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Weekly Evaluation of Student Teacher by Cooperating Teacher (Formative Assessment)




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Page 1: Student Teacher and Cooperating Teacher Information

Q1 Student Teacher's Name (First and Last)

Anne Corbitt

Q2 Cooperating Teacher's Name (First and Last)

Ashley Rankin

Q3 Name of Your School

Centerville Elementary

Q4 School Division

Virginia Beach City Public Schools

Q5 Semester of the Student Teaching Placement

Spring 2018

Q6 For which week of placement are you evaluating the student teacher?

Week 6 of


Page 2: Professionalism

Q7 Reliability/Dependability. The student teacher has exemplary attendance, gets to work on time, and perceives the need to attend to all assigned duties and tasks immediately.

Superior work


Satisfactory work

Q8 Oral Expression. The student teacher is articulate, demonstrates proper use of grammar, and is expressive and animated as appropriate.

Weekly Evaluation of Student Teacher by Cooperating Teacher (Formative Assessment)


Q9 Judgement and Tact. The student teacher maintains good relationships by being sensitive to other's feelings, opinions, and needs for safety and responds accordingly.

Superior work

Q10 Written Communication. The student teacher's written communication is organized, clear, and free from grammatical errors.

Superior work

Page 3: Professional Qualities and Characteristics (Cont.)

Q11 Self-initiative/Independence. The student teacher demonstrates initiative by (a) sharing ideas, (b) being creative and resourceful, and (c) working effectively with limited supervision, and (d) independently implementing plans.

Satisfactory work

Q12 Collegiality. The student teacher works well with other faculty and staff as part of a team, willingly shares ideas and materials, and actively seeks opportunities to work with school personnel.

Superior work

Q13 Interaction with Students. The student teacher actively seeks opportunities to work with students and accepts responsibility for student learning.

Satisfactory work

Q14 Response to Feedback. The student teacher not only is receptive and responsive to feedback but also solicits suggestions and feedback from others.

Superior work

Page 4: Teaching Responsibilities

Q15 Professional Knowledge

Respondent skipped this question

Q16 Instructional Planning

Area for Improvement

Plans differentiate instruction as appropriate.

Q17 Instructional Delivery


Uses instructional time effectively.

Q18 Assessment of and for Student Learning & Student Academic Progress

Area for Improvement

Uses a variety of informal and formal assessments.

Weekly Evaluation of Student Teacher by Cooperating Teacher (Formative Assessment)


Q19 Learning Environment


Students demonstrate positive social interactions w/peers & personnel.

Page 5: Recommendations and Commendations

Q20 Areas that require the student teacher's corrective action.

I would like to see Ms. Corbitt work on differentiating her lessons based on student needs. It would be beneficial for her to plan for instruction in areas that students are weak in.

Q21 Areas in which the student teacher has demonstrated excellence.

I am incredibly proud of the work Ms. Corbitt has done this week. She has grown leaps and bounds in her instructional delivery and confidence as a teacher. She has planned meaningful lessons for the students in both, whole group and small group. Her relationship with the students continues to grow, and you can tell that the students have started to respect her as a teacher.

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