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SPEED INTO VEZZOLI'S OUTPUT HERE” iar ama Og.) A documentary film Re che err) Perec) ad aren PPE cd LADY GAGA ANGELINA JOLIE BENICIO DEL TORO MICHELLE WILLIAMS NATALIE PORTMAN COURTNEY LOVE SHARON STONE ROMAN POLANSKY A production VULCANO SRL Ossessione Vezzoli Written and Dir TE Beeb Leena SIMON WALDYOGEL as “The stalker” Film Editing: ANDREA GIANNONE, SUSANNA NAST! Original Music Composed by: GIANLUCA ANDREUCCI, RICCARDO COCOZZA Director of Photography: MARCO BRINDASSO Creative Consultant: MAURIZIO FINOTTO Set Designers: LAURA, SOPRANI, FRANCESCO BOLOGNINI Post Production: START MILAN Sound designer: ENZO CASUCCI corer Cun ekecn il This documentary focuses on the art of Francesco Vezzoli. 1 worldwide aimed contemporary artist. A behind-the- scenes look at some of his greatest exhibitions! (MoMA PS1 - NY. Mo@A - L.A., La Biennale - Venice MAXXI - Rome, Doha Qatar Museum of Modern Art, Auroral Museum ~ Shanghai) mixed with his rich videoartistic works. featuring pop culture and Hollywood stars such as Lady Angelina Jolic, Benicio Del Toro, Michelle Williams, Ne Portman, Courtney Love. Milla Jovovich, Sharon Stone. Roman Polansky and others. His groundbreaking] artistic work is commented by great personalities, sueh as the philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy DOCUMENTARY Theatrical Vers. 75’ / TV Vers. 52° (2015) DCP - HD - 1.85:1 - AUDIO 5.1 ITALIAN VERSION WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES Raifen Mottia Oddone Alessandra Stile Margherita Zocaro Lucetta Lanfranchi Federica Pazzono