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Qualitative baseline study for PNPM Generasi and JUL

PKH 01,: 2008
the availability and
use of the maternal and child health services and
"...and then she died" : Indonesia maternal healthFEB
01, 2010(English) 53327
New insights into the provision of health services APR
in Indonesia
14, 2010: a health workforce
53883 study (English)
Accelerating improvement in maternal health : why AUGreform
01, 2010
is needed (English)
Indonesia - Health Workforce & Services (php 3) JAN(English)
27, 2010 ICRR13192
Should aid reward performance? : evidence fromOCT a field experiment
01, 2014 on health and education in Indonesia (English)
JUN 01, 2008
Investing in Indonesia's health : challenges and opportunities 46314
for future public spending - health public expenditure review 200
Universal maternal health coverage? : assessing JULthe readiness
01, 2014 of public health
90510facilities to provide maternal health care in Indo
The production, distribution, and performance of physicians,
SEP 01, 2014 nurses, and midwives
91324 in Indonesia : an update (English)
Document Type Author Series Name Country
Working Paper Muhammad Indonesia
Health Sector Review Indonesia
Other Health Study Yavuz, Elif development East Asia and Pacific
Brief discussion notes Indonesia
Review Indonesia
Journal Article Wong,Susan manuscript Indonesia
Review Yavuz,Elif Review (PER) Indonesia
Working Paper Marzoeki, Puti Indonesia
Working Paper Pambudi, Eko discussion paper Indonesia
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JUL 01, 2010 Disclosed NA
JUL 01, 2010 Disclosed NA
APR 20, 2010 Disclosed NA
FEB 08, 2011 Disclosed NA
SEP 28, 2016 Disclosed NA
OCT 20, 2015 Disclosed NA
JUL 01, 2010 Disclosed NA
OCT 06, 2014 Disclosed NA
OCT 13, 2014 Disclosed NA
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Bahasa (Indonesian) and communications
English services
978-0-8213-8298-1 English services
English services,Finance
English services
Bahasa (Indonesian) l Sector
English other social services
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P107035 Pacific Nusa Tenggara communications sector
P116882 Pacific assessment Health
Asia -- P108931 Pacific study Health
Ta -- P116882 Pacific reform is needed finance
-- P073772 Pacific (php 3) administration
Pacific Indonesia
Building -- P106981 Pacific 2008 Administration
P133432 Pacific Indonesia Health
Pacific update
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Evaluation Population,Education
& Reform Population
Evaluation Population
& Reform Population

pp. 1-34 m1327050 2127 Evaluation Protections and Labor

& Reform Population
1305 Control & Prevention Population,Industry
1400 and Delivery
Theme TF No/Name Unit Owning UN Registration No
governance BASELINE SURVEY Devlpmnt (EASIS)
human development (EASHH)
performance ASIA Unit (EASHH)
Unit (EASHH)
and procurement ANALYSIS (IPEA) (GGODR)
performance (GHNDR)
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