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3.9 Analyze the physical quantities 3.9.1 Explain the notion of wave running and stationary
of upright waves and waves in real current wave and stationary wave (erect)
cases wave (erect)

Waves running is a type waves that have the same amplitude

properties at each given point. Waves running has the equation: y =
A sin (ωt - kx). This equation is derived from the general
equation wave ie y = A sin ωt and ω = 2π / T

Stationary waves called also standing wave or an upright

wave , is a wave type whose waveform does not move through the
medium, but remains silent.

3.9.2 Identify and explain the Magnitude In Waves

physical quantities of current and
The quantities associated with wave is as follows.
stationary waves
1. Wavelength

Wavelength is the distance traveled by waves in a period. In

transverse and longitudinal waves, the wavelength is the distance
between two points having the same wave phase. The wavelength
is denoted by λ (read: lambda). In the International System (SI), the
unit of wavelength is meter (m).

2. Wave Period
Period is the time it takes to do one wave . The period
denoted T, and in the International System (SI), the unit is the
second (s).
3. Frequency Waves
Frequency is the number of waves formed for one
second.Frequency is denoted by f . In the International System
(SI), the unit of frequency is Hertz (Hz).
4. Fast Rambat Waves
Fast wave propagation is the distance traveled by a wave for
one second. Fast wave propagation is denoted by v, and in the
International System (SI), the unit is m / s.
The relationship between wave propagation ( v ), wavelength (λ),
period (T), and frequency (f) are:

T = period (s)
f = frequency (Hz)
v = fast wave propagation (m / s)
λ = wavelength (m)
3.9.3 Calculating the physical Example:
quantities of current and
A transverse wave propagates according to the equation y = 0.5 sin
stationary waves
(8πt - 2πx) m. Determine:
a) wave direction?
b) Amplitude of the wave?
c) deviation at x = 0.5 m when t = 1 s
d) frequency and wave period?
e) Wavelength
f) Fast wave propagation
Given the wave equation y = 0.5 sin (8πt - 2πx) m
the amplitude A = 0.5 m, angular velocity ω = 8π rad / s and wave
number k = 2π rad / m
a) because the equation is negative, the wave moves to the right (x +
b) A = 0.5 m
c) x = 0.5 m and t = 1
y = 0.5 sin (8π (1) - 2π (0,5))
y = 0.5 sin 7π
y = 0,5 (0)
d) ω = 8π
2πf = 8π f = 4 Hz T = 1 / f = 1/4 = 0.25 s
e) k = 2π
2π / λ = 2π λ = 1 m
f) v = λ. f = 1. 4 = 4 m / s

3.9.4 Apply physical quantities Utilization of Stationary Waves:

of waveforms and stationary 1. Wrap the guitar
waves in real cases

When strumming a wave occurs and then it is reflected on the end of

the string attached to both ends.

2. Skin Surface Drum or Drum

When we hit a drum then arise stationary waves that experience
superposition and reflection of waves at the end of the drum surface.

3. Radio and Cellular Waves

On a radio transmitter or cell phone signal, the wave is transmitted

from the transmitting station to another transmitting station resulting in
reflection and wave superposition.
4. Sea Waves

Waves of seawater are either fixed or stationary waves and are

reflected off the free end. The recent wave of sea water is often used as
a Wave Power Plant. It utilizes the motion of sea water to move the
motor with a hydraulic fluid system.

Stationary Wave Equipment:

1. Oscillator

Oscillator tool is a type of tool used in radio waves. In the Oscillator

there is a series of electronics that can generate electric charges that
will generate the waves.
4.9 Conduct stationary and 4.9.1 conducts a melde The learner in order to do an experiment as stated in each MFI .
stationary wave experiments along experiment to determine the
with presentation of experimental rapid wave propagation of the
results and their physical meanings waves along with the
presentation of experimental
results and their physical
3.9.2 specifies the experimental Students will be asked to determine the data of their experimental
data of melde to determine the results by means of the experiments they have performed where the
fast wave propagation of the data procedures have been located in the MFI.

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