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Jill Szymkiewicz

ETE 304
February 28, 2017
Lesson Plan #5

Central Focus: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the letter “R” through
recognition, writing, and identifying its sound.

I. Title: “R” is for Rice

II. Rationale/ Focus Statement:

Grade: Preschool
Subject: Language Arts
In this lesson, students will recognize, identify, and create the letter “R”. Since this is the
first day that we are learning about this letter, students will be introduced to it in a creative way
that will capture their attention. By beginning with reading a book, students are hearing words
that begin with the letter, looking at the physical letter, and are building their literacy knowledge.
Students will be given the opportunity to practice their fine motor skills by painting glue onto the
letter and then placing grains of rice onto the glue. The activity in this lesson allows students to
bring in their prior knowledge of colors. Students are using language and are actively engaged
for the whole lesson. Building this base knowledge on the first day will help the students
succeed in the lessons the next two days.

III. Objectives:
Students will be able to identify the letter “R”.
Students will be able to name the colors they see.

IV. Early Learning Standards

4.B.ECb Recognize and name some upper/lowercase letters of the alphabet,
especially those in own name.
25.A.ECd Investigate and participate in activities using visual arts materials.
30.A.ECe Use materials with purpose, safety, and respect.

V. Instructional Strategies & Learning Tasks

10:00-10:15 Students will sit on the rugs at the front of the classroom in their
own spots. Once gathered, we will read the book, “Rosie Rabbit’s Raddish” by Wendy Cheyette
Lewison. We will focus on what words start with the letter “R” and what the letter looks like.
10:15-10:20 Students are divided into centers (blocks, trains, house) or put in a
group to do table work with an adult.
10:20-10:45 Groups of four students will work with me during center time. The
introduction to the activity will involve letter recognition. I will spread out letter “R’s”, “A’s”, and
“I’s” of multiple colors on the table in front of them. Each student will be asked to find and pick
up a letter “R” and name its color. Each student will take a turn until all of the “R’s” have been
picked up. Then, each student will receive a cup of glue, a cup of red rice, a cup of blue rice, a
cup of green rice, a cup of white rice, a paint brush, and a letter R outline paper. Students will
begin by painting the inside of the outline with the glue. If necessary, they may paint their letter
in chunks so all of their glue does not dry if they paint lightly. They will select which color they
would like to use first and put a small handful of rice into their hand. Then, they will drop their
rice across the letter where there is glue. Students will continue this process until the inside of
their “R” is covered with rice. They can use as many or as few colors as they choose.
10:45-10:50 Students clean up their centers and are called to line up to leave.

VI. Assessment:
Student will be assessed using a three section rubric. They will be scored on
each section based on if their performance was excellent, acceptable, or needs work. The first
section will assess the overall appearance of their letter. The second section will assess if
students were able to name the colors. The third section will assess how well they were able to
identify the letter.

VII. References:
Letter R Activities & Fun Ideas for Kids. (2015, November 19). Retrieved February 28, 2017,

2013 Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards. (n.d.). Retrieved February 20,
2017, from

● White rice
● Red food coloring
● Blue food coloring
● Green food coloring
● White paper with “R” outline
● Cups
● Liquid glue
● Paintbrushes
● “Rosie Rabbit’s Raddish” by Wendy Cheyette Lewison
● Paper “R’s”, “A’s”, and “I’s” in multiple colors

Students that need assistance identifying the letter “R” will be given two letters to
choose from instead of looking at a big group of letters. Students that cannot name the color of
the letters or of the rice will be given color options to choose from.