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Mr. Jovel M.

Deputy General Manager
Modair Manila Co. Ltd., Inc.
3rd Floor, 115 Aguirre St., Emmanuel House, Legaspi Village, Makati City

Dear Sir,
I am writing to request permission that the requested training of 500 hours under the DESIGN
DEPARTMENT would also include me to participate not only on reviewing and planning electrical
drawings but also by attending troubleshooting to learn various electrical techniques and practices
on site. By this, the principles as well as the theory “comes alive” and I can gain practical
proficiency that I cannot merely gain from theoretical or mathematical practice. Furthermore, I will
learn much more by analyzing actual circuits. This will let us to test equipment which can provide
the answers to our questions instead of a book or another person.
Nevertheless, I am thankful because I have learned so much on my stay on the Design
Department letting me to gain idea, knowledge and understanding about Electrical System Design
which includes computation of electrical system components and familiarization with and
preparation of one-line diagram with principal elements arranged on the page similarly to the way
the apparatus would be laid out in the actual station.
Thank you sir in advance for the help and assistance you can give. I look forward to hearing from
you soon.


Sincerely yours,

Training Supervisor