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Prepositions often differ between American and Filipino English:

Americanism Filipinism
She is good at physics
Let's order a pizza.
She is good in physics.
Let's order for a pizza
American English &
Can you cope with your stress? Can you cope up your stress?
Let's discuss corruption Let's discuss about corruption. Filipino English
It will result in more problems. It will result to more problems
Americanisms are English words that only Americans use and cause
Based on the evidence, I agree. Based from the evidence, I agree. confusion for English speakers not from America. Filipinisms are English
Let's watch the movie. Let's watch out for the movie. words that Filipinos use and cause confusion for people outside the
I'm sick of travelling all the time. I'm sick with travelling all the time. Philippines. Some words or phrases are different but mutually intelligible.
I agree with her. I agree to her. An American would say "For example," while a Filipino would say,
"Example:". Then there are other words and phrases that can really cause
I am bound for Manila. I am bound to Manila.
problems because they are not mutually intelligible. For example, a call
Please fill out the form. Please fill up the form center agent might say to an American customer, "I will look up your record.
I studied with Professor Garcia I studied under Ma'am Garcia. For a while." The Filipino is asking the American to wait for a short time, but
the American would think, "Oh no! I have to wait for a long time!"
I am studying accounting I am taking up Accountancy
Palawan remains beautiful. Palawan remains to be beautiful
He was fired from his job. He was fired out of his job.
There is a discount on jeans. There is a discount off on Levi's.
Some Common Americanisms
You should demand a receipt. You should demand for a receipt
For example, Example:
Americanism What the Filipino hears What the American means
"Uh-uh." "Yes." "No."
The other day The day before yesterday A nonspecific day in the past
One-quarter sheet of paper Huh? One-fourth sheet of paper
Please move your seat Place the seat in a different location Please transfer seats
Please switch papers Huh? Please exchange papers
I'll pick you up at 8. I will lift you off the ground I'll fetch you at 8.
The previous month The earlier(?) month The former month
Please fill out this form Huh? Please fill up this form
What's your major? Huh? What's your course?
I was Class of 2006? Huh? I was in Batch 2006.
Souvenir/Memento Huh? Remembrance

Some Common Filipinisms

Filipinism What the Filipino means What the American hears American equivalent
"For awhile." "Wait for a short time." "Wait for a long time." "Just a moment."
"Uh-oh." "Yes." "No" or "There's a problem" "Mmm hmm" or "Uh-huh."
Gimmick Night out with friends Practical joke Party / hang out
"I availed the scholarship" I grabbed the opportunity of the "I helped the scholarship?!" Only use the phrase "to no avail"
"I accomplished it." "I filled up a form." "I finished a task." "I completed it."
Biodata Short resume ?! Biographical blurb
Bring home Extra food taken home from fiesta. ?! Leftovers
Bond paper Standard, unlined paper Fancy paper for certificates Printer paper
Canteen Food establishment Water container Cafeteria
"What is your course?" "What is your degree emphasis?" "What class are you taking?!" "What is your major?"
"Please fill it up." "Please complete a form." "Pour liquid into a container." "Please fill it out."
"Find your height." "Line up from tallest to shortest." "How tall are you?" "Form a line according to height."
Get down / Go down Disembark Descend from a high place?! Get off
Green jokes Jokes of a sexual nature ?! Dirty jokes
"I'll go ahead." "Leave in advance of others." ?! "See you later!"
Middle name Mother's family name Second given name (John Paul) Mother's maiden name
Masteral Post graduate degree ?! Master's Degree
Motel Hotel used for sex Regular hotel Love hotel
Nightclub Sex-oriented establishment Regular restobar Strip club
Ocular inspection Assessment of a place / thing ?! Inspection
Open / close the computer Power on/off the computer Dis-assemble the computer?! Turn on/off the computer
Pentel pen / ballpen Any kind of ballpen Specific, fancy pen Pen
Polo A button-down dress shirt A casual, knit, short sleeve shirt Short sleeve collared shirt
"I am a professional driver." "I am a well skilled, capable driver." "My employment is driving." "I am a good driver."
"Your English is very slang." "You have a heavy accent & speak fast." You use informal words." "You're difficult to understand."
Toga Graduation/Commencement garb Clothing worn by ancient Greeks Cap and gown
Tomboy Gay female Girl who likes sports Lesbian
"I will be the one." Offer to do something ?! I'll do it.
"You are advanced." "You are ahead of schedule." "You are skilled/knowledgeable." "You're early."
"You are mature." "You are already old." "You are sophisticated and wise." "You are older."

Filipino word/phrase Translation Americanized Transliteration

Ako na la I'll be the one I'll do it
Mauna na ako I'll go ahead See you later
na already [ omit "already" unless emphasizing
Sandali lang For awhile Just a moment
panaog/lusad Go down/Get down Get off
maki- to be fond of to like
noon/hadto last/past [ omit "last" unless a recurring event Literal Translations
sura viand entrée/main dish that Cause
artista artist actor/performer
Confusion for

Filipino brand name words Generic term Americans recognize

Cutex nail polish
Colgate toothpaste
Xerox photocopy
Kodak camera
McDonalds hamburger
Rugby rubber cement
Pentel Pen pen
Levi's jeans