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May/June/July 2000 Issue 91

"Art in Action"

The Whitetail: A Tribute - ACGG Firearm #16

Newsletter of the American Custom Gunmakers Guild, Inc
CILA / ICAL              
Defending Canada’s Heritage

Editor’s Note: The following letter posed of the heads of most of the ammunition sales, a catastrophe
was written by Mr. Tony Bernardo prominent firearms groups from for many Canadian firearms
when asked to define his duties on around the world. At the WFSA I owners Another invaluable
behalf of Canadian gun owners. As have four functions. I am a spin-off of these relationships
you can see his services are helping member of the Executive, I am the was the production of the
responsible gun owners worldwide. Communications Director, I sit NRA’s Canadian Situation
This subject of the international gun on the UN Legislative Committee Infommercial, seen every
registration and control movement is and the Image of Sport Shooting Saturday and Sunday on TNN.
one which we often overlook when Committee. More information The NRA filming schedule was
we are so busy fighting our US regarding the WFSA is available entirely set up by CILA and has
legislators for our constitutional on our web site: <http:// been a critical tool in informing
rights.> Canadian firearms owners of
To give you an indication of the current situation. Its produc-

Y ou may not know that

the current firearms
control situation in Canada is
the importance of these meetings,
some of my fellow committee
members are: James Jay Baker,
tion cost was over $100,000 and
was entirely paid for by the
not confined to our shores. In Executive Director (ED), WFSA meetings happen
fact most of our current prob- NRA-ILA; Keith Tidswell (ED) several times a year. Once a
lems stem, not from former Sporting Shootings Association year, the WFSA AGM is held in
Justice Minister Alan Rock, but of Australia; Nick Alexakos, Pres, Nuremberg (not Frankfurt),
from Foreign Minister Lloyd IPSC International; Larry Katz, Germany in conjunction with
Axworthy’s office. Canada is Pres, Safari Club International; the IWA trade show. All
currently involved with four General James Chambers, ED, meeting costs are paid for by
significant international gun Sporting Arms and Ammunition IWA.
control projects, mostly through Manufacturers Institute A second general meeting
the auspices of the United (SAAMI), Keith Irving, Pres, is held at a determined location
Nations. British Sport Shooting Council; and is hosted by the organiza-
Much of the stubbornness Joachim Streitberger, ED, Forum tion from that area. I have
the Liberal government has Waffenrecht; Mark Barnes, attended WFSA meetings in
demonstrated in ramming Bill Barnes and Associates, F.A.I.R Brescia, Italy (paid for by
C-68 down our collective throats Trade...etc. A full list of partici- ANPAM and the Beretta Corp)
is based on international postur- pants is available on the WFSA and in Washington DC (paid for
ing. The government of Canada site. by the NRA).
can hardly be advocating their My interaction with these In addition to the above
international gun control people has proved invaluable there may be several other
programs while their own and was instrumental in the meetings called as specific
domestic firearms control quick action taken over the issues come up. If these issues
agenda collapses. There is recent Presidential Directive have no relevance to my con-
much information to this regard banning the export of American stituency I do not attend This
on our web site: <http:// arms and ammunition to has happened many times.> Canada. Many of Canada’s I am also an accredited
To counter these interna- firearms distributors rely United Nations lobbyist bearing
tional projects a body was regularly on our ability to get credentials from both the NRA
formed a few years ago. This U.S. Export Permits freed up on and the Sporting Shooters
group is called the World the U.S. side. In fact, without our Association of Australia. The
Forum on the Future of Sport direct intervention, Canadian upcoming UN Marking Systems
Shooting Activities. It is com- Tire would have canceled all meeting in Sardinia, Italy will

Issue 91 May/June/July 2000 Gunmaker 17

deal with the Canadian regards to the upcoming there, no one from Canada is.
government’s UN Initiative on Sardinia meeting. Getting Please remember, these
the Universal Marking of everybody on the same song things are in addition to my
Firearms. This project is an sheet is critical in these circum- many other duties.
attempt to apply universal stances. The firearms marking These international trips
markings to every firearms issue is extremely important are also very expensive and this
produced in the world. It will and will have a direct impact on should be recognized as an
be attended by many represen- your ability to buy firearms at important part of the serious-
tatives of the world’s firearms reasonable cost. One must also ness of the commitment made to
manufacturers, the WFSA be cognizant of what the UN firearms owners by the organi-
legislative group, various will do with this database. zations they belong to. Natu-
United Nations officials and: The Marking Systems rally, any donation you should
James Hayes, International Project is only a small part of care to make to continue this
Director, Canadian Firearms the UN Initiative. It will be critically important work will be
Centre, Mark Gaillard, Director included in the Firearms Proto- gratefully accepted. CILA is
of Disarmament and col as part of the Trans-National TOTALLY funded by contribu-
Non-Proliferation, Ministry of Convention on Organized tions.
Foreign Affairs and Murray Crime. This document will be Lastly Mr. McKay, CILA’s
Smith, Director, Canadian presented as part of the upcom- participating organizations are
Firearms Registry. Wendy ing 2001 Summit on Small Arms fully aware of these interna-
Cukier, Pres, Coalition for Gun to be held in Geneva. And yes, I tional activities and support
Control, also attends many of will be there. them fully. Those are the
these meetings, both with an If you believe that these people I answer to (I am an
accredited non-governmental meetings are a tourist vacation, employee) and if they wish my
organization and as a “recog- then respectfully I suggest you attendance at these meetings, I
nized expert” in small arms have never had the evils of go.
control for the Ministry of business travel inflicted on you. I trust this answers your
Foreign Affairs. Still think Jet lag is not just a theory. This concerns.
nobody from Canada should be work is exhausting and ex- Yours in Service,
there? tremely hard on families (it has Tony Bernardo
My recent trip to Char- cost me two in the last several Executive Director
lotte, NC was as an invited years). Like many others in my
guest of the National Rifle capacity, I rarely have time to
Association. I met with various participate in the things I love,
reps from the above organiza- like shooting. But if I’m not
tions and manufacturers in

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