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This task is structured to fulfill one of the requirements

for English V program

Lecture: Ir. Tony K Hariadi, M.T

Arranged by :
Ahmad Soliqhul A (20140120106)
Ahmad Muthohar (20140120149)
Irfan Tri Saputra (20140120125)

Undergraduate Program Electrical Engineering

Academic Year 2016/2017
A. Background
Language plays an important role in human life. We use language to
communicate and interract with other peoples. By using the language a
person can make statements, give facts and knowledge, explain or report
something and repair social relationships between the language’s user. This
shows that by using language, people can express their ideas, feelings, etc.
As universal language, English is not only enables us to
communicate and interact with everyone in entire the world, but also can
change our lives better. In fact, we also have to realize that europe countries
play as vital role in developing and maintaining science and technology. So,
if we want to be skilled and able to compete with other countries in the
world, we have to understand and learn their language, that is English.
English is spoken as a first language by around 375 million, as a
second language by many people and as a foreign language by around 750
million. English has official languange in moreless 70 countries and is being
studied by an estimated one billion people. That facts alone make the
English language is important to learn in tourism, media, internet and
In developing countries such as Indonesia, the UK(United
Kingdom) is a vital role in all aspects of life, especially in science and
technology. It also can be used to develop relationship in international
forums, to read English books ( especially for students from elementary
school to college / university ), to strengthen the relationship between the
nations of the world, etc. As students , we learn English intended to get a
variety of knowledge, to understand textbooks in English learning, to get
knowledge and skills, and ready to go to university, as one of the
requirements of the test for senior high school students ( high School ) etc.

The ability of English-speaking communities in Indonesia is

recognized is still very minimal. According to a study conducted from 2007-
2009, which was held by an institution of the English-speaking communities

can be concluded Indonesia world number 34 of the 44 countries that have
a mother tongue other than English.
Indonesia still lose much with neighbour, Malaysia which rank 9th.
Many of the reasons underlying the community by Indonesia in learning the
English language, as it is difficult to learn or too complicated, feel that
English is not too important, or for people who are old it's too late to learn
English. Though English is the language which is very important and must
be mastered by the community and not of age, especially for people who are
looking for jobs or who already have a job.

Gradually the country Indonesia will use a system like other

developed countries, the global market is where all people in different
countries can work in Indonesia regardless of profession, because in the
year 2012 is still foreign workers in Indonesia are the top position only
example Supervisior, General Manager, Managing Director, etc.

The importance of new English-speaking consciousness it’s just

realized by someone after searching or finding scholarships info workers
requiring English language. One of the requirements that must be owned
by someone to get a job both on the international and foreign scholarship
should have A minimum TOEFL score requirements that must be achieved
is 550.

B. Research Question

1. Why english is important to learn by indonesian peoples?

2. What are the factors that make english-speaking abilities of indonesian peoples
still minimal?
3. What are the factors that make english is hard to learn and english is not
4. How to improve english-speaking abilities of indonesian peoples?

C. Purpose of Research
The goals of this research is creating programs or methods in learning
english which that programs is not boring and easy to understand. In hope, that
program able to improve or upgrade indonesian english-speaking abilities.

D. Basic Theory
There are ways to improve english abilities, that is: Always thinking on
english, speaking english in every chance, talking to your self in english, over
and over learning many sentences and phrases, often listening and watching
music and film with english lyrics and subtitles and commit yourself to english
club or community. Based on that ways, will be creating the best learning
programs which can be used to improve english-speaking of the respondents in
short time.

E. Research Method
This study uses research and development (R&D) method, this research
methods is used to create of certain learning programs and then testing the programs
it self. This test is intended to make that learning programs more effective and
efficient so than the programs can be accepted by the public.

In an effort to know the effectiveness and efficiency of the learning programs

need to be tested by collecting some data. The first collected data consist of
respondent’s age . The second collected data is the respondent’s job.

Through these data, the performance of the learning programs can be evaluated
so that can be developed to make it better than before.