword British Tank Crewman 1939-45
Publisher: Osprey
German Armour Lost on the Western Front Author: Neil Grant
Publisher: Pen & Sword ISBN: 9781472816962
Author: Bob Carruthers Format: Softback
ISBN: 9781473868526 Price: £11.99
Softback This fully illustrated new study examines
Price: the men who crewed the tanks of Britain’s
£11.99 armoured force during World War II, which
was only four battalions large in 1939.
The German It looks at the recruitment and training
armoured of the vast numbers of men required,
forces lost
some 10,000
there are
very few
from the Wehrmacht. We are fortunate their equipment, appearance and combat
therefore that these unique photographs experience in every theatre of the war as the
detail the fate of the Panzers destroyed in
British armoured division sought to catch
action in the west.
up with the German Panzers.
Hitler’s Heavy Tank Destroyers
Publisher: Paul Thomas

D-Day Beach Assault

Author: Bob Carruthers
ISBN: 9781473896178
Format: Softback
Price: £11.99

Dedicated German anti-tank vehicles made

their first major appearance in the Second
World War as combatants developed Osprey specialist personnel, to breach
effective armoured vehicles and tactics. Publisher: Osprey German obstacles, knock
Some were little more than stopgap Author: Gordon L Rottman out defensive positions, and
solutions, mounting an anti-tank gun on ISBN: 9781472819468 to defend and prepare the
a tracked vehicle to give mobility, while Format: Softback beaches for the follow-on
others were more sophisticated designs. Price: £11.99 waves. On some beaches
The book covers the development and
technology throughout the war that led
the plans worked, on others
to tank destroyers like the Panzerjger I, In the early hours of June 6, they were disrupted by bad
Sturmgeschtz, Marders, Nashorn. Hetzer, 1944, the first of over 150,000 weather, faulty timing, or
Jagdpanzer, Elefant, Jagdtiger IV and Allied soldiers stormed five enemy fire, with consequences
Jagdpanther vehicles being developed. beaches in Normandy against that varied from survivable fierce German resistance. They were confusion to absolute carnage. This is an
specially trained and task-organized in a in-depth study of the uniforms, equipment,
range of different landing teams depending weapons, passage, landings, and tactics
on their means of transport, their tasks, of US, British and Canadian assault units
and the resistance they anticipated. The during the period from before H-Hour on
first assault infantry were accompanied June 6 to dawn on June 7.
by tankers, combat engineers, and other

6 0 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

57-60-Books-SMMI-1217.indd 60 13/11/2017 14:29

warship NEWS
Warship News And Products From Around The World

in focus
Warship News and Previews
‘Nocturnal Raiders’
Daring Class D32 and
Submarine Astute
Hyun Soo Kim builds a superb 1:350
diorama with Trumpeter kits


61-63-Warship-News-SMMI-1217.indd 61 13/11/2017 14:29

warship news
on the side Special Hobby
Starling Models
STK02 – 1:350 Algerine-Class
SN72006 - 1:72 ‘Biber’ German
Midget Submarine

Five Star Models

S350048 - 1:350 BB-59 USS
Massachusetts 1945 Complete
Fujimi FUJ60054 – 1:350 IJN Battleship
Carrier Hygua
FUJ60050 – 1:350 IJN Battleship
Carrier Ise
FUJ46020 – 1:700 IJN Super
Yamato Battleship Kii

Battlefleet Models
35066 – 1:350 Coast Guard Cutter
‘Itasca’ 1938 Lake Class
35065 – 1:350 HMS Gorleston Banff
Class Sloop 1943

1:192 – American Civil War
Naval Figures

6 2 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

61-63-Warship-News-SMMI-1217.indd 62 13/11/2017 14:29

warship NEWS
Warship News And Products From Around The World

on the side
AJM Models
AOS05263 – 1:700 IJN
700-013 – 1:700 HMS Raleigh
700-014 – 1:700 HMS Princess
Battleship Yamato
AOS05274 – 1:700 High
Speed Transport Kitikami

Pit Road
G47 – 1:35 Type 96 Triple
Machine Gun Mount
G50 – 1:35 IJN 127mm Twin AA
1:700 IJN Yamato
Fine Molds
WA17 – 1:700 IJN Type 93 13mm
Machine Guns
WA21 – 1:700 IJN Type 96 25mm
Single Machine Guns
WA22 – 1:700 IJN Type 96 25mm
Twin Machine Guns
WA24 – 1:700 IJN Type 96 25mm
Twin Machine Guns with Shields

HSGCH 123 – 1:700 IJN Light Cruiser Tatsuta
HSGCH 122 – 1:700 IJN Light Cruiser Tenryu

NNT70025 – 1:700 Bundesmarine
Tender Klasse 403 Lech/Lahn -


61-63-Warship-News-SMMI-1217.indd 63 13/11/2017 14:29

SAM Bookshop

SUPER HORNET and EA-18G Growler

Created with

By Andy Evans

Fighters & Attack

Aircraft of the
Vietnam War

7 1

MDSD 7 Boeing Super Hornet £14.99 AIRK-1 Modelling Guide £10

00-HAK-Cover-Front-New-Vietnam.indd 1 16/10/2017 14:13

000-CoverFront-MDFSD-OUTPUT-FRONT_MDFSD-07-Cover.qxd.indd 1 11/09/2017 15:17

MDF 29 Panavia Tornado £19.99

COMBAT EDGE Warfighters in Detail

MDF 28 Vought A-7 MDSD 6 Blackburn MDF SD 5
Corsair £19.99 Buccaneer £14.99 F5 Tiger £14.99


000-CoverFront-MDF27_MDF10-Cover.qxd 27/10/2016 16:51 Page 1

MDF • 27

THE SEPECAT Warfighters in Detail



British, French & International Versions

by Andy Evans
The SEPECAT Jaguar

The US Navy & Marine Corps EA-6B

SAM Publications


Combat Edge 2 Combat Edge 1

00-Cover-Front-CE2-Prowler.indd 1 18/10/2016 10:57

MDF 27 Sepecat MDF SD 4 Hawker Sea MDF 26 Douglas US Navy & Marine Corps US Marine Corps
Jaguar £19.99 Fury £9.99 Skyraider £19.99 EA-6B Prowler £9.99 AV-8B Harrier £9.99

ORDER HOTLINE: (01234) 224993

For more information on all our products please visit

SAM Book Store.indd 2 64 13/11/2017 14:32
product of the month
New from Shesto

Lightcraft LED Table Magnifier Lamp

Product Code: LC8093LED Lightcraft
This new LED lamp will give you hours of

n energy efficient LED natural energy efficient light, allowing you to
daylight lamp with glass view colours accurately anytime day or night,
lens & versatile swivel head, as well as the smaller detail on objects.
ideal for intricate work. Since we have been featuring the Shesto
‘Product of the month’, we have looked at
Features entry level daylight lamps and a top of the
• 30 white LED bulbs, only 2w in total range example. This month we take a look
• Quality 100mm (4”) glass lens 3 dioptre (1.75x mag.) at a mid-range lamp. This lamp has the
• Built-in close up lens 12 dioptre (4x mag.) advantage over the entry level examples in
• Ergonomic design with table base & lens cap that it has a magnifier glass built in with
• Quality arm ball joints for easy positioning two levels of magnification, making it ideal
• Suitable for mobile use to pick out those tiny details on your latest

model. The lamp is small enough not to take

up too much space on your workbench and if
you have never worked with a daylight lamp
before you will be amazed at the difference it
makes, I know I was!
Lightcraft offers a great value range of LED
and fluorescent daylight magnifier lamps.
The range includes, table lamps, long reach
& task lamps, headband magnifiers and
lightboxes. For more information on this
lamp and the others in the Lightcraft range
please visit:
or contact us by telephoning
zz020 8451 6188
or Email at


7 13:39 64-65-Tool-of-the-Month-SMMI-1217.indd 65 13/11/2017 14:32

war zone
FV 4030/4 Challenger 1

more of a challenge

war zone

f Disney ever wants to make a
cartoon about a tank with all
their usual elements, then the
story of the Challenger 1
would be an ideal starting point. Lost
and unwanted to start with, a troubled
introduction into service, and then comes
good in the end.

Development History
During the 1970’s the Shah of Iran was
singlehandedly keeping the British armaments
industry in work with a seemingly inexhaustible
appetite for weapons and a bank balance that
was able to pay for them. Iran was the largest
export customer for the Chieftain, ordering and
receiving over 900 MBT’s and other variants
based on the Chieftain chassis, however, the
Iranians were not impressed with the L60
engine and its well known reliability problems
and demanded something be done, their list

6 6 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

66-69-Warzone-Challenger-I-SMMI-1217.indd 66 13/11/2017 13:47

FV 4030/4 Challenger 1
of demands amounted to a new tank and so
a contract was placed to develop the FV 4030
Series of AFV’s. The culmination of this series of
three vehicles was the SHIR 2, or FV 4030/3 and
this tank had a new 1200hp Rolls-Royce diesel
engine, developed for the Proposed Chieftain
replacement, the MBT 80, hydro-gas suspension
and the revolutionary Cobham armour, which
with its angular shape gave it the appearance of
a completely new tank, when it was basically an
evolution of the Chieftain, especially where the
turret and fire control systems were concerned.
Seven prototypes had been built and underwent
tests at the Royal Ordnance Factory in Leeds,
and mass production was scheduled to begin
the following year, when the Shah was deposed
in the 1979 Iranian Revolution and the British
government were informed that all armament
contracts were being cancelled. At a stroke the
seemingly secure future of the ROF and Vickers
in Newcastle along with most of the British
armaments industry had been wiped out, and
over 10,000 jobs put at risk, something the Tory
government of Margret Thatcher could not
allow to happen. Concurrently the Chieftain
Replacement program was in deep trouble, the
MBT 80 was proving to be a far too ambitious
a vehicle and it’s in service was slipping faster
than an avalanche down a mountain, with a
In simple terms the Challenger was a modern hull with
tentative date of the mid 1990’s if not the early a 1960’s turret in a posh frock!
2000’s and no guarantee it would be ready even
then. The Chieftain was already on the edge
of perceived obsolescence and needed to be The official decision to take the Challenger less than half the required number to replace
replaced no later than the mid 1980’s The MOD (it was originally to be called ‘Cheviot’ until Chieftain 1 for 1. However, the MOD always
and Army top brass were so desperate they a very senior officer pointed out what a saw Challenger as a stop gap until something
were considering buying a foreign tank of the rubbish name it was and ordered it changed better came along. The Shir 2 was designed for
shelf. So, it is no surprise that when given the to ‘Challenger’, or ‘Chally’ to its crews. It only Iran and needed major modification to make
choice of a working tank, admittedly not at the became ‘Challenger 1’ after the introduction it suitable for service with the British army. A
cutting-edge gunnery wise, or a new all singing into service of the Challenger 2) was made on complete redesign of the turret which at the full
and dancing tank sometime in the future, that 14 July 1980, and an order placed for 250 tanks width of the vehicle was too wide for European
the Army grasped the offer like a drowning man a small number only able to equip four of the rail gauges. Also it needed to accommodate the
grabbing hold of a life raft and the government thirteen armoured regiments in the Royal outstanding TOGS thermal imaging system
was also able to avert the political crises so both armoured Corps. Additional orders were then which was almost ready for service. However,
sides were happy. placed later bringing the total up to 420, still everyone involved with the program now
named FV 4030/4 Challenger was aware it was
a case of doing what was needed to get the tank
into service as cheaply and quickly as possible
and no more, which meant many systems were
not fully capable when it did enter service.

Technical Description
The Challenger 1 followed the established
design for a modern MBT, with the drivers
compartment in a central position at the front,
the fighting compartment (turret) in the middle
and engine in the rear providing power though
rear mounted drive sprockets. It is as per British
doctrine heavily armoured and crew protection
is considered paramount. Armament consists
of the proven 120mm L11 rifled tank gun which
can fire a range of ammunition including
canister, APFSDS, HESH and even depleted
uranium APFSDS rounds. A 7.62mm GPMG
was mounted coaxially, with the main gun and
the commander also had a GPMG for limited
air defence and targets of opportunity. Smoke
dischargers were fitted to the turret front to
create an instant smoke screen to allow the
tank to manuver out of trouble. Challenger
was an evolutionary update of the Chieftain,
using a mixture of new and old technology
whilst addressing the weaknesses of its parent.


66-69-Warzone-Challenger-I-SMMI-1217.indd 67 13/11/2017 13:47

war zone
FV 4030/4 Challenger 1

The hull was made from welded steel plates, completely by accident when a scientist working front of the tanks hull and the front of the turret
and bore a strong family resemblance to the on honeycomb fuel tanks to suppress fire and is covered by thin steel plates for aesthetic
Chieftain, although this shape is generally discovered that it had remarkable resistance to and security purposes. During peacetime and
hidden under the Cobham armour, which was penetration from all types of armour defeating non-operational deployments, aluminium side
fitted over the steel hull - an idea originally weapons, especially the type used in hand held skirts are fitted, but these are replaced by ERA/
trialled in the FV 4211 or ‘Aluminium and guided anti-tank missile systems that were Cobham panels during operations. These were
Chieftain’, the thinking behind this design is proliferating across the battlefield. Although we disliked for their weight additional maintenance
that the relatively cheap hull could be discarded invented the armour, and in fact demonstrated problems they posed, but tolerated for the extra
or upgraded and all the expensive parts such as it in the FV 4211 it was the Americans who protection they give. The engine was the Rolls-
the armour and power-pack simply bolted back. introduced it into service on the M1. No details Royce (now Perkins) CV 12 diesel rated to 1200
However, this upgrading/replacement never of the armour have ever been discovered or BHP, and this engine was originally designed
took place during the relatively short service made public, but it is clear it can’t be made to for the MBT 80 and came as a complete unit
life of the Challenger 1. Cobham armour is a bend which explains the angular shapes of all with all ancillaries attached or a ‘power-pack.
British discovery which completely changed modern western tanks including Challenger 1. that makes for quick and easy engine changes,
the way tanks were armoured and came about The armour is distributed most heavily over the another idea carried over from the design of its

6 8 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

66-69-Warzone-Challenger-I-SMMI-1217.indd 68 13/11/2017 13:47

FV 4030/4 Challenger 1
predecessor although it works much better in
the Challenger. The power-pack can even be run
up outside the vehicle to check for faults before
installation. This engine made Challenger
a very, very fast tank its official top speed is
fifty-mph, but that could be easily exceeded if
the engine governors were disabled (and they
were all the time) speeds of over seventy-mph
cross country were common, and tales are
told of a Challenger 1 caught at over 100mph
by a Police speed trap, to the utter disbelief of
the Police officer holding the radar gun. The
Challenger could also reverse at high speed
from a standstill, which also came as a shock
to the Infantry who were used to taking cover
behind the slow and lumbering chieftains.
The final new system installed on Challenger
1 was hydro-gas suspension, where each wheel
was independently fitted with an externally
mounted hydro-gas cylinder, which allowed
for quick changes due to mine or other battle
damage. Compared to most other suspension
systems, hydro-gas provided much greater
suspension travel and fantastic cross country
performance and a smooth ride, something the
crews appreciated. Maintenance demands for
Challenger were small compared to Chieftain,
and it was generally reliable once the teething
troubles were (mostly) eliminated. The turret Cobham armour was then bolted to the outside and technology that made up most of the turret
looked futuristic and modern, but was far and hidden by a thin layer of steel cosmetic systems. With the introduction of Challenger 2,
from it, if you blindfolded any member of a armour. In simple terms the Challenger was which is basically the same hull as Challenger 1,
Chieftains turret crew and dropped them into a a modern hull with a 1960’s turret in a posh and a new turret designed by Vickers Defence
Challenger they would not be able to tell which frock! While the 120mm gun was and still is a Systems, the British Army finally had a cutting-
tank they were in. The steel turret shell was a fantastic weapon and attempts to improve the edge tank, pity we bought so few of them and
copy of a late model Chieftain, but without the fire control system with a digital computer and then closed the factory!
cast frontal armour and with minor upgrades integration of TOGS helped, they could not Next Month – ‘Challenger into Service’
to the fire control system. An outer covering of overcome the poor ergonomics and old design


66-69-Warzone-Challenger-I-SMMI-1217.indd 69 13/11/2017 13:47

In at the Deep End

7 0 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

70-73-Deep-End-SMMI-1217.indd 70 13/11/2017 13:50

deluxe materials
In at the Deep End Diorama

deluxe materials... in at the

deep end
deluxe materials

ollowing on from last
month’s features, Jezz
Colemann shows you how to
use Deluxe Materials Solid
Water and Aqua Magic, along with Foam
Armour, Scenic Fibres and Create and Shape
to produce contemporary diorama


70-73-Deep-End-SMMI-1217.indd 71 13/11/2017 13:50

In at the Deep End

Once I had decided

on my layout, which was
to be an armoured car wading
through a riverbed by a water outlet, I
set about constructing a wooden base from
some scrap MDF with strips of hardwood for the
The Deluxe Materials Products used in this feature retaining walls. To form the ground and the rock
face I used an aerosol can of Expanding Foam, which
once dry was carved into shape

Next I applied Deluxe Materials ‘Foam Armour’, brushing this over the freshly
carved foam protect and seal the base in readiness for the next stage. Then I
added Deluxe Materials Create and Shape, applied in a thin layer with a pallet
knife. Then with a stiff brush I stippled the surface to give the rough gravel like
Once the basic shape of the jagged rock face had been carved from the
effect. I then added small rock pieces and glued these randomly into the riverbed
builder’s foam, and I also cut sections out to insert a piece of PVC piping as an
outlet drain

The pre-built AFV – a 1:35 Trumpeter LAV-AT and Dragon Light Infantryman with The rock face was then suitably painted and detailed. To add more depth to the
Motorbike were then test fitted into the base water effects to come I also applied some shadows and highlights

The river bed was

detailed in much the
same way with shadows
and highlights being
added, along with
different shades of
brown and sand

The Solid Water was then

slowly poured onto the
riverbed until required
depth was achieved and
put to one side to cure

7 2 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

70-73-Deep-End-SMMI-1217.indd 72 13/11/2017 13:50

deluxe materials
In at the Deep End Diorama

For even more effect the ‘water’ was then ‘stirred up’ by the addition of Deluxe
Material ‘Making Waves’. This was again applied by mixing the product in a
small container and adding White acrylic paint. Then using a paint brush I I also used ‘Aqua Magic’ to create small puddles in-between the rocks
created small ‘waves’ on the surface. I also used Deluxe Materials ‘Aqua Magic’
to create more wave effects


70-73-Deep-End-SMMI-1217.indd 73 13/11/2017 13:50

russia 1943
Scale 1:35 / WWII Diorama

supplying the s

7 4 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

74-79-Supplying-StuG-SMMI-1217.indd 74 13/11/2017 13:54

supplying the stug
WWII Diorama

e stug
russia 1943

his diorama took shape over a
good few months and has three
main objectives in its conception.
The First was to build a mid-
production version of my favourite World War II German
tank, the StuG III, the second was to practice and improve
my winter whitewash and weathering techniques, and
finally to use up what I could from my overflowing
‘spares-box’, including any suitable figures and
accessories! Let’s see how it all came together.

Cyber Hobby - StuG III Ausf F

This StuG kit is a reboxing of an older Dragon
model, sold as a ‘Value-Pack’ set with a compliment
of crew figures loading ammunition thrown in too.
Unfortunately, they were not the figures I needed
for this diorama so into the ‘spares-box’ they
went! The kit went together very well, and I
used the supplied Magic Tracks which were
a nice touch. It was finished, well straight-
from-the-box, apart from a metal L48 main gun
barrel and a false floor that I put together with
some basic interior detail, as the top hatches
were going to be left open. I also made a spare
track hanger at the front hull from plasticard and
some small etched brackets to hold the other
track links in place around the vehicle. Lastly, I
removed the front fender at one side to add

Sturmgeschütz III Ausf F
Manufacturer: Cyber Hobby
Scale: 1:35
Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded with etch
Kit Number: 9101
Tamiya 1:35 - Sd.Kfz.222 #35270
Tamiya 1:35 - Field Briefing Set #35212
Dragon 1:35 - Self-Propelled Gun Crew
‘Premium’ Set #6530-01
Tamiya 1:35 - StuG III Brass Projectiles Set


74-79-Supplying-StuG-SMMI-1217.indd 75 13/11/2017 13:54

russia 1943
Scale 1:35 / WWII Diorama

This StuG kit is a

re-boxing of an older
Dragon model….
….and went together well

Planning where
the figures
would sit

The Sf.Kfz.222 was is a re-release

of the classic kit from Tamiya…

….and weathered
…and was suitably painted…..

….such as
jerry cans

I added some
scratch built

7 6 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

74-79-Supplying-StuG-SMMI-1217.indd 76 13/11/2017 13:55

supplying the stug
WWII Diorama

I used various
products to

some more visual interest and the model

was ready for paint.
After a Grey Primer coat and a minimal
Black pre-shade, I chose a suitable Dark
Yellow as my base colour. I then washed
and partially detailed the paintwork, tools
and tyres etc. before getting it ready for the
winter camouflage to follow. This was to be
my first attempt at the hairspray technique
so I was intrigued to see how it turned out!
So, the hairspray was applied first, two thin
coats across the whole model and then
drying was helped along with a hairdryer on
low heat. For the whitewash, I used Tamiya
XF-2 Flat White thinned and coloured with a
little XF-57 Buff. This was sparingly applied mixture, using
with my airbrush and when dry the worn MIG products and some
effect could be worked on. The required fine sand and ballast and then
areas need to be dampened with tap water I was very happy with how it looked …and weather
and when this has soaked into the paint and it was put to one side for now. the StuG…
you can pick and scratch at the surface
with any suitable tools and start removing Tamiya - Sd.Kfz.222
the hairspray underneath. This is by far the This is a re-release of the classic kit from and enjoyable build, the main part being
most effective method of chipping I have Tamiya, now available with a nice completed and ready for paint in one
used, and the results were very satisfactory. metal barrel for the 20mm afternoon. Additions were some scratch
When dry the StuG could then be detailed cannon, etched parts for built jerry can racks from spare etch to
thoroughly using a variety of MIG Brown the mesh ‘hatches’ and an replace the kit supplied one piece offerings,
and Dark Rust washes. Then I detailed the additional sprue of jerry I replaced the MG-34 with a better detailed
tools and exhausts etc. Another evening cans. As expected it was Dragon part and fitted a further stowage bar
was spent applying a nice a very straightforward at the front hull. I also made a blanket roll to
thick mud suit and a recognition flag from Greenstuff
putty, shaped and pushed into
place and then removed when
dry for painting. After priming
I gave the model a Panzer
Grey base coat, and then
modulated the colour with
lighter Grey tones dry
brushed on in succession.
I used some Vallejo Black
Brown for some minor
chipping and then various
rust tones for the exhausts
before the white wash was
applied. For this I used
Vallejo ‘Washable White’,
applied by brush. This is a
great product, and after
drying off for a couple of
minutes you can then start
removing any paint you like
with a damp stiff brush or
cotton swab. Further patches
….until I was happy can then be added, left to dry
with the look

74-79-Supplying-StuG-SMMI-1217.indd 77 13/11/2017 13:55

russia 1943
Scale 1:35 / WWII Diorama

For a winter look, I used the new Vallejo ‘Environment Snow’…. ….and some Deluxe Materials ‘Solid Water’

and so on. How far you go with this is down etched headphones and Gen 2 equipment. I The Diorama Base
to personal taste but you can achieve a only felt the need to swap out and reposition The plywood base was a found in a local
good-looking result with little effort. Further a couple of heads and arms to make them hobby shop, which was just the right size. I
weathering was then applied using various fully interact with their surroundings and planned all the parts and laid it out as a dry
MIG Washes and effects and then the same each other. The all important table came fit before any groundwork was even started.
mud mix as the StuG to show a vehicle from ADV and was filled with many bits Then the ruin was sourced from Adm Models
which had endured the same harsh local and pieces from the spares box, including at a recent show, just to add a bit of height
conditions. personal kit, weaponry, maps and an and interest in one corner. A small bank was
unfortunate rabbit! Everything here was built up in the opposite corner using a foam
Wehrmacht Figures painted and detailed with Vallejo and Tamiya block shaped to display the Sd.Kfz.222 sitting
I chose two sets of plastic figures to populate acrylics and then finished off with Ammo by at an angle. The groundwork itself was layers
my diorama, one each from Tamiya and MIG washes and effects. of household filler built up over a couple of
Dragon. Both sets pretty much suited my
needs out of the box with some nice poses
and accessories provided. The Tamiya
set includes the field stove and German
This project allowed me to try out some new
Shepard, whereas the Dragon ‘Premium’ techniques and products to great effect
set comes complete with spare DS heads,

The figures and vehicles

were all held in place using
two-part epoxy adhesive

7 8 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

74-79-Supplying-StuG-SMMI-1217.indd 78 13/11/2017 13:55

supplying the stug
WWII Diorama
evenings, and ruts, track marks and dips for
the puddles were all added as I went. For
the track marks I made myself some simple
tools out of spare track links and plastic rod,
which can be run along the wet filler as much
as required. These can be cleaned in water
and then kept and used for future projects.
A selection of Ammo by MIG products were
used here to add colour and texture to the
groundwork including Heavy Mud mixed
with fine sand and tea leaves, and various
suitable washes. With that all set I could
begin adding all the detail parts to bring the
scene to life, including jerry cans, fuel drums,
various bits of kit, the table and stove and
then a nice dead twig from the garden for
the tree. With everything in place and dry I
could finally add the snow, and for this I chose
the new Vallejo ‘Environment Snow’. This is a
great product which comes as a ready mixed
resin paste, easy to use straight from the jar. I
applied it sparingly across the base with an old
paintbrush to give the effect of the first melt
of spring, and added some further accessories
pushed into the wet snow including the
Tamiya brass shell cases. This also allowed
me to show some standing water and for this
I used the new AK8028 Muddy Puddles and I chose two sets of plastic figures to populate the diorama, one each from Tamiya and Dragon
some Deluxe Materials ‘Solid Water’ resin
mix. All this came together very well was to fit the figures and vehicles, all held in Then the ruin
and I was extremely pleased with the place with two-part epoxy adhesive. All these was sourced
results when everything had dried. elements eventually came together on the from Adm
Finally, all that was left to do finished base to produce what I think is quite
a busy and interesting scene. This was a very
rewarding project and an interesting challenge
which allowed me to try out some new
techniques and products and more importantly
was great fun to put together. I hope it inspires
you to maybe try a diorama or some different
methods and products too.


74-79-Supplying-StuG-SMMI-1217.indd 79 13/11/2017 13:55

Challenger I Mk.3
Scale 1:35 / Real to Replica

real to replica
background advanced aspect of the Challenger
1 design was its ‘Chobham Armour’,

he Challenger design was by which gave protection far superior to
the former Military Vehicles any monolithic Rolled Homogeneous
Establishment (MVEE) near Armour (RHA), then standard of western
Chobham in Surrey, and tank armour material. This armour
originated from an Iranian order for was later adopted by other designs,
an improved version of the Chieftain including the American M1 Abrams.
then in service around the world. These Additionally, the hydropneumatic
were the Chieftain Mk5(P)- FV4030/1, suspension provided outstanding cross-
FV4030/2 Shir 1 (Lion) and 4030/3 and country performance through the long
Shir 2.With the fall of the Shah of Iran, suspension arm travel and controlled
and the collapse of the UK MBT90 bump and rebound behaviour offered.
project, the British Army became the The Challenger was built by the Royal
customer and the tank was further Ordnance Factories ROF). The Challenger
developed by MVEE to meet Western I entered service with the British Army
European requirements. For a short in 1983 and production ceased in
time the tank was named 1990. Jordan initially purchased 274
‘Cheviot’, before becoming Challenger I tanks, plus another 288
‘Challenger’, a name surplus Challenger Is were supplied over
reused from the Cruiser a three-year period, which enabled the
Mk.III Challenger Jordanian Centurion fleet (known locally
tank of World as ‘Tariq’) to be replaced.
War II. The most

8 0 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

80-83-Real-Replica-SMMI-1217.indd 80 13/11/2017 14:33

real to replica
Challenger I Mk.3


80-83-Real-Replica-SMMI-1217.indd 81 13/11/2017 14:33

challenger I
Scale 1:35 / Mk.3

taking up the



tamiya is a two-piece affair, which can be a bit of an

or this build I am using the issue when gluing together. However, with KIT DATA
1:35 Tamiya Challenger I Mk.3 some work with a bit of Tamiya putty and
kit #35254, which itself is the careful sanding it looks very good. Apart from Challenger I Mk.3
same as the earlier produced these few issues it is a lot of fun to build and Manufacturer: Tamiya
Challenger 1 kit #35134, which was released it offers a good compromise between great Scale: 1:35
in 1986. The kit is up to the usual standard detail, and ease of construction. Two versions Kit Type: plastic injection moulded
of moulding, and there are a few of the tank can be built a ‘NATO’ version, or Kit Number:35254
ejector pin marks, but nothing you can build the ‘Desert’ Version.
that cannot be removed with
a bit of sanding. The down
side of the kit is that the
rear stowage bin is the
The most advanced aspect of the Challenger 1 design
Mk.1 not for the Mk.3, was its ‘Chobham Armour’
and also the barrel

8 2 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

80-83-Real-Replica-SMMI-1217.indd 82 13/11/2017 14:33

real to replica
Challenger I Mk.3

My build is of a ‘NATO’ version of a and rear left engine deck. I also scratch built benchmark on
machine from the C/S 41 from 4th Troop C a twenty-ton shackle which was attached to how I wanted
Squadron Royal Hussars who were stationed the front right hull lifting eye. to proceed.
in Fallingbostel West Germany 1985, and Painting was straightforward. First I applied I knew in my
would need a few changes to get it to look a coat of Ammo by MIG Grey Primer, and mind that
like Royal Hussars Chally. So, I omitted the then used Tamiya NATO green and NATO I want this
front basket as they never had them on Black, and AMMO by MIG Chipping Effect Challenger to
the initial Challengers they received, and for scratches and chips. I then applied the be ‘well used’
they also stored camouflage netting on decals and sealed everything in with a with lots of mud
the front smoke grenade discharges (SGDs) coat of satin varnish. I then moved and oil spills, so to
wrapped in Hessian. I replicated this by onto the weathering part, and achieve this what better
moulding blue tack around the SGDs, I always start with a Green/ than using AK Interactive and Ammo by
then brushed on some PVA glue Brown wash, as this sets my MIG weathering products. The muddy look
and added a few herbs, I then at the rear was created by spraying on light
using some Green Stuff made the mud pigments, then dark pigments, as this
black Hessian, and left it to dry. gave it that ‘cross country’ look. I then made
That was the only major change a simple base which really made the model
I made, apart from the tool stand out.
holders for the glacis plate


80-83-Real-Replica-SMMI-1217.indd 83 13/11/2017 14:33

to our market
leading magazines... M


Wi ra
an t Ext l


mm raf de
Gru Airc Mo

Airfix 1/72 F4F Wildcat



• Wingnut Wings
MUSTANG Revell’s new 1/32 Scale P-51D

• Zvezda Yak-130
• Airfix P-51D


Sea Venom
FAW.53 schwalbe Me262 B-1/U-1




Zvezdas 1/72 scale PE-8 DAGG
Trumpeter’s 1/48 J-10A DELTAM WAR F-102
Vol 23 Issue 12 £4.75

Ryan Pt-22 by Fisher Model STUKS JU-87B-1
and Pattern in 1/32 Scale
Vol 47 Iss 561 £4.75 BIG SRAZORBACK Vol 16 Iss 12 £4.75
Printed in UK

LODESTAR North American

Printed in UK

combat edge
Printed in UK

A Simple conversion in
1/48 scale F-16I SUFA RAF Mustang III
01-Cover-SMMI-1217.indd 1 13/11/2017 13:09
001-Cover-1217.indd 1 13/11/2017 12:20 01-Cover-AM-1217.indd 1 13/11/2017 13:09
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smmi showcase
Scale 1:35 / M4A1 Sherman with Hedgecutter

in the Village! KIT DATA
M4A1 Sherman with Hedgecutter
Manufacturer: Asuka
Scale: 1:35
WIMM HUISMAN’S IMAGINATIVE Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded
Kit Number: 35-022


ere is my 1:35 World
War II Normandy
village scene
featuring the
very nice 1:35 Asuka
M4A1 Sherman, MiniArt
buildings and figures
from various sets. I also
wanted to show a couple
of things to make this
scene a little different,
like the tank crew using a
welding machine, a French
grandfather overseeing the
proceedings, a couple of excited
boys running to see what was going on!
I hope you enjoy!

8 6 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

86-89-Showcase-Cover-SMMI-1217.indd 86 13/11/2017 14:34

m4a1 sherman
SMMI Showcase


86-89-Showcase-Cover-SMMI-1217.indd 87 13/11/2017 14:34

Scale 1:35 / XXX

8 8 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

86-89-Showcase-Cover-SMMI-1217.indd 88 13/11/2017 14:34 SAM-H

Created with

Fighters & Attack Aircraft of

the Vietnam War
+ P&P
he use of air power in
Vietnam would change the way wars were
fought in the twentieth century and beyond.
New technological advances and more sophisticated
weapons made the Vietnam War a testing ground for
the US military, and new tactics and approaches were and Attack Aircraft of the
used and to varying degrees of success, and introduced M O D E L L I N G G U I D E Vietnam War’ is the first in a new series of
the attack helicopter as a vital weapon. Jet bombers and Created with books, and features no fewer than 20 build projects, which
fighters were used extensively for the first time in the guide you through building such iconic aircraft as the F-4
history of modern warfare, whilst a few older propeller Phantom, F-8 Crusader, B-57 Canberra, MiG-21 and F-100
driven aircraft also saw a resurgence. There are many Super Sabre, to name but a few. Brought to you by some of
differences of opinion regarding the effectiveness of the best modellers around, each project shows you ‘how-to’
the air campaign during the Vietnam War, however, apply camouflage, add detail to the airframes, and looks at
for aviation historians, enthusiasts and modellers, such areas as cockpits, weathering, decaling and painting
the conflict in Southeast Asia produced a plethora of Fighters & Attack ordnance, and details of the war roles of each type. This new
Aircraft of the
aircraft types, camouflage schemes, marking options Vietnam War book will be an invaluable resource for anyone interested in
and weapons loads. So now some of these eclectic types modern combat aircraft, and particularly
are brought together in this new ‘AirKraft Modellers those involved in the Vietnam War!
Guide’, created by paint manufacturer Hataka, and AIR KRAFT

HobbyZone, the people behind Scale Aviation Modeller 1


International, Model Aircraft Magazine, and the

Cover: Illustration Purposes Only
00-HAK-Cover-Front-New-Vietnam.indd 1 16/10/2017 14:13

Modellers Datafile book series. This guide to ‘Fighters

ORDER HOTLINE: 44 (0)1234 211245

SAM-HATAKA-01-Vietnam-Ad.indd 1
86-89-Showcase-Cover-SMMI-1217.indd 89 13/11/2017
13/11/2017 13:33
modelling with mig
Scale 1:35 / T-60

armoured scout

t-60 early series


his project uses the recent MiniArt
T-60 Light Tank, which comes
complete with a very nice
interior. The kit comes
on an impressive twenty light grey sprues,
and includes all engine, transmission and
fighting compartment detail as well as
separate track links. Also supplied are two
decent etched frets, some clear parts and
a very nice decal sheet. However, don’t be
deceived by the large box and impressive
parts count, as this model is tiny! I had to
keep reminding myself I was working in 1:35
as some of the parts are very small and some of
the etch is microscopic. Some of my 1:48 models are
larger than this when complete! The vehicle itself was
little more than a two man Tankette, but performed well
in the early War years, and was embraced by the German
army who put many captured examples into service.
The build began with the lower hull and interior, including
the drivers’ station and transmission.
I had already decided not to put the
interior together for this build as the
tank was going to be ‘buttoned up’

The kit is very impressive….

9 0 Scale Military Modeller International December

August 2016

90-93-MIG-SMMI-CHOICE-1217.indd 90 13/11/2017 14:36

modelling with mig
Painting and Detailing with Mig Jimenez

T-60 Soviet Light Tank (Early)
Manufacturer: MiniArt
Kit Type: plastic injection moulded with etch
Kit Number: 35215

I used the new Oilbrusher colours

to further enhance the model


90-93-MIG-SMMI-CHOICE-1217.indd 91 13/11/2017 14:36

modelling with mig
Scale 1:35 / T-60

After a coat of
MIG-2023 One Shot
…but small! Black Primer…..

…..I used colours from the Ammo by MIG Russian World War II Smart Set
A.MIG-7136… …with elements from the A.MIG-7004 Russian 4BO Modulation Set…

…and for the whitewash, I went with A.MIG-0024 Washable White Camo… …and finally, I used A.MIG-119 Cold Grey as a dry brush effect

9 2 Scale Military Modeller International December 2017

90-93-MIG-SMMI-CHOICE-1217.indd 92 13/11/2017 14:36

modelling with mig
Painting and Detailing with Mig Jimenez
anyway, but rest assured the detail I then picked out the tools and
is very good. With multiple parts, exhaust detail using various Ammo
numerous assemblies and etch by MIG shades
pieces required to complete it,
you may need more patience weld seams around the edges.
than me to see it through! Things
then move onto the engine,
When done it was added to the
tank to complete the build, and SMMI
which is a finely detailed little
sub-assembly (which I wanted
thoughts could turn to painting. I
had already decided on a well faded
We Recommend
to build anyway and keep for use winter wash scheme so went with
in a future project) and then the the ‘Red Army Vehicle, Spring 1942’ Products used in
hull sides were fitted complete with option from the instruction sheet. After this build.
ammunition stowage and the vehicles a coat of A.MIG-2023 One Shot Black Primer A.MIG-2023 One
batteries. With the hull top fitted, things I used colours from the Ammo by MIG Russian Shot Black Primer
moved onto the exterior, and again here you have World War II Smart Set A.MIG-7136, and to modulate
many more small parts and details. All the hatches and the shades I used elements from theXXX A.MIG-7004 Russian
engine deck access can be modelled open if you wish, so 4BO Modulation Set, highlighting as I went. I then picked
all these come with internal details to be fitted. Things out the tools and exhaust detail using various Ammo by
now turned to the running gear, which is basic as on the MIG shades, and then used A.MIG-1004 Light Rust Wash
real vehicle, although some of the location posts are a bit and A.MIG-1001 Africa Korps Wash. I then used the new
vague and the main road wheels all need setting up by Oilbrusher colours to further enhance the model. For
eye, as there is no location position for the suspension the whitewash, I went with A.MIG-0024 Washable White
arms to fit onto. With all that in place and allowed Camo, which I brushed on and thinned as I went.
to dry overnight I started putting together After a couple of minutes, I started to remove
the track links. Again, these are tiny, and and fade the White further with tap water
with eighty-five per side some patience as required. This gives a great finish which
is required. They push fit together quite is easy to apply and very controllable.
well, and with some liquid cement This was then further detailed with
I put them together in runs of ten some more Ammo by MIG washes to A.MIG-7136 MIG
or twelve links at a time, and fitted highlight all the rivet heads, weld seams Russian World War
them to the tank as I went. I also set and panel lines. I then hand painted II Smart Set
whatever sag I wanted, and there were the turret numbers as they are the only
a few spares left over, which I fitted markings required on the tank. Finally, I
onto the hull. used A.MIG-119 Cold Grey to dry brush
Next up are the fenders which are and apply some subtle mapping, which
supplied as one piece mouldings and are showed up all the raised detail, and the
detailed with crew tools and further etch, build was complete. This is a very nice
I hand painted the turret
including some nice mounting brackets. numbers release from MiniArt and was a
There are some very small two-piece great build which is highly A.MIG-7004
etched clasps supplied for the tools, but recommended to anyone Russian 4BO
after a couple went the way of the ‘carpet into tiny tanks or early war Modulation Set
monster’ I gave up on that idea. The Soviet armour!
last part of the build is the turret,
and again the full interior is there
if you wish to use it. This went
together well enough with
some nice moulded

Washable White
A.MIG-119 Cold

I used various
washes to add to
the effect


90-93-MIG-SMMI-CHOICE-1217.indd 93 13/11/2017 14:36


Miniature Armoured Fighting Vehicles Association
MAFVA London ‘Opens’
MAFVA exists to promote and interest in AFV’s
and their associated equipment, and to act as a
Saturday October 14th 2017
non-profit making organisation for the collection
presented by Paul Middleton
and dissemination of information. We try to answer
queries and seek sources of information for our fast

growing international membership, and to encourage ongst the shows that
correspondence between those with similar interests. I attend each year, the
The interests within MAVA run from Wold War One MAFVA London ‘Opens’
to the present day, although a greater emphasis is rates as one that i enjoy
centred on the Second World War. The majority of It is relatively small, being in a church hall,
members make and/or collect models, and there but it is in central London, making it the
are many who only gather information on military focal point for many model-makers. Being in
subjects, whilst others work on, or even collect full Kensington, parking is at a premium, so many
sized military vehicles. In addition to this we aim
use public transport to avoid these challenges.
to provide our members with a quality bi-monthly
magazine ‘Tankette’. Local branches are being
I park at Cockfosters, the northern terminus
continually formed both in the UK and overseas, of the Piccadilly line, and let the tube take me
and are encouraged to hold meetings, displays and down to Baron’s Court, where a five-minute
competitions to enable their members to get more walk leads you to St. Mary’s Church Hall in
out of their hobby, by meeting others with similar Edith Road.
interests and to share information and expertise. The show consists of a few Paul Gandy
club displays, a few traders, the manner, which allowed for
competition tables and the all- a speedy operation. It was
Joining MAFVA important kitchen. After all, interesting that five MAFVA
For more information or details on joining some folk only come for the committee members attended,
MAFVA please contact the Membership world-famous’ bacon butties!’ including Chairman Paul
Secretary: Neil Wharton, MAFVA I got there early with my Gandy who had an horrendous
85 Alexander Avenue, Earl Shilton, daughter who was going to be journey from South Wales.
Leicestershire. LE9 7AH. ‘doing’ a few museums later, The highlight of this show

and as soon as I walked in, I is that the vast majority of
was accosted by old friends. people attending are MAFVA We were soon setting up members and we all seem to
Current subscription rates are: tables and chairs, and helping know each other, and if we
UK and HM Forces £16 the traders to bring in their don’t, we soon do. The day is
Europe/ Rest of the World (Surface mail) £24 wares. The kitchen crew were spent exchanging information
Rest of the World (Airmail) £33 most efficient and produced on kits, sourcing parts, plans a most welcome brew for the and photos, browsing through
team. Once we were vaguely the trade stands, and judging
organised, the serious business of chatting the competition. The system used here is the
SAM Publications could start. Mark Gilbert arrived with his popular vote, so everyone collects a score
collection of Centurions, some of which went sheet and picks their choice for ‘Best of Show’.
MAFVA Members Discount Offer into the competition. Dan Taylor brought The votes are added up and the highest score
SAM Publications is delighted to be able in his display of ‘Dan Taylor Modelworks’ is announced. The rest of the classes are then
to offer MAFVA members a 10% discount on products, John ‘The Pole’ Poloncyk had judged and the scores handed in. Best of Show
subscriptions to Scale Military Modeller occupied his usual spot in the corner for Pol this year was ‘The Water Wizards’ by Graham
International, or any of our other titles or Models with other guys set up opposite. Cobb, a delightful 1:76 World War One scene.
books, but not including kits or accessories. Andy Lang successfully ran the The obligatory raffle was heavily supported
To take advantage of this offer just quote competition control in a most efficient and embarrassingly I won a book and box of
your MAFVA membership number on any biscuits. Many thanks to John Raton, John
correspondence. For more details email or call Poloncyk, Andy Lang and the crew who made
us at: the show so enjoyable, not forgetting Peter bailey who was forced to miss out due to
+44 (0) 1234 211245 illness.
If you are in the London area and
Rugby   Branches 
interested in attending MAFVA meetings,
contact Peter Bailey at:
Suffolk   Cambridge
Sussex   Chester  
Paul Gandy
Sussex (East)  Clacton-on-Sea 
Wilts   Devon 
Scotland (Glasgow) Essex  
Scotland (Lothian)   Lancashire (Bolton)
South Wales London 
Australia (A.C.T)  Maryport
Australia (West)   Midlands (Leicester)
Canada (Ontario)   Northern Home
France (North West)    Counties 
France (Paris)    North West (Wirral) 
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Modellers Datafile Scaled Down

Boeing F/A-18E/F and EA-18G Growler
By Andy Evans
+ P&P

uilt on the success of the F/A-18C and from the earlier aircraft, but the remainder
D ‘Legacy Hornets’, the F/A-18E singe- of the Super Hornet shares little with the
seat and the F/A-18F two-seat Super F/A-18C and D models. In July 2002, the
Hornet, and the unique EA-18G Growler give
the US Navy an unparalleled seaborne strike
SUPER HORNET and EA-18G Growler
F/A-18E/F began its maiden operational
deployment on board USS Abraham Lincoln,
and electronic warfare capability. The newer By Andy Evans and in November 2002, the aircraft made
Super Hornet is about twenty-five percent its combat entry, striking air defence sites
larger than its predecessor, but contains forty- in Southern Iraq with Joint Direct Attack
two percent fewer structural parts, and can Munitions (JDAMs). The aircraft was
fly greater ranges with heavier payloads, has also deployed as part of Operation ‘Iraqi
more powerful engines and provides greater Freedom’ in March 2003, and has since
survivability, and the brand new electronic been used in action over Afghanistan, Libya
warfare variant, the EA-18G adds tactical and Syria and continues in operational
jamming to the aircrafts already impressive deployments around the globe. This new
abilities. Entering service in 1999, the Super Scaled Down from SAM Publications brings
Hornet replaced the mighty F-14 Tomcat in the the Super Hornet story to life.
fleet defence role and also works in conjunction M DF

with the ‘Legacy’ Hornets in the strike role. SCALED DOWN

The forward fuselage remains unchanged

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