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MARCH 16, 2018

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Animal Control
Bylaw back in
council chambers
Times Associated Editor
Prestigious pastor
It was a case of déjà vu for some council members
as the Animal Control Bylaw once again landed on
the town’s agenda with a request to prompt a new,
Page 17 more inclusive regulation that demonstrates mod-
ern standards and practices.
The bylaw raised some concerns in 2014, when a
local family asked to allow their Vietnamese pot-bel-
lied pig, Chuckles, within town limits to ease their
daughter’s night terrors.
Following much debate about a solution best
suited for the Town of Strathmore, the bylaw was
amended with special conditions attached to allow
for Chuckles – who by then was a registered emo-
Zone battle tional support animal with the National Service Ani-
mal Registry (NSAR) – to return home. However, the
Animal Control Bylaw still prohibits the use of fowl,
bovine, equine, poultry and porcine as pets.
These restrictions resulted in Strathmore resident
Paul Sonsteby appealing to council on March 7 for
the sanction of owning miniature pigs as pets with-
in the town.
“I grew up on a farm in a household with lots of
pets, dogs and cats, and I married a woman who
REALTY HORIZON has severe allergies to most of those,” said Sonsteby.
587-316-2000 “We’re not looking at getting some piece of live-
stock, we’re looking to get a pet that my wife is not
See our ad on Page 5
allergic to and that my children will love.”
Miniature pigs measure 15 to 20 inches at the
top of the shoulders when reaching maturity at five
years old, may weigh around 40 to 70 lbs, are con-
Offering IV Sedation sidered to have an even temperament, high intelli-
Dr. Ashkan Hamzehi DDS
gence, a friendly disposition and are easily trained.
Dr. Sharif Faizi DDS Most importantly for the Sonsteby family, the ani-
Dr. Arzy Kafrouny DDS mals are hypoallergenic. Contrary to some belief,
General Practice Family Dentistry
the miniature pigs are also deemed to be very clean,
100 Ranch Market, Unit 105F quiet, can walk on a harness much like dogs and
Strathmore, AB 403.934.5292 can live anywhere from 12 to 20 years.
According to the American Miniature Pig Associ-
ation (AMPA) owners are required to provide ade-
Look on Page 4 for
Town of Strathmore
quate housing and veterinary care – with a regu-
lar daytime veterinarian acquired before adoption
Giddy up!
Municipal Notices – and agree to zone the home for a pig and licence The gates were open at Humblehorse Ranch on March 10 during their open house
the pig with the municipality when appropriate. and registration day. Eight-year-old Kinlee from Strathmore rode on Buck led by Jenna
Contact Us Today! Erickson. Humblehorse Ranch, located just west of Strathmore, offers riding programs
For the past seven months, the Sonsteby family
403.934.5589 has researched miniature pigs and AMPA, and at-
for children and adults, therapeutic riding, family fitness, camps and much more. The
day-long event featured demonstrations of their riding and fitness programs, horse rides tended the council meeting with their findings in for the kids, and opportunities to interact with the handlers and horses.
Continued on Page 2
Doug Taylor Photo


$332,500 $219,500 $379,900 $314,900 $194,900

104 - 3rd Avenue,
Page 2 • Strathmore TIMES • March 16, 2018

Bylaw update
Continued from Page 1

“In doing the research we’ve discovered

that the American Miniature Pig Associ-
ation, which has breeders all across the
United States and three in Canada, has very
strict regulations on miniature pigs,” Son-
steby said. “The AMPA actually has a long
list of regulations they need potential own-
ers to meet. It’s not just a case of you pay
your deposit and you’re getting these ani-

A N C E !
mals. They’re fairly strict.”

2017 INVEN T O R Y C LE A R He added that under AMPA, the animals

are spayed or neutered, dewormed, vet ap-
proved and micro-chipped.
So far, he has not been able to secure a
veterinarian in Strathmore who will treat a
1. SFE00636

220217 %FOROD FF-15F0

miniature pig. But he has educated himself
on the animal’s rooting behaviour, and said
he’s aware if the pigs are taken to the dog
park they may become subject to bullying
by dogs. Council was also told that most
of the regulations that dog owners are re-
quired to adhere to in Strathmore can be
followed as a pig owner.
While the information provided answers
E: $53,791
MSRP: $69,149 | OUR PRIC
to council’s concern regarding treatment
and pet regulations, owner responsibility
$ 163 /WK AT
5.99% FOR 96 MONTHS and details surrounding the animals as a
whole, Councillor Jason Montgomery’s in-
quiry about the types of changes expected

2. SFE88987

2 1
to come before council to update the by-
law raised the consideration of also taking
a look at other urban pets, such as chickens
and bees.
“If we’re going to do the research and
we’re going to pull this information togeth-

2 0 17 F O R D F - 3 5 0
er, we’re going to do the research on some
of the other things as well for you,” Trent
E: $47,591 West, fire chief for the Town of Strathmore,
MSRP: $58,289 | OUR PRIC said to council during the regular council

14 4 5 .9 9 96 MONTHS
% FOR meeting.
$ AT

3. SF330076 “And then provide you with a recommen-

120817 %FOO F
dation on each one of those things so you
can choose which direction you want to
go and not just piecemeal one at a time.
Let’s try and reflect current attitudes and
feelings, and give council the opportunity

to make those decisions and incorporate
them into the bylaw.”
The current bylaw was passed in 2002.
E: $18,950
MSRP: $23,998 | OUR PRIC
When asked how soon regulation could be
brought back before council to possibly be
$ 57 /WK AT
5.99 % FOR 96 MONTHS passed in order for the family to pick out
their pet, with litters arriving in June and
September, West stated a minimum of three

4. SFC46413

120817 %FOO
months was necessary to do the appropri-
ate research into professional associations,
policing and governance guidelines, updat-
ing the bylaw with conditions identified
and consideration of neighbours.

On March 7, council voted unanimously
to instruct administration to bring forward
a new Animal Control Bylaw that is inclu-
E: $36,880
MSRP: $44,939 | OUR PRIC
sive and reflects modern standards and

111 5.99% 96 MONTHS

16% OFF
/WK FOR 5. SFA80159
$ AT
Denture Clinic
Terry Grant Denturist

2 0 17 F O R D E X P E D IT IO N
• Complete / Partial Dentures
E: $64,270
MSRP: $76,339 | OUR PRIC • Same Day Relines & Repair

195/WK 5.99
$ AT
• Custom Mouthguards

• Custom Night Guards

AMVIC LICENSED. EXPIRES 03/31/18. PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE GST. PAYMENTS ARE O.A.C. C.O.B.: 1. $13,974.61, 2. $12,363.91, 3. $4,923.26, 4. $9,581.26, 5. $16,696.99. • Natural Teeth Whitening

403-934-2100 APPLY TODAY,









1040 Westridge Rd, Strathmore, AB, T1P 1H8 ALBERTACREDITDOCTOR.COM

413 - 3rd St. Strathmore

March 16, 2018 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 3


March 16-22, 2018

The Shape
of Water
Sally Hawkins,
Michael Shannon,
Richard Jenkins,
Thank heaven for 7-Eleven Doug Jones,
Michael Stuhlbarg
The Strathmore 7-Eleven had their soft opening on March 13 with free
Slurpees and complimentary coffee. The establishment is located north
of Highway 1 near Strathmore Lakes Estates will have their grand open-
ing on March 17 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
For Movie Listings call 403-934-3057
Miriam Ostermann Photos or go to

Strathmore pastor receives prestigious honour YOUR WEEKLY

Times Associate Editor Lord of All Lutheran
Church Pastor Dawn Nel-
son was the first Alberta
On Saturday, Lord of All Lutheran chaplain awarded the Al- Gord Morck
Church Pastor Dawn Nelson became berta Emergency Service Pharmacist
the province’s first chaplain to receive Medal during the Wheat-
the Alberta Emergency Service Medal land County Volunteer Capsule Comments
during the Wheatland County Volunteer Firefighters Appreciation
March 24 each year is World TB day. Although there
Firefighters Appreciation and Awards and Awards Dinner on are less than 2000 diagnosed cases in Canada each
Dinner. March. 10. She was one year, the disease is an epidemic in many areas of the
of 46 recipients who re- world, often just a plane ride away. In 2015, 10.4
PD, as she is commonly known, was
ceived the award for 12 million people were diagnosed with TB and 1.8 million
among 46 recipients who received the years of dedication to died worldwide. TB affects the lungs with symptoms
award for 12 years dedication to or sup- emergency services that including coughing longer than 3 weeks, chest pain
porting the emergency services. weekend. with breathing, weight-loss, fatigue, fever, night sweats
and appetite loss. There are antibiotics available to treat
Wheatland County had never pre- Photo Courtesy of the disease successfully but often not available in third
sented these awards previously. Lisa Bastarache word countries.
“She’s a phenomenal person to bring The third week of March also highlights National
peace and mental wellness to our crew, in 1994, when she took on her current tor, I do it as someone who’s concerned Poison Prevention Week to raise awareness of the
and it is really important to emergen- dangers of poisons in the home and to educate
role at the Strathmore Lord of All Lu- for my community and overall wellbe- consumers and caregivers on how to prevent
cy service personnel to have someone theran Church, which at the time was ing. I’ve been here so long, so I’m more poisonings. Many children are being looked after by
who’s a sounding board, a chaplain … housed in a doublewide trailer. known in that regards, but this is where grandparents who often take many medications. Safe
and she just comes by it naturally,” said The job required her to dedicate up my heart is.” storage of these medications is important. Another
potential poisonous item is those little pillows of
Mac de Beaudrap, regional deputy fire to 25 per cent of her time to commu- According to PD, her role as chaplain dishwasher and laundry soaps. They can be attractive
chief for Wheatland County. nity service; one of the reasons she was has no religion attached and is much to kids and MUST be kept out of reach.
“We’ve never presented these awards drawn to the position. She spent her more open-ended. She addresses the Those who use pressurized inhalers to help their
in Wheatland County before, although days reading books to children during whole spiritual picture, helping people breathing may not be getting the full benefit from the
people were entitled to them. We de- device. Some have problems timing the activation of
story hour at the Strathmore Municipal deal with anything in life from strug- the inhaler to breathing the medication in and end up
cided that now is the time, let’s catch Library, served on the Youth Club of gles to celebrations. She is also trained with much of it in the mouth or the back of the throat.
up on the backlog of people who are Strathmore board, played a vital role in in critical incident debriefing. If this is you, talk to your pharmacist about a valved
very deserving and need this recogni- the creation of Strathmore Victims Ser- On March 10, PD was taken by sur- holding chamber that helps coordinate the activation
of the inhaler with the inhalation of the medication
tion. We put forward all their names vices, helped in the beginning phases prise when she received the provincial efficiently to get more into the lungs where it does the
and got them all approved.” of the Strathmore Overnight Shelter, award, presented to her by Strathmore- most good.
PD grew up in Calgary as one of and is marginally involved with the Brooks MLA Derek Fildebrandt, and a Vitamin E is said to be good for many things but
three children and attended church on Wheatland and Area Hospice Society. certificate signed by Alberta Premier Alzheimer’s isn’t one of them. It has no effect on the
special occasions such as Easter and disease. Exercise and healthy diet work better.
For the past 12 years, PD also served Rachel Notley and Minister of Munici-
Christmas. She then pursued a nine- as the chaplain to members of the pal Affairs Shaye Anderson. Hours:
year nursing career in the Pediatric In- Strathmore Fire Department, eight fire “It’s very humbling to be acknowl- M-F: 9 - 7 pm • Sat: 9 - 6 pm
tensive Care Unit at Foothills Medical departments in Wheatland County, and edged for doing it. I don’t do this for Sun & Holidays: 11 - 5 pm
Centre, which she credits for her fond- for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police the publicity or awards, I do it because
ness of emergency workers. After near-
Strathmore 132 - 2nd Ave.
under K-Division. On occasion she also I think it’s what I’m called to do,” she
ly a decade in the nursing profession, Strathmore
makes herself available to Emergency said. “In a world where so often faith
PD knew she was destined for some- Medical Services (EMS). gets hidden away or put to the side, Ph: 403-934-3122
thing else and became the Lutheran “I tend to try to make sure that I’m in there needs to be some recognition for Fx: 403-934-6474
Church youth minister for all of West- the places where my skills, my abilities chaplains. We’re not just people in the Get the latest new products, special
ern Canada for a year. When it was time and my resources can be best used, and box of the church, and so for me this savings, contests and more sent directly
to return to nursing, she turned instead I guess I just go where I see a need and was not just about me, but about all the to your email. Sign up today for the
Value Drug Mart E-letter.
to becoming a pastor full time. The op- that changes from time to time,” said other chaplains out there, and there are
portunity presented itself in Strathmore PD. “I don’t do it as a Lutheran pas- many.”

900 Westridge Road, Strathmore

900 Westridge Road, Strathmore


$30 off
Interior Detailing!
With this coupon. Expires March 31, 2018
with Purchase
of 4 Tires
$ 30 OFF
With this coupon. Expires March 31, 2018 With this coupon. Expires March 31, 2018
Page 4 • Strathmore TIMES • March 16, 2018


The next regular Be a part of it!

Council Meeting NAMING RIGHTS

March 21, 2018 AVAILABLE NOW
at 7:00 pm Contact Sharon at or
Meeting will be PASTURE LAND
April 11, 2018 FOR RENT

The Town of Strathmore has approximately 579
acres of pasture land for rent. In addition, there
is an adjacent approximately 113 acres owned
MARCH 21, 2018 10:00AM - 11:00AM by a private landowner which can be leased as
PROGRAM ROOM The highest tender on the property may not
85 LAKESIDE BOULEVARD be accepted because other conditions will be
looked at as well.
COMMUNITY PROGRAMS If you are interested in getting more information
FOR SENIORS in regards to this property, please contact Alan
Down at the Town of Strathmore,
403-361-2124, on or before March 23th, 2018.
A formal Rental Agreement will be used.

Application Details VOLUNTEER REQUIRED

Funding Applications for the United Way
Got an Idea?
Partnership Committee will be accepted
until 12:00 noon on Thursday, March 29th 2018
for 2018 funding. The Town of Strathmore is seeking
Please review the “Do Not Fund List” (1) community member who would
in the application to see if your organization like to volunteer to sit on the Town’s
Sustainability Committee.
Does your organization promote: The amount of funding that is available to any
one program is up to a maximum of $6,000.00. The mandate of this committee is to
 Healthy Families monitor, evaluate and advise on the
Be prepared to come and discuss your
implementation of a “Connecting to
 Strong Communities organizations need for funding on either
our Future” process, involving the

April 11 or 12th. You will be notified of your

date and time on April 11 via email.
 All That Kids & Seniors Can Be Integrated Community Sustainability
For a funding application or more information
Plan endorsed by Councl.
Would funding help make your please call Strathmore FCSS at 403-934-9090
or visit us on our website The committee meets on the third
ideas possible? Monday of each month. If you would
like to volunteer for this committee
please complete an application at or pick

Let us Help!
up at application at the Town Office.
Any questions regarding this position
please contact Jennifer Sawatzky at

680 Westchester Road, Strathmore, AB T1P 1J1 • 403-934-3133 • Office Hours: M - F 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
March 16, 2018 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 5

Benefit concert
at SHS
SHS Student
Don’t leave selling your home up to luck.

Strathmore High School would like Go With Those Who Know
to invite you to an evening of creative
and artistic performances. Serving all your Residential, Rural & Commercial Real Estate needs in
Members of the community and stu-
dents of Strathmore High School (SHS) Strathmore, Chestermere, Langdon, Wheatland County & MD Rockyview.
will exhibit their various talents on
Thursday, March 22, at 7 p.m. at the NEW LISTING NEW LISTING NEW LISTING
SHS theatre.
Spartan Council alongside Strath-
more High School’s Me to We club are
organizing the talent show as a benefit
concert to fund the construction of a
school in Kenya.
Me to We is a global social enterprise 283 Stonemere Gr 363 Thomas Dr 1161 Hillcrest Manor Estates 104 Hillcrest Ca 1089 Hillcrest Manor Est - OUTSTAND-
Magnificent estate home in Ches- Affordable 3 bedroom fully finished Immaculate fully finished walkout bun- Fully developed walkout bungalow on ING home. SOARING ceilings, gleaming
that strives to instill a positive change termere. Offers impeccable craftsman- bi-level. Well maintained with many galow backing onto golf course, pond the pond in Hillview Estates. Modern HARDWOOD, tons of windows, GOUR-
in the world though fundraisers and ship & open floor plan. Chef’s kitchen, original features. Garage is over 750 & pathways. Open concept main has with lots of upgrades. Open plan main MET kitchen, AMAZING custom central
volunteer trips. To date, the global Me wide plank hardwood, wood burning sq ft! Fully fenced, private yard & 3 bedrooms plus 2 more in the fully with spacious kitchen & huge windows. STAIRCASE. Master retreat, Full Bar &
to We organization has helped build fireplace, 9’ ceilings throughout. Backs lovely views of Gray’s Park. finished basement. Fenced backyard with patio, deck & Media Room in the Walkout & beauti-
more than 1,000 schools and school- onto green space. $739,900 $339,900 $709,000 view of the pond. $520,000 fully landscaped yard. $899,000
rooms around the world. NEW LISTING NEW LISTING
Admission to the talent show is by
donation and a silent auction will be
held during intermission. All funds will
be used to empower and help provide
an education for children in Kenya.
Strathmore High School would like
to thank the community for their gen- 441 Rainbow Falls Way 27 Cambrille Cr 1185 Hillcrest Manor Est 545 Hillview Ga 194030 Twp Rd 250
Over 3300 sq ft of living space. Bright Raised bungalow has vaulted ceilings, Spacious vaulted BUNGALOW in the Fully developed 4 bedroom with dou- Stop paying RENT on shop space!! Live
erous donations and support. Hope to
& open main. Large bonus room, 3 built in wall unit, 2 way fireplace & Manor. 3 fireplaces, rustic wood ble garage & fenced yard with under- & work from this AMAZING acreage.
see you there! bedrooms & office area upstairs. Fully skylight. Fully finished basement has beams, custom stone walls, high end ground sprinklers & East facing deck. Modern home with 30’X28’ attached

finished walk out has large living area huge windows, a huge living space & a appliances, hand scraped hardwood Open concept living & dining room. No garage AND 40’x80’ HEATED shop on
& 4th bedroom. Gorgeous yard backs 3rd bedroom. Mature yard backs onto floors & mature landscaped yard back- neighbors to the North!!! a private 7.47 acres with beautifully
onto green space. $619,900 a large green-space. $389,900 ing the golf course. $679,000 $349,900 landscaped yard. $645,000

If you live in the area

(Wheatland County, Strathmore
& Langdon) and are not receiving your
FREE Strathmore Times
Newspaper 49 Rainbow Falls BV 235 Ranchwood Ln 133 Wildrose Cr 848 Lakewood Cir 164 Ranch Rise
in your mail box please Move in ready & pristine! Front office, Perfect home for retirees or snowbirds. LIKE NEW home backing onto the BRAND NEW in Lakewood Meadows BRAND NEW by Bespoke Custom
living room with big windows & gas 3 bedrooms, open concept living, great CANAL. Fully landscaped with a deck. by Character Developments situated Homes. Modern Kitchen w/ Breakfast
give us a call 403.934.5589 fireplace plus an amazing kitchen with outdoor space with newer deck in a Perfect layout for a family includes across from the lake. Beautifully Bar, QUARTZ Counters, STAINLESS
granite counters & steel appliances. 4 gated adult only community. open plan main, mudroom off the finished with stainless steel appliances, STEEL Appliances & Pantry. Open con-
bedrooms up. Fully fenced yard with $114,900 garage & a great bonus room with granite counters, quality laminate, tile cept layout. Fully finished basement
deck & large garage. $529,900 separate office space. $525,000 & carpet & more. $375,000 has 9-ft ceilings. $380,000


55 McKinnon St 1518 Strathcona Cl 172 Wildrose Cr Hwy 564 & Rge Rd 245 200 Hillvale Cres
Fully finished open plan bungalow Recently updated fully finished bunga- New by Loreck Homes Ltd available for 2.19 Acres near Nightingale to build Split level home located in popular
with vaulted ceilings. Huge, fenced low on a large fenced lot. Tiered deck immediate possession. Well-planned your dream home. Zoning allows you Hillview Estates. Vaulted ceilings,
& professionally landscaped yard & 24’X24’ detached garage. Beautiful living space with gas fireplace, deck, to build a primary residence PLUS a laminate & cork flooring throughout.
includes a shed with electric, 10 zone laminate floors, new lighting, stainless quartz counters & upgraded laminate garden suite, OR build a full duplex. Walk out to patio & beautifully land-
Strathmore RCMP is underground sprinkler, fire pit, patio & steel appliances & more. Separate floors. Located in Wildflower Ranch. Beautiful piece of land in a peaceful scaped yard backing onto green space.
investigating a Mischief to the large deck. $519,900 entrance to basement. $339,500 $392,900 friendly hamlet. $169,000 $284,900

former Co-Op Store which took 268 Rainbow Falls Way ...................$669,900 864 Lakewood Cir ...........................$375,000 333 Nelson Rd Carseland ....................SOLD
place on the night of 245073 Rge Rd 230 ........................$675,000 254140 Rge Rd 270 ........................$475,000 168 Ranch Ri ...................................$380,000
February 19th , 2018. 128 Kinniburgh Gd ..........................$599,900 72 Green Meadow Dr ......................$335,000 188 Hillvale Cr ................................$268,000
The suspects had spray 116 Saddlecrest BV NE ......................SOLD 3 Wildflower Cr ...............................$744,900 110 26 Westlake Gl .........................$272,500
painted the building in various 14 Henderson Cl Langdon ...................SOLD 222 Southview Dr Rockyford ..............$289,900 #27 6100 4 Ave NE ..........................$225,000
124 Wildrose Gr .............................. $397,900 317 Strathford Cr..............................SOLD 270110 Twp Rd 243 .........................$350,000
locations. If you have any 242080 Twp Rd 234
50 acre parcel ready for your DREAM- 152 West Creek MD .........................$504,900 10508 Spadina Dr SW .....................$575,000 #302 8 Bayside Pl ...........................$165,000
information that could solve HOME !! A few minutes East of Strath-
756 East Chestermere Dr .................$899,999 B 30 Westlake Glen ..........................SOLD 212 Cross St Acme .............................$130,000
more near Eagle lake. Approximately
this crime, please contact 20 acres of pond & marsh & 30 acres 184 Kinniburgh Way .......................$779,000 C 30 Westlake Glen .........................$193,000 321 2nd Ave Cluny .............................$10,000
Strathmore RCMP. of land waiting for development. Lovely
sunrises & sunsets. $325,000
124 Wildrose Gr ..............................$384,900 D 30 Westlake Glen .........................$199,000

File: 2018227999 L o v e W h e r e Yo u L i v e
Each Office Independently
1-800-222-TIPS Owned & Operated


Christa Carey Michelle Hayley Katelyn

120 - 2nd Avenue, Strathmore
Aleman Rose Eldjarnson Poirier Haffner
Page 6 • Strathmore TIMES • March 16, 2018

A better way to deal with terminal illness and values, to have people buy into the idea of
moving death out of the hospitals and into our
communities,” said McNeeley.
SHARON MCLEAY culture are having a dramatic impact on individu- She attended Wheatland County council on Mar.
Times Contributor als and families in Canadian society. 6, to give council an awareness of a movement in
Our society is geared toward youth and vital- the county to establish a four-bed palliative care
We watch poignant endings in movies, where the charac- ity, which is reinforced by media and health pro- unit, which would provide a facility to help local
ter is dying. We listen to talks and read material about the grams, leaving discussions about death and dying residents and their families, allowing a dignified
importance of discussing our wishes with family members, out of our daily lives and conversations. People atmosphere for end stage care.
should a terminal illness or death hit the family. turn away from the discussion about the realities “Our goals are basically to provide services and
But do we really feel comfortable about the realities sur- of someone else providing services such as feed- programs for people who are dying, as well as
rounding terminal illness? ing, bathing and toileting. We are unsure how to support for family members, and to provide hos-
Dr. Katherine Arnup of the Vanier Institute, in her paper preserve a loved one’s dignity and deal with extra pice and palliative beds in the Wheatland area,”
on Death, Dying and Canadian Families, states that silence pressures while meeting our other responsibili- said McNeeley.
and denial that surround death and dying in contemporary ties. However, she said this care doesn’t need to be
Unless these discussions and care issues be- confined to a facility. It can take place in hospi-
come more common, these events will continue tals, homes, age care facilities and in the hospice.

to hit our homes and family dynamics, and hit An important component is also providing emo-
Strathmore Legion Branch #10 them hard, leaving everyone confused and look- tional, psychological and spiritual services.
ing for resources. “Actually, the definition of palliative care is
By Irene Knappe, Secretary / PR / Poppy Chair Arnup said that care for dying individuals has changing to hospice care that takes care of the
• Well! Do I ever have news for you!! Presenting a Tribute Show!!! Steve Hillis as Garth historically moved from situations where family patient but also the needs of the family, friends
Brooks and voices of Legends, Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, CCR and more!! Saturday, April
21st!!! Tickets are only $25 per person, and the show begins at 8 pm. Tickets are available and community cared for loved ones at home, to and community,” said McNeeley.
at the Legion. Plan on coming early and have a meal at The Kitchen. Chef Pat is planning an hospitalization with little attention to emotional, She said patients do better, are more comfort-
affordable buffet before the show! I will let you know what the meal will be and how much. psychological, spiritual needs and family support. able and have more dignity in hospice environ-
Tickets are bound to go fast! “Without minimizing the tremendous gains of ments. It is also cheaper than hospital housing.
• St. Patrick’s Day – Green Beer - Saturday, March 17th. $5 cover charge at the door, or $15
medical and scientific developments, it is impor- The Canada Health Act does not include home
includes Chef Pat’s dinner!!! Entertainment by Staggered Pints.
• The LA General meeting is on Tuesday, March 20th, at 7:30 pm. tant to remember that the transition from home care as an essential service. It is left to regional
• The Legion General meeting is on Tuesday, March 27th, at 7 pm. to hospital often meant the patient dying alone and local level governments to fund additional
• Fun times!! Luau Karaoke with Christie on March 31st, $20 includes a pig roast!!!! in a foreign environment, away from friends and hospice facilities. Alberta Health Services (AHS)
• The Legion is now hosting Drop in Jitney Darts every Saturday at 2 pm. If anyone out there family. If one were unlucky enough to be poor, will build no new beds in this region. The current
wishes to play, come on in!!
• Bingo is every Wednesday night and is open to everyone. We’re getting quite a few play-
it meant dying in a ward, alone among noise and ones are designated to service the Calgary area,
ers, for some pretty good pots, but we have room for more!!!! Why not plan on joining us this strangers,” said Anrup. “Thus death, once a social with the main facility in Okotoks with 121 beds.
Wednesday, and others that follow, for a quiet evening of Bingo. Don’t forget your dobbers! and community event, became a largely individual However, AHS recognizes this does not meet the
• Check our information board in front of the Legion for any events I may have missed here!! and family event.” Increasingly, family meant the need of rural patients. It is working with WAHS
• The Sports Committee is selling tickets now for their Steak and Lobster night on Saturday, nuclear family, with the decline of the extended to brainstorm how the community can build a
May 12th, at 6 pm. Steak and lobster: $40. Steak only: $15. Lobster only: $25. Tickets are
available at the Legion bar until sold-out. Please, if you are having lobster, don’t forget to bring family as the majority of the population shifted to four-bed facility and cover operating funds in the
your own crackers – you’ll be glad you did!!! urban areas and family members dispersed across future.
Pussy Willows - According to an old Polish legend, a mother cat was crying at the bank of the country, she added. The building costs are between $3 million and
a river in which her kittens were drowning. The willows at the river’s edge longed to help her, Modern hospices trace their origins to Dame $6 million. AHS will provide half the annual $1
so they swept their long graceful branches into the waters to rescue the tiny kittens who had Cicely Saunders, a pioneering physician and million operating costs.
fallen into the river while chasing butterflies. The kittens gripped on tightly to their branches founder of St. Christopher’s House in London, Roundtable discussions have taken place in
and were safely brought to shore. Each springtime since, goes the legend, the willow branches
sprout tiny fur-like buds on their branches where the tiny kittens once clung and rode to safety.
England in 1967. Saunders felt patients should many area hamlets and villages. McNeeley said
expect the same attention to terminal suffering as there is a good volunteer base and coordination
they receive for diagnosis and treatment. of resources needed for palliative care here. She
For further information, please call the Legion at 403.934.5119 In her book Living with Dying: The Manage- would like to look at palliative care as a public
ment of Terminal Disease, Dame Saunders ex- health movement.
plained the philosophy behind her work: “A Wheatland County council proclaimed National
patient, wherever he may be, should expect the Palliative Care Week May 5-12, and WAHS will be
Thought for
same analytical attention to terminal suffering as holding some fundraising events during that time.
the Week he received for the original diagnosis and treat- The first annual Hike for Hospice will be held at
~ ment of his condition. The aim is no longer a cure, Kinsmen Lake on May 6; and a Cheadle Lions fun-
Anything but the chance of living to his fullest potential in draiser will be held at the Strathmore Civic Centre
you run physical ease and activity with the assurance of
personal relationships until he dies.”
on May 13.
To become comfortable with the issues in prep-
from will Dr. Joannie McNeeley, president of the Wheat- aration for hospice situations, consider attending
be waiting land and Area Hospice Society (WAHS) wants to the Mindful Finale: Spirituality and Ritual at End
change the discussion for residents of Wheatland of Life workshop, to be held at Hope Community
for you County. Covenant Church on June 6. For registration go to
somewhere “It will take a long time to change behaviours or call Theresa at 403-473-7845.
New committee formed to promote tourism
BRADY GROVE pate,” said Roycroft.
Times Contributor Siksika Nation hadn’t responded by the time the
Strathmore Times went to press.
Strathmore Town Council approved the creation Along with a Siksika Nation representative, the
of a new Tourism Development Committee with a committee will be made up of seven members.
mandate to expand Strathmore’s tourism industry, A Strathmore town councillor will serve, as will
during the March 7 regular council meeting. someone from the Strathmore and District Cham-
Membership on the committee will include a ber of Commerce (SDCC) to bring the business
candidate appointed by Siksika Nation on how to perspective and complete the loop of communica-
advance tourism in and between the two commu- tion back to the business community.
nities. “We’re always more than happy to work with the
“Bringing people to our community to see the town and get involved in tourism because tourism
natural environment, to see historic features, near- and business work hand in hand,” said Lawrence
by lakes … all of that is really tied intrinsically Carriere, executive director of SDCC. “Whatever
to the First Nations and their relationship with areas we can help out and bring the town’s busi-
the land,” said Ryan Roycroft, assistant director ness community viewpoint to is perfect.”
of infrastructure and development service for the According to a report submitted to council, the
Town of Strathmore. “Administration and council final four positions will be filled by applicants
are really excited to see this committee take shape with experience in hospitality, entertainment, and
over the next month.” government or private sector tourism and market-
According to Roycroft, there are many possibili- ing backgrounds.
ties for the two communities to work together go- Originally the membership for the final four
ing forward. One area the town could really bene- positions was going to be restricted to business
fit from is Siksika’s access to government funding. owners but Roycroft wanted those restrictions re-
The Tourism Development Committee will rep- moved to allow for employees to be hired. One
resent the town and Siksika’s first foray into a reason was that employees can have a similar ex-
joint venture specifically focused on tourism. A perience on the front lines and business owners
member of Siksika wasn’t originally planned to be can face time issues.
on the committee during its initial concept. Once members have been chosen, the commit-
“We noticed we were missing Siksika Nation as tee will officially be formed in the second quarter
a partner and wanted to invite them to partici- of 2018.
March 16, 2018 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 7

Monitoring air quality

Communication from the Town of Drumheller indicates the
bridge assessment listed significant repairs that are needed
to keep it safe. They had applied to the province for funding
SHARON MCLEAY monitor in the eastern corridor, which will give in 2017 and it was denied.
Times Contributor some better data for this area. Council members “My concern is if they shut the bridge temporarily, it will
have indicated they would like to see better moni- be shut permanently,” said Wheatland County Councillor
Wheatland County has recently seen the need toring and more useful and relevant data to ad- Ben Armstrong, councillor for that district.
for monitoring air quality in dealing with compost dress some of the air quality issues in the county. Council directed administration to work with the Town of
facilities and particulates coming from other sites. Drumheller to develop a plan concerning the issue.
The county asked for help from the Calgary DARK FIBRE OPPORTUNITY RISES AGAIN
Region Airshed Zone (CRAZ) to indicate if there An opportunity for Wheatland County to join a CARSELAND INFRASTRUCTURE STUDY
were harmful particulate levels in the air. Howev- partnership to tap into Zayo dark fibre communi- Wheatland County council approved $50,000 to study what
er, the current monitoring could not formally and cation cables was presented to council on Mar. 6. roads, curbs and infrastructure items should be upgraded in
conclusively ascertain the exact particulate origin The discussion was held in-camera and repre- Carseland.
with current monitoring equipment and financing. sentatives said it was because the discussions and “This study will prove out where our priorities need to be,”
Jill Bloor, CRAZ executive director, appeared be- legal negotiations were still not finalized. said Mike Ziehr, Wheatland County’s manager of transporta-
fore Wheatland County council on May 6 to em- Previously, the consortium was given the op- tion and utilities.
phasize the need to monitor air environments and portunity under the Calgary Regional Partnership; He said this was the first formal infrastructure study for
to deliver an update on what the organization is however, that has been dissolved in favour of the the county.
doing. She said CRAZ is grassroots formed with a Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB). In-
volunteer board, embracing 40 municipalities and stead of starting again, they retained the same
an air zone that affects 1.4 million people. consultant and some of the data to maintain con-
“If people don’t know what it means (air quality tinuity.
index) … we don’t change anything,” said Bloor. The connections were hoped to encourage eco-
According to Bloor, combustions and industrial nomic growth in rural areas, so businesses could
manufacturing contribute to particulate concen- access a secure high-speed network. Cost is de-
trations and can have major health repercussions, pendent on distance away from connection and
such as respiratory illnesses. CRAZ has developed the more partners involved will make it more eco-
a good working relationship with some of the ma- nomical.
jor industries in the zone concerning industrial According to Walter Valentini, executive director
outputs, and they have also worked with Alberta of the Palliser Economic Partnership, that group’s
Health Services regarding last year’s wildfires, de- board will continue with the project.
veloping the Simplified Wildfire Smoke Guide. “We have put some money in the budget to
Bloor said the organization reviews and gives carry forward and we are determined to go the
input to the government on air quality issues in last mile to include several of the Calgary regional
the region, and provides educational programs for communities in the initiative,” said Valentini.
groups and schools. She said education is the big- Wheatland County council indicated they would
gest factor in changing attitudes and behaviours, be interested in involvement with no financial
and they have teaching plans available for teach- consideration at this time.
ers with interesting experiments like the dirty
Bloor said CRAZ is looking for board members Some residents near Hussar might be impacted
and suggested Wheatland County consider having by a closure of Bridge 11 that connects the east-
a member on the board to increase their input to ern population of Wheatland County along Hwy
the organization. 9 and 10 to Drumheller. Many of those residents
In the meantime, CRAZ is placing a portable go to Drumheller for shopping and medical ap-

Warm weather brings out gophers

SHARON MCLEAY equivalent to $227.20 per case, which will be sold
Times Contributor Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8 a.m. to noon, from
March 13 to June 21. There will be a minimum
Like the famous Warner Brothers cartoon char- of three cases sold per person. Only agricultural
acter Elmer Fudd, farmers will be preparing to producers and certified pesticide holders can pur-
deal with 2018 gopher infestations. chase the chemical.
The gophers – Richardson’s ground squirrels – “This will have a positive impact on the agricul-
create havoc to farm fields and public parks, cre- ture community by helping keep the Richardson’s
ating up to 30 holes per month. They eat roots ground squirrel in check, thereby reducing crop
and buried wires and piping. They have ticks and losses and damage,” said Russel Muenchrath, agri-
fleas, and some can carry viruses. However, they culture manager for Wheatland County.
are also a part of the food chain and supply high- Strychnine is a toxic chemical and employed
er animals with needed food. through treated grain put down the holes, prior
Under the province’s Agricultural Pests Act, go- to birthing season in April. The dead carcasses
phers are classified as a nuisance, which means have to be incinerated and buried in 18-inch-deep
they are to be controlled but not eradicated. In holes to protect wildlife and domestic animals.
the past, federal animal cruelty bills listed gophers Protected species such as the swift fox and bur-
as wildlife and may have eliminated many control rowing owls will use old gopher holes as homes,
methods used had those bills passed. so if they are on the property, strychnine should
Some residents in Wheatland County have seen not be used.
the gophers peek their heads aboveground re- The City of Calgary uses chemical smoke bombs
cently, however with this amount of snow, resi- fired down the tunnels for gopher control.
dents might have time to consider control ideas. Often farmers will shoot gophers, but care with
Most farmers use strychnine as effective rodent neighbouring farm animals needs to be taken to
control, which needs to be handled with care. prevent people and stock injuries. Some farmers
However, control by other means may not control say gophers don’t like areas where the ground
widespread infestations. cover is left uncut as they can’t see distances,
Wheatland County has two per cent liquid which may be a good reason not to mow.
strychnine for sale at 10 per cent plus cost, or the Continued on Page 9

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Page 8 • Strathmore TIMES • March 16, 2018

“Our family serving

your family!”

Our office is located at

122 2nd Ave.
Strathmore, AB
Fax: 403 934-4800

Residential • Acreage • Commercial Nancy Stairs (403) 934-1625 Alisa Wurz

Steve Farran (403) 901-9335 (403) 934-7903

A+ Better Business Bureau Accredited

354,900 189,999
Numerous kids and their parents had fun making
$ crafts during the Strathmore Municipal Library’s
Crafternoon program on March 12.
5 bedroom 3 bath Bungalow
on quiet street. Large sunken Miriam Ostermann Photo
3 bedroom, 1.5 bath
living room with hardwood Prime Location, Unspoiled
finish. Fully finished basement
with large family room. Many
Basement, Massive Eat-in
Kitchen, Spacious SUNLIT
Water fill station
mls C4167666
updates including shingles,
water tank and more! mls C4171258 Living Room. gets go-ahead
Times Contributor
369,900 $
279,900 $
289,900 NEW
The pressure-booster/water truck fill
station situated in Wheatland County
mls C4125114 mls C4140809 mls C4124764 mls C4171439 near Range Road 222 and Township
BETTER THAN NEW!! ADULT LIVING AT ITS FINEST!! BUILT IN 2013 LIKE NEW! Road 240, received approval with third
Wonderful adult living condo in desired 8.95 acres with endless water, 1058 SqFt 3 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath. reading at Wheatland County council’s
Westlake Bay!! 2+2 Bed, 3 bath. 1910 2 storey in original condition Fully Finished, Open Concept, Walk in storage closets, Dark Maple meeting on March 6.
Fully finished, Double garage, fresh paint 4 bdms up 1 on main floor. Spring Massive Master with 4 piece en suite, Cabinets, Corner Pantry, 3 Bedrooms,
fed pond, trees, barn, MUST SELL! Wonderful yard, Deck and much more!! There were three written objections
MOVE IN READY!! Condo Fees only $135/Month
from neighbours, but no spokesperson
was at the public hearing.
289,900 $
189,900 $
254,900 $
315,500 Corporation (WRC) will be maintaining

the site. WRC, Wheatland County and

mls C4167415 mls C4166613 C/S mls C4164205 mls C4139278

the federal government share financing
of the facility.
“I want to highlight the fact that this
1154 sq ft fully finished duplex in quiet cul-de-sac. WALK TO PARK, FRESHLY PAINTED THROUGH MAIN 3 Bed + Den, 1.5 Bath 1290 Sqft. Oversized
3 bedroom 2 bath the master is big enough 2 bdm FLOOR. END UNIT, ATT GARAGE, single detached garage. Many Updates
of the regional system intended to
for king and has a 4 piece bath. Open concept
living room and kitchen with ample counter and
fenced back yard, low condo fees MASTER BDM HAS double shower main incl. windows. 2 laundry rooms beside serve the farming community for both
cupboard space. $100 per month floor laundry,move in ready green space and much more!! MUST SEE rural water supply and rural fire de-
partments,” said Theo Owel, engineer
385,000 $
219,900 $
259,900 on behalf of WRC.
Objections to the development in-
cluded concerns about fragmentation
mls C4168010 of farmland, noise, traffic, lighting and
mls C4164199 mls C4147587 mls C4161162
dust control.
Stunning Hillside Bungalow 1453 Prime land located in the quiet Hamlet Completely renovated MODULAR home, Modern Family Floorplan, modern concern with rationale listed (attached
sq ft, FF basement, walkout,double of Nightingale. Existing well, gas and 2 bedrooms, beautiful 3 season finishings, Open Concept, 3 beds, to the March 6 council agenda). They
att garage, 30 min to Calgary on power on site 40x30 shop with power, sunroom, 28’x22’ double garage, 2.5 Baths, Fully Finished Walkout
Country HILLS bLVD On pavement many upgrades onto Greenspace and Park! stated agriculture fragmentation was
limited by containing the site to less
ing on site. The site was considered to
199,900 $
179,900 $
439,444 offset the agricultural redesignation
due to its value to area residents. A sur-

mls C4140267 mls C4119759 mls C4135519

SOLD mls C4146146
vey done by WRC indicated 44 per cent
of residents in that area were not hap-
BUILD YOUR BISINESS!! SITUATED ON 2 LOTS!! py with their water supply and would
1157 SqFt 2 Bedroom. This home was
like access to better quality water.
3 bed, 1.5 bath with new modern 2.5 Commercial Lots in Gleichen FF basement, walkout,double att
on Main Street. This lot is in the extensively renovated on the outside garage, amazing upgraded kitchen, “Another consultation was done with
flooring, fresh paint, lots of living
space and unspoiled basement!! desired area of Gleichen and with siding, metal roof, foundation, fully finished bsmt, suite, the fire departments and the municipal-
ready for you to build!! furnace and more! walk up to lge backyard ities and they supported the idea,” said
Baha Hasasneh, WRC general manager.
210,000 $
199,888 $
139,900 Standard and Gleichen, so in case there
is a fire in the area, the fire trucks
SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD would have easier access and quicker
access to a station where they can refill
mls C4135475 mls C4145336 mls C4140890
mls C4146115
their trucks.”
OVERSIZED LOT!! 5 BEDROOMS OWN THE LAND MOVE IN READY!! WRC felt the noise factor would be
3+1 Bedroom 2 Bath. Situated on Large heated garage (22’x24’) 1349 sq ft 4 bdm, 2 full baths 2 Bedroom condo with, large kitchen, contained through limiting hours of
50x160 lot. This home is R3 zoned. extensively renovated. livingroom, laundry, 2 bedrooms, stor-
cul de sac location, 3 full baths, Master bdm has walk in closet age shed, covered parking, Condo Fee operation. They anticipated that only
14x22 Det Garage. This home has
finished bsmt, large yard and full bathroom includes MOST BILLS!!! about two vehicles per day would be
many original characteristics.
using the site, based on monitoring
Wanting to would also be restricted, which rules
158,500 $
359,900 $
189,900 Sell or Buy? out larger trucks.

SOLD mls C4130680

SOLD SOLD mls C4146181
Please Give
Dust control could be included in the
development conditions. Lighting was
mls C4135526 addressed stating there would be one
2 bedroom with open concept living
area, Drywall throughout, fresh flooring
1463 SqFt 3+1 Bed, 2.5 Bath, Massive Kitchen,
Fireplace, Fully finished with family room, den,
Newer siding. Granite throughout,
interior drywalled throughout newer Working 24/7 motion sensor.
The engineers looked at other sites
and paint, redone kitchen cabinets, and
Newer appliances. Move in ready!!
bedroom and bathroom. Double Detached
garage. Located in desired neighborhood.
windows, hardwood floors, new over-
sized sg/car garage, Own the land for You!!! for its location; however, they were un-
suitable as they were too far from the
Superior Advertising & Service • 32+17 Years of Award Winning Service pipeline and electricity, and the ground
Platinum for Team | Executive | 100% Club conditions were too soft to support much traffic.
March 16, 2018 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 9

Local speakers show skills, gain confidence

ADELLE ELLIS describe what I am saying,” said Maria ably still wouldn’t be able to talk in a
Times Reporter Berke, first place winner in the junior room of people without it.”
presentation level, who spoke on how Winners from this year’s district
Young and talented speakers from to make weather instruments. communications event include:
various 4-H clubs within Wheatland “I was going to do a speech … (but) Junior prepared speeches: 1st - Bri-
County gathered on March 10 at the when I’m speaking I need something anna Hollingsworth; 2nd - Zandraya District 4-H
Strathmore Civic Centre for the Wheat- to do with my hands, so a presentation Hunter; Alternate - Jaxon Campbell. speak-offs
land District 4-H Speak-offs, where lets me do something with my hands,” Intermediate prepared speeches: 1st were held
they delivered speeches and presenta- she added. - Jayce Beekman; 2nd - Jason Slemko; on March 10
tions at the second level of the public According to a study conducted in Alt. - Rylee Walstra. with 30 tal-
2016 by the Statistic Brain Research In- Senior prepared speeches: 1st - Mya ented young
speaking competition.
This advanced opportunity allowed stitute, approximately three out of four Ingraham; 2nd - Grace Heuver; Alt. - from sev-
each 4-H club’s top two speakers in people, or 74 per cent, suffer from a Bailey Steiner. en differ-
each level – junior, intermediate and form of speech anxiety. Glossophobia, Junior presentation: 1st - Maria Ber- ent clubs
senior – to recite their speeches or or the fear of public speaking or stage ke; 2nd - Abbey Everett; Alt. - Katie delivering
presentations to a new set of judges fright, is the number one fear of all the Harder. speeches
alongside other advanced speechmak- known phobias, affecting approximate- Intermediate presentation: 1st - and presen-
ers from different clubs. ly 19 per cent of people involved in the Abby van Egmond; 2nd - Corbin Thies- tations to
an audience
All 4-H members are required to study. sen; Alt. - Madisyn Warder.
and judges.
participate in at least one communica- 4-H aims, among many other things, Senior presentation: 1st - Ka- Senior pre-
tions activity every year, usually a for- to prepare members for real world situ- ity Stewart and Katherine Fitzgerald; sentation
mal prepared speech or a presentation. ations through involving them in prac- 2nd - Landon Hebbes; Alt. - Jonathan winners (top, l-r): Alt. Jonathan Fitzgerald, 2nd -
However, some senior members may tical life lessons targeted at teaching Fitzgerald. Landon Hebbes, 1st - Kaity Stewart and Kather-
instead opt to emcee an event or host a members responsibility and confidence. The top two winners from each level ine Fitzgerald. Intermediate presentation winners
workshop in lieu of presenting a formal Members learn this through running will present their speeches or presen- (middle, l-r): 1st - Abby van Egmond, 2nd - Corbin
speech. their own meetings with minutes, finan- tations at the Regional Speak-offs at Thiessen, Alt. Madisyn Warder. Junior presentation
winners (bottom, l-r): 2nd - Abbey Everett, 1st -
“(Public speaking) is an important cial reports and upcoming event plan- the Strathmore Civic Centre on March
Maria Berke, Alt. - Katie Harder.
skill to have no matter what your career ning, through participating in a yearly 24. Adelle Ellis Photos
is,” said Grace Heuver, Grade 11 stu- public speaking event and through put-
dent and senior member of the Cheadle ting together a final project – whether
4-H club. “It’s a good thing to have for that be showing an animal they have
anything in your life – just to be able to taken care of, or putting together a me-
talk to people is important. I think that dia presentation such as photography
in the long run it will pay off, it’s even or crocheting.
paying off now just in school presenta- Researching, writing and delivering a
tions.” speech or presentation helps 4-H mem-
Heuver placed second in the senior bers gain valuable life skills that will
competition with her speech Failing to benefit them in the future, such as in
Fail. job or school interviews, meetings or
Protein and mineral supplement tubs Bagged Feed, Totes,
Present at the Wheatland District work presentations. It is also benefi-
4-H Speak-offs were 30 speakers from cial to help the members learn how to for *CATTLE -HORSES- SHEEP* Bulk Rolled Rations
seven different 4-H clubs in the district. stand up and speak in front of a crowd • 16% Layer Ration
Topics included learning how to make and even just to hold a conversation • 20% Cattleman’s Elite 100kg Tub - $116.00
- $13.50/ 25kgs
DIY weather instruments; how to grow with another person. • Uniblok 20% Protein 100kg Tub - $98.00 • 12% Horse Pellets
the best beans; the essentials of trav- “I think it’s incredible because when • 8:8 Mineral 100kg Tub - $129.70 - $15.10/ 25kgs
elling to Australia; driving in the new I was nine, and first started 4-H, I was • 16% Stable Mate (for Horses) - $58.40/50kg Tub • 14% Horse Sweet Feed
age; and the fight for women’s equality, a super shy kid. My first public speak-
• 16% Stable Mate (for Horses) - $99.90/100kg Tub - $13.40/20kgs
among many other topics. ing event I cried because I was so ner-
• 20%Ewe Blok (for Sheep) - $28.70/ 25kg Block • 11:11 Beef Cattle Mineral
At the end of the competition, each vous about it,” said Heuver. “Consider-
w/Vitamins - $36.75/25kgs
speaker was able to take home a set of ing how far I’ve come in my confidence • 20% Ewe Blok (for Sheep) - $57.40/ 50kg Tub
level and my ability to do this is sur- • Rolled Oats - $9.50/ 20kgs
judges’ notes to potentially give them • 20% Ewe Blok (for Sheep) - $97.70/ 100kg Tub
hints and tips to help them in the fu- prising to me. I definitely think it’s su- • 4H Rations
• And More! • And more!
ture. per important for a lot of people to do
Visit Compare weights to get a
“I have learned about projecting my this because I know I never would have
for product analysis and information true price comparison!
voice a bit more and using actions to gotten this far without 4-H and I prob-

Gophers a problem in count NO animal by-products, screenings

OR fillers are used in our facilities!
Continued from Page 7 castor oil, coffee grounds, tabasco
sauce, dryer sheets, mothballs, fish, and Call 403-533-3811 for more product information, pricing, and in-store
Kill traps can be used and are meant dog or cat droppings have been used. quantity discounts. Just 25 minutes Northeast of Strathmore!
to be buried in the tunnel, so other You can also flood the holes with wa-
domestic and wild animals are not in- ter through hoses placed down the tun-
jured. There are also live traps, but then nels in an attempt to drown gophers,
you have to find away to humanely kill but they’ll often simply move to an un-
the gopher, as there are no gopher re- affected tunnel.
lease sites. Technology has been developed us-
For smaller infestations, people have ing vibration: stakes that vibrate are
developed some interesting control driven in the ground. And old-school
ideas, but often the result is to chase
the gophers into neighbouring yards –
technology uses transistor radios
shielded in plastic bags set to annoying Quality is our
much to the neighbour’s dismay.
Gophers are said to have a keen sense
music down the holes, which may also
annoy others nearby.
#1 priority with
of smell, so some recommend planting Whatever method is used to control great prices!
gopher spurge, marigolds or daffodils the Richardson’s ground squirrel, the
around the hole, but by the time the general consensus is that, like Elmer
plant is grown, so has the gopher’s ex-
tended family. Spreading things like
Fudd’s dilemma, it is a never-ending
221 1st Ave W, Rockyford, Alberta • 403-533-3811

• Catering • Take Out

• Fresh & Frozen • Dine In
• Deli • Daily Specials
Now carrying gluten free perogies! Along with our fabulous handmade regular perogies.
111 355 Center Street, Langdon , AB 403.936.7622
Page 10 • Strathmore TIMES • March 16, 2018

Council approves amended

Winter Road Maintenance Policy
MIRIAM OSTERMANN upgraded to a priority two.
Times Associate Editor Other councillors also questioned
snow removal from non-priority road-
Frigid temperatures and a greater ways that will only be initiated in ex-
than normal snowfall resulted in an in- treme conditions when the street snow
crease in demand for additional winter storage exceeds 100 cm in height,
road service within residential neigh- drainage, and resources and costs.
bourhoods and subdivisions, as was “I know everybody wants every road
evident through an influx of requests to be priority one but that’s of course
SPRING OIL SALE not reasonable with the staff and the
made with the Citizen Communica-
tion Forms. As a result administration equipment that we have,” said Council-
brought forward amendments to coun- lor Bob Sobol.
cil during the regular council meet- “I appreciate the work that was done
ing on March 7 regarding Policy 3201 on this policy and I’m pleased to see
–Winter Road Maintenance Policy – to that sidewalks that are the responsibil-
provide public with clarity by setting ity to the town, and pathways, will con-
priorities for maintenance routes and tinue to receive attention after snow-
striving to set a measurable standard falls. I support the policy. In retrospect I
for services. Administration also moved would’ve liked to have seen a comment
some of the procedural matters and in regards to the vision that included
product selection items into a Winter the word safety because I think when
Road Maintenance Procedure. Among it’s all said and done that’s what this is
other things, council was informed that all about, it’s a safety issue. The policy
the new policy will continue to put em-
fsd deals with those issues very well and I
phasis on sidewalks and pathways, add think it’s a brilliant piece of work.”
measurable standards to trigger snow According to administration the an-
removal, added contingency for ex- nual snow removal budget is just over
treme weather events, updated respon- $400,000, which includes labour and
contracting. Councillor Sobol also ac-


sibilities to match current structure and
practices and add a communication knowledged comments made on social
section to the policy. media and noted that municipal taxes

OF YOUR OIL While council praised administration

for their effort during the last snow
event, Councilor Tari Cockx was con-
pay for 270 different programs and
services that includes snow removal.
Councillor Lorraine Bauer and Council-
Ask us about our Oil Analysis Program today! cerned about the area of Wildflower lor Denise Peterson also acknowledged
and Westmount Drive that showed only praise they’ve received and noticed
priority three roads and could result in from the community regarding snow
Drumheller 403-823-9225 a 72 hour wait for snow removal – a removal. Council unanimously passed a
concern that was echoed by many of motion to adopt Policy 3201 – Winter
Linden 403-546-3992 Road Maintenance Policy as amended.
her fellow councillors. After some dis-
Design trademark and CO-OP® ®Registered trademarks of TMC Distributing Ltd., Saskatoon S7K 3M9
Eagle Hill 403-556-2113 cussion administration said Wildflower To view the bylaw and for more infor-
® ®
Registered trademark
trademark and of CO-OP
Registered Limited, Saskatoonof
trademarks S7K 3M9 Distributing
Ltd., Saskatoon S7K 3M9
D-MO® ®
Registered trademark of Federated Co-operatives Limited, Saskatoon S7K 3M9 Road and Westmount Road could be mation visit
5830 Spring Oil Repro.indd 1 2018-02-21 11:24 AM

5830 Spring Oil Repro.indd 1 2018-02-21 11:24 AM

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For Traffic Management Policies see 2$49.99 pricing refers to the package with speeds up to 5 Mbps. Monthly service fee includes rental cost of equipment. Taxes apply. Offer valid until April 30, 2018 for new customers and is subject to change at any time.
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March 16, 2018 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 11

For the love

of music
The Strathmore United
Church presented Lati-
tude 49 as their second
concert in the three-con-
cert series Arts on 817
on March 10. The recital
entitled Deviations fea-
Jaala Cutbill, kneeling tured violinist Timothy
third from right, with Steeves and pianist Jani
the Hearts of Hope Parsons, and included
team and local HOPE- composers Boulanger,
thiopia/Rwanda staff Gershwin, Kelly-Marie
in Kigali, Rwanda. Cut- Murphy, Prokofiev and
bill spent two weeks in Stucky.
Rwanda in February,
Photo Courtesy of
building relationships
Arts on 817
with women affected
by poverty and geno-
Photo Courtesy of 240 - 3rd Avenue, Strathmore • 403-901-0664
Jaala Cutbill

Rosebud woman shares hope

and love in Rwanda Suffering needlessly with pain?
LAUREEN F. GUENTHER She added: “It’s a beautiful thing and it just Cold Laser Therapy
Times Contributor seems too simple. But it really was so moving.
Effective Pain Relief:
“A number of these women said, ‘This is the
✓ Shoulder
Jaala Cutbill of Rosebud spent two weeks in Ki- best day of our lives, having you guys here,’” she
gali, Rwanda in February, bringing love to women said. “How grateful they were to share their story (rotator cuff and bursitis)
affected by genocides and poverty. with people who cared. It is such a simple, simple ✓ Lowback and neck pain
Cutbill was with the Hearts of Hope team, un- need and desire. But if you don’t have it, wow, do (including disc injuries)
der HOPEthiopia/Rwanda. The team included you appreciate it when it shows up.” ✓ Knee pain, Hip pain
six Canadian women, an American woman and And why bring people from Canada and the ✓ Plantar Faciitis and
a Rwandan woman, who went to nurture rela- United States to do it? Achillies’ Tendonitis
tionships with women in HOPEthiopia/Rwanda’s More than 60 per cent of Rwandans are be- ✓ Carpal Tunnel and
year-long tailoring program. tween 16 and 35 years old, with most of the older
Tennis Elbow
According to Glenda Dubienski, HOPEthiopia/ generation, the nurturers, missing due to geno-
✓ Sprains and Strains
Rwanda’s director of operations, most women cide, Dubienski said. Her vision for Hearts of
in the tailoring program are orphaned genocide Hope was for women with “an abundance of love ✓ and much more!
survivors, and have so little education they’re to give, to come and love (and) nurture young Call and book your appointment today!
deemed unemployable. Many were raped, she women who were so desperate for parental love.
added, and forced into prostitution, giving birth “Their sacrificial involvement speaks volumes Your Family Health Care Team
before their mid-teens. “Their prospects are slim.” to these women who have not only felt forgotten,
Cutbill and the team spent the first week visit- (but also) abandoned,” Dubienski added. Drs. Jason Hollingsworth and Heather Russell Chiropractors
ing the 20 women, aged 16 to late 20s, about to She said a tailoring student once told her, “We Carlo Paoliello Registered Massage Therapist
begin the program. Most of their homes, she said, believed what our communities told us… they
are “very tiny” and “very poor. said we are the despised. But through the love
“We would just spend an hour and a half, two you’ve shown us, now we know the truth… we
hours with them,” Cutbill said. “We were there to are the beloved.” The Royal Canadian Legion
introduce ourselves, have them introduce them- The Hearts of Hope women feel that impact
selves to us, and spend a bit of time welcoming too. presents its first ever
them to the Hope family, and just share some
“Their sharing of their stories hit me in a way
that was devastating and beautiful,” Cutbill said.
The Hearts of Hope team shared Bible verses, “I spent time with women from some of the most
encouragement, affirmation and prayer. They’d heart-wrenching backgrounds, and I learned
also hear their host tell stories about her own life. about generosity and kindness and faith. I can
The following week, the Hearts of Hope team be so much more generous with everything; with
took those 20 women on a day trip to Lake Mu- myself, with my time, with my material things.
hazi. It was their first time meeting each other, These women have nothing, and they are show- Get out that old Hawaiian shirt because
and for most their first time outside Kigali. “We ing me how to be generous.
had a big buffet lunch down by the water, and “I have such an outpouring of love in my life,” on Saturday March 31 2018
the girls just got a chance to play and be free,” Cutbill added. “I have so much love that there is we will be having a pig roast
said Cutbill. enough to share. There is more than enough to and drink specials!
Then the team focused on the 20 women who bring across to any part of the world.” We will also be
entered the program last year and were graduat- She wants to inspire others with that awareness. featuring
ing. They organized a graduation ceremony and “When we’re so gifted with the love and the entertainment by
took the graduates to Akajira Park, a wildlife re- things that we have in our life, it just seemed like “Karaoke with
such a necessary thing to go share that,” she said. Christie”
serve, giving many their first chance to see wild- Tickets available at the
life. “Something as simple as spending time with Legion hall.
Cutbill believes the greatest difference they someone and listening. And that doesn’t have to $20 per person includes
made was “listening, just hearing their stories, be across the country, or across the world. That dinner and entertainment.
and acknowledging and validating what they can be in your very own community.”
went through. Feeling heard and feeling loved; I Cutbill doesn’t want her life in Canada to go Doors at
think they’re so alone that knowing that people back to normal. Her connection with Rwanda may 4:00 pm,
actually care was probably a big deal.” not be over either. dinner at
Cutbill quoted Dubienski: “We go to love on “As I said goodbye to everybody at the airport, 6:00 pm
these women. And our model of therapy is rela- I was like, I’ll probably be back here,” she said.
“They kind of steal a bit of your heart.”
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Speargrass $355,000 Speargrass $378,900 Rockyford $199,500

Page 12 • Strathmore TIMES • March 16, 2018 March 16, 2018 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 13

Strathmore Community Schools

Powering Hope and Possibilities
Great Places to Learn and Grow - You Choose the School!
While our new busing system is designed to support your choice school, there are many Strathmore community schools will continue to accept registrations from outside their
advantages to attending your local community school. community attendance area, as long as space allows.
École Brentwood Elementary Crowther Memorial Jr. High George Freeman School Trinity Christian Academy
Phone: (403) 934-5121
Phone: (403) 934-5013 Phone: (403) 934-4646 Phone: (403) 361-9631
Ensuring a culture of powerful learning and United in Our Diversity, Passionate about Our Opening September 2018 Fulfill the potential of all God-given abilities.
engaged thinkers. Learning, Confident in Our Future.
Family Choice - French Learning through BRAND NEW SCHOOL! Alberta Curriculum
Immersion or English community service,
leadership development and Excellent academic
Programming travel opportunities o 9 programming Christian Programming Pre
to 6 Find your passion: Specialized courses for 7 to Jr. High Inclusive to 9
K fine arts, athletics, including: fine arts, French, 9 Great Jr. High option courses
Athletics Program
performance band, outdoor including robotics and
leadership, technology, community service opportunities
education, leadership, hockey Leadership club, chapel,
innovation, creativity academy, innovation and PLUS Christmas musical, choir
design lab, home ec. and Soccer and baseball/fastball
industrial education programming options during the
Join sports teams, school day
Family-centered with a daily intramurals,
tradition of academic lunch clubs
excellence including: chess,
makerspace, drama,
art, media, rock
and jazz bands

Strathmore High School Westmount School Wheatland Elementary
Phone: (403) 934-3135
Phone: (403) 934-3041
Phone: (403) 934-3318
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Empowering a Community of Lead with confidence. Learn without limits.
Accomplished Caring Citizens.
Effort Today - Excellence Tomorrow.
Love who you are. Register Now!
Core values - Please contact your new school of
Advanced placement and Pre-K to Grade 3
honors courses
Responsibility, Respect,
Montessori Program
choice directly for registration.
Collaboration, Empathy
and Perseverance K to e - K
1 2 Extensive program options: 6 Pr 6 Increased STEAM Please let your school know if your
t o fine arts, dance and Hockey and drama to
opportunities, the Math
student is returning for the 2018/2019
10 drama, athletics, hockey programs for grades 5
Minds Project, enhanced
and 6
daily phys. ed, a strong school year.
academy, technology and commitment to academic
innovation, media design success
School-wide activity based
intramural program A Leader in Me
Leadership opportunities in both school and
School which
community Subject specialists to better teaches 21st century
prepare students for Jr.
leadership and life
skills to students
Strong focus on critical and creates a
thinking and academic culture of student
excellence for all grades empowerment
Page 14 • Strathmore TIMES • March 16, 2018

East Strathmore Solar Project
Award-winning artist Jacob Moon
Community Open House
Crowfoot Community Hall – Wheatland County
(800 metres east of Range Road 240 on Township Road 244)
returns to Strathmore
Thursday April 5th, 2018 | 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Times Associate Editor
East Strathmore Solar Project Inc. is proposing to construct a solar
photovoltaic (PV) power facility approximately 15 kilometers east of A few years ago, award winning folk singer-
Strathmore within Wheatland County, Alberta. The facility will be songwriter Jacob Moon left a lasting impression
designed to generate approximately 20.1 MWac and centred on the on the crowd that gathered at the Hope Commu-
SW ¼ Section 9 Township 24 Range 23 West of the 4th Meridian. nity Covenant Church, when he grabbed his guitar
and did what he does best – perform his music
The proposed project supports Alberta’s commitment to develop with the art of live looping.
clean new sources of renewable energy. Moon garnered international attention with his
eclectic style and use of live looping – a perfor-
The proponents are seeking input on the proposed project from
mance style where music is being recorded as it’s
interested stakeholders. To learn more about the project and
provide input, we invite you to join us at our community open house.
being played in real time allowing to layer sound
on sound. Small-town crowds and his previous
For more information: experience in Strathmore has the musician excit-
ed about returning to perform at the church and
E-mail: showcase his latest songs and new approaches to
Phone: 403-701-4625 the guitar.
Website: “I’m always growing, always trying to expand
and bring more people into the circle of what I’m
doing and it was a really successful concert last
East time,” said Moon. “They’re eclectic sorts of rootsy
Solar songs of the soul, accessible to a wide variety of
Project ages and background. There’s something there
that helps me in a small town environment where Jacob Moon will be live in concert at Strathmore’s Hope Com-

the audience that shows up can be quite diverse

munity Covenant Church on March 16 at 7 p.m.

demographically. To be able to entertain every- Photo Courtesy of Kurt Brown

body is a goal that I’ve set for myself.”

Moon grew up in Kitchener, Ont. and now calls ist also strives to constantly learn and experiment
Hamilton, Ont. his home. Born to a mother who more ways to use his guitar.
was active in choir and a father involved in a folk “It was a curiosity, because in your mind when
trio, he was exposed to music at an early age. you hear what the technology can do, immedi-

Once he reached his teenage years, Moon took to ately you go to what is possible,” he said. “You
learning the acoustic guitar and was influenced by haven’t heard anybody express those possibilities
rock bands Yes, Rush and Marillion. Yet it wasn’t live, so you think maybe I can be the guy who can
Our Grade 5 and 6 students until he completed his musical training at Wilfrid do that. There are lots of people who have loop-
are very excited to perform Laurier University in Waterloo, Ont. that he ex- ing pedals now, but it’s what each person does
our play and host you at our
By: Todd Wallinger
perimented with live looping technology, under- with it that is their own human fingerprint on the
Senior’s Matinee & Tea.
Produced by special
arrangement with standing that he needed to set himself apart from music.
Pioneer Drama
Service, Inc., other performers. “For me, I had a very particular thing that I
Englewood, Colorado

Please come to our Senior’s That’s exactly what the father of three did. By wanted to dig into and I wanted to have the ability
Award winner of the

Matinee and Tea Beverly Hills Theatre

Guild/Youth Theatre
performing covers of popular songs using the to play rhythm guitar and lead guitar and drums
March 21 (1:30pm)
Competition. live-looping technology and recording music vid- and bass all on the same song, and that’s only re-
Price: Free of Charge eos for YouTube, his presentation caught the at- ally possible if you get better at live looping.”
tention of many of his musical idols. Celebrities Moon’s original songs have won awards at inter-
such as rock band Marillion and Gordon Lightfoot national song competitions including GMA Cana-
Tea and treats served after have praised him publicly and provided him with da, Unisong, Great Lakes Song Contest and West
the performance by Grade 6 a spotlight for his rendition of their songs. Rush Coast Songwriters.
students. also asked Moon to perform his version of Subdi- Social justice is also very important to the Ca-
RSVP: (403) 934 - 3041 visions at the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame nadian artist, and he has been active in fundraiser
Gala. concerts for numerous organizations and released
“It’s definitely fuel for my tank that gives me a new video this week in response to the Florida
the hope and belief that on any given day I might shooting and the United States gun debate, ac-
need to continue doing what I’m doing, when companied by an old folk song called The Crow
people who are heroes to you come out on a limb on the Cradle that can be viewed at
and validate what you do,” he said. “That means a jacobmoon.
lot, it means you’re on the right track. Ultimately Moon will be performing in Strathmore and Cal-
you can’t stop there, but it’s a good push forward gary this weekend, and is planning on returning
and should encourage and motivate you to do to Alberta in May. Jacob Moon will be live in con-
more; and it has.” cert on March 16 at Hope Community Covenant
Artwork By: Maria Betke 5C
Yet Moon said the stories from his own life or Church at 7 p.m. Tickets are $15 in advance or $20
those around him inspire him to write original at the door, at the church or online (jacobmoon.
material and connect with the audience. The art- com).

Straight Line Contracting

A Truly Customer Driven Company
Straight Line Contracting is locally owned and operated with over 30 years experience in various fields of the construction
industry. With our strong customer base, our business has continued to flourish through our commitment to Customer Service,
and Quality Workmanship. We are working to expand our customer relationships and would like you to give us a call for a free
estimate on your next project. We are only satisfied when our customers are satisfied.



We are only satisfied when our customers are satisfied. Check out our website
2017 F150

MARCH 16, 2018

Local ringette
performs at
Times Reporter

Twelve of the top U12B ringette pro-

grams from around the province con-
verged at the Strathmore Family Centre
last weekend, with one local team car-
rying some momentum into the medal A Event winners
The Rockyford Ringers and Strath-
more Ice Beasts put on a great show
in front of family and friends, and the
provincial champion was crowned
March 11 at the Gold Arena.
After ripping through the round rob-
in slate undefeated, the Ringers were
positioned well to take a crack at the
provincial crown.
Ranked No. 1 after the round robin,
the Ringers took on the fourth-seeded
Beaumont Rush in the semifinal in the
first game of the day March 11.
The time change might have slowed
down the local club, as they were
edged 2-1 by the Rush, sending them
into the consolation round against the
Spruce Grove Avalanche.
Playing in their second one-goal B Event winners
game of the weekend, the Ringers
again found themselves on the wrong
side of the scoreboard, when they fell
4-3 with the Ice Beasts cheering loudly
from the stands. The Rockyford Ringers (top) and Strathmore Ice Beasts competed at the
The Ringers opened the tourney with U12B Provincial Championship March 9-11 at the Blue and Gold Arenas
a bang by picking up a 7-2 decision at the Strathmore Family Centre. The Ice Beasts struggled, but the Ringers
over the Sherwood Park Rebels and a took a run at bringing home a medal.
Tyler Lowey Photos
6-2 victory over the Northwest Rage.
On Day 2 of competition, the Ring- against the Spruce Grove Ambush March 9. Needing a win
ers downed the Edmonton Eclipse 6-1 to position themselves within the division, the Beasts were
before handling the local Beast 7-1 in involved in the wildest game of the weekend.
the crossover affair. “I haven’t seen a game like that all year, including this
The local U12 Strathmore Ice Beasts tournament,” said Legace.
ran out of gas in front of a home crowd. The Beasts led 9-6 in the second period against the Ed-
“We knew we weren’t going to be monton Bandits. But again, the lactic acid slowed down the
competing for a top-four spot, so those Beasts as the Bandits came storming back and out-scored
first two games were big for us,” said the hosts 6-1 in the back end of the second period.
Ice Beasts Head Coach Janique Legace. C Event winners
Rounding out the pool play March 10, the Ice fell to the
“We played those teams really well. eventual silver medalist Lethbridge Velocity 7-3.
Where we fell apart was late in the After meeting up with their zone rival Ringers in the cross- Weekend winners
second quarter. We only had 10 skat- over, the Beasts were buzzed by the Northwest Rage 7-6 in The Hussar Curling Club hosted an Open Doubles Bonspiel the week-
ers and two lines. Other teams skated the finale March 11. end of March 10. Mike Hager and Shannon Gordon won the A Event,
with at least 15 players and three lines.
Once we ran out of gas, we couldn’t
“We’re all really proud of them,” said Legace. “They played
really well, and they were happy to be one of the 12 teams
while Gerry Oster and Cindy Selgensen claimed the B Event. Teneil
Schempp and Tonya Schempp captured the C Event.
claw back into the games.”
The Beasts opened the tourney
still playing and not one of the 14 teams at home this week-
Photos Courtesy of Pam Collett

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along with all MLS listed properties
Sheila Robert La Shaun Keith Ron Paul Ryan Shauna Tracy
Bassen Desjardins Andrews Garrioch Kaechele Kautz Kautz Kenworthy Larsen
403 403 403 403 403 403 403 403
403 875-1170
361-0390 934-5533 850-4593 333-8411 934-1097 875-4166 803-4605 901-9143
Page 16 • Strathmore TIMES • March 16, 2018

Locals take aim at Allan Cup

Times Reporter

Lord Stanley’s mug dwarfs all other

hockey trophies that try to measure up
to its greatness, longevity and relevance
across Canada.
The Allan Cup is the only other tro-
Students of the Ulmer School of Irish Dancing out of Langdon will be performing for seniors at AgeCare phy of significance that can hold a can-
Sagewood and Wheatland Lodge in Strathmore on March 16. dle to the Stanley Cup, as it too carries
Photo Courtesy of Ulmer School of Irish Dancing an encyclopedic history and deep roots
in our great nation.
Dancers bring Irish tradition to seniors The Allan Cup was donated by Sir H.
Montagu Allan in 1909 to the Victoria
MIRIAM OSTERMANN The Ulmer School of Irish Dancing
Hockey Club of Montreal and was to be
Associate Editor was established in 2006 in Okotoks and
given to the amateur hockey champion
opened a facility in Langdon in 2014.
of the Inter-Provincial Amateur Hockey
At the age of seven, owner of the Ul- Since then the non-profit dance school
Union, which ended up being the Ot-
mer School of Irish Dancing, Jan Ulmer, has grown to 29 dancers from an origi-
tawa Cliffsides.
would share part of her Irish culture by nal six participants, offering recreational
One week later, the Intercollegiate
visiting senior homes and performing as well as competitive classes. It recent-
league champion Queen’s University
traditional Irish dances. ly turned out its very first championship
Golden Gaels challenged the Cliffsides
Now as an adult, the custom continues dancer from the Langdon branch.
to a one-game playoff and won, taking Strathmore’s Keenan Desmet is one of a handful
as her students will be visiting AgeCare The students, who come from Lang- of local products playing for the Lacombe Gener-
over as Allan Cup champions.
Sagewood and Wheatland Lodge on don, Strathmore, Chestermere and the als in the Allan Cup Hockey West final against the
Since then, the Cup ironed out its
March 16 to showcase their talent and surrounding area, have been practic- Stony Plain Eagles with a chance to advance to
playoff format from a challenge to a
Irish tradition in time for Saint Patrick’s ing their Ceili, soft shoe and hard shoe the Allan Cup.
nationally represented tournament, as Photo Courtesy of Rod Ince
Day. dances in preparation for upcoming
the groups responsible for the trophy
While the school has performed at performances.
changed hands as well, all while build- I still have the same rapport with the
the senior facilities for the past several Strathmore’s 13-year-old Alysha Young
ing up a rich hockey history. The trophy guys and interact with them the same
years, this year seniors are in for a treat saw an ad for the Ulmer School of Irish
is handed out yearly to the best senior as I would have when I was playing.
as the group will be showing off some Dancing on social media years ago and
AAA hockey team. Just now it’s a little more game plan-
of their youngest dancers to date, rang- attended a meet-and-greet. She fell in
Two local hockey players are looking ning in between periods and talking
ing from age four to 13 years old. love with the dance and performed for
to get their hands on this iconic piece with the coaching staff about how
“I pursue it because I grew up danc- Strathmore’s seniors with the school
of hardware one more time. we’re going to try and go about win-
ing in senior homes and I know how previously.
Keenan Desmet, a local boy who ning games,” said Thurston. “I still have
much they love it and it’s important for “I like seeing their reactions at the
starred with the UFA Bisons before go- the fire and passion to be out there. It’s
us to give back to the community,” said end, they really like it when we come
ing on to an established Junior A career, fun to be out there with the guys trying
Ulmer. and do these things,” Young said. “It’s
college career and one year as a pro to win a national championship.”
“It’s an exciting time for them. It’s get- mostly Christmas time that they get per-
in Europe, who is also known around The other bench boss is Devin Olson,
ting them away from the competition formances so for Saint Patrick’s Day it’s
town as an assistant coach to the Strath- who enjoyed a 12-year tenure pulling
aspect and allowing them to have fun really special for them. “
more Wheatland Kings, won the Allan the strings in the Wheatland Athletic
and be free and show off their skills and The Ulmer School of Irish Dance will
Cup for the 2012-13 season with the Association.
everything they’ve learned. One of our be performing at AgeCare Sagewood
then Bentley Generals. “I always knew the hockey was good.
favourite places to go is a senior home. and Wheatland Lodge on March 16. The
The Generals have played in eight Al- We have two former NHLers on our
I know how much the seniors love it, senior dancers, aged 13 to 17, will also
lan Cup finals, winning three of them, team (Brennan Evans and Evan Oberg).
it’s an important day for them and we’ve be participating on Saint Patrick’s Day,
and now go by the Lacombe Generals. They offered me a job to help out and I
been there before; I know they really Saturday, March 17, at Murdoch’s Bar
“It’s the highest level of hockey for a couldn’t say no,” said Olson, who turns
look forward to having the dancers and Grill in Calgary with performances
guy like me in Western Canada. We play 36 this spring. “The main reason you
back.” at 6:30 and 8 p.m.
with a lot of guys who played pro but put up with the long hours spent on
have since moved on to get jobs and the road and late nights driving back
now have families,” said Desmet, who is to have a chance to compete for the
makes the two-hour drive mid-week for national championship. To win that

The practices and hops in the team van for

games on the weekend.
would be at the top of my coaching list
for sure.”

Core Brain
“It’s a huge commitment and I’ve had Standing in front of the Generals (18-
a lot of support from my family and 4-0-2) and their 12th appearance to the

friends. But for me, it’s all about play- Allan Cup are the Stony Plain Eagles
ing with that competitiveness again. I (12-11-0-1). The puck dropped in Game
still love the game. Everyone we play 1 of this best-of-seven final March 9 in
with or against has the same competi- Lacombe and saw the hometown skate
tiveness and we all want to be winners. to a 4-2 lead. The following night in
To say that you’re a national champion Stony Plain, the Eagles battled back
Wednesday, March 28, 2018 is something special that not a lot of
people get the chance to do.”
from a 3-1 deficit to clip the Generals
4-3 in overtime. Game 3 goes March 16
9:00 am - Noon Desmet isn’t the only Strathmore in Lacombe with Game 4 going the fol-
product to don the navy and gold of the lowing evening in Stony Plain.
Strathmore Municipal Library, Generals. He skates alongside 31-year- In six regular season meetings be-
85 Lakeside Boulevard, Strathmore old Brett Robertson, who has won a tween the Eagles and Generals, the
Dr. Nicole Sherren, PhD
Scientific Director, Senior Program Officer pair of Allan Cups with the Generals. Generals had the upper hand, going
Session is FREE Alberta Family Wellness Initiative In 19 games this season with the Gen- 4-2 and outscoring the Eagles 22-13.
– includes workshop handouts, lunch,
refreshments and door prizes erals, Robertson notched seven goals “Stony will be a good team. We did
SESSION COVERS and 21 points, while Desmet found the all right against them in the regular
MUST Pre-register • The core story of early brain develop- back of the net once and chipped in season, but the regular season is a dif-
online at by ment and the impacts of toxic stress on seven assists in eight games. ferent animal,” said Thurston. “A lot of
Wednesday, March 21 as lunch is catered physical and mental health outcomes. Keenan isn’t even the only Desmet to guys miss games with injuries, work
and space is limited to 45 participants • Attendees will learn how the brain is have played in the past. Both his broth- and family stuff, but they always seem
or call Growing Families Society built: what kind of experiences
promote healthy brain architecture,
ers, Braden and Taggart, played for to find a way to make it to the rink
at 403.361.7216
what kind of experiences derail it, and the Generals in years past, along with come playoff time. So, we can’t really
how these experiences get “under our the dozens of locals who have made base anything we learned from them in
skins” to affect learning, health, and the trek to the Gary Moe Auto Group the regular season.”
social outcomes across the life span. Sportsplex Arena in the past. The winner will advance to Rose-
• The Brain Architecture Game
WHO SHOULD will then be presented and
Joining Desmet and Robertson on town, Sask. where representatives from
ATTEND: played for the balance
those long carpooling rides are a pair Atlantic Canada, Ontario, Manitoba,
parents, caregivers, of the session. of Strathmore coaches in their rookie Saskatchewan and Alberta will con-
frontline workers, seasons behind the bench. verge April 9 to 14 at the SaskCan Cen-
educators, mental health Brett Thurston played for the Gener- tre to determine a new champion.
providers, medical als for six years and won the Allan Cup Of course, if the Generals struggle
services and interested three times (2009, 2013 and 2016) and with the Eagles in the ACHW final, they
community members. is looking for his first ring with his new will have a great chance at hoisting the
Growing Families Society
for East Rural Counties role. Allan Cup next year, seeing as Lacombe
“It’s a little different being a coach; is set to host the 2019 championship.
March 16, 2018 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 17

Spartans come up short in Zone final

Times Reporter Job Posting P18-04—Administrative Assistant to Fire, Emergency
Management, and Peace Officer Services, full-time position
Not even a freak ice storm caused by
rapid snow melt with sudden gusts of The primary function of the Administrative Assistant to Fire, Emergency
wind could slow down the No. 4 ranked Management and Peace Officer Services is to provide point of contact availability to
team in the province. our rate payers and general public to coordinate and enhance the administration of
The 3A South Central Zone senior Wheatland County Fire, Emergency Management and Peace Officer Services,
girls basketball title changed hands records management, programs and practices. The Administrative Assistant to Fire,
March 10 when the Brooks Compos- Emergency Management and Peace Officer Services position reports to the General
ite High School Buffalos knocked off Manager Agriculture, Community and Protective Services or in his/her absence to
the host Strathmore High School (SHS) the designate.
Spartans at the SHS gym.
Originally, the final was slated for
Specific Duties:
the evening of March 9, when a larger
student body would have been pres-  Receive and respond to inquiries from the public
ent, but a wind storm swept in and  Monitor annual operating and capital budgets
made the highway between Brooks and  Take minutes at meetings
Strathmore unsafe.  Prepare agendas for distribution prior to meetings
When the ball finally tipped, the Buf-  Maintain and update department-specific policies and guidelines as directed
falos showed why they have been a  Warning and Violation Ticket/Tag entry into Report Exec software
dominating force all season. They didn’t  Ticket payment tracking through JOIN and Report Exec software
blitz the Spartans, but used a steady of-  Participate in Emergency Management training and exercises as required
fence and stifling defence to constrict  Clerical support and filing specific to fire, emergency and protective services
the Spartans for four quarters until the
horn sounded on their 60-46 victory.
The incumbent would normally attain the required knowledge and skills through
“Brooks did this afternoon what they
completion of on-site training. Specific knowledge, experience, and training
did all weekend; they only went on one
little run, but won each quarter by four equivalencies will be considered.
or five, and by the time you look up
in the fourth quarter, they are leading Kaylin Larson of the Strathmore High School In accordance with Wheatland County’s Personnel Policy, the successful candidate
Spartans fought through some tough defence will be required to submit to a Criminal Records Check, and must be legally entitled
by 20,” said Spartans Head Coach Kyle against the Brooks Composite High School
Larson. Buffalos during the 3A South Central Zone final to work for any employer in Canada. We thank all applicants for their interest;
Playing her final game of her high March 10 at the Strathmore High School Gym. however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.
school career, Allie Davidson came out Tyler Lowey Photo To apply, or for a more detailed job description (no phone calls, please):
in front of a lively crowd and buried six Human Resources, Wheatland County
of her team-high 22 points in the first “I just feel bad for Mackenzie (Des- RR1 Hwy 1
quarter, as the Spartans trailed 13-10 af- jardins),” said Larson. “She injured her Strathmore, Alberta T1P 1J6
ter the first 10 minutes. meniscus during the Brooks tourna- Fax (403) 934-4889
At times this season, scoring has ment and wasn’t healthy enough to fin- Email:
dried up for the Spartans in stretches. ish up her career the way she wanted.
For whatever reason – whether it’s
shots not falling or defences cramping
She would have been a big factor in
this game if she was healthy.”
Closes March 23, 2018 at 4 p.m.
down – the well has been known to dry Kaylin Larson finished with nine
up at times and it did again in the sec- points on three 3s on several attempts.
ond quarter. But after the final horn sounded and
Turnovers, and the Spartans going
0-for-6 as a team from the land beyond
the medals were handed out, she was
just happy to be a part of the game
Small Livestock Holdings Workshop
in the second quarter, allowed the Buf- with her family and friends.
falos to expand their lead to 28-17 at
Where: Wheatland County Administration Building (242006 Range Road 243)
“We always hoped to make provin-
half time. cials, but I got to play with lots of fun
On defence, the Spartans tried to girls and we had a pretty good year,”
When: April 18, 2018 from 6:45 – 9 p.m.
deny the Buffalos’ low-post combo of said Kaylin, who was playing under
Rachel Harvey and Brittney Rhodes her coach dad for the first time in a
the ball by trapping them and double- Spartans uniform. “I liked playing for
teaming them at times with Natalie my parents. It’s always basketball all Livestock health, nutrition, vaccinations, and animal behaviour
Funk and Kristen Whelan, but the Buf- the time at our house anyways, so it Dr. Jodi Viste, local veterinarian
falo bigs found ways to utilize shooters was nice to share the floor with them. Manure management
elsewhere, as Reagan Zottl chipped in I loved it.”
five points in the quarter. The Spartans figured at some point Chris Ullmann, CFO Extension Specialist, Alberta Agriculture
Coming out of the locker room after they would collide with the Buffalos
half time, Davidson and fellow senior last weekend. They were able to meet
Kaylin Larson came out firing. the eventual zone representatives by Register:
Kaylin came out and drilled a three, knocking off the Canmore Collegiate
the Spartans first of the game. The next High School Crusaders 67-39 March 7
few trips down the floor she dotted Da- in what coach Larson called their best For more information:
vidson with a backdoor feed, drew a performance all year.
foul and stroked another three, as she The Spartans shot 39 per cent from Ph: 403-361-2027
was gunning it in her final game. the floor and 40 per cent from three,
“My seniors were definitely our lead- as Davidson again led the way with
ers all year,” said coach Larson. “Kay 17 points. Ashley McCreadie turned in
and Allie went down battling today. I her best outing of the weekend with
couldn’t have asked for much more out a 10-point performance. Jaidyn Eitzen
of those two.” only scored one bucket on four at-
The Spartans hung with the Buffalos tempts but led the Spartans with 10 re-
in the third, tying them 16-16, but still bounds.
wound up trailing them 44-33. They earned their ticket into the gold
In the fourth, the Buffalos pulled into medal game when they shaved the pro-
the fast lane and were never seen from vincial host Cochrane High School Co-
again, when they scored on their first bras 61-60 in the semi.
five trips down the floor, stretching the “They turned it on late, but it was
lead to 20 at times. a game we controlled by 10 or so the
“There were times when we couldn’t whole way,” said Larson.
get a shot to go in and we dug our- After Davidson’s 15 points, Sydney
selves too big of a hole against a very Boyd racked up 15 points on 4-of-13
strong team,” said Larson. “I’m very shooting, while Funk added nine points
proud of the way we hung in there and and 19 rebounds.
battled to the end.” All the senior boys could do is cheer
Whelan fouled out of her last game, from the bleachers last weekend, as
while Sydney Boyd turned in four they dropped their zone play-in game
points in her last game with the red, March 5 to the Olds High School Spar-
white and blue. tans.
Page 18 • Strathmore TIMES • March 16, 2018

On fire
The U14B Hussar Fire-
works ringette team will Bighorns
be traveling to Sherwood
Park March 16-18 to Club Awards
compete in the provin- The Standard Big-
cial playoffs. The team horns Club held their
is comprised of 13 play- annual dinner, meet-
ers drawing from the lo- ing and awards night
cal community of Hussar on March 3. This year
and surrounding areas of the club is made up
Standard, Rosebud and of many youth mem-
Bassano. The team won bers as the club focused on educating youth on hunting and the importance of safe firearms handling.
first place in their play- Winners for the 2017 hunting season included: top mule deer (162 5/8) Shaun Collins, top white-tailed
downs held in Medicine deer (140 5/8) Martin Gauthier, top antelope (72 6/8) Jason Gauthier, top elk (232 1/8) Jason Gauthier,
Hat Feb. 24-25 to clinch a top bear (19 inches) Jason Gauthier, top overall – black bear (19 inches) Jason Gauthier, top bow hunt-
spot to advance to the provincial round. Despite losing a very close game to Indus on March 11 for the ing – mule deer (157 7/8) Jason Gauthier, and top youth hunter with a white-tailed deer (112 5/8) Lucas
Zone 2 banner, the team is looking confident and excited for provincials. D’Argent. The club is currently accepting new members for the 2018 season.
Photo Courtesy of Pam Collett Photo Courtesy of Perry Ellis

Hawks senior boys miss zones, girls take bronze

TYLER LOWEY appeared to turn the ball over with less Osachuk, was also unavailable in over- They were 2-0 against the Drillers this
Times Reporter than a second on the clock. time with an injury. season in the Foothills Athletic Council.
In the dog pile for the loose ball, Without their top two scoring op- The senior Hawks girl’s program
There are a handful of magic words Brandon Middlemiss got fouled. Also tions, the Hawks were handled in over- made it to their zone tournament and
in sports that can affect the outcome of earning a technical foul was Nwoye, as time 14-1, falling 69-56 after the extra wrapped up their season with a shiny
games. the refs heard him use an expletive. frame. bronze medal.
When the refs hear them – or a varia- “I didn’t hear him say it and Alex “It was heart-breaking. The guys took Competing without their two seniors
tion of them – they have been known said he didn’t say it,” said Hawks Head that loss really hard and it’s a tough way at the junior varsity 2A South Central
to put their mark on the game, right or Coach Josh Jalbert. “I’ve known him for to see our season end,” said Jalbert. “Es- Zone tournament, the Hawks clipped
wrong, regardless of the stakes. a long time and that’s never been his pecially for Landon, who finished out the Hugh Sutherland School Kodiaks
That’s precisely what happened to style, to lose his cool like that. I’m not his last high school game.” 81-53.
the Holy Cross Collegiate (HCC) Hawks sure what the ref heard.” As unfortunate as the Hawks were at Leading the way was Hope Given,
senior boys basketball team as they Once the dust settled, Middlemiss the end of regulation, admittedly, Jal- who turned into a monster, recording
were clawing for an opportunity to at- walked down to the other end of the bert stated that they didn’t take care of 39 points in the bronze medal match.
tend the 2A South Central Zone tourna- court for his two shots. Missing the business before then, which led to the Angeline Palardy rode shotgun and reg-
ment March 7 against the Oilfields High front half, he made good on his second sad ending. istered 17 points.
School Drillers at the HCC gym. attempt to go up by one. “We had one of our worst shooting The Hawks opened the tourney with
Trailing the zone play-in game by Before time could start again, the performances of the season,” said Jal- a close 59-51 loss to the St. Joseph’s
12 in the fourth, the Hawks took the Drillers needed to shoot Nwoye’s tech- bert. “I think if we play this game 10 Collegiate school.
lead with seven seconds left when their nical, which they nailed to force over- times, we win eight or nine of them.” “It was an excellent way to finish out
leading scorer, Alex Nwoye, canned his time. The Hawks entered as the sixth-seed the season,” said Hawks Head Coach
fourth three-pointer of the game to tie Overtime normally wouldn’t be an is- and were taking on the 11th-ranked Joe Lepage. “The team played strong
it. sue, but Nwoye was kicked out of the Drillers. Despite the mismatch, the defensively, moved the ball from out-
The Drillers called a time out and game after leading the Hawks with 32 Hawks only shot 24.1 per cent from the side to insideat will and maintained a
fumbled the inbound pass. A few play- points on 11-of-31 shooting. floor, 18.8 per cent from downtown and positive attitude and supported one an-
ers scrambled with it and the Hawks The Hawks No. 2 option, Landon 66.7 per cent from the charity stripe. other.”

Go Green Upcycling
Available in Strathmore. For information or to obtain Strathmore Elks Lodge #491
Thursdays 10 a.m. to noon at Hope Bridges Studio this service call 403-324-0655. Meets 3rd Tuesday at the Strathmore Curling Club
104 Third Avenue, Strathmore, and every third Prairie Speakers at 6:30 p.m. Steak Supper at 7 p.m. New members
Wednesday from 7-9 p.m. at Parent Link in Strathmore. Toastmasters International meets every Wednesday welcome. Call Greg 403-888-6155. from 7 - 9 pm at the Strathmore CO-OP community Strathmore Full Gospel Church
HIV Edmonton room. For more information please contact Dona at We’re a Pentecostal bible-based family church that has STRATHMORE
Providing support, education and advocacy for those 403 293 1754. Like us on Face Book! something for all ages. Call 934-2225 or visit www. UNITED CHURCH
infected with, affected by or at risk of HIV and AIDS Sewing/Quilting Workshops
for 25 years. Go to or call toll The 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. We Strathmore Fun Runners Car Club MOVIE AND
free 1-877-388-5742. meet at the Strathmore Ag Grounds, Red Quonset. Meets the 1st Wednesday of the month. New members DESSERT NIGHT
The Healing Rooms at Harvest Healing Centre New Members welcome. Contact Wendy 901-3756. welcome! Please call Todd at 403-934-0558 or Shawn featuring “The War
Church Royal Canadian Legion at 403-901-9303 for info. Room.”
is open every Monday from 7-9 p.m. for prayer and For information regarding hall rentals, darts and crib. Strathmore FASD Parent Support Group Saturday,
healing. 102 Canal Road Strathmore. For info call 403- Please call 403-934-5119 At Strathmore United Church. For more info call Pam
March 24
901-0893 or 403-800-3171. Join us for Spirit-filled Seventh-day Adventist Church 403-652-4776.
prayer and healing every Monday night. Meeting in the Lord of All Lutheran Church at 112 Strathmore Homeschool Families
@ 7:00 p.m.
Hope Bridges Society for Creative & Continued Lakeside Blvd, Strathmore. Saturday morning at 10:00 Any Strathmore and area familes that are homeschooling Call Charlotte at
Learning a.m. Pastor Donald Pierre, phone 587-227-6956. are invited to join our Yahoo Group. www.groups. 403-901-3577 for
Advocating for, and bringing together adult citizens of Standard Municipal Library information and cost.
all abilities for meaningful relationships, friendships, & Teen Zone 3:30 - 5:30 p.m., Mondays. Marvel Mondays Strathmore Hand in Hand Parent Link
opportunities through the Arts. Board Meetings are 3:30 p.m., on Monday a month. Movie Matinee every Did you know – Strathmore Parent Link has free GUESS WHO’S
monthly TBD. Public invited. Please contact Wanda Tuesday 3:30 p.m. Minute 2 Win It, Tween Time; Just programming for kids 0-6 and their caregivers in COMING TO DINNER
at 403-983-3640, or 403-901-5081 (cell) for further Cook It; Pictionary with Prizes on Wednesdays. Wii & Strathmore, Wheatland County & Area? Also, we April 6 & 7.
information, events or to be added to friends/contact. Board Games Days; Story & Craftivity Saturdays. have information and resources, education and
There are many other workshops including knitting, Strathmore Country Gardens Club assistance related to parenting. Find information on
crocheting, photography tips and zentangle. Visit our Meetings at least once per month. For more information or call 403-983-0076.
United Church
website: visit Strathmore Lions Club Sign up sheets
Job Search Support or phone Linda Pekrul 403-901-0017. Meets the first and third Thursdays at the Strathmore available -
Resume development, cover letter development. Call Strathmore & District Agricultural Society Civic Centre at 6:45 p.m. call Laura at
to register 403-934-4305. McBride Career Group,, 403- Strathmore Masonic Lodge #53 403-934-5866 for
office. 934-5811, Facebook: Strathmore Stampede Twitter: Meets the first Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. Call further information.
Kinsmen Club of Strathmore Strathmore Rodeo Glen at 403-901-6038. Website: www.strathmore53.
Fulfilling our communities greatest needs. Meetings Strathmore & District Chamber of Commerce com
2nd & 4th Thursday 7:30 p.m. @ Strathmore Legion. All members welcome. www. Strathmore Language Group
Language Group for meeting location. We are a group of people who are learning a second
Practice speaking a language that they are learning, For more information call 403-901-3175. language, who want to improve conversation skills.
with native speakers. We have English, French, German Strathmore District Health Services Auxiliary We offer English(ESL), French, German, Spanish and
and Spanish learners and speakers. Strathmore Library, Meetings are held the 4th Monday of the month at 1:30 Korean, but are open to other languages. This is a
library meeting room, on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of p.m. (excluding July & August). Lower level conference free group and we have different themes every week.
every month, from 7:30-9pm. room at the Strathmore Hospital. New members We meet every Tuesday at 7:30pm in the Strathmore
Meals on Wheels welcome. For more info please call 403-934-4436 Library

If you are a non-profit group and have a special event you would like to promote contact us! Space restrictions mean keep info to a minimum.
Want to add or update your community group or event information?
Please call 403-934-5589 or email your changes to
March 16, 2018 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 19

Warriors run through top teams to take South title

TYLER LOWEY mustered four shots on net. The Warriors grabbed “We got into a bit of penalty trouble and they have a re-
Times Reporter the lead in the second with goals from Ficaccio ally good power play,” said Chiefs Head Coach Matt Gass.
and Ledrew. “We lost our composure for a bit and found ourselves in a
The Wheatland Warriors had never beaten the Lachlan Stewart pushed one more across in the pretty big hole.”
Foothills Bisons this season, but they struck twice third, as the Warriors had to kill off a double mi- The Hurricanes converted on four of eight man advantag-
when it mattered most. nor for head contact and shut down a penalty shot es, as Jayden Hendricks and Stran Red Crow pushed goals
After getting blanked 3-0 by the No. 2 seeded in the third period to earn their second south title across for the Chiefs.
Okotoks Oilers in the opener of the South Central
Alberta Hockey League south division playoffs,
the Warriors entered a must-win game against the
in the past three years.
“I didn’t agree with the calls and the timing of
the calls, but it was great to see the boys battle
Pass the Salt
The Chiefs wouldn’t have matched up with the Hurricanes
in the semi if they would have taken care of business in the
final round robin game.
divisional top dogs. through a little bit of adversity,” said Brown. Already with the best goals against, a win would have
NEW Even after doubting God’s
Joel Romano tied the game at one to close the Pushing through the adversity is easy when propelled them into the top seed and a rematch with the
BEGINNINGS promise of offspring, breaking
first period, as the local double-A bantam team there is a brick wall between the pipes. Taber Golden Suns. Instead, their 1-1 draw with those same
out in a full belly laugh at the
received goals from Austin Haslund and Brayden After Corey Ross allowed three goals on 33 Suns sent them into the lion’s den with the hometown Hur-
New beginnings are prospect of having children
Ledrew in the second period to put away the Bi- shots against the Oilers in the opener, Brown and ricanes.
something we look forward at their advanced age, Abram
sons 3-1. his staff went to Dylan Fries-Abel. The Chiefs opened the weekend with a bang, by doubling
to. Many of us faithfully
up the Okotoks Oilers 4-2 March and8Saraiandbecome
cranking Abraham
the Foot-
“That was a huge confidence-boosting win for Playing out the final four games, Fries-Abel re-
make New Year’s resolutions
hills Bisons 11-0 the following day. and Sarah (Gen 17). After
the boys,” said Warriors Head Coach Cody Brown. corded a dazzling .964 save percentage combined
“The to start something
room was sad and wrestling with God,
sombre,” saidJacob
Gass. “No-
“We struggled with (the Bisons) this year – we with a 1.25 goals against average, which includ-
played in close games, we just couldn’t get over ed a 40-save performance over the Bisons in the body expected us to go out in the semis. It (Gen
new and improved as the year becomes Israel just 32). Afterbe-
semifinal. commences. We will exercise encountering
cause I’ve known some of these kids for three years now Jesus, Saul
the hump – but there was no better time to get
one past them than on the weekend.” “Dylan was amazing. He was unreal. When you andmore;
we wehave willaccomplished
eat less. a lot.becomes
It would Paul (Acts
have 9). nice to
Rounding out the round robin slate, the War- put up the kind of numbers he did on the week- That was
keep it going.” January. It is now With God’s help, the new
riors piped the fourth-seeded Lethbridge Hur- end, it’s easy to ride a guy like that,” said Brown. near the end of February beginnings really were
ricanes 5-2 March 10 at the Kinplex I Arena in Now, waiting in the wings for the Warriors are and the reality
BRAVES FALL IN SEMIS of the new a change that ‘stuck’ for
Medicine Hat. the West Central Tigers, who defended their No. 1 beginning does not quite
The Wheatland Braves struggled live Abraham
keeping and pucks
Sarah, Jacob
out of the
Philip Raycroft, Jerrin Hendricks, Jarred Schrock, seed ranking and won the north division tourna- up to the hype. Shortly after
net in the second half of the season and that and Paul. God is faithful
trend and contin-
Spencer Tower and Ledrew found the back of the ment last weekend by edging the Central Alberta ueddeciding on what the
last weekend New
in Chestermere, withasGod’s
the help,
Braves the were
net for the Warriors, as they continued their all- Selects March 11 at the Gary Moe Sportsplex. Year’s
nated resolutions
from are to be
the peewee -
double-A weplayoff
need to tournament
make the desired in the
hands-on-deck approach. “We split with them in the regular season, so we we promptly break them. It is
semifinal. change is available. We
“We don’t have any all-stars on our team, but know they are a good team. You don’t get to this too cold
The to go out for
Cranbrook BPa walk, are able to
Wings knocked outlivethe
new with
what we have is a lot of depth and 19 guys who point by chance, but we didn’t get a really good the big
a 7-5 game is on
decisions TV and
March 10.weTylerbeginnings
Fairbairn for was a full
in and
on grace
all five
are willing to work hard for the team and do their feel from them in the regular season,” said Brown. over indulge
goals, as Kolten eating copious
Kuryk supplied filled
that weandsotwo desire –
part,” said Brown. “We know they have size and depth, and that it andquantities
Adam Moore of our favorite
and Jace Koole even in thesingles.
added small details of life
In the semis, the Warriors were matched up will be a battle, but I think our guys are up to the snackBraves
The foods. were thumped 12-4 - feeling
by better by exercisingHur-
the Lethbridge
once again with the Bisons, and shaved them 2-1, challenge.” The bible is full of stories
ricanes White March 9 at the Chestermere Regionalmore and eating less. Com-
defeating them for the second time on the week- Back in November, the Tigers downed the War- about new beginnings;
munity Association Rink. new God of new beginnings, be
end. riors 5-2. The Warriors returned the favour Feb. beginning
The Braves marking
opened a change
the weekend with us on our
with journey.
a pair of Give
Domenic Ficaccio scored in the first from Bran- 11 in Strathmore, when they handed the Tigers a to inthe
Okotoks lifeOilers
story; aGreen
new and the strength
7-7 againstto make thelife giving
don McGillvary and Philip Raycroft, as Hendricks 5-2 defeat. beginning usually instigated by choices. Amen.
netted the winner at the 15:04 mark of the second Game 1 of the best-of-three SCAHL final is set an encounter
The Chiefs and withthe
Often can now look forward to their
stanza. for March 16 at the Nexsource Centre. Game 2 these new beginnings
organizational banquet arelater thisRev. Pamela Scott
Now with the Bison monkey off their back, the will go March 17 at the Strathmore Family Centre marked with a name change. Strathmore United Church
Warriors needed to shake off the 3-0 performance (7:30 p.m.). If necessary, Game 3 would be played
in their opener against the Oilers with a 3-1 vic- March 18 back in Sylvan Lake.
tory March 11 in the divisional final. BOW RIVER ALLIANCE CHURCH STRATHMORE SEVENTH-DAY
“We came out a little slow against the Oilers GREAT RUN COMES TO END 105 Main St. Carseland ADVENTIST CHURCH
403-934-9337 Meeting in the Lutheran Church
in the opener,” said Brown. “Everyone has a bad In the midget ranks, the defending provincial Pastor: Kevin Enns 112 Lakeside Blvd. 587-227-6956
game at some point in the weekend and that was champion Chiefs were dethroned by the host Le- Pastor: Donald Pierre
ours. Luckily enough, we got it out of the way thbridge Hurricanes March 11. Sunday Worship: 10:30 am Services held every Saturday
The Hurricanes were the class of the south all Sabbath School: 10 AM
early and the boys were able to buy in and come
Worship Service: 11 AM
together the rest of the way.” year long and proved it by eliminating the Chiefs RCCG PECULIAR PEOPLE ASSEMBLY
The Oilers led 1-0 after one, as the Warriors only 6-2 at the Nicholas Sheran Ice Centre. (1 PET. 2:9)
1207 205-213 3rd Avenue, Strathmore

Chaos volleyball to hold fundrasier this spring

403-714-2283 Holy Cross Collegiate School Gym
Pastor: Sunday Adeola 709B - 2nd Street, Strathmore
Sunday Worship: 10:30 am 403-934-2641
Wednesday Bible Study: 7 pm Pastor: Fr. Wojciech Jarzecki
TYLER LOWEY sion,” said U17 Head Coach Vito As a way to raise money for Masses: Saturday 5 pm • Sunday 10 am
Times Reporter Peraino. “Right now, we are in the travel the Chaos teams will
the fourth division, but we have embark on this spring, the vol- (ANGLICAN)
50 Maplewood Drive • 403-934-2225
The local Strathmore volley- a lot of tournaments coming up leyball program is holding a me- Senior Pastor: Rev. Les Fischer “Becoming fully alive in Jesus Christ”
ball program is gearing up for that will allow us the chance to dium hearing by Jennie Ogilvie, Youth Pastor: Rev. Kyle Lomenda 106 - 304 3rd Ave.
bump up a couple of groups as as a way for people to hear from New Office Hours: Lower Level Aztec Real Estate
another run at a national title 587-727-0649
9 am - 4 pm • Tues - Wed - Thur
and is looking for some support the season goes on.” friends or relatives that are no Sunday Morning Worship 10:00 am
Worship Service: 10:30 am
from the community. Last spring, the U17 Chaos longer around. Children’s Church & Nursery in Service
wrapped up nationals at the “Jennie held an event in town HOPE COMMUNITY
The Strathmore Chaos Volley- Extending Grace - igniting hope COVENANT CHURCH
ball Club now houses U14, U15, Olympic Oval in Calgary fifth earlier in the year and it pro- 245 Brent Blvd, Strathmore • 403-934-2424
U16 and U17 programs. The club in the third division, which was duced great results,” said Cha- LORD OF ALL (NALC) LUTHERAN Worship Service Sundays 10 am
is looking for new ways to bring home to 32 teams. os fundraiser manager Karen 112 Lakeside Blvd. • 403-934-2374 Lead Pastor: Glenn Peterson
Pastor: Dawn Nelson
in money to help take them to The next opportunity for the O’Keefe. “We are hearing a lot
Worship Schedule
the proper tournaments that will U17 crew to make a leap in of excitement for the event and Thursday Evening 7:00 pm STRATHMORE ALLIANCE
slot them into the proper divi- the provincial standings is this we are really looking forward to Sunday Family 10:30 am 325 1 Ave • 403-934-3543
Corner of 1 Ave & Wheatland Trail
sion to allow them to face the weekend, when they join a su- what she is able to produce.” Christian Education
Lead Pastor: Mike Wiebe
per series tournament in Kelow- The reading is set for May 26, For All - Ages 3-103
best competition on a national 9:30 am Sunday School for all ages
Sunday at 9:30 am
and provincial level. na, B.C. from 7-9 p.m. at Legends Bar Join us in Praising our Lord, Jesus Christ! 11:00 am Worship Service
The U17 Chaos just finished Travelling B.C. and Alberta is and Grill.
with their second premier tour- all part of the process, which “We have the lowest league HARVEST HEALING CENTRE CHURCH STRATHMORE UNITED
102 Canal Gardens
nament last weekend at Rally includes the premier No. 3 tour- fees out of any of the surround- Wheatland Trail & 3rd Avenue
403-901-0893 / 403-880-3171 403-934-3025
Pointe in Calgary. After two ney Easter weekend in Edmon- ing Calgary-area teams,” said Pastor: Elizabeth Karp Rev. Pamela Scott
days of competition, the Chaos ton. Peraino. “The Airdrie program Worship Sundays 10:30 am Sunday Worship 10:30 am
wrapped up their round robin Of course, all roads eventually is nearly three times the cost of Healing Room Monday 7-9 pm Sunday School 10:30 am
Now available at The Seed (our book nook) Nursery Care Provided
1-2 and won their next two play- lead to the provincial tourna- our program. We do a lot with Living Books and Products Wheel Chair Accessible
off games against No. 1 seeds ment at the end of April, with what we have, but a little help phone: 403-619-9279 Loop system for the hearing impaired
before falling in their finale. Any nationals on the May long week- would absolutely help out the Come Join us for a spirit-filled time
tournament recognized by Vol- end. program in several ways.” of worship
leyball Alberta will help filter the “I feel like we have a good In the meantime, the vol-
70 teams into tiers with compe- team here,” said Peraino. “We leyball programs will continue
tition most closely aligned with need to figure out a way to win their bottle drives and other
other teams in the province. the early morning games and we small fundraising efforts while The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints
“This year, we are hoping to should be ranked higher than they try to ascend the provincial 60 Maplewood Drive | Bishop Justin Hansen |
be in the second or third divi- where we are now.” rankings. 403-983-2746 | | Worship Service Sundays 10 a.m.
Page 20 • Strathmore TIMES • March 16, 2018
Local curlers Obituary

steal provincial GARVIN, Gail

Phone: 403-533-3882
US. Business planning, train-
ing and advisory services Strathmore
available. Flexible and af-
January 10, 1945 Fax: 403-533-2243
fordable loans. Call CF Wild
– January 8, 2018 Rose or AGM
It is with deep sadness that the family
of Gail Garvin announces her sudden
ANNUAL MEETING for more information.
and unexpected passing, from injuries sustained in
March 20
Times Reporter Tues., March 27, 2018 • 1:30 pm GET YOUR at 7-9 pm in
a motor vehicle collision near her home in Rockyford,
Alberta, on January 8, 2018, just two days before her 124 Railway Ave., CLASSIFIED the Chuck Mercer
Sometimes, extra ends are needed
to determine a curling champion.
73rd birthday.
Rockyford, AB ADS IN THE Room at the
Gail leaves to cherish her memory her loving hus-
On this occasion, extra friends were band John, sons John Jr., Trevor (Sheila), and Troy, EVERYONE WELCOME! TIMES! Civic Centre
required to bring home the Southern her grandchildren Amanda, Johnny, Ashley, Oliver,
Alberta Mixed Curling championship. Dakota, Cole, and Danika, sisters Yvonne and Helen,
The local rink of Scott Garnett, Ja- brother Wayne, nieces, nephews, and a lifetime of
son and Heather Wilson, and Katie friends. Passed before her were her parents Raymond David’s Arena
and Louise, brothers Raymond and Frank, sister Bet-
Crump positioned themselves in the
ty-Lou, and beloved granddaughter Katelyn.
B final, when disaster struck. Gail was born in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, and
Team skip Garnett got a call the eve-
ning of March 3 and learned the area
met the love of her life, John Garvin, when she trav-
elled to Toronto to pursue a career in banking. John ALL TYPES OF HORSES
sales manager for his home building had also travelled to Toronto from Calgary to attend ANNUAL MEETING
company suddenly passed away and school. East met West and resulted in a vibrant mar-
The Strathmore & District Curling Club
Boarding Available
somebody needed to cover the sales riage and several successful family business ven-
centre during the grand opening of tures ranging from photography in St. John’s to a
family restaurant “DunRovens on Main” in Rockyford.
is holding its Annual Meeting on Call Larry David
their first show home in the Calgary Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at 7:00 pm.
Gail’s all-embracing focus was family, and her sons
and their families were her pride and joy.
Mixed teams of four cannot com- As a lifelong team, John and Gail supported each There will be complimentary wine and
pete with three players. Either one other, their immediate and extended families; many, cheese served at 7 p.m. with the
guy or girl has to take the lead, and many friends and their communities. At their 50th meeting starting promptly at 7:30 p.m. CONTACT
then the genders alternate the rest of wedding anniversary in 2015, the impact she had on
Meat draw to follow.
the way through the lineup.
So, Garnett called an old friend.
all was very evident.
Gail was a very kind, wise and generous woman, We look forward to seeing you there. JEFF WALLACE
Matt McDonald was in St. Albert who touched all who knew her, and she will be sorely
missed. She would ask us to find a song or poem to
coaching the Henry Wise Wood Western IrrIgatIon DIstrIct
Warriors curling club at the Alberta
share to help all the others who share this loss with
us to help ease their way.
Box 2372, 105 - 900 Pine road, strathmore, aB t1P 1K3 BOOKKEEPING SERVICES
School’s Athletic Association provin-
cials when he got the call. Jumping at
It broke our hearts to lose you, but you did not go alone.
A part of us went with you, the day God took you home. FORM 1 Irrigation Districts Act
(Section 85/86) 403-201-2201
the opportunity, he raced down south If tears could build a stairway, Irrigation Districts Act
by midnight and was in top shape for and heartaches make a lane, (Section 45(2) (b)) With a dedicated, highly trained, professional team
TAKE NOTE that applications have been received by
we’d walk our way to heaven, and bring you back again. that works closely with you, our main goal is to
the first stone to be thrown March 4 the Western Irrigation District to change the area of the District.

in Cochrane at the Spray Lakes Facil- In life we loved you dearly, in death we love you still, Applications to remove parcels consist of: take care of our clients through sound balancing
“Matt is a great guy. He curls with
in our hearts you hold a place that no one could ever fill.
Our thanks to the Rockyford Fire Department, Emer- ANNUAL MEETING of their books. Offering full bookkeeping, payroll,
personal and corporate tax preparation for various
gency Medical personnel and STARS, and the doctors, types of corporations and small businesses.
me on my men’s league team and he TAKE NOTE that the annual meeting of the
nurses, and care team at the Foothills Hospital that
is a great curler,” said Garnett. “We are irrigators of the Western Irrigation District
are helping John with his recovery. “Keeping your numbers in order so you
very lucky he was able to make the A funeral service will be held on Saturday, March 24, will be held at the Strathmore Travelodge,
can relax, that’s our job”
long drive to help us out.” 2018 at Rockyford Community Hall at 1:30 p.m. Strathmore, Alberta on the 4th day of
The makeshift Garnett rink was tak- To send condolences, please visit Gail’s obituary at April, 2018 beginning at 1:30 pm to:
ing on the B. Ness rink and jumped
(a) present annual reports of:
on them early, by scoring one point Any person wishing to complain is required to submit a written complaint to the
(i) the chair on behalf of the Board,
De Jong’s 2018 Upcoming Tours
Western Irrigation District at Box 2372 105-900 Pine Road, Strathmore, Alberta,
in the first end and then stealing T1P 1K3 within 30 days after the date of the publication of this notice.
(ii) the manager,
three more in the second end, riding Jim Webber, P. Eng.
18 Day Trip to the Carolina’s and Tennessee
(iii) the auditor of the district, and
the early momentum to a 7-1 victory
General Manager May 1-18 – Cost $3,410.00 per person/dbl.
(iv) the maintenance of irrigation works
Western Irrigation District
Includes transportation, 17 nights’ accommodation,
and earning a spot at the provincial
championships March 29 to April 1 in
Obituary of the district, and
(b) conduct any other business.
baggage handling, all breakfasts, 4 dinners,
and a professional tour director, and many more
Beaumont. attractions. Call for detailed brochure.
“It was a pretty crazy weekend. It
SCARLETT, Todd Edwin DATED at the Town of Strathmore, this 1st day
May 10, 1961 - March 8, 2018 of February, 2018. 5 Day Trip to Medora Musical
wasn’t a tournament we had planned
Todd passed away on March 8, 2018, in North Dakota
to enter for a long time, it kind of just He leaves behind his wife Chris of 20 David McAllister P, (Eng), MSc, MBA June 14-18 – Cost $895.00 per person/dbl.
happened, and then with all the stuff years, daughter Amber, parents Robert General Manager Includes transportation, 4 nights’ accommodation,
that happened between Saturday and and Donna, sister Brenda (Jim), nieces Western Irrigation District baggage handling, all breakfasts, 1 lunch, 1 dinner at the
Sunday, it just made for a crazy week- Marayd (Matt) Tarryn, brother Terry (Sammie), neph- Pitchfork Fondue, a professional tour director, and a show
end,” said Garnett. ew Chase. Todd was born and raised in Calgary. He PLEASE BRING YOUR ANNUAL called, “Cabaret.” Call for detailed brochure.
Making things a little sweeter was graduated from SAIT in 1981 for drafting. He worked REPORT WITH YOU TO THE MEETING.
7 Day Trip to the Sisters Quilt Show
how tight-knit Garnett’s rink was. at Coca-Cola for 15 years, leaving in 2000 due to MS.
in Bend, Oregon
All calling the Strathmore Curling He loved classic cars, Coke, chocolate, traveling, and
had a wonderful sense of humor. He will be dearly July 10-16 – Cost $1,250.00 per person/dbl.
Club home – with the exception of Includes transportation, 6 nights’ accommodation,
missed by all. I would like to thank Strathmore Dis-
McDonald – they all know each oth- baggage handling, all breakfasts, 1 dinner, a professional
trict Hospital, EMS, the Handi-bus, and Sagewood for tour director, and many more attractions.
er through years of curling. For one, all the years of looking after Todd. Donations in Todd’s Call for detailed brochure.
Heather is Jason’s mother and Crump memory may be made directly to the charity of your
is Jason’s aunt. Garnett used to coach choice. A funeral service will be held on Friday, March 6 Day Trip to Norsk Hostfest
Jason six years ago. 16, 2018 at Lord Of All Lutheran Church (112 Lake- in Minot, North Dakota
“Jason throws as good as anyone side Blvd, Strathmore) at 1:00 p.m. with lunch to fol- September 24-29
who I’ve curled with. So, with his low. To send condolences, please visit Todd’s obituary - Cost $1,095.00 per person/dbl., Single $1,650.00
at Includes transportation, 5 nights’ accommodation,
mom as the lead and Katie as the
third, to keep everyone in their roles, first night at the Temple Gardens Hotel and Spa, all break-
fasts, Scandinavian Heritage Park, four headline shows
Matt took Jason’s old spot as second including Daniel O’Donnell, shuttle bus tickets from hotel
and Jason threw last stone for us,”

to the pavilion. Call for departure time.
said Garnett.
With provincials on the horizon and 17 Day Trip to Nashville,
all fingers crossed on no sudden trag- Branson & Pigeon Forge
edies, McDonald will have to take a October 23-November 8
back seat as Garnett rejoins his rink in – Cost $3,580.00 per person/dbl.
preparation for their biggest tourney If you live in the area Includes transportation, 16 nights’ accommodation,
(Wheatland County, Strathmore baggage handling, all breakfasts, 1 lunch, 7 dinners, 8
of the season. shows in Branson, and a professional tour director.
That doesn’t mean that he’s out of & Langdon) and are not receiving your Call for detailed brochure.
the fold entirely. FREE Strathmore Times
“We don’t need a coach at the pro- To book any of these trips, or for a detailed brochure, call
vincial level,” said Garnett. “But if we
win this and go to nationals, I know in your mail box please 1-866-362-5416
or visit our web site
exactly who I plan on calling to make give us a call 403.934.5589 WE NOW ACCEPT VISA AND MASTERCARD
the trip with us.”
March 16, 2018 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 21
Strathmore Minor Ball 21st, 2018 live and online
auction. Rifles, Shotguns,
tri-axle air ride flatdeck car- Service Plumber/Gasfitter Needed

rier is looking for Owner/ Full-time position- starting immediately
Handguns, Militaria, Auction Operators to run Alberta only Nuvision Industries Inc.
or Purchase. Collections: Es- to 4 Western Provinces. Must Busy, local company looking for a 3rd/4th Year requires following personal:
tates, individual items. Con- have own plates, insurance Apprentice or Journeyman to join our team.
tact Paul, Switzer’s Auction. & WCB. Truck gross rev- Residential, commercial, renovations Millwright-Service Technician
Toll-free 1-800-694-2609, enue is an average $18,000/ - mechanically inclined to service / troubleshoot /
& new construction settings.
month. 1-800-917-9021. repair fertilizer facilities, requires travel in AB/SK,
March 22 @7pm or
www.switzersauction. Email: dispatch@freightland.
Service experience is a must.
Please send your resume, along
long hours, valid driver’s license.
Nuvision is a progressive company located near
with wage expectations to Carseland, Ab. or call
Strathmore Civic Centre 2018 Spring National Stamp
Show. March 24-25, Satur-
In-demand career! Employ-
ers have work-at-home po- (403) 934-3939.
Email: fax 403-901-2387

day 10-5 pm; Sunday 10-4 sitions available. Get online

pm. Central Lion’s Recre- training you need from an
ational Centre. 113 Street employer-trusted program.
& 111 Avenue, Edmonton, Visit: or Western Irrigation District
Alberta. Stamp dealers from 1-855-768-3362 to start
across Canada. Stamp Cir- training for your work-at-
You’re invited to the cuit books, Door Prize Draw, home career today! We are looking for a
2nd Annual NOT Your Grandfather’s AGM! Junior Stamp table, Nation-
al-level competitive stamp JOURNALISTS, Graphic Art-
Summer Student
Hosted by Strathmore & District Chamber of Commerce
Experience a “Taste of Strathmore & Wheatland County” exhibits (WSP). Free Admis- ists, Marketing and more. Al- Job Description:
featuring local restaurants. sion. Free stamp evaluations. berta’s weekly newspapers - Responsible for flow metering of canals and
Hear the story of Origin Malting & Brewing Co. For information: www.ed- are looking for people like deliveries and associated data entry, habitat
and enjoy a beer tasting! you. Post your resume on- project maintenance, invasive species
Help us create a strong Chamber of Commerce. line. Free. Visit: www.awna. monitoring and reporting in addition to misc.
com/resumes_add.php. other duties.
Monday, March 26th HELP WANTED Qualifications and Education Requirements
Doors Open 5 pm
Strathmore Civic Centre - Returning post secondary student preferred
Get Your Tickets Early! (Last year’s sold out.) - Ability to work with others as a team under
(Admission includes “Taste of Strathmore”) limited supervision
$20.00 Chamber Members $25.00 Non-Members
- Class 5 license
For Tickets
Go to our website - Good knowledge of Strathmore and
Call 403 901 3175 Email surrounding rural area is an asset
SEASONAL - Ability to read maps and navigate using legal
FIELD WORKER JOBS land descriptions
Full-time Seasonal Positions Hours of Work:
- Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
COMING EVENTS Starting May 2018.
from May - August
Send Resumes to:
- Hourly rate of pay with overtime
Standard Job includes planting, weeding and harvest of
organic vegetables. Perform maintenance to Please send resume to:
Figuring Skating
machinery, biuldings, grounds. Washing and
packing produce. Applicants should be willing or mail to:
to learn and able to do physical work. Farm or Attn: Water Master
March 18, 1pm garden experience preferred. Applicants require Box 2372 , Strathmore, Alberta T1P 1S5
their own transportation to rural address 13 kms Please note only successful applicants will be
at Standard Arena south of Strathmore. Starting wage $13.60/hr. contacted for interview.
The theme is Toys.
Come prepared for a Bake Sale,
Raffle Table & Fishing Pond!
Where Quality of Life is A Way of Life
is accepting applications CASUAL LIFEGUARD / INSTRUCTOR
Join us for the Crowther Memorial Junior for the 2018 golf season Competition TOS2018-10
High School Eastern Canada Trip
in the areas of We are looking for an energetic, self-disciplined individual to become part of the
Spaghetti Supper Fundraiser Aquatic Centre Team as a Casual Lifeguard / Instructor.
Raffle items available!
• Grounds Duties & Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
Wednesday- March 21th
from 5:00-7:30pm at the • Proshop • Performs Lifeguarding duties as required and ensures the overall safety of
the general public.
Strathmore Civic Centre
Tickets are $10 (6 & under free) and can be • Food & Beverage • Instructs the Canadian Red Cross Program.
• Completes janitorial duties.
purchased in advance from students or at
the door on the day of the event. and Cooks • Required to communicate tactfully and effectively with the public and
other staff.
Contact CMJHS at 403 934 4646
for more information.
• Backshop Qualifications and Education Requirements
• Current NL Award
Please email resumes to: • Current Standard First Aid Award
• Current CPR C / AED Award (current within one year)
• Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Award
HELP WANTED • Any other qualifications are an asset

These hours could vary based on the needs of the staff schedule and pool
Full Time Professional Sales Associate schedule. Shifts could vary throughout the week, both day and night, weekends
and holidays.
Strathmore Motors GMC-Chev-Buick has an exciting opportunity for a
Sales Associate to join our team. We offer a very profitable pay plan, It is our goal to provide exceptional aquatic programs and services in a safe
Benefit package, Positive working environment, Excellent selection of environment to enhance the quality of life with the hopes to inspire personal
growth in all areas of aquatics.
New and all makes Pre-own inventory. The successful candidate must
be a highly motivated individual with professional approach. If you are looking for a great team to work with and a rewarding career
Sales Experience is preferred but not necessary. Training and coaching opportunity, please forward your resume to:
is provided. This is an equal opportunity. 680 Westchester Road
Strathmore, AB T1P 1J1
Apply in confidence with resume: Fax: (403)934-4713
Attention: Patrice Fernandez, General Sales Manager Human Resources
Fax 403-934-5338 or e-mail:
The Town of Strathmore thanks all applicants; however only those short-listed
for an interview will be contacted.

Closing Date: March 30th, 2018

Page 22 • Strathmore TIMES • March 16, 2018
STORIES TO SHARE? Look- credit? Bills? Unemployed? suffer employment/licensing $4,397 - Make money & gus bulls for sale. Yearlings OWNERS! Struggling to form FOR LEASE Newly avail- RENT AVAILABLE APRIL 1.
ing for a safe place to share? Need money? We lend! If you loss? Travel/business oppor- Save money with your own and 2-year-olds. Semen your story or share it with able building in downtown Incl. 6 appliances. $1,100/
Call Wanda 403-901-5081. own your own home - you tunities? Be embarrassed? bandmill - Cut lumber any tested and delivered. Call your audience? Call Wanda Strathmore on Second Ave mo + $1,100 SD. Utilities In-
If interested in a Community qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Think: Criminal Pardon. US dimension. In stock, ready Mardy Skibsted 403-934- 403-901-5081 For a FREE offers unique opportunities cluded. Call 403-934-4227.
Storytelling Circle. Corp. Member BBB. 1-877- entry waiver. Record purge. to ship. Free info & DVD: 2571. Discovery. for small to mid-sized ten-
987-1420. File destruction. Free con- www.NorwoodSawmills. ants. Over 1,100 square feet CHINOOK III. 1 bdrm or 2
GET YOUR sultation 1-800-347-2540; com/400OT. 1-800-567- bdrm. ½ month rent free
CLASSIFIED ADS IN THE 0404 Ext. 400OT. FEED AND SEED HIP OR KNEE Replacement? of retail or potential office
space. Call 403-934-5589 with a six month lease. Heat
STRATHMORE TIMES! Restrictions in walking/
CERTIFIED SEED. Go early for more information or for & water included. No pets.
dressing? $2,500 yearly tax
LOOKING FOR a shop? Post HRS Wheat. Super hardy Pin- Please call for availability.
TENDERS Frame Buildings. AFAB In- tail, Winter Wheat. AC Juni-
credit. $40,000 lump sum viewing.
Call Keli 403-324-2944.
cheque. Disability Tax Credit.
dustries has experience, per, AC Morgan, AC Mustang INDIVIDUAL OFFICE RENTAL
Expert Help. Lowest service
expertise, reliability and & Derby Oats. Busby, Seebe, AVAILABLE. Move your A SMALL SELF-CONTAINED


fee nationwide. 1-844-453-
great construction practices. Sundre Barley. Very early home business into an el- CABIN 8 km south of Strath-
For a free quote, contact yellow peas. High yielding egant office in downtown more on Hwy 817. 1-Bed/1-
Ryan Smith 403-818-0797 Silage Peas. Polish Canola. Strathmore. All utilities in- Bath + open living room.
SW-13-24-26-W4M, 169.35 ACRES MORE OR LESS or email: ryan.afab@gmail. Spring Triticale. mastin- AUCTIONS clude. Comes with the use Semi-furnished. NS & NP.
$850/mo + $850 DD. Incl.
com.; 403-556-2609. of an elegant board room.
LYING 4 MILES WEST OF TOWN OF STRATHMORE 4 RESIDENTIAL DUPLEX Call 403-934-5589 to view. heat and power. Call 403-
LOTS - Vulcan, Alberta. 934-4407.
Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers
Strathmore Business Centre,
37+ colours available at be finished combining in Au- 129, Second Ave.
Boundary Adjustment in progress. over 55 Distributors. 40 year gust? Go early HRS Wheat. Unreserved Auction, March FOR RENT: 3 BDRM DUPLEX,
warranty. 48 hour Express AC Juniper Oats. Busby & 21 in Lethbridge. Selling as fridge, stove, DW, W/D. Avail-
Service available at select Sundre Barley. AAC Peace 2 Parcels, Adult Community able now. $1,400/mo +
To REQUEST a tender package please contact: River Field Peas (earliest (45+), fully-serviced. Jerry RENTALS $1,400 SD. Utilities Included.
supporting Distributors. Call
RANDAL JARVIS LAW OFFICE 1-888-263-8254. yellow pea). Early One Polish Hodge: 780-706-6652. Bro- Phone or text 403-325-
kerage: Ritchie Bros. Real NEW FAMILY APARTMENTS 0035.
110, 304 – 3RD AVENUE, STRATHMORE, AB. T10 1Z1 Canola (one month earlier);
1-Bed $910 / 2-Bed $1015 403- Estate Services Ltd.: rbauc-
or email your request to: TENDER 556-2609. Vinyl, Carpet, W/D, fridge,
stove, microwave, dish- EMERALD
or request it via facsimile: 403-934-4853 washer, NS, NP. Includes MANAGEMENT
SALE BY TENDER, Alix, Al- Heat, Water, Parking SAGE-
TENDERS and INITIAL DEPOSIT are to be delivered personally berta. The owner makes no
Green, Heated or Spring- GET YOUR COURT 403.361.8044 www. WESTMOUNT DR.
thrashed Canola. Buying:
or by post to: Randal Jarvis Law Office (at the above address) warranties, representations
oats, barley, wheat & peas CLASSIFIED
1 & 2 bedroom
about the property, size/
no later than 4:00 P.M. MARCH 30, 2018. measurement, condition or
for feed. Buying damaged ADS IN THE 2 BDRM + 1 BATH, AVAIL-
bungalow, bi-lvl
If you cannot deliver 3” wide version or offgrade grain. “On Farm & 2 stry units with
it personally or by mail, you may deliver environmental status. Offers
Pickup” Westcan Feed & TIMES! ABLE APRIL 1. Rent $900/
the tender by emailing it to and must be sent in a sealed
Grain, 1-877-250-5252. mth includes 5 appl, BBQ & parking, some
envelope marked “682694
calling Randal Jarvis at 403-934-5000 to arrange delivery of COMMERCIAL water. Elec & NG extra. Close fully renovated
Angus Hybrid Bulls for Heifers
the initial deposit.
Tender”, addressed to: Co-
rey L Gish, #4, 4737-49B MANUFACTURED RENTAL
to school & hospital. Call
Jade @ 403-870-5216.
& include W/D.
Charlton Cattle Co. has 40 years experience raising Avenue, Lacombe, AB T4L WE ARE “Your Total Rural Children welcome.
1K1; Ph: 403-782-3383. Housing Solution” - It’s time LOCATION LOCATION No Pets.
only must
easy calving bulls NEW LUXURY 2-BED/
*Offers be open forfor
Seller’s acceptance until Offers must be received to let go & clear out our In- LOCATION. Commercial
2-BATH 55+ BUNGALOW From $845.
ventory. Save on your Modu- rental. Warehouse for
Less than 1% assistApril
in 2018.
over 30,000 home-raised prior to March 31, 2018
lease. On Hwy #1. 3,200
$1,600. Gourmet Kitchen, + Utilities.
and must be accompanied lar/Manufactured Home. Vis- Hardwood, W/D, Garage,
and commercial heifers.
*Closing date:50May
red and black easy calving
9, 2018. by a deposit equal to 5% of it: www.Grandviewmodular. – 8,960 sq.ft. available. Please contact our
Deck, Snow Removal, NS,
yearling bulls (65-80 pound birthweights) with price offered. The balance of com or www.Unitedhomes- Please call 403-934-
NP. Only 2 Left! SAGEWOOD Leasing Agent:
six monthTHEbreeding soundness guarantee. 4164.
WILL the purchase price plus GST VILLA 403.361.8044 www. Rhonda
calving/stress-free spring is just a phone call away! must be paid on or before
possession date. Cheques of
unsuccessful tenderers will
Contact Daryl at 780-806-1229, Czar, AB
Note: This 3” wide version to a right REAL ESTATE
be returned. The highest or
land is subject any tender not necessarily
of first refusal. accepted. For additional in-
formation, contact Walt 780-
3.75” wide version
Join a growing
Join a growing “The Missing Piece to complete Your Big Picture.”
Angus Hybrid Bulls
community of of for Heifers
Charlton Cattle Co.who
Canadians who
has areare
40 years experience raising only Jonathan
easy calving bullsproud of of
for heifers. our Peters
Less than energy
1%energy industry.
rate in over 30,000 home-raised and REAL ESTATE Real Estate Associate
Become heifers.
Become Energy 50Citizen
an Energy red
at atblack easy calving yearling
today BLANKET THE PROVINCE 403-870-4446
bulls (65-80 pound birthweights) with six month breeding 74 Slater Road with a classified ad. Only
3”An wideeasyversion

soundness guarantee. calving/stress-free spring is $269 (based on 25 words or

Office - 1,006 sq ft
less). Reach over 110 weekly
just a phone call away!
e newspapers. Call NOW for Warehouse - 2,025 sq ft PROFESSIONAL
SqueezDaryl at 780-806-1229, Czar, AB
details 1-800-282-6903 ext
Contact Total - 3,031 sq ft
the MOST
3.75” wide version
out of your advertising dollars
Sits on 0.87 acre DIRECTORY
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PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY March 16, 2018 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 23


Home Sweet Decks K.M.W HEATING AND

Laminate & Hardwood Floors Residential & Commercial
Move-In’s / Move-Out’s
Interior/Exterior Small Jobs
and Household Repairs
Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly Strathmore & Area 403-870-2744
Vinyl & Composite Decking
Email: Aluminum & Glass Railing Furnace Repair Gas Fireplaces “Everything you need to turn raw land into your home”
Windwalls/Privacy Walls & Replacement Make Up Air
New Home
Garage & Shop
ELECTRICAL Reno’s Hot Water SKID STEER SERVICES Humidifiers Tanks
DNC Electric Over 25 Years Experience • Free Quotes H.R.V
Have a ‘Home Sweet Deck’ kind of day!!

Dwayne Sluys
Serving Strathmore and Area
Renovations Residential Rural Commercial All Decked Out AB BRI-LENE INTERIOR PAINTING
Phone: Email: General Contracting
403 -669 -7170
Kitchens, Bathroom Renos
Basement Developments UPHOLSTERY
ELECTRICAL Residential - Commercial
Additions, Roofing
Fences & Decks Free Estimates - Bonded & Insured Ace Custom
Aluminum Rail Brian 403-934-7874 Repair, Build & Upholstery
Strathmore AB
Vinyl & Composite Decking
• Furniture
Bill Evans 403-901-8875

Wes Breault 403-999-7097 • Golf Cart, Bike, ATV,
Snowmobile Seats & Boat Tarps • Equipment and Vehicle Fronts
Residential - Commercial - Industrial PLUMBING
INC. For more information
Farm & Yard - Bucket Truck Service • Hotwater Tanks • Furnaces
Call Debi 403-901-0342
Master Electricians GET YOUR CLASSIFIED ADS • Renovations
• Service Work
• Hydronic Heating
• Gas Fitting or Text 403-324-7710

403-934-7188 IN THE TIMES! • New Construction

• Commercial
• Sewer Cleaning/
Sewer Camera
Call 403-934-5589 LICENSED JOURNEYMAN Like us on Facebook OWNER/OPERATOR

Serving Southern Alberta Since 1999 OFFICE 403-983-7671 WASTE DISPOSAL



FB Boersema & Partners Ltd.
Designers and Builders of Energy Efficient Homes Cover Up Painting
“Let us put YOUR thoughts on paper BEST WORK & REASONABLE PRICES

Furnace Replacement • Repairs & Maintenance

and build it to your satisfaction.”
Certified I.C.F. Installers
Air Conditioning • Certified HVAC Technicians INTERIOR / EXTERIOR
Plumbing • Duct Cleaning COMMERIAL & RESIDENTIAL Recycle Carts
Serving the Foothills since ‘78. Mason Walstra
Our Team aT YOur Service! Bin Rentals
403.934.4957 GENERAL CONTRACTORS 403-934-3212 | 306-320-7372

• Painting • Plumbing Serving Strathmore, Drumheller & Areas
• Small Renovations
• Decks & Fences

• Bathrooms
• 101 Slater Way, Strathmore, AB

Call BOB 403-861-7822
Prairie Home Roofing Ltd. WATER WELL DRILLING
Prairie Home Roofing Ltd.
STRATHMORE’S Get the job done right the FIRST time! For All Your Water Needs
GENERAL CONTRACTORS Get the job done right the FIRST time!
LEADER IN HOME Prairie Home Roofing
Residential Roofing • Roof Repair
Residential Roofing • Roof Repair
Services! Metal
Get the job done
Fascia •
FIRST time!
Soffit & Fascia • Eavestrough
IOP ROW LTD. Residential Roofing • Roof Repair
Calgary• 403-796-5381
Metal Roofing 403-796-5381
Specializing in Insurance Claims Soffit & Fascia 403-901-7484 3rd Generation of Quality Service
Your Complete Exterior Finishing Company
• Eavestrough
Strathmore 403-901-7484
Experts in Vinyl Siding, Soffit and Fascia Calgary 403-796-5381
THE CARPET COP Continuous Eavestroughing • Windows & Reroofs
Strathmore 403-901-7484
Kelly Camden Aluminum and Smart Board Batons
403.991.6192 Cell: 403-968-9211 • Work: 403-934-4334
Fax: 403-934-4422 • Email:
FREE ESTIMATES 403-934-4271 Box 1 Site 22 RR 2, Strathmore AB, T1P 1K5
Page 24 • Strathmore TIMES • March 16, 2018

2018 GMC SIERRA 1500



VALUE PAY $36,495*


75 1.9 48 3,250

$ @



0 72 (0.2 ) 5,772



ON NOW AT YOUR ALBERTA GMC DEALERS. 1-800-GM-DRIVE. GMC is a brand of General Motors of Canada. Offers apply to the purchase of a 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 Double Cab Elevation Edition, Canyon Extended Cab and Sierra HD Diesel equipped as described. Offers apply to qualified retail customers in the Alberta GMC Dealer Marketing
Association area only on select vehicles delivered from March 1 to April 2, 2018. * Truck Month Total Value valid toward the retail cash purchase of an eligible new 2018 model year GMC truck delivered in Canada between March 1 and April 2, 2018. Total Value amount will depend on model purchased. Eligible new 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 Double Cab Elevation
Edition: $4,150 manufacturer-to-dealer cash credit (tax exclusive), $1,600 manufacturer-to-dealer (tax exclusive) Truck Month Credit, $750 manufacturer-to-dealer Option Package Discount Credit (tax exclusive), $1,000 GM Card Application Bonus (offer applies to individuals who apply for a Scotiabank GM Visa Card (GM Card) or current GM Card
cardholders) (tax inclusive) and $3,550 manufacturer-to-dealer delivery credit (tax exclusive). On all offers: Void where prohibited. By selecting lease or finance offers, consumers are foregoing this cash credit, which will result in higher effective cost of credit on their transaction. Limited time offer, which may not be redeemed for cash and may not
be combined with certain other offers. General Motors of Canada may modify, extend or terminate offers in whole or in part at any time without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for details. † Eligible 2018 GMC Canyon Extended Cab: Lease based on suggested retail price of $35,970, includes $750 manufacturer-to-consumer GM Card
Application Bonus (offer applies to individuals who apply for a Scotiabank GM Visa Card [GM Card] or current GM Card cardholders) (tax inclusive), $500 manufacturer-to-dealer Delivery Credit (tax exclusive), $750 manufacturer-to-dealer Extended Credit (tax exclusive) and $750 manufacturer-to-dealer Truck Month Credit (tax exclusive) towards the lease
of an eligible new 2018 GMC Canyon Extended Cab at participating dealers. Bi-weekly payment is $150 for 48 months at 1.9% interest rate on approved credit to qualified retail customers by GM Financial. The $75 weekly payment is calculated by dividing the bi-weekly payments of $150. $2,435 down payment is required. Total obligation is $17,983 plus
applicable taxes. Taxes, license, insurance, registration and applicable fees, levies, duties and, except in Quebec, dealer fees (all of which may vary by dealer and region) are extra. Option to purchase at lease end is $16,546. See dealer for details. Discounts vary by model. Dealer may sell for less. Limited time offer, which may not be combined with certain
other offers. General Motors of Canada Company may modify, extend or terminate offers in whole or in part at any time without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. Offers may not be redeemed for cash and may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives. ®Registered trademark of The Bank of Nova Scotia.†† Eligible 2018 GMC Sierra HD
Diesel: Offer available to qualified retail customers in Canada for vehicles financed and from between March 1 – April 2, 2018. Financing provided, on approved credit, by TD Auto Finance Services, Scotiabank® or RBC Royal Bank. Participating lenders are subject to change. Rates from other lenders will vary. Representative finance example based on a new
2018 GMC Sierra HD Diesel. Down payment, trade and/or security deposit may be required. Monthly payment and cost of borrowing will vary depending on amount borrowed and down payment/trade. Example: $40,000 financed at 0% nominal rate (0% APR) equals $555.56 monthly for 72 months. Total Value consists of $3,272 manufacturer-to-dealer
Delivery Credit (tax exclusive), $1,000 manufacturer-to-dealer Truck Month Credit (tax exclusive), $500 manufacturer-to-dealer Finance Cash (tax exclusive), and $1,000 manufacturer-to-consumer GM Card Application Bonus (offer applies to individuals who apply for a Scotiabank GM Visa Card [GM Card] or current GM Card cardholders) (tax inclusive).
Cost of borrowing is $0 for a total obligation of $83,633. Taxes, $1,700 freight and PDI, $100 air conditioning charge (where applicable), PPSA, license, insurance, registration and applicable fees, levies and duties (all of which may vary by region and dealer) are extra. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Limited time financing offer, which may not be
combined with certain other offers. GM Canada may modify, extend or terminate offers in whole or in part at any time without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for details. ®Registered trademark of The Bank of Nova Scotia. RBC and Royal Bank are registered trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada. ¥ Offer applies to individuals who apply for
a Scotiabank® GM® Visa* Card (GM Card) or current Scotiabank® GM® Visa* Cardholders. Credit valid towards the retail purchase or lease of one eligible 2018 model year (“MY”) GMC delivered in Canada between March 1st, 2018, and April 2nd, 2018. Credit is a manufacturer-to-consumer incentive (tax inclusive) and credit value depends on model purchased:
$1500 credit available on: GMC Terrain, Acadia, Yukon and Yukon XL; and $750 credit available on: GMC Canyon (except 2SA); and $1,000 credit available on: GMC Sierra, Sierra HD. Offer is transferable to a family member living within the same household (proof of address required). As part of the transaction, dealer may request documentation and contact
General Motors of Canada Company (GM Canada) to verify eligibility. This offer may not be redeemed for cash and may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives. Certain limitations or conditions apply. Void where prohibited. See your GM Canada dealer for details. GM Canada reserves the right to amend or terminate offers for any reason in
whole or in part at any time without prior notice. 1 Vehicle user interfaces are products of Apple and Google and their terms and privacy statements apply. Requires compatible smartphones and data plans rates apply. 2 Comparison based on 2017 Small Pickup segment and latest competitive information available at time of posting. Excludes
other GM vehicles. 3 Before you buy a vehicle or use it for trailering, carefully review the trailering section of the Owner’s Manual. The weight of passengers, cargo and options or accessories may reduce the amount you can tow. 4 Whichever comes first. Limit of four complimentary Lube-Oil-Filter services in total. Fluid top-offs, inspections, tire rotations,
wheel alignments and balancing etc., are not covered. Conditions and limitations apply. See your dealer for details. 5 Whichever comes first, fully transferable. Conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for complete details. 6 Visit for coverage maps, details and system limitations. Services and capabilities vary by model and conditions as well
as geographical and technical restrictions. Terms and conditions apply. OnStar® acts as a link to existing emergency service providers. Not all vehicles may transmit all crash data. After the trial period, an active OnStar® service plan is required. OnStar® 4G LTE: Services and connectivity vary by model and conditions as well as geographical and technical
restrictions. Requires active OnStar® service and data plan. Data plans provided by AT&T or its local service provider. Accessory Power must be active to use the Wi-Fi® hotspot.

403.934.3334 900 Westridge Road, Strathmore
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Patrice Fernandez Les Mike
Chris Patrick Smith Zarokostas
General Sales George Mohan Sales & Financial Financial Services
Manager Sales Sales Services Manager
403.934.3334 900 Westridge Road, Strathmore
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All New 2018 Equinox Turbo All Wheel Drive

198 * B/W

STK 18904


• 2.0 Turbo with 252 HP • MyLink
• 9 Speed Auto • Sirus XM Sat Radio
• Remote Start • Power Liftgate
• Sunroof • Heated Front Seats
• Trailering Pkg • Auto Climate Control
• Carplay

| 2 5 5
CHEV - BUICK - GMC 48,000 KM YEARS 160,000 KM


160,000 KM
2LT, Heated Leather, Heads Up Display
58,300 km
6.2 B8, Nav, L99 Pkg, Only 2,300 km

22,978 STK#
36,988 STK#

$9,233 STK#
$ 14,268 STK#

NOW 39,752
$ 17500
NOW 75,962
$ 179252


Loaded Loaded Denali


$ 13,877 STK#
$ 4,288 STK#
$ 14,443 STK#
2012 BMW X1 AWD
2015 FIAT 500
72,463 1799297
NOW 43,158
$ 179251
Leather Leather Heated Winter/Summer Moonroof, 2.0L Turbo
Heated Seats Seats Remote Start Leather Heated Seats
Moonroof Moonroof Auto Nav-Self Park
86,300 km 84,300km 47,352 km 119,039 km
All Wheel Drive, Turbo Charged, Remote Start, Dual Sunroof, Navigation + STK# STK# STK# STK#
Alert Package, Sunroof, Camera, Infotainment, Power Lift Gate, 179291B P4185A P4353A P4383
Auto Climate Bose Speakers, V6


18,999 $
18,999 $
11,988 $
$198* B/W
189104 $289* B/W
7 Passenger
Low KM! Auto,
Power Group
179330A Leather seats
64,310 km
Heated Seats / Wheel, Remote Start, Leather Heated Seats, Nav 16,457 km 130,200 km
Ventilated Seats, Dual Sunroof, Brake Controller, 5.3 V8 Sunroof
Buick Experience Pkg Camera, Z71 Pkg, Step Bars 28,711 km

0 0
+ % + %
P4318 P4297A 18961A

21,888 $
14,998 $
16,979 $
58,500 STK# 18972 $
49,975 STK# 18999

-Acadia GFV $13598-Encore GFV 13849-1ST Payment-, 5% GST+(Tire, Air, AMVIC $6.25 & Delivery fees =Total $519 excluded)-Enclave & Silverado-5%GST+(Tire, air, AMVIC $6.25 & Delivery fees=Total $519 excluded) 5% GST-AMVIC $6.25+PREP FEE $393 EXCLUDED. MAY NOT BE EXACTLY AS ILLUSTRATED-SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE-SEE DEALER FOR DETAILS

We’re your home town dealer.

403.934.3334 900 Westridge Road, Strathmore 403.934.3334 900 Westridge Road, Strathmore
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Patrice Fernandez Chris George Patrick Mohan Les Smith Mike Zarokostas
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until April 30, 2018!

FREE Tire Storage for LIFE with the purchase of a set of tires

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