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Secrets of SaJdam's hicld~~ ~


Dossaer'1'ouy Blair says the docuuuent will be published soon . Guardian reporiers speculate on its coni.ents

Brohard Nortarl-Tayloraod Julian Burger in Washing Tory

A dossler on tmq's nm .leaq

bialegsal and chrmmal wat- fare capahidtes was drawn

,,, It May Ch by Ilia Cabinet Offers lint.Intelligrame Comtnrttre, cheued by the


grocery. after ,ntense disrus-

saru within the 1. holy Blocs Community about "]let should be published and how much speculation It should

M16 officer John


Jay days before many Blair

flew to Washington in early Aprtl to meet Cadge gush,

the government decided not

to publicly thod .,ne,

1'haugh I Contained rwdence about naKlrdad's development of btologieal weapons - pending

anthrax and botalumor main

the d1sxLer was basil on

what UN special Inboyeadon

weapons inspectors


, .air when they wcre puiled

"Of at Iraq ad 19'a ry'n "is

f IA admit that intelligence

gnthered after that date is fair

from reliable Lut Monday, e SVhftethall source said that the long- awaited dossier "wollld ,a adds, playasnle" file,, was

"very little new to To it "'to lt'~

he said The following

Mr Illau any nnnced

doalet would be published

. Sir Michael Qfloyded . furrner pctummmntsecretary

at the Ministry of Delfurce,

told BBC Bad I. 4's Today pro- gramme "Itanklylthmk

most of IIs had

sumed that he had 1 etamed

at least bmluglcal and chemr

ralweapons Tothatextent 1 wnnlrhi t thmk,t wlll pmd,ve znything new ,f it],. somethary, Way nbouttntennon that obvi- ously would be new but it's very find to see what that could he

m a


found up to the


that a

.it,, nf weehs

already iii


UN wrnpans uspecrms found that the lraqls had weapomsed anthrax, but, Boom toxin and afloomin The Irm, admitted hiding their imperial In caves and m models They alsu carried .11 1 resenrch and development ark on olhe, yopecits each as



nun (a hignly patent taxy of nn,L .mool and olanl aerolc I U "'t

Iraq Iras also admitted way k ,I,g an closlrldmm perfcn- gens, a bacterlal weapon lhat

es I;as gangrene, a Cond,- tm'n m wlur.h the flesh tats


tlnseom came to They Carlo smn that the anmm,ls of anthrax,hotuhuum,gas gaugtene and aflolo.,ir were much less than the capacity of its germ warfare labornto- es Its, ClC,i.Cd it had a . its ward us labs at less than tullproduchancapamty fire mspectors concluded they Iraq still loy, at fact 157 bonrha and 25 mrsse teao- heads filled wini genn

ngenla, haul although those war-

shelf-]II, Baghdad has Trained that one of the products made at its newly I'lailit Fall all Lourdes, west of Baghdad w

I,Ury oil to, ,as III Turks

fluid C

Would have a loop cal

.all also

be used to n,ake rim n


17,e Iraqi, adtnnted manu- factutrag agents vmcludlng the netve ageutsattu and tu,lsmrdges 7heyhad . ,a,u,I,.Cd Chemical, and had hundreds of tans Of Custard agent in missile%, arnueryundrorkvts Mncbuf this wns found and destroyed

Bill In as final asecssment of tile hall uhemkal pro

gramme Umacorly ail Iraq had faded to acvv,mt for at

last 7 9lnns of VX nerve gas

one of the most


rrerveagrnts- as vellas6n0 tons o(mgredleu Is lo make It Iran said It bad destroyed the material after I] it war but

atm,t from e fiew fragments al warheads baying VX u"ues, no hnrd evldencc at By*was found.

I ast year gunner Imnmng,

The Gaunarl mtellrgenee clrlef, ala,med that Lraq was developing new ebemrenl weapons and thut"Gctnlall campames apparently dehv- eredpanel tantcoinponents

for the

gns" to an imqi weaPUne plant at Samarre. In early 2001, the CM repurted [hat Iraq had rebuilt two chenncal plants

at Fallulah, whiclt bad been

production of immory

used and to pradm .e cbcmlaa! bmlognalweapnnv

befni e tBo Ctdf war Brigitt e, aid the planls are being

d solely to manufacture le,

Nucl ear


.gC .C,, do, BISD, vvillch has speemhsed,n traclung of hat~l purcheses ofdual-use talloolog,, believes that President Saddvn's urrelear

weapon, pC.g, .O

in business 11g, If


is still


said tbrs year "9hs nur esh- mate that Iraq will have au atomic bomb um three years" Cray Mdlkyl in, The head of the WI>corum Proler.l on

Nuclear Arms Control, told

Congress last year in at

behead Iraq had "all the ele- ent-s if a workable m a il dry, weapon except the fissde material needed to fuel n"

Most ay,eftsbelieve that President Saddam's lack of weapons-3rade utanrom or

Plutonium is the many ubsta-

Tomb . add that

the procesv of pr odunnK tt Is so laborious that the west

could monltor hrs prugre» The International Abornic Enngy Agency co,martsyl at the end uf 199g "Pier e were no Indrentams to suggest that Iraq was surcessfnl m its uttempt to Produce CIULIURI weapons artosugKestllral Irnq hed pmrlnced,tmse tban a few grmmnes of .veapons-

cle to an limp


grade nuclear


.for, .[ "

Rutehelntqlleader c o u l d
Rutehelntqlleader c o u l d

Rutehelntqlleader could

shnrt-crrrud llus prucess,f he could Canyon, go,umledel bit the Intern atmnalblatk
shnrt-crrrud llus prucess,f he could Canyon, go,umledel bit the Intern atmnalblatk

shnrt-crrrud llus prucess,f he could Canyon, go,umledel bit the Intern atmnalblatk

III atket, al lhaugh there as no

ev,dente Th ai he has dnne vn President Sadden assem- bled a substauelal team of nuclear weapons SLI satiate befnre the Gulfwar, and the evldencesuggestsitrematns together The only significant defection was that of a senior engu,eer, Khldhlr Hameq who shpped out m 1999 Former mslseuntrs say the Iraqis LaUld be working on warhead cumpooents and could even assernble some (to all the nun-uucle,u compo-

funds study as electrical firing cttenlts, the hrgh-qaably, steel explosive lenses whu h focus the hrgh exploslve to produce the critical force to

cuml, a,]

ynth the high grade explosive needed In I999 it ma,ed that tire Ira, government laid

on fueled six "htitutnpter" m,lLibya (uscdtoshatter

kidney stories Cothout


preclslonelectronic swrtctra



whn :h

Lori hlgh-

I geranuclenrdevtce Suspl- uorrs wem raised huther when haqotdered I20 esva swuches as "spares"

It is unclear whether Bagh- dad ever got hold of them,

but the order was a clear sign

that Iraq conotnue> to work

on nuclear weapon dengn


Thelraqis possess the artlllery and rockets to drlrver chemical weapune and have engineers and

scientists still m place to develop and produce more, a ccording to fa,mer lRS


VI,, 1, .,i cly,pribult, Of

utedinm range mrssdes (the Al-14, serm, based on the Russian Scud canny) is very ]limited Mostaflhelmsslles were bound and destroyed

These ntlssiles have nudes a.mines

of more thau 400

and a

SOOk¢payload Atonal] number -and a qnanhty of mqlor rompo- nrnlv first could be bled Into s musde- may be bidden Ih1908,unsrom believed that Iraq still bad able ba11ra4r.5cad type miss des v, final, wheteaboub wereunknown Sorr,eana- lysts say those mrsales were prnbahly hidden and Bagh- dad cannot be auto they will work Or they are untested

SatelRte p6otngralrhs nt

,,Car months have shown foods atteinpls to rehmbl imply of tire weapons and

missile latitudes destroyed an


December 098 Among those being refitted is tire

a] Troy yyo , ola ,four Under: the 1991 reasef,re

., .e

Mid test mtss0es with a range

Bud can develop

Desert yox Iu





less to my Mind, (93 ddi

and It has actively pursped



al-Ababll ml rd-fnet mI,-

me wIth


all, k[nweveq ITS analysts suspect that Iratl has been mrderpower in, Its .,a'.les to keep ahem within the rulax, while deslgned plain so they

,vleasily beadaplcdtot

longer rlrstm,ces

At the cud of 1999, bad had _4" also filed toacrount for 500 bombs wink paraclmtes des- rgned for dclivenng chemttnl

CL biological weapons, 550

artlery shells filled with mustard gas end 41,658 filled and empty Chemicial count .




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