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When completing an Export Full Export Exit Summary C21 for Indirect Notes

Declaration please always refer Declaration Declaration export (exiting

to the UK Tariff which provides (EXS) the UK)
full details of the data elements (CHIEF accompanied by
required for each CPC and type transaction CPC 10 00 046 an eAD
of Export Declaration. CHIEF code
Field (CHIEF CPC 10 00 043
IEFD) transaction
(Box Number) code IEXS) (CHIEF
NB EXS Data code IECR)
elements are
listed in Annex

1 Declaration Type X X

2 Consignor/Exporter X X X EORI number (or

name and
address if not

5 Items X X Human Computer

Interface HCI) only.
For example, the

6 Total Packages X X X

7 Commercial Reference Number Box 7 completion is Box 7 completion is In other MS the UCR
(also know as the Unique optional in UK but optional in UK but goes in box 7 but in
Consignment reference (UCR)) UCR in Box 44 is UCR in Box 44 is UK where we already
mandatory mandatory used UCRs we kept it
as mandatory in Box
44. So Box 7 is
optional in the UK .
However, the contents
of Box 44 (the UCR)
should be printed in
Box 7 of the Export
Document (eAD)
because this is where
OMS will look for the
Commercial Reference
Number at the Office
of Exit.

8 Consignee X X EORI number (or

name and address if
not available)

14 Declarant/Representative X X X This field is

mandatory if the
ntative is not the
same person as
in Box 2
15a Country of Export X X Must be an EU
Member State

17a Country of Destination X X Must be a third country

18 ID Means of Transport at departure X Mandatory for CAP goods with

export refunds

21 Identity and Nationality of Active Means of Transport X

crossing the border (two fields)

25 Mode of Transport at the border X

26 Mode of Transport Inland X To be completed only when

Export Dec is completed inland
at an ICD or warehouse

29 Office of Exit X Mandatory for Indirect Exports

going from UK and exiting via
another Member State.

30 Location of Goods X X X

31 Packages/ X X X For each item on

the declaration a
Description of Goods/Marks description of the
and numbers etc AND goods, package
container number (where marks, number
relevant) and kind, and any
numbers should
be entered in this

33 Commodity Code X X

34a Country of Origin code Usually optional but mandatory Mandatory for CAP goods with
for CAP goods export refunds

35 Gross Mass X X

37 Customs Procedure Code (CPC) X X X

38 Net Mass X

40 Summary Declaration/Previous X X Previous documents

document should be declared.
An eAD should For Example, the
accompany this CPC EMCS ARC number
should be input in this

41 Supplementary Units X Only if required by the

commodity code in Box 33

Box 44 contains a number of data elements including the extra safety and security elements that were
implemented for Export Control System (ECS)
44 Unique Consignment X X X Mandatory. When
Reference Number (UCR) a UCR is
included the
Documents field

Please note, for

indirect exports
from the UK, the
UCR in Box 44
should be printed
in Box 7 of the
Document (eAD).

Additional Information/ X

documents produced/certificates and authorisations

Transport Document Number X X When the mandatory

UCR is included in the
declaration the
Transport Document
field is optional.

Countries of routing X X

UN Dangerous Goods code X X X To be provided

where relevant.

Seal Numbers X X To be provided where


Transport Charges Method of X X X To be provided

Payment where available.

46 Statistical value X Where required by the CPC or

in support of a document such
as a licence.

49 Warehouse X Mandatory where goods are

being exported from a
warehouse and other scenarios
(see Tariff)

54 Place and date, signature and name of X Only used exceptionally for a
declarant or representative paper Export declaration. For
Paper declarations only - not a example for Merchandise in
field on CHIEF for exports. Baggage.

Other Specific Circumstances Indicator X