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Route, Nursing
Name of Drug Mechanism of Action Indication Adverse Reactions Special Precautions
Frequency & Responsibilities
Generic: Dosage: Binds to dihydropyridine Management of CNS: Anxiety, dizziness, Assess if patient is Monitor vital signs
10mg/ day and nondihydropyridine hypertension, fatigue, headache, allergic or
cell membrane receptor chronic stable lethargy, light- hypersensitive to the Obtain history of
amlodipine sites on myocardial and angina, vasospastic headedness, drug. patient’s previous
vascular smooth-muscle (Prinzmetal’s or paresthesia, medication to avoid
Brand: Route: cells and inhibits influx of variant) angina. somnolence, syncope, Patient with heart interactions.
extracellular calcium ions tremor block, heart failure,
Norvasc Oral across slow calcium CV: Arrhythmias, impaired renal Monitor blood
channels. This decreases hypotension, function, hepatic pressure while
Frequency: intracellular calcium palpitations, disorder, or severe adjusting dosage,
level, inhibiting smooth- peripheral edema aortic stenosis. especially in patients
O.D muscle cell contractions EENT: Dry mouth, with heart failure or
and relaxing coronary pharyngitis severe aortic
and vascular smooth ENDO: Hot flashes stenosis
Timing: muscles, decreasing GI: Abdominal cramps,
8 peripheral vascular abdominal pain, Educate to take
resistance, and reducing constipation, diarrhea, missed dose as soon
systolic and diastolic esophagitis, as remembered and
blood pressure. indigestion,nausea next dose in 24
Decreased peripheral GU: Decreased libido, hours.
vascular resistance also impotence, urinary
decreases myocardial frequency Educate to
workload, oxygen MS:Myalgia immediately notify
demand, and possibly RESP: Dyspnea prescriber of
angina. SKIN: Dermatitis, dizziness, arm or leg
flushing, rash swelling, difficulty
Other:Weight loss breathing, hives, or
Classification Contraindications Side Effects rash.
Functional: Hypersensitivity to Frequent (greater than
Take amlodipine
Antihypertensive amlodipine or its 5%): Peripheral edema, with food
components. headache, flushing.
Hepatic impairment, Occasional (5%– Monitor blood
Chemical: aortic stenosis, 1%):Dizziness, pressure to rule out
hypertophic palpitations, nausea, hypotension
Dihydropyridine cardiomyopathy unusual fatigue or
with weakness (asthenia). Ensure compliance
outflow tract Rare (less than 1%): to medication.
obstruction. Chest pain,