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1. -10. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere 5.

The pressure to become pregnant once married

uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz. can be intense, and child brides typically ----
having many children to care for while still young.

1. At the end of the 15th century, there was a A) step down

flowering in England of both humanistic studies
and educational institutions, enabling a rapid ---- B) put off
from the medieval tradition to the Renaissance. C) take after
A) comprehension B) denial D) end up
C) treatment D) investigation E) drop out
E) transition

6. A philosophy of education represents answers

2. Dressing up like Batman or building imaginary to questions about the purpose of schooling, a
cities with blocks help young children ---- teacher's role, and ---- should be taught and by
creativity, develop emotional intelligence, and what methods.
build empathy. A) whereby B) that
A) delay B) refuse C) whose D) whether
C) conflict D) cultivate E) what
E) violate

7. In many developing countries, ---- the benefits

3. Despite a/an ---- kinship, the studies of political they could receive from access to better
science and law spent many decades isolated transport, women are often discouraged from
from one another. using bicycles.

A) inherent B) opposing A) Due to B) Unlike

C) susceptible D) defenceless C) As well as D) Despite

E) ambiguous E) Instead of

4. In most of the developing countries, the lack of 8. ---- previous industrial revolutions evolved over
reliable and current socio-economic data, ---- at the course of multiple generations, the pace of
the lower administrations levels, is impeding the the Fourth Industrial Revolution requires a more
proper execution and monitoring of development rapid response.
endeavours. A) Whereas B) Because
A) prosperously B) specifically C) Until D) Just as
C) enthusiastically D) reluctantly E) If
E) deliberately
9. Researchers have concluded that ---- the rapid 13. With the onset of industrialization and rising
population growth, the number of child brides in productivity, the share of people living in poverty
Burkina Faso will increase dramatically, unlike ---- and continues to do so as further economic
Colombia. growth ---- greater wealth.

A) in place of B) due to A) will have decreased / brought

C) but for D) in spite of B) has been decreasing / brings

E) on behalf of C) decreases / had brought

D) had decreased / is bringing

10. ---- aphasia and communicative dysfunction E) has decreased / was bringing
are not the same, language and communication
are not synonymous.
14. The total number of women married as
A) Because B) Unless
children will still be around 700 million in 2050, --
C) Just as D) By the time --nearly 490 million girls will have avoided early
E) Although
A) although

B) since

C) provided that
11. - 20. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan
yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi D) so
E) unless

11. Rising income inequality ---- to social and

political unrest, ---- our economic future and 15. According to the 2030 agenda, women and
general wellbeing. girls must enjoy equal access to quality
A) will contribute / to threaten education, economic resources and political
participation ---- equal opportunities with men
B) has contributed / being threatened and boys for employment, leadership and
C) contributes / threatening
A) regardless of
D) contributed / having threated
B) despite
E) had contributed / threatened
C) as well as

D) but for
12. A trove of stone artefacts ---- in north-western
Kenya suggests human ancestors ---- tools 3.3 E) in contrast to
million years ago - about 700,000 years earlier
than previously thought.

A) being uncovered / had crafted

B) to have uncovered / are crafting

C) uncovering / crafted

D) uncovered / were crafting

E) to uncover / have crafted

16. Business and industry should refrain ---- 20. All scientists, ---- they are physicists, chemists,
offering incentives to any individuals to claim biologists, sociologists, ---- psychologists, use
traditional rights of ownership or leadership ---- empirical methods to study the topics that
an indigenous community. interest them.

A) among / of A) such / that

B) from / within B) both / and

C) on / with C) whether / or

D) through / from D) neither / nor

E) into / by E) more / than

17. The future of work is going to look very

different, ---- automation and Artificial
Intelligence make many manual, repetitive jobs

A) before B) as

C) so D) yet

E) moreover

18. Economies such as Japan have a largely ageing

population; ----, Nigeria has a large young

A) moreover B) as a result

C) even so D) or else

E) conversely

19. The reformers believed in the past that the

criminal acts of youthful offenders reflected their
immaturity; ----, young people were not
criminally responsible and should not be subject
to the same punishment as adults.

A) thus B) still

C) instead D) besides

E) for example
21. - 25. sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada 24.
numaralanmış yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya
da ifadeyi bulunuz. A) have occurred

B) were occurred
During times of war, wild animals are more likely C) are occurring
to be hunted or displaced (21) ---- their natural
habitat by humans (22) ---- shelter. Rates of ivory D) had been occurred
poaching goes up and animal reproduction (23) ----
E) occurred
. From 1950 to 2000, more than 80 percent of wars
across the globe (24) ---- within biodiversity
hotspots, several at African wildlife preserves. (25)
---- it’s difficult to capture ecological data in
conflict zones, the effects of warfare on wildlife
has been a challenge to study. But one group of
researchers examined about 200 documents and A) Although
discovered some patterns.
B) Unless

C) Since
D) Whereas
A) from
E) If
B) by

C) along

D) between

E) of


A) sought

B) to be sought

C) seek

D) seeking

E) to be seeking


A) increases

B) declines

C) depicts

D) approves

E) conducts
26. - 30. sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada 29.
numaralanmış yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya
da ifadeyi bulunuz. A) However

B) Otherwise
People define competitiveness as the set of C) Instead
institutions, policies, and factors that (26) ---- the
level of productivity of a country. The level of D) In other words
productivity, in turn, sets the level of prosperity
E) For example
(27) ---- can be reached by an economy. The
productivity level also determines the rates of
return obtained by investments (28) ---- an
economy, which in turn are the fundamental
drivers of its growth rates. (29) ----, a more
competitive economy is one that is likely (30) ----
faster over time. A) growing

B) to grow

26. C) grown

A) hinder D) grow

B) fluctuate E) being grown

C) determine

D) disrupt

E) curtail


A) who

B) where

C) whose

D) how

E) that


A) in B) on

C) along D) away

E) through
31. - 42. sorularda, verilen cümleyi uygun
şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.

31. Before most children can count to 10 or stand 33. ----, it is important to analyse each sector to
on one leg with their eyes closed for more than understand the methods used in mobbing and
10 seconds, ----. the reactions of victims to these actions

A) they are already quite competent users of their A) Although mobbing entails a series of
native language investigations, reports, and other professional
tactics designed to make you respond
B) adults need to learn how to summarize and
draw inferences in order to address higher-level B) Because mobbing methods change according to
literacy demands sectors and occupations

C) starting school is an important milestone for C) Unless mobbing and bullying are so ugly a
children and their families reality and its dynamics often so camouflaged
under the rubrics of organizational statements
D) they would cause a terror in the minds of
doctor against good work D) Once the occurrences of such acts required a
workplace tolerant of verbal and abusive
E) they had to learn not only how to collect, behaviour
interpret, and use the data but also how to
communicate the results to other people E) If mobbing was a concept that arise due to
socio-cultural factors

32. Having a deep historical background and

literary tradition, ----. 34. While people may be able to control what
they say in order to hide their dishonesty, ----.
A) the increase of the centres where Turkish
language is taught and other studies for this field A) people may have fine values and develop great
confirm this view skill at moral reasoning and ethical decision-
B) misuse of language in oral and written
communication in Turkish has become widespread B) he may tell the judge what they want to hear in
order to maintain harmony
C) it has been discussed which cultural elements
should be transmitted in this process C) alcohol helps them to cope with difficult
situations and emotions
D) Turkish language has been a major language of
culture and civilization D) they may be interested in the topic of making
technology accessible and usable by those with
E) there are many studies that have revealed that disabilities
written and oral expressions are not used at the
desired level E) they cannot control their nonverbal behaviour,
which makes matters worse
35. ----, whereas psychologist practitioners, such 37. Africa and Asia still have a lot to do, ----.
as clinical, counselling, industrial-organizational,
A) but they are showing every sign of continuing to
and school psychologists, use existing research to
make rapid progress in lifting their populations out
enhance the everyday life of others.
of extreme poverty
A) All psychologists have one thing in common:
B) but the economic conditions for this country
they rely on scientific methods
still struggling are actually looking very positive
B) Such knowledge enables us to predict our own
C) because the country with by far the largest
behaviour and that of others
number of people in extreme poverty, India, is also
C) Research psychologists use scientific methods to growing rapidly
create new knowledge about the causes of
D) however, in 2034, Africa is expected to have the
world’s largest working-age population of 1.1
D) It has been argued that people are everyday billion
scientists who conduct research projects to answer
E) so did the number of people in extreme poverty
questions about behaviour

E) Some of the important contributors to cognitive

psychology include the German psychologist
Hermann Ebbinghaus
38. A new report funded by the European
Commission has found that more than 150,000
people could die every year in Europe from
36. Although scientific research is an important
extreme weather by 2100, ----.
method of studying human behaviour, ----.
A) although other extreme weather events, such
A) science cannot prove or disprove them
as ‘coldwaves’, flooding and windstorms, will also
B) research can sometimes provide facts that can take lives
help people develop their values
B) unless a solution to climate change is found
C) the effect of capital punishment on the crime
C) because just 5% of Europeans were affected by
rate in the United States may also be determinable
extreme weather disasters between 1981 and
D) the requirements of those result in a greater 2010
chance of producing an accurate understanding of
D) but the main driver will be climate change
human behaviour
E) in order to project how many people will die
E) not all questions can be answered using
from its effects
scientific approaches
39. Student-centred instruction is an instructional 41. The systematic clearing of forests in the
approach ----. United States created farmland and gave
consumers relatively inexpensive houses and
A) but many different faculty members have
furniture, ----.
developed and used approaches to teaching
A) given that without trees to fill these roles, many
B) yet these issues have not attracted the
former forest lands can quickly become barren
attention they deserve in the field of Maths
C) in which students influence the content,
B) but it also caused erosion and very quickly
activities, materials, and pace of learning
deforested whole regions
D) because many of them have created original
C) so throughout history fire has often been used
names for their approaches
as a way to deprive enemy populations of
E) what students attain at the end of the course of necessary resources
D) due to the fact that cattle ranching is the
leading cause of deforestation in the Amazon

E) so the people in those countries can have a little

40. ----, this is generally not sufficient to cover more fertile land to grow a crop of rice
their costs.

A) As people fleeing the conflict in Syria fall within

the category of “temporary protection,”

B) Although the Turkish government refused to

issue work permits to refugees

C) Unless the EU promises Turkey three billion

Euros in funding for projects supporting refugees
in Turkey

D) While some refugees in Turkey receive financial

assistance in the form of cash payments

E) As long as non-governmental organizations have

a protocol with the Ministry of Education
42. - 53. sorularda, verilen İngilizce cümleye 43. Many of the challenges that occur when using
anlamca en yakın Türkçe cümleyi, Türkçe student teams can most effectively be addressed
cümleye anlamca en yakın İngilizce cümleyi at the beginning of the course.

42. Social change is a value judgement-free A) Daha kursun başında, öğrenci takımlarını
concept which does not indicate a direction but kullanırken meydana gelen sıkıntıların bir kısmıyla,
determines the new situation, the difference en etkili şekilde başa çıkılabilir.
occurring in the society compared to the former
B) Kursun başlangıcında bile öğrenci takımlarını
era or situation.
kullanmada ortaya çıkan zorluklardan bazıları,
oldukça etkili şekilde ele alınır.

A) Toplumsal değişim, bir yöne işaret etmeyen C) Öğrenci takımlarını kullanırken meydana gelmiş
ancak yeni durumu, toplumda ortaya çıkan eski olan zorlukların büyük bir bölümü, kursun ilk
dönem ya da durumla kıyaslandığındaki farklılığı başında etkili şekilde ele alınabilirdi.
belirleyen değer yargısız bir kavramdır.
D) Öğrenci takımlarını kullanırken meydana gelen
B) Toplumsal ve ekonomik değişim, hem bir yöne zorlukların birçoğuyla, kursun başlangıcında en
işaret eden hem de yeni durumu, toplumda ortaya etkili şekilde başa çıkılabilir.
çıkan eski dönem ya da durumla kıyaslandığındaki
E) Kursun başlangıcında en etkili olarak ele alınan
farklılığı vurgulayan değer yargısız bir kavramdır.
zorlukların pek çoğu, öğrenci takımlarını
C) Kapsamlı bir toplumsal değişim, bir yöne işaret kullanırken tekrar ortaya çıkabilir.
etmeyen ama yeni rastlanan durumu, toplumda
ortaya çıkan eski dönem ya da durumlara göre
farklılığı belirleyici değer yargısız bir kavram olarak 44. The dawn of the twentieth century witnessed
tanımlanabilir. the emergence of new values in the field of
social, political, economic and literary life as a
D) Toplumsal değişimve yönelim, bir yöne işaret
result of a new scientific outlook.
etmese bile ortaya çıkan yeni durumu, eski dönem
ya da durumla karşılaştırıp aradaki farka dikkat A) Yirminci yüzyılın başlangıcı, yeni bir bilimsel
çeken değer yargılarının hepsinden sıyrılmış bir bakış açısının sonucu olarak sosyal, politik,
kavramdır. ekonomik ve edebi yaşam alanında evrensel
değerlerin ortaya çıkmasına tanıklık edebildi.
E) Toplumsal değişim, bir yöne işaret etmeyen ve
yine de yeni durumu, toplumda ortaya çıkan eski B) Yirminci yüzyılın başlangıcı, oldukça yeni bir
dönem ya da durumla kıyaslayarak farklılığın altını bilimsel bakış açısının sonucu olarak sosyal, politik,
çizen oldukça değer yargısız bir kavramdır. ekonomik ve edebi yaşam alanında ahlaki
değerlerin ortaya çıkmasına tanıklık etti.

C) Yirminci yüzyılın başlangıcı, yeni bir bilimsel

bakış açısının sonucu olarak sosyal, politik,
ekonomik ve edebi yaşam alanında yeni değerlerin
ortaya çıkmasına tanıklık etti.

D) Yirminci yüzyılın başlangıcı, farklı bir bilimsel

bakış açısının sonucu olarak sosyal, politik,
ekonomik ve edebi yaşam alanında yeni değerlerin
ortaya çıkmasına neden oldu.

E) Yirminci yüzyılın başlangıcı, sıradışı bir bilimsel

bakış açısının sonucu olarak sosyal, politik,
ekonomik ve edebi yaşam alanında yeni değerlerin
ortaya çıktığı bir dönemdi.
45. While almost half of the soldiers felt that 46. The study, carried out by researchers at the
women could do more for their country working University of Montreal, has revealed that playing
in a war industry, only 18 percent thought they “shooter” games can damage the hippocampus
had better stay safe at home. area of the brain, causing it to lose cells.

A) Askerlerin neredeyse yarısından fazlası

kadınların savaş endüstrisinde çalıştıkları zaman
A) Montreal Üniversitesi'ndeki araştırmacılar
ülkeleri için çok daha fazla şey yapabileceğini
tarafından yürütülen araştırmada, “atıcı” oyunları
düşünürken, sadece yüzde 18'i evde güvende
oynamanın, hücrelerin kaybedilmesine neden
kalsalar daha iyi olur diye düşünüyordu.
olarak, beynin hipokampus bölgesine zarar verdiği
B) Askerlerin yarısından fazlası kadınların savaş ortaya çıkarıldı.
endüstrisinde çalışarak ülkeleri için çok şey
B) Montreal Üniversitesi'ndeki araştırmacılar
yapabileceğini düşünürken, yüzde 18'i evde
tarafından yürütülen araştırma, “atıcı” oyunları
güvende kalsalar daha iyi olur diye söyledi.
oynamanın, hücrelerin kaybedilmesine neden
C) Askerlerin hemen hemen yarısı kadınların savaş olarak, beynin hipokampus bölgesine zarar
endüstrisinde çalışarak ülkeleri için daha fazla şey verebildiğini ortaya çıkardı.
yapabileceğini düşünürken, neredeyse yüzde 18'i
C) Montreal Üniversitesi'ndeki araştırmacılar
evde güvende kalmaları gerekir diye düşünüyordu.
tarafından yürütülen araştırma, “atıcı” oyunları
D) Askerlerin yarısı kadınların savaş endüstrisinde oynamanın, hücrelerin ölmesibe sebep olarak,
çalışarak ülkeleri için daha fazla şey yapabileceğini beynin hipokampus bölgesine zarar verebildiğini
düşünürken, sadece yüzde 18'i evde güvende kanıtladı.
kalsalar daha iyi olur diye ifade etti.
D) Montreal Üniversitesi'ndeki araştırmacılarca
E) Askerlerin hemen hemen yarısı kadınların savaş yapılan bir araştırma, “atıcı” oyunlarının,
endüstrisinde çalışarak ülkeleri için daha fazla şey hücrelerin kaybedilmesine neden olabildiğini ve
yapabileceğini düşünürken, sadece yüzde 18'i evde beynin hipokampus bölgesine tamamen zarar
güvende kalsalar daha iyi olur diye düşünüyordu. verebildiğini ortaya çıkardı.

E) Montreal Üniversitesi'ndeki araştırmacılarca

yapılan bir araştırma, “atıcı” oyunları oynamanın,
hücrelerin kaybedilmesine neden olarak, beynin
hipokampus bölgesine zarar verdiğini öne sürdü.
47. Widely regarded as one of the greatest 48. Çin Sözcüsü, Çin hükümetinin çevre
comedians of all time, Jackie Mason combines korumasını bir öncelik haline getirmeye, mevcut
political satire and insightful observations of yasaların etkili bir şekilde uygulanmasını
modern life with great timing to create material sağlamaya ve kirlilikle mücadele etmek için yasal
that makes audiences laugh until they cry. değişiklikler yapmaya devam edeceğini söyledi.

A) Tüm zamanların en büyük komedyenlerinden A) The Chinese Spokesman said that the Chinese
biri olarak bahsedilen Jackie Mason, politik hiciv ve government would continue to make
modern yaşamın gerçekçi gözlemlerini, izleyicileri environmental protection a priority, ensure
ağlayana kadar güldürmek için müthiş bir existing laws are effectively enforced, and make
zamanlama ile birleştirir. legislative changes to combat pollution.

B) Tüm zamanların en büyük komedyenlerinden B) The Chinese Spokesman emphasized that the
biri olarak yaygın şekilde kabul edilen Jackie Chinese government could make environmental
Mason, politik hiciv ve modern yaşamın derin protection a priority, ensure existing laws are
gözlemlerini, izleyicileri ağlayana kadar güldüren effectively enforced, and make legislative changes
materyaller yaratmak için müthiş bir zamanlama to combat pollution.
ile birleştirir.
C) The Chinese Spokesman openly said that the
C) Son zamanların en büyük komedyenlerinden biri Chinese government could continue to make
olarak büyük ölçüde kabul edilen Jackie Mason, environmental protection a priority, and ensure
politik hicivi modern yaşamın eğlenceli existing laws are effectively enforced to make
gözlemleriyle, izleyicileri güldüren materyaller legislative changes to combat pollution.
yaratmak için müthiş bir zamanlama ile biraraya
D) The Chinese Spokesman stressed that the
Chinese government would be able to continue to
D) Tüm zamanların en büyük komedyenlerinden make environmental protection a priority, ensure
biri olarak kabul edilen Jackie Mason, politik hiciv existing laws are enforced, and make legislative
ve modern yaşamın içten gözlemlerini, müthiş bir changes to combat pollution.
zamanlama ile birleştirip materyaller yaratır ki
E) The Chinese Spokesman said that the Chinese
izleyicileri ağlayana kadar güldürebilsin.
government would certainly make environmental
E) Son zamanların en büyük komedyenlerinden biri protection a priority, ensure existing laws are
olarak kabul edilen Jackie Mason, politik hiciv ve widely enforced, and make legislative changes to
modern yaşamın içten gözlemlerini, müthiş bir combat pollution.
zamanlama ile birleştirdiği materyaller ile
izleyicileri ağlayana kadar güldürür.
49. Bütün paydaşlar, barış sürecine olan güveni 50. Çocuklar içeri ve dışarı arasında sakin bir
teşvik etmek için Tayland-Myanmar sınır şekilde hareket etmeyi öğrensinler diye dışarıda
bölgelerinde korunaklı bir alanın ortaya çıkmasını olmaya mümkün olduğunca fazla zaman ayrılmalı
kolaylaştırmayı amaçlamalıdır. ve kapı sessizce açılmalıdır.

A) All stakeholders should have aimed to facilitate A) As much time as possible could be allocated to
the emergence of a protected space in the being outside and the door may be opened quietly
Thailand-Myanmar borderlands, in order to so that children should learn to move calmly
increase trust in the peace process. between the inside and the outside.

B) Some stakeholders should aim to facilitate the B) As much time as possible needs to be allocated
emergence of a protected space in the Thailand- to being outside and the door should be opened
Myanmar borderlands, so as to encourage trust in quietly so that children learn to move calmly
the peace process. between the inside and the outside.

C) Almost all stakeholders could aim to facilitate C) As much time as possible needs to be planned
the emergence of a protected space in the to going outside and the door also will be opened
Thailand-Myanmar borderlands, in order to so quietly that children can learn to move calmly
encourage trust in the peace process. between the inside and the outside.

D) All stakeholders aim to facilitate the emergence D) As much time as possible needs to be allocated
of a protected space in the Thailand-Myanmar to being outside and the door is opened so quietly
borderlands, so as to be able to encourage trust in that children will learn to move calmly between
the peace process. the inside and the outside.

E) All stakeholders should aim to facilitate the E) As much time as possible must be allocated to
emergence of a protected space in the Thailand- being outside and the door may be opened quietly
Myanmar borderlands, in order to encourage trust so that children can learn to move calmly between
in the peace process. the inside and the outside.
51. Enerji piyasası değişiyor, ancak BM iklim 52. Bazı akademisyenlere göre, yakındaki bir
konferansları yüzünden değil, enerji piyasalarının süpernova patlaması paleontologlar tarafından
geleceğini bir kaç yıl bile olsa tahmin etmenin tanımlanan bir veya daha fazla kitlesel yok oluşa
aşırı derecede zor olmasından dolayı. sebep olmuş olabilir.

A) Energy market may be shifting, and this is not A) For some scholars, a nearby supernova
because of UN climate conferences but because it explosion should have caused one or two of the
is extremely difficult to predict the future of mass extinctions identified by palaeontologists.
energy markets even a few years out.
B) According to some of the scholars, a nearby
B) Energy market seems to be shifting, but not supernova explosion could have caused one or
because of UN climate conferences but because it more of the extinctions predicted by
is really difficult to predict the future of energy palaeontologists.
markets even a short time out.
C) Some scholars think that a nearby supernova
C) Energy market is shifting, but not because of UN explosion must have caused one or two of the
climate conferences but because it is extremely mass extinctions identified by palaeontologists.
difficult to predict the future of energy markets
D) According to some scholars, a nearby supernova
even a few years out.
explosion could have caused one or more of the
D) Energy market is fast shifting, and this is not mass extinctions identified by palaeontologists.
because of UN climate conferences but because it
E) According to some scholars, a nearby supernova
is extremely difficult to predict the future of
explosion may have caused one or more of the
energy markets even a few years out.
mass extinctions just recently identified by
E) Energy market has dramatically shifted, but not palaeontologists.
because of UN climate conferences but because it
is extremely impractical to predict the future of
energy markets even a few decades out. 53. Birkaç yıl önce, Kanadalı bir antropolog,
Gobekli Tepe'nin avcı-toplayıcı değil, yerleşimciler
tarafından inşa edilmiş olabileceğini iddia etti.

A) A few years ago, a Canadian anthropologist

argued that Göbekli Tepe could have been built by
settlers, not hunter-gatherers.

B) Many years ago, a Canadian anthropologist

must have argued that Göbekli Tepe could have
been built by settlers, not hunter-gatherers.

C) A few years ago, a Canadian anthropologist

proved that Göbekli Tepe could have been built by
settlers, not hunter-gatherers.

D) A decade ago, a Canadian anthropologist

argued that Göbekli Tepe could have been built by
hunter-gatherers, not settlers.

E) A few years ago, a Canadian anthropologist

argued that Göbekli Tepe might have been built by
hunter-gatherers, not settlers.
54. - 59. sorularda, boş bırakılan yere, parçada 55. Throughout history, no country has ever
anlam bütünlüğünü sağlamak için achieved economic prosperity without
getirilebilecek cümleyi bulunuz. urbanizing. On its surface, then, the urbanization
trend dominating the 21st century should be
good news - not only for the countries
54. The desert bad-lands on the north-western
experiencing this growth, but the global
shores of Kenya's Lake Turkana offer little to the
economy. ----. Cities, now home to 55 per cent of
people who live there. Drinking water is elusive,
the global population, now account for 70 per
and most of the wild animals have declined to
cent of global GDP, but they also account for an
near oblivion. The Turkana is hardly enough for
increasing share of greenhouse gas emissions and
the pastoralists, herding goats, sheep, cattle,
widening levels of inequality.
donkeys and the occasional camel in the hot, arid
countryside. It is a hard life. ----. It must have
been paradise for the human ancestors who
settled here. A) This should not be seen merely as a risk, but
rather as a transformative source of prosperity and
sustainable development of human settlements in
the US
A) Kenya is also endowed with the richest pre-
historic fossil heritage dating over 100 Million B) Public-private partnerships are another
years ago, back into the dinosaur age requirement for feasible solutions to address
forthcoming urban demands
B) Many safari companies and operators,
therefore, offer truck trips to this area C) Raising awareness among these politicians can
improve conditions for rural social
C) But millions of years ago the area was rich in
freshwater, plants and animals
D) These factors may also be considered as new
D) Moreover, women, children, and older men live
indirect advantages for businesses to locate in
in semi‐permanent villages that are moved only a
rural areas
few times a year
E) Upon closer analysis, however, we can see that
E) However, the Turkana area is remote and living
current urbanization patterns are largely
standards are low with majority of people living
unsustainable -- socially, economically, and
below the poverty line
56. Barcelona – Spain’s primary industrial hub – is 57. "Post-truth" was the Oxford Dictionaries’
a global leader in leveraging technology for international word of 2016 – the year in which
efficient city operations and improving quality of the UK voted to leave the EU and Donald Trump
life. The road to this purpose requires meticulous was elected US president. ----. In the era of the
planning and focused steps to achieve the smart Trump administration's "alternative facts”,
city vision. Barcelona’s vision is to achieve a high rejection of climate change and the Vote Leave
quality of life for its citizens, create a platform for campaign's discredited promise of £350 million a
continuous social development and promote a week to the NHS, how can we fight back against
green and sustainable economy. “The Smart exaggeration, spin and untruths?
Barcelona strategy” combined “the continental
A) It describes a situation in which objective facts
Europe 2020 framework” and “local City Model
are less influential in shaping public opinion than
and City Council Strategy”. ----.
appeals to emotion and personal belief
A) To illustrate, Barcelona conducted a poll asking
B) He believes the United States has incredible
residents to name city's problems, and of those
potential and will go on to exceed even its
polled, 5.3 per cent said tourism is the biggest
remarkable achievements of the past
C) The Trump administration showed signs of
B) All three frameworks enabled the city to
softening its plans for sweeping new tariffs on
develop a holistic strategy that encompasses
steel and aluminium
social, physical, economic and governance aspects
by using ICT as a lever for transformation D) Politicians have lied throughout history, but
today's political climate presents particular
C) Therefore, some argue that the hit to the city's
challenges to fact-checkers
reputation will be short term and that Barcelona
will bounce back as other cities in Europe have E) Students currently entering U.S. medical schools
done arrive in an era of increasing distrust of large
institutions, and expanded use of social media for
D) With a population of 1.6 million within city
limits, its urban area extends to numerous
neighbouring municipalities within the Province of

E) Yet, Barcelona has been building a rather

impressive portfolio of smart city initiatives over
recent years
58. ----. Today, however, the situation looks less 59. Water covers 70% of our planet, and it is easy
promising since progress made toward reducing to think that it will always be plentiful. However,
birth rates has been slower than expected. The freshwater—the stuff we drink, bathe in, irrigate
world's population, now 5300 million, is our farm fields with—is incredibly rare. Only 3%
increasing by approximately 250 000 people of the world’s water is fresh water, and two-
every day. It is estimated that 1 000 million thirds of that is tucked away in frozen glaciers or
people will be born during this decade. Over the otherwise unavailable for our use. ----.
next ten years, the population of the Inadequate sanitation is also a problem for 2.4
industrialized world will grow by 56 million, while billion people—they are exposed to diseases,
the number of people living in developing such as cholera and typhoid fever, and other
countries will expand to over 900 million. water-borne illnesses. Two million people, mostly
children, die each year from diarrheal diseases
A) In biology or human geography, population
growth is the increase in the number of individuals
in a population

B) Most of the countries with the lowest rates of A) Therefore, food shortage occurs when food
contraceptive use; highest maternal, infant, and supplies within a bounded region do not provide
child mortality rates; and highest fertility rates are the energy and nutrients needed by that region's
in Africa population

C) Expansion of European-American populations to B) Malnutrition, together with various

the west after the American Revolution resulted in consequences of social disorganization, favours
increasing warfare between the groups the outbreak of epidemics of infectious diseases

D) Population growth is the rate of increase in the C) Creating a healthy society also depends on
size of a given area, such as a city, country or improvements to sanitation and waste
continent management

E) Not long ago, in 1984, it seemed as if the rate of D) As a result, some 1.1 billion people worldwide
population growth was slowing everywhere except lack access to water, and a total of 2.7 billion find
in Africa and parts of southern Asia water scarce for at least one month of the year

E) Accordingly, each could provide a reduction in

water-stressed population of at least 2% by 2050
60. - 65. sorularda, cümleler sırasıyla 62. (I) There is a wealth of information available
okunduğunda parçanın anlam bütünlüğünü via the media, but it has not followed that citizens
bozan cümleyi bulunuz are more informed. (II) This dichotomy has
resulted in a threat to democracy – not from
violent attack, but from apathy, passive
60. (I) More than 75 years ago, Dr. Harold Lasswell,
disengagement and the proliferation of false
a prominent Political Science professor, wrote a
information. (III) The media is omnipresent,
fascinating book entitled Politics: Who Gets What,
encountered everywhere and every time, in
When, How? (II) His book inspired other political
modern life. (IV) However, citizens must be
scientists to ask another profoundly important
equipped with the skills to utilize and benefit from
question, namely: Why? (III) Over the years, these
media. (V) Thus, it is no longer an advantage to be
questions have remained critically important. (IV)
media literate, rather it is a disadvantage not to
If you’re interested in exploring them in depth,
be, not only to individuals but to countries and
then Political Science is the major for you. (V)
international organisations.
About 90 years ago, at the end of World War I,
Max. Weber gave two now-famous lectures,
published in English as “Science as a Vocation” and
“Politics as a Vocation.” A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

63. (I) Jazz developed in the United States in the

very early part of the 20th century. (II) New
Orleans, near the mouth of the Mississippi River,
played a key role in this development. (III) Jazz can
61. (I) Learning disabilities are neurologically-
express many different emotions, from pain to
based processing problems. (II) These processing
sheer joy. (IV) The city's population was more
problems can interfere with learning basic skills
diverse than anywhere else in the South, and
such as reading, writing and/or math. (III) Your job
people of African, French, Caribbean, Italian,
as a parent is not to “cure” the learning disability,
German, Mexican, and American Indian, as well as
but to give your child the social and emotional
English, descent interacted with one another. (V)
tools he or she needs to work through challenges.
African-American musical traditions mixed with
(IV) They can also interfere with higher level skills
others and gradually jazz emerged from a blend of
such as organization, time planning, abstract
ragtime, marches, blues, and other kinds of music.
reasoning, long- or short-term memory and
attention. (V) It is important to realize that
learning disabilities can affect an individual’s life
beyond academics and can impact relationships A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V
with family, friends and in the workplace.

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V
64. (I) Women's rights are the rights and
entitlements claimed for women and girls
worldwide. (II) Throughout human history, women
have steadily achieved greater acceptance and
prominence as time has progresses. (III) American
literature is no acceptance to this rule because in
the early American Literature women were almost
non-existent. (IV) In the 18th century they were
merely part domestic wives and part of the
background and setting. (V) However, as time
progressed to the 20th century, women gained
acceptance and importance in American literature
in conjunction with gaining rights and equality
through woman’s suffrage.

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

65. (I) Before the advent of the Industrial

Revolution, most people resided in small, rural
communities where their daily existences revolved
around farming. (II) Life for the average person
was difficult, as incomes were meagre, and
malnourishment and disease were common. (III)
People produced the bulk of their own food,
clothing, furniture and tools. (IV) Most
manufacturing was done in homes or small, rural
shops, using hand tools or simple machines. (V)
For example, around 1764, Englishman James
Hargreaves (1722-1778) invented the spinning
engine, a machine that enabled an individual to
produce multiple spools of threads simultaneously.

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V
66. - 68. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre 66. According to the text, social media ---- .
A) is the only reason why some people develop
eating disorders
As social media continues to play a central role in
the lives of adolescent girls and young women, its B) leads particularly young men to have a certain
influence on body image and the perception of beauty understanding of women
beauty continues to grow. Social media not only C) has an effect on both women and men as to
exposes young girls to certain beauty standards eating disorders
and cultural ideals of womanhood, but emerging
research shows it may contribute to the D) needs to be kept under control through legal
development of eating disorders and body enforcement to prevent all the harms it causes
dysmorphia, in females as well as males. As many
E) affects young girls far more than it plays a role
as 20 million American women and 10 million
on males
American men will experience an eating disorder
at some point in their lifetime, and a large 67. It is clear from the passage that ----.
proportion of those affected are adolescents and
teens. More than half of teenage girls and A) almost 30 million people will suffer an eating
approximately 1/3 of teenage boys engage in disorder globally
eating disorder behaviours such as crash dieting, B) as people, whether males or females, get older,
taking diet pills, and self-induced vomiting. Social they tend to develop any kind of eating disorder
media may be a significant contributor to such due to the effects of social media
behaviours. An eating disorder treatment centre in
Chicago revealed that 30–50% of its teen patients C) social media is by all means the scapegoat for
used social media as a means of supporting their the eating disorders among adolescents and teens
eating disorders. A 2011 study conducted by the
D) eating disorder treatment centres must be the
University of Haifa revealed that the more time
places to consult to if someone is to completely
teenage girls spent on social media websites like
recover from it
Facebook, the greater their risk was of developing
eating disorders and negative body images. E) behaviours like crash dieting, taking diet pills as
Another study conducted by Florida State well as self-induced vomiting are the examples of
University in 2014 also reported a correlation eating disorder
between Facebook use and disordered eating
behaviours. 68. According to the research carried out by the
University of Haifa in 2011, ---.

A) eating disorder behaviour was treated by means

of social media which supported their recovery

B) the time passed on social media increased the

development of disordered eating behaviour
among teenage girls

C) unlike the other research findings, Facebook

was ranked as the first on the list of the social
media resulting in disordered eating

D) as many as 30 million American will develop

eating disorder behaviours sometime in their

E) it is reasonable that teens and adolescents

develop negative body images as there is nothing
more important for them than appearance
69. - 71. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre 69. The global steel industry overcapacity issue ---
cevaplayınız. -.

A) threatens the steel producers mostly in the USA

The global steel industry is currently experiencing
unprecedented levels of overcapacity, which are B) seems to be slightly exaggerated by market
severely distorting the global market and forces
threatening the continued viability of steel C) can be rapidly handled if governments increase
producers worldwide. While this crisis has recently their intervention
become more pronounced, it is not a new
problem. Despite clear lessons from prior periods D) is in fact not the first-time crisis
of overcapacity, including the 1997-2001 U.S. steel
E) is nowadays being disregarded to a large extent
import crisis, many in the global steel industry
have failed to address the underlying problems,
resulting in massive overcapacity – estimated at
more than 500 million metric tons worldwide and 70. When the leading producer countries
growing. This huge capacity growth has not been withdraw government ownership and control
driven by market forces, but rather by increasing besides all other government interventions from
government ownership and intervention in the the steel industry, ----.
global steel industry. Many governments A) the current overcapacity crisis can be overcome
significantly subsidize the growth of their steel
industries – including through government B) the long-term problems of overcapacity and
ownership, low-interest loans, grants and low- other market-distortions are not comprehensively
priced inputs. To remedy the current crisis, addressed
therefore, the major steel-producing countries
C) the huge capacity growth may be the end of the
should remove government ownership and
market forces
control, as well as any other government
involvement, from the steel industry. If the long- D) the re-occurrence of another crisis will be
term issues associated with overcapacity and other guaranteed
market-distortions are not comprehensively
addressed, the adverse effects stemming from E) the adverse effects stemming from unfair trade
these imbalances, including unfair trade practices practices will without doubt re-appear
and resulting trade friction, will undoubtedly
71.What would be the best title for this text?

A) The Role of Government Ownership and


B) Solutions to the Global Overcapacity Crisis

C) Overcapacity Crisis in the Steel Industry

D) Government Intervention as a Result of


E) Shortage of Raw Material for Steel Production

72. - 74. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre 72. It can be understood from the text that the
cevaplayınız. Renaissance ---- .

A) was more of a period of learning and cultural

The Renaissance era was a period of learning and progress in Europe than exploring new lands
cultural development in Europe during the 14th to
the 17th centuries. Beginning in Florence, Italy, the B) was known for both a booming culture and the
learning of the Renaissance soon spread all over exploration of the world
Europe, with an emphasis on intellectual inquiry C) is a quite different era than the Age of Discovery
and Classical revival that marked a departure from
the Middle Ages. While some Europeans during D) does not seem influential enough to transform
this period pursued these ideals through art, math, Europe from Middle Ages to the modern
and other branches of learning, others decided to
E) refrained from art, math, and other various
sail the oceans to explore the world. Thus, the
realms of learning while embracing exploration
Renaissance is sometimes called The Age of
Discovery, certainly playing an important part in
transforming Europe from a backwater to a
modern and powerful entity. Not only did it lead to 73. According to the text, it is certain that ----.
the discovery of the New World, but it also paved A) the Age of discovery was confined to the lands
the way for globalization, helping to interconnect of Muslims and native Americans alone
the world through many new discoveries.
Certainly, there were some obvious downsides, for B) the learning of the Renaissance first spread
it cost the lives of many native Americans and from the New World to the Europe
Muslims in allowing the rise of Europe during the
C) before the Age of Discovery, Europeans had a
Age of Discovery. However, the achievements of
more advanced intellectual and modern life
the Renaissance explorers were also a factor that
helped bring out Europe from the Middle Ages and D) the success of the Renaissance explorers
without them, the world we live in today would resulted in the fall of Europe during the Age of
look very different. In conclusion, despite its Discovery
drawbacks, the Age of Discovery was a major
factor in the creation of the modern world. E) despite the benefits, the Age of Discovery
caused the killings of some people

74. The text is mainly about ----.

A) the Renaissance, the Age of Discovery, as the

driver of the modern world

B) the drawbacks of the Age of Discovery in the

Renaissance learning

C) the explorations of the Europeans after the


D) the achievements of the Renaissance explorers

E) how the Renaissance shaped the intellectual

75. - 77. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre 75. It is clearly stated in the passage that people
cevaplayınız. with a history of body-focused repetitive
behaviours such as nail biting and hair twirling----.

Last year, researchers at the University of A) showed remarkably more tendency to this type
Montreal asked a group of 48 people a series of of behaviours once put in stressful positions
questions about how often and how intensely they
experienced emotions such as anger, guilt, B) were the first to display emotions such as anger
boredom, irritability, and anxiety. After taking the and boredom more than guilt and anxiety
survey, they were “exposed to situations designed C) were asked some questions about which
to provoke particular feelings including relaxation, emotions they mainly experienced, and in which
stress, frustration, and boredom.” The results situations those emotions appeared
showed that those participants who had a history
of body-focused repetitive behaviours like nail D) will absolutely be the serious victims of
biting and hair twirling were significantly more perfectionism at some point in their future life
likely to experience the urge to engage in those
E) are all incapable of calming down in order to
behaviours when placed in distressing situations.
fulfil a task at an expected speed
While on the surface this may come as no surprise,
the researchers drew another, more interesting
conclusion from the results. “We believe that
individuals with these repetitive behaviours may 76.According to the study conducted by the
be perfectionistic, meaning they are unable to researchers at the University of Montreal, it is an
relax and to perform a task at a ‘normal’ pace,” interesting finding that perfectionism ----.
said Dr. Kieron O’Connor, lead author of the study. A) could be avoided through relaxation techniques
“They are therefore prone to frustration, introduced by their treatment centre
impatience, and dissatisfaction when they do not
reach their goals.” Being described as a B) is likely to be observed among more women
perfectionist typically isn’t regarded as cause for than men
alarm. After all, isn’t perfectionism a good thing?
C) can be predicted when it comes to people with
Maybe not. A growing body of evidence suggests
repetitive behaviours like nail biting and hair
that perfectionism can be an extraordinarily
damaging, cause overwhelming emotional
suffering, and act as both a cause and symptom of D) cannot be a devastating behaviour unless it is
anxiety disorders. It is also implicated in everything provoked by parental responses
from seemingly benign self-destructive behaviours
like nail biting to overt acts of self-mutilation and E) may lead people into the urge to engage in
even suicide. always dangerous situations

77. We can understand from the text that ----.

A) huge emotional suffering can cause


B) perfectionism cannot be interpreted a symptom

of anxiety disorder

C) extraordinary harm caused by perfectionism

may lead to a good thing in the long term

D) some behaviours like nail biting may seem

harmless on the surface

E) anxiety disorder has nothing to do with

78. - 80. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre 78. According to the writer of the text, ----.
A) it is possible to provide all the world population
with enough food thanks to high-tech inputs
There are a lot of myths about our ability to feed
the world. Many people think that without high- B) the most widespread misinformation is about
tech inputs like genetically engineered crops our capability to globally feed all the people
(GMOs), pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, we will C) every nation should restrict their population
have widespread famine as the global population growth to sustain the livelihood of their nations
mushrooms to 8 or 9 billion people over the
coming decades. The number one myth about D) current food production is unlikely to feed
hunger is that we simply don’t produce enough billions of people without additional genetically
food to feel the billions of people who will be on modified crops
the planet by 2050. This is a lie. According to the
E) even if Western countries do not waste some of
United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization’s
their food, there still be hungry people
report, current food production can sustain world
food needs even for the 8 billion people projected
to inhabit the planet by 2030. This will hold even
with anticipated increases in meat consumption, 79. It can be inferred from the text that the actual
and without adding genetically modified crops. underlying reason behind the world hunger issue
And given that Western countries waste about is ---- .
40% of all their food, yet still have hungry people, A) not the insufficient production but uneven
producing enough is not really the issue. Think distribution of the food
about it: Hunger is not primarily because of a lack
of food, but rather because the hungry are too B) either rapid population growth or
poor to buy the food that is available. mismanagement of the food resources

C) extreme food waste of the Eastern countries

D) both a lack of food and water shortage

E) completely political agendas of Western


80. When it comes to world hunger, producing

enough food is ----.

A) the only solution to it for all countries

B) an age-old problem of the non-Westerns

C) extremely hard given the high population

D) considered to do with using high-tech inputs

E) not the real issue considering the food waste