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BR 263, REM sa4e BILLE NUOVO METODO PER CONTRABBASSO Parte 1 NOUVELLE METHODE Py RICORDI INDICE Degli sbbelimenti . . Pop. 1| Des agréments 3) Du portamento el portamento Seale per due ottare, ar pegei & studit in “tutti toni. tee 10 stodii ai perteziona~ mento. ct] ment. Stadio gioraaliero PARTE PRIMA TABLE DBS MATIBRES Gammes par deus octaves, carpiges ot dudes dans toutes les tonalités 40 tender de pertetionne INDEX Page || On embellishments . . Page a + 8) On portamento Seales for two octaves, ar: peggtos and studies in all 4] te keys. | 29 evening stdin =. 1| nde pour ehagu jour . 78 | Daly say i PARTE SECONDA ‘ cs Isaia Bille sev-son NUOVO METODO = NOUVELLE METHODE © NEW METHOD per pone tn for ontrattassna Ae corde Contrehasse & 4 et 8 cordes Double-base wl «5 strings PRIMA PARTE PREMIERE PARTIE FIRST PART JIT.Corso Pratico TIL. Cours Pratique III. Practical Course DEGLI ARBELLIMENTI | DES AGREMENTS | OR EMBELLISHMENTS Anche la musica 8a suf. Le ssp oust ou flortre, | Msi also tas its embellishments AMG eiqucnta.spestalmente qui tt Siew sonent, sunfon? | and tose espeially inthe eam. Felis composizion &1G 5: Bach dans len aurras de 0. Back, | position of 6.8. Bich, Handel, Huondels Seaclatti Beethoven, — fuoudel, Sourbrit, Deethorew, | Searlatti, Beethoven, Meas MocnshMaydn,eee, sovente ocurt, ayia efe, exwse ue | Haydn ete, ane aften a source eca fiftislta allesecuinte, agony 4 Pecteutenn par. | of aiPeutey for the performer Jere | macetel modern In | erqueice maiinen, Canjour. |g the modern mgaters mark Kegosuo diversumente Beco. | han svrrent dene fagon | them different. So Reve are ne perzanto git Bsempt igforents Eu rota poortantes | Some Examples: Beemer APPOGGIATURA APPOUSEATORE APPOGGTATURA AccliccaToRA —1——RCCLACCATURA MORDENTS, MORDANT ' MORDENT ORUPPETTO oncersrro TURN TRILL TRILLE The TRILL Awverto che dorendoi eseguire ‘trio i mezzo tono bene ad. Derare sempreil fe Saito e he docendosi trifle sulle ote naduratad eecerone deultimn onda dovzé tare sme als posisione,non adoperendo mai In eorda vuota, Bae eerisenent:ororvon doit Ssbeton wnt Pan demi Snide tex emptoge fou. ours eft Smedoigt et ors. ime on tot tor or des sates Iterctes Uasception te te iertie sonte, on tor er irs i aan te ‘nls pot a ord ane Wariag is given that when the bul-toe til is to be por. formed, itis best alwas to ae the [and 3° fingers and that ‘whea tiling on nakaral notes, sampling on the last trig one ‘must alays tell in position, sever unig the npon sting. Pr DEL PORTAMENTO 1 portamento del. suono si fa quando due o pil note se. no collegate assieme per iaezzo della legatura, Lento eh : 1 portamento det suon» si ad. dice moltissimo al caatabile pero deve essere trattato oon parsimonia, senza esagcera Hone,¢, possibilmente senza fee» abuso dello strisciamen, to delle dita sulle corde, on. de ovitare quel brattissim> aiagolto allio procuri di meters in prntion questo sistema ia ma. ler di poter rendere meno o- ftv © aatan renzo il suono del. pid ingrato dogit istrament A contrabbasson Aggiongy Inolte one in molt eas & bea Taro della seconde ¢ terza felange, quando due o pi nese si trovano nella medesime po slalone e debbon0 eseguirsi consecativamente, Bsempio: ae ‘aa seguire sempre ella med. sima cords Te seguenti not Speciaimente quando sono uri- te dalla logatarsonie evitae la voltata dll az. | Do PORTAMENTO | ON PORTAMENTO wa te portamento du son rs. | Portarento of the sand is used (rue dewct ov plusieurs nofes | when two or more notes are sont liges ensemble fn 2 LE EN — be portonedo du 50% convient onnooup eu "eantabile, aise doit Pempliyereree madératon Sans esugiration of posiblenent San abuser gltosenont sur les eordas, afin doviter an Imiaulement de trig meweais aeit. Ditive doit tioher de pratt. fuer ce systime de manibre BP renre maine aigre of mains dete son de plus dasegréa . Sto parmi fos instruments: fe Contrebasse!! Sajouta encore que dns plusieurs cas on doit employer ta 17et 2° phatenge avapro dsc ow plusleurs notes se trowent dans ta méme pos thon et doivent dlre axdeutéos conshowtivenent, Exenple: ter AG meets BE (On const Waedeuter toujours fur ba me cord ls tes Out ‘ont gue, surtout lorspeos ieiter de bound by means of 2 tie PPortamento ofthe Scand is ex collentiyspited to enntablle Twat must be used sparingly: ‘without exaggeration and. if possible, witnont exeessively fragging the fingers over the strings, in order Wo void ex nplensaat mewing soind, ‘The stident must try to pu this method into practice in frder toad sweetness and mel Towness to tht ost ungeatfu fall instroments: the Dovble Bass! I may add besies that ‘in many cases it swell to se the se2ond and third phalanges sven two or more notes are fount inthe sae positionand having tote perfomed consecutively Example, raat Fh rated ia ‘The following notes aloays to be performed onthe ste string epeially when tey are bout ya te, in order to avoid siraing the Dow. GAMES SCALES PAR DEUX OCTavES. | FOR TWO OCTAVES, SCALE \ ARPEGES ET ETUDES | ARPEGGIOS | PER DUE OTTAVE, ARPEGGI E STUDI IN TUTTI I TONT DANS TOUTES AND STUDIES LES TONALITES WALL THE KEYS. DOMAGGIORE DO Waser © Masor, 1 stunt érvbEs sTuDIEs Moderato £4 MINORE LA anvacR ' 4 MINOR, srupi érepes STUDIES % — Motarate i. 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