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Sheffield Hallam | University ra) Pres ee ULICy qualification in one Cre cns growing Pea Customers Pa Ay > oa Suppliers MSc in Logistics & STU UE TL Management SLIT wil deiver the Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc program Sheffield Hallam University in Sri Lanka. The program is built on the four plas of Stategies, Management, Technology, and Systems to cover the necessary skis for logistics and supply chain practitioners. Along with in class knowledge development, the program focuses on improving the problem solving and research skils essential for the industry via special workshops. SLIIT - The Institute SUIT is the premier degree awarding institute approved by the University Grants Commission under the Universities Act. SUIT is also a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities & Intemational Association of Universities. SUIT offers Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computing, Business, and Engineering, SLIT graduates are globally accepted in View of the high standards maintained. SUIT has cteatied a leaming and research environment with best possible resources for students. While encouraging stuclents to be innovative and committed towards excellence, SLIT aims at Sheffield Hallam University (SHU), UK Sheffield Hallam University is one of the most progressive and innovative Lniverstes in the United Kingdom recognized as a Centre of Excellence for teaching and leaming, Ths prestigious University has student population of around 28000. SHU has recently been ranked as the number one University in UK for teaching qualty and student learning experience. SHU programmes are innovative, flexible and internationally recognized, and have buit up strong links with industry, commerce and the public sector AIISHU programmes are designed to provide analytical, technical and practical expertise requited for progress in todays Highy competitive De - Providing an opportunity to develop and enhance technical and problem solving skils in the area of logistics, ony nphasis on supply chain management. -Promulgate current best practice in the theory and application of leading edge technologies, processes and systems in logistics and supply chain management. eee a etek ene Doan Maximise employment and career potential as a graduate, whilst providing industry, commerce and the public sector RT eee A enon Cen Rae ee ne Reet eee tet eet ss er neces Course Structure ‘Semester 01 Semester 02 Project / Research 4.x 15 Credits Units - 60 Credits 4x 15 Credits Units - 60 Credits 60 Credits Units ee eres mae Strategic Sourcing | Project & Quality ies Dee ou ces ee ed een) Proc) Tete) 180 Credits Eligibility Criteria Educational, Professional ~ An honours degree in a science or engineering subject, usually a least second-class, or ~ An honours degree in a business or management subject, usualy atleast second-class and where some computing or technology focused modules have been studied o - Suitable professional qualification ina field appropriate to engineering, management or supply chain management, or ‘A degree in any discipline plus at least one year of industrial experience in responsible position in a role/organization related to ‘operations management, logistics or supply chain management, or - A diploma ina technological area, with atleast tee years of experience ina logistics or supply chain related field AND Language - English Language Competency Teaching Faculty Prof. Chandana Perera (SUIT) Prof: Terrence Perera (SHU) Eng, Nihal Samarasekere (UOM) x Koliya Pulasinghe (SLIT) Prot. Sameh Saad (SHU) Mrs. Gayani De Alvis (industry) Dr GN. Samarasekara(SUT) ‘Dx Cham Pushpakumara (UOK) Mr Ravi Edisinghe (Industry) Dx. Nanga Amarasinghe (SLIT) ‘De Tashika Rupasinghe (UOK) Mr Mario Fonseka (industry) Ms. Gayashika Femando (SUI ‘Mr. Ran Sugathadasa (UOM) Ms Kasumi Charika Livera (Sti Lanka Shipping) om Logistics and Supply Chain Management Si Lanka Shipping Warehousing (Pvt) Lec Aiter completing my undergraduate degree, | decided to take up the MSc in Logistics and Supply (Chain Management (LSCM) from SHU because | wanted to choose a profession which is challenging, At that time, the demand for LSM was rising in Si Lanka, The course included subjects ftom Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Warehousing, ‘ransportation, Simulation and Optimization, Manufacturing as well as ERP whch contained the necessary theoretical aspects and a lot of examples from the industrial sector. The modules included projects on “Business Process Management, Project and Quality ‘Management and Lean Operations’ ‘The tile of my thesis "Modeling and Simulation of Inventory Systems in Supply Chain Management” Since the potential employers were impressed with my MSc degree qualification because of its relevance to the industry, and therefore; I found it easy to find an employment in Si Lanka when | came back from UK. At present lin attached to Si Larka Shipping Warehousing (Pvt) Ltd, where | am working as an Executive - Warehousing. | am responsible for the warehouse operations, process improvement proposals, maintaining weekly KPIs for the resources used in the, lasing with the service provider to maintain all equipment at optimum productivity level and maintaring good warehousing in all SLS warehouses, [My experience with present employment and the knowledge I gained from my MSc, lam now ready to take up a challenging caress Noricho Gayathri Chandrarathne Logistics And Supply Chain Executive Expo Global Distibution Centre, Katunayake MSC in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM) from SHU belped me to gain a great breadth of knowledge. The exposure at SHU groomed me to a selt-contident individual The specitic professional skils | acquired and my training from the LSCMare distinct and unique in nature. I have gained a deep understaneing of challenging issues of supply chain sector and now | am able to face any challenge strategically and current using the new indusbial approaches, ithns opened the doots to many interesting opportunities across multiple industries. Now tm working as a Supply Chain Executive attached to Expo Global Distibution Centre (GDC, Katunayake, one of the leading comparies in Si Lanka that provides vakie ackled bonded warehousing solutions to both local and international customers. My work includes identiication of areas of improvements, productivity maximization, aucit control implementation, montoring of inbound outbound operational accuracy, managing warehouse KPIs all of that involve utiization of my MSc Knowledge Choosing Logistics & Supply Chain Management as my MSc is one of the best decisions | have mace so far in ny life, MSc Course Coordinator - Dr. Ganga Samarasekera AeA ec BoC Merchant Tower, ay @ SLIIT IT #28, St. Michael's Road, Colombo 03 === Tel: (011) 230 1904 URL: www.sliit.k E-mail: info@siliit.|k