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Nursing Program


Patient’s Name: R.A. Date Prepared: Sept.

07, 2010
Generic/ Classificatio Dosage/ Indication Mechanism of Adverse Nursing Responsibilities
Brand Name n Timing / Route Action Reaction/ Side
(Date Effects
Enalapril is used in the Renin, synthesized CNS: Headache, Assessment
Generic: Dosage: treatment of by the kidneys, is dizziness, fatigue, History: Allergy to enalapril, impaired renal
hypertension and heart released into the insomnia, function, salt or volume depletion, lactation,
Antihyperten 10 mg failure. circulation where it paresthesias pregnancy
enalapril sive 1 Tab acts on a plasma · Physical: Skin color, lesions, turgor; T;
OD Treatment of precursor to orientation, reflexes, affect, peripheral
produce · CV: Syncope,
ACE inhibitor hypertension alone or sensation; P, BP, peripheral perfusion;
angiotensin I, which chest pain,
Brand: Timing: in combination with mucous membranes, bowel sounds, liver
other is converted by palpitations, evaluation; urinalysis, renal and liver function
8 AM angiotensin- hypotension in salt-
antihypertensives, tests, CBC, and differential
especially thiazide-type converting enzyme or volume-depleted Assess renal status: polyuria, oliguria,
Route: diuretics to angiotensin II, a patients frequency dysuria and edema
PO Treatment of acute and potent Monitor electrolytes: K, Na, CL, monitor also
Chronic CHF vasoconstrictor that patient’s potassium intake
· GI: Gastric
Unlabeled use: Diabetic also causes release Planning
Date irritation, nausea,
Nephropathy of aldosterone from Store in air-tight container at 86°F or less
Ordered: the adrenals; both vomiting, diarrhea,
abdominal pain, Severe hypotension may occur after 1st dose
of these actions of this medication; decreased hypotension
Contraindication dyspepsia, elevated
Aug. 24, 2010 Contraindicated increase BP. may be prevented by reducing or
with allergy to Enalapril blocks the liver enzymes discontinuing diuretic therapy 3 days before
conversion of beginning benazepril therapy
enalapril. angiotensin I to
· GU: Implementation
angiotensin II, Instruct patient on importance of complying
· Use cautiously decreasing BP, Proteinuria, renal
with dosage schedule, even if feeling better
with impaired renal decreasing insufficiency, renal and to continue with medical regimen to
aldosterone failure, polyuria, decrease B/P
function; salt or
secretion, slightly oliguria, urinary Advise patient to change position slowly to
volume depletion increasing serum K+ frequency, minimize orthostatic hypotension.
(hypotension may levels, and causing impotence Teach patient to monitor for and report
occur); Na+ and fluid loss; occurrence of adverse reactions.
increased Inform patient that excessive perspiration,
prostaglandin vomiting or diarrhea may lead to fall of BP
synthesis also may Hematologic:
Decreased Evaluation
be involved in the Normal blood pressure
antihypertensive hematocrit and
Absence of drug induced adverse reaction
action. In patients hemoglobin
with heart failure,
peripheral · Other:
resistance, Cough, muscle
afterload, preload, cramps,
and heart size are