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Mohammad Hatta or often called Bung Hatta was the first Vice President of Indonesia.
Mohammad Hatta was born in Bukit tinggi, West Sumatera on August 12th, 1902. His father is
Haji Mohammad Djamil and his mother is Siti Saleha. His father died when he was eight
months old. Hatta married to Rahmi Hatta on November 18th, 1945. The couple had three
children named Meutia Farida Hatta, Gemala Rabi’ah Hatta, and Halida Nuriah Hatta.

Hatta started his education at a private school named Sekolah Melayu. Then he went to ELS
(European Language School). He continued his school to MULO (Meer Uitgebreid Lager
Onderwijs). Hatta began to show his interested in politics and national movement since he was
sixteen years old. He joined Jong Sumatranen Bond and he was chosen as the treasurer.

In 1919, Hatta went to Hogere Burgerschool (HBS) in Batavia (Jakarta). He finished his study
with distinction in 1921 and he was allowed to continue his study to Rotterdam School of
Commerce in Netherlands. He took economics as his major and got a doctorandus degree. He
then continued to pursue his doctorate degree, but he didn’t finish his thesis because politics had
taken over his life.

In Netherlands Hatta joined the Indische Vereeniging. In 1922, Indische Vereeniging changed
its named to Indonesische Vereeniging (Perhimpoenan Indonesia). Hatta was the treasurer from
1922-1925 and then he became the chairman from 1926-1930. Perhimpoenan Indonesia then
changed from a student organization to political organization that demand for Indonesia’s
Independence. It expressed its voice through a magazine called Indonesia Merdeka of which
Hatta was the editor.
Hatta attended congresses all over Europe to gain more support from other nations, he always as
the chairman of Indonesia delegation. By the middle of 1927, Perhimpoenan Indonesia’s
activites had alarmed the Dutch authorities. On June 1927, Dutch authorities put Hatta and four
other Indonesian activists in jail. In 1929, Hatta and other Perhimpoenan Indonesia activists
were released.

Mohammad Hatta atau sering disebut Bung Hatta adalah Wakil Presiden pertama Indonesia.
Mohammad Hatta lahir di Bukittinggi, Sumatera Barat pada tanggal 12 Agustus 1902. Ayahnya
adalah Haji Mohammad Djamil dan ibunya adalah Siti Saleha. Ayahnya meninggal ketika ia
berusia delapan bulan. Hatta menikah dengan Rahmi Hatta pada 18 November 1945. Pasangan
itu beranak tiga bernama Meutia Farida Hatta, Gemala Rabi’ah Hatta, dan Halida Nuriah Hatta.
Hatta mulai pendidikan di sekolah swasta bernama Sekolah Melayu. Kemudian ia pergi ke ELS
(sekolah bahasa Eropa). Dia melanjutkan sekolah ke MULO (Meer Uitgebreid Lager
Onderwijs). Hatta mulai menunjukkan ia tertarik dalam politik dan gerakannasional sejak ia
berusia enam belas tahun. Beliau bergabung Jong Sumatranen Bond dan ia dipilih sebagai
Pada tahun 1919, Hatta pergi ke Hogere burger School (Minangkabau) di Batavia (Jakarta). Ia
menyelesaikan studinya dengan pada tahun 1921 dan dia diperbolehkanuntuk melanjutkan
studinya ke Rotterdam School of Commerce di Belanda. Dia mengambil ekonomi sebagai beliau
dan mendapatkan gelar Doktorandus. Dia kemudian melanjutkan untuk mengejar gelar doktor,
tapi dia tidak menyelesaikan tesis–nyakarena politik telah mengambil alih hidupnya.
Di Belanda Hatta bergabung Indische Vereeniging. Pada tahun 1922, Indische Vereeniging
berubah bernama Indonesische Vereeniging (Perhimpoenan Indonesia). Selama dari 1922-1925
dan kemudian menjabat sebagai Ketua dari 1926-1930. Perhimpoenan Indonesia kemudian
berubah dari organisasi kemahasiswaan organisasi politik yang permintaan untuk kemerdekaan
Indonesia. Itu dinyatakan suaranya melaluimajalah Indonesia Merdeka yang Hatta adalah editor.
Hatta menghadiri Kongres seluruh Eropa untuk mendapatkan lebih banyak dukungan dari
bangsa-bangsa lain, ia selalu sebagai Ketua delegasi Indonesia. Pada pertengahan tahun 1927,
kegiatan Perhimpoenan Indonesia telah khawatir pemerintah Belanda. Pada Juni 1927,
pemerintah Belanda menempatkan Hatta dan empat aktivis Indonesia lainnya di penjara. Pada
tahun 1929, Hatta dan aktivis Perhimpoenan Indonesia lainnya yang dirilis.

General Ahmad Yani posthumously (Purworejo, June 19, 1922]], Crocodile Hole, Jakarta,
October 1, 1965) is an Indonesian national hero. Diawalinya formal education in the HIS
(Elementary level) Bogor, finished in 1935. Then he went to school MULO (at the First Medium
School) class B AFD. Bogor. From there he graduated in 1938, then he went into the AMS (high
school level) part B AFD. Jakarta. The school is lived only until grade two, with respect to the
militia which was announced by the Government of the Netherlands East Indies.

Achmad Yani and then follow the military education at the Department of Military Topography
in Malang and more intensively in Bogor. From there he began his military career with the rank
of Sergeant. Then after 1942, ie after the Japanese occupation of Indonesia, he also attended
Heiho in Magelang, and then entered the army Fatherland Defenders (PETA) in Bogor.

Have achieved many accomplishments during the war of independence. Achmad Yani
confiscated Japanese weapons in Magelang. After the People's Security Army (TKR) is formed,
he was appointed Commander of TKR Navan. when the first Dutch military aggression occurs,
Achmad Yani forces operating in the area Pingit managed to repel the Dutch in the area. So
when the Dutch Second Military Aggression occurs, he held the position as commander
entrusted Wehrkreise II which covers the area of defense Kedu. After Indonesia gained
recognition of sovereignty, he was assigned to fight against DI / TII (Darul Islam / Indonesian
Islamic Army) who wreaks havoc in the region of Central Java. When it formed the Banteng
Raiders who were given special training to troops DI / TII was successfully defeated. After
crushing DI / TII, he returned to the Army Staff.
In 1955, Achmad Yani schooled at the Command and General Staff College at Fort Leaven
Worth, Kansas, USA for nine months. In 1956, he also attended for two months at the Special
Warfare Course in England. In 1958 when the PRRI in West Sumatra, Achmad Yani who still
held the rank of Colonel was appointed Commander of Operations August 17 to lead the
crackdown on the PRRI and managed to put it down. Until in 1962, he was appointed Minister /
Commander of the Army.

Achmad Yani always different understanding with the PKI (Indonesian Communist Party). He
rejected the desire to form a Fifth Force PKI consisting of armed workers and peasants.
Therefore, he became one of the target PKI kidnapped and killed in the seven officers of the
Army through G30S/PKI Rebellion (September Thirty Movement / PKI). Achmad Yani was
shot in front of her bedroom on October 1, 1965 (morning). His body was later found at
Crocodile Hole, East Jakarta and properly buried at Kalibata Heroes Cemetery in South Jakarta.
Achmad Yani fall as a hero of the Revolution. Previous rank as Lieutenant-General raised the
level (the award) to General.