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Plastic Surgery
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new and bestselling titles in Plastic Surgery
Essentials of Plastic Surgery
Second Edition
Jeffrey E. Janis
2014/1,367 pp./676 illus./softcover/
ISBN 978-1-62623-657-8/€109.99

Grab the go-to-text whether you’re studying

for exams or recertification
ebook! This second edition retains its seven-part structure
as well as the familiar bullet-point style, format,
and pocket size that made the first edition so
successful. With updated references and significant
additions to graphics, including tables, charts, and
illustrations, this book contains the work of many
new contributors as well as several new chapters.

New chapters include:

Fundamentals of Perforator Flaps
Vascularized Composite Allografts and
Transplant Immunology
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
Surgical Treatment of Migraine
Face Transplantation
Nipple-Areolar Reconstruction
Foot Ulcers
Distal Radius Fractures
Hand Transplantation
Facial Analysis
Fat Grafting

Test yourself with
the Q&A Companion!


Essentials of Plastic Surgery

Q&A Companion
Fundamental Topics in Plastic Surgery
Alex Jones Diego Marre
Jeffrey E. Janis
2017/300 pp./165 illus./hardcover/
2015/919 pp./100 illus./softcover/ ISBN 978-3-13-205911-5/€99.99
ISBN 978-1-62623-659-2/€74.99
Acquire a solid understanding of the
This compact book, designed to test your
conceptual roots and fundamentals of
knowledge of Essentials of Plastic Surgery,
presents both multiple choice questions and
plastic surgery
extended matching questions in single best This reference text gathers all the fundamental
answer format. Its 1,200 carefully constructed aspects of the wide-ranging specialty of plastic
questions are practical and thorough, and are surgery into one book to help readers study and learn
accompanied by detailed answers that help in a timely, effective manner. Rather than focusing on
enhance understanding of both the right and specific anatomic areas or surgical techniques, this
wrong answers. book provides readers with a solid foundation from
which to move forward and specialize.


Woo, 2014 Lakin, 2014

ISBN 978-1-60406-820-7 ISBN 978-1-60406-836-8
€69.99 €54.99

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The Essential Burn

Unit Handbook
Second Edition
Plastic Surgery Emergencies Jeffrey Roth/William Hughes
Principles and Techniques 2015/216 pp./15 illus./softcover/
ISBN 978-1-62623-680-6/€24.99
Second Edition
Jamal M. Bullocks et al. The convenient, practical, and
2017/304 pp./192 illus./softcover/ISBN 978-1-62623-115-3/€64.99 informative pocket-sized guide to
working with burn patients
The new edition of the perfect guide for plastic
surgery residents and ER physicians Dedicated to the evaluation, diagnosis,
care, and treatment of burn patients,
The second edition of this detailed guide to the diagnosis this book covers the spectrum of
and treatment of common plastic surgery emergencies burn care, from initial assessment
includes updated clinical information on the most common and treatment to long-term sequelae.
emergency situations. This book provides first-year plastic A quick-reference glossary and
surgery residents with the basic skills to progress in training sample orders and templates make
and ultimately be successful in practice. Covering protocols implementation into practice easy.
for a range of common and uncommon problems, this This book will help you provide better
indispensable resource includes easy-to-follow color diagrams patient care while shortening your
of key procedures and full-color photographs. learning curve.

Operative Procedures in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

Ari Hoschander/Christopher Salgado/Kassira Wrood/Seth Thaller
2015/309 pp./353 illus./hardcover/ISBN 978-1-62623-651-6/€179.99

A step-by-step guide to the most common plastic, aesthetic,

and reconstructive procedures
Each chapter of this guide presents a well-documented technique for a
specific clinical diagnosis. It comprehensively discusses preoperative markings,
intraoperative details, postoperative instructions, and avoidance of complications.
With • Extensive clinical photographs, drawings, and detailed descriptions
ebook! • A list of the essential equipment each operation requires
• Commonly accepted CPT codes

Reconstructive Surgery
Anatomy, Technique, and Clinical Application
Michael R. Zenn/Glyn Jones
2012/1,849 pp./3,000 illus./hardcover/
ISBN 978-1-62623-634-9/€579.99
DVDs! Expert commentary on reconstructive surgery
by internationally recognized contributors

This two-volume set features superb medical

illustrations that depict important flap anatomy
as well as the step-by-step surgical techniques
for each of the operations described. The clear
organization, generous use of illustrations, and
surgical guidance will improve outcomes for a
range of patients.
• Hundreds of cases demonstrate clinical
• Outline format highlights key anatomic features
• Color photos, cadaver dissections, radiographs,
and medical illustrations enrich the text
• Clinical caveats and tips and tricks offer surgical


Weerda, 2014 Persky, 2014

ISBN 978-3-13-129642-9 ISBN 978-1-60406-059-1
€99.99 €79.99

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Operative Management of Vascular Anomalies
Arin K. Greene
2017/400 pp./400 illus./hardcover/ISBN 978-1-62623-690-5/€179.99

Cover the entire field of vascular anomalies

in one manageable volume
This “how-to” text illustrates the principles and techniques for
surgical management of vascular anomalies and describes the
operative management of these lesions in different anatomical
locations. This heavily illustrated book was designed to be easily
referenced and contains classification, operative principles,
figures, and videos provided by experts with a multidisciplinary
approach to patient care.
plus e-content online

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery of the Head and Neck

Current Techniques and Flap Atlas
Matthew M. Hanasono/Geoffrey L. Robb/
Roman J. Skoracki/Peirong Yu
2016/368 pp./726 illus./hardcover/ISBN 978-1-60406-807-8/€174.99

Restore patient form and function

with this state-of-the-art guide
The up-to-date, step-by-step instructions and images in this
book demonstrate how to perform reconstructive surgical
techniques for head and neck cancer patients.
• Algorithms for each head and neck sub-region guide
clinical decision-making
• Step-by-step technical descriptions discuss the most
commonly used flaps
plus e-content online • “Pearls and Pitfalls” sections outline key concepts and
critical nuances

Reconstructive Surgery
Kayvan Shokrollahi
Iain Whitaker
Foad Nahai
2017/732 pp./ DVDs!
1,397 illus./hardcover/
ISBN 978-1-60406-715-6/

Perforator Flaps
Flap surgery, simplified: the quintessential manual Anatomy, Technique, &
on reconstructive flap use Clinical Applications
While focusing on the most advanced methods, this book Second Edition
demonstrates and simplifies flap surgery. This excellent practical Phillip N. Blondeel
reference for residents includes videos and a “Masterclass” section Steven Morris
which discusses pioneering techniques as well as master plastic Geoffrey Hallock
surgeons’ personal experiences. Peter Neligan
KEY HIGHLIGHTS 2013/1,096 pp./2,500 illus./
• Progressive intraoperative photos and superb illustrations guide hardcover/
the reader through safe and efficacious flap approaches ISBN 978-1-62623-609-7/€489.99

• Planning and decision-making chapters cover basic principles, A classic bestseller, now in
microsurgery, imaging, and an overview of current options its updated second edition
• Flaps section details the multivariate usages of microsurgical
flaps, pedicled flaps, perforator flaps, and more This second edition of the
bestselling book on perforator
• Videos focus on the anatomy and basic principles of technique for
flaps includes ten new chapters
a range of common flaps
and extensive updates on all
existing chapters. Many new
developments have taken place
in the field, including the use of
local perforator flaps, free-style
propeller flaps, and the distal-
based sural flap. The editors,
leading surgeons and pioneers,
have assembled world-renowned
experts to discuss perforator
anatomy and clinical indications
as they outline techniques for
flap harvest, from the most basic
to the highly advanced.

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Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Fourth Edition
Ira D. Papel et al.
2016/1,024 pp./2,373 illus./hardcover/
ISBN 978-1-60406-848-1/€249.99

This new edition offers the latest, most

comprehensive coverage of facial plastic surgery
plus e-content online

For over two decades, experienced surgeons, fellows,

and residents have relied on editions of this book to
prepare for surgery, clinical rotations, and exams. The
fourth edition of this comprehensive book on facial
plastic surgery is up-to-date on recent developments
and has thorough surgical chapters to accompany
discussion of practical issues like ethnic variations, anti-
aging strategies, ambulatory surgical concerns, and
evidence-based decision making.
• Online access to more than 30 videos which
demonstrate the latest procedures and techniques
• New chapters on facial paralysis treatment, evidence-
based facial plastic surgery, tissue engineering, costal
rib utilization techniques, and face transplants
• Clinical insights from luminaries in the field of facial
plastic and reconstructive surgery


Truswell, 2016 Cheney, 2014 Fedok, 2013 Yoshioka, 2015

ISBN 978-1-62623-001-9 ISBN 978-1-62623-665-3 ISBN 978-1-60406-567-1 ISBN 978-1-62623-171-9
€139.99 €399.99 €189.99 €79.99

Aesthetic Rejuvenation of the Face and Neck
Bruce F. Connell/Michael J. Sundine
2016/308 pp./670 illus./hardcover/
ISBN 978-1-62623-089-7/€179.99

The latest surgical and non-surgical techniques

used in facial aesthetic rejuvenation
In the current environment of poor results from “lunchtime
face lifts” and “light lifts,” this book takes a careful,
detailed approach to describing high-quality aesthetic
facial rejuvenation procedures. During his numerous years
in practice, Dr. Connell, the senior editor, has become a
recognized world expert on facial rejuvenation surgery. The
expert contributors who co-author this book from around the

world offer a wide range of perspectives and expertise.

Essentials of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Third Edition
ebook! Jeffrey E. Janis
2017/941 pp./550 illus./hardcover/
ISBN 978-1-62623-654-7/€109.99

Keep up with the essentials with a new edition

of this bestselling book
This brand-new title from bestselling author Jeffrey Janis
covers the very latest developments in this dynamic specialty.
Coverage includes aesthetic surgery of the face and body as
well as thorough discussion of the general principles involved
in treating aesthetic patients. This convenient, portable book
features a didactic, high-yield writing style and tips, tricks, and
opinion boxes from high-profile expert authors.

Facial Topography
Clinical Anatomy of the Face
Joel Pessa/Rod J. Rohrich
2012/299 pp./500 illus./hardcover/ISBN 978-1-62623-620-2/€324.99

With A roadmap to navigating the face’s underlying anatomy

The difference in the shapes of facial structures and their relationship
to one another determines the unique and distinct appearance of each
individual. This anatomic information is critical to diagnosing changes
and determining the best approach. This book instructs readers on how
to understand the face’s anatomy. It is the first work of its type to use
cadaver dissections paired with detailed medical illustrations to depict
the soft tissue surface landmarks of the face.

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New from Thieme!
Centrofacial Rejuvenation
Patrickk Tonnard/Alexis Verpaele/Richard Bensimon
2017/304 pp./1,350 illus./hardcover/ISBN 978-1-62623-686-8/€319.99
DVD! Covering all the hot topics in a highly visual style
Written by world-renowned authorities on minimally-invasive facial
rejuvenation, this book covers ancillary procedures performed in
conjunction with the MACS lift, focusing on the midface area. It
presents the information in a highly visual style with an extensive
number of photographs and line drawings as well as an accompanying
DVD which shows surgical video of the procedures and includes an
image bank. This guide covers hot areas such as SNIF, nanofat, fillers,
and peels.
plus e-content online

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of the East Asian Face

Hong Ryul Jin
2016/444 pp./974 illus./hardcover/ISBN 978-1-62623-143-6/€219.99

See the difference: learn how to optimize aesthetic

outcomes from the experts
Written and edited by world-renowned aesthetic plastic surgeons,
this book presents cutting-edge techniques for performing plastic
surgery on East Asian patients.
• Every included technique is proven to be safe and clinically effective
• Comprehensive coverage discusses all the major facial plastic
surgery procedures
• Full-color photos and high-quality illustrations demonstrate the
techniques and procedures

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Asians

Principles and Techniques
Lee L.Q. Pu
2015/1,200 pp./1,600 illus./hardcover/ISBN 978-1-62623-676-9/€414.99

Focuses on the differences in surgical techniques

With when treating Asian patients
ebook and A comprehensive guide to all aspects of cosmetic surgery in
DVDs! Asians,with special emphasis on minimally invasive techniques and
minimization of scars. With contributions from surgeons in Asian
regions who share their signature procedures and describe the latest
innovations and three DVDs showcasing supplementary surgical
techniques videos, this title is an absolutely indispensable resource for
anyone involved in the aesthetic treatment of Asian patients.

The Art of Aesthetic Surgery
Second Edition
Foad Nahai
Volume 1: Priciples & Techniques
2010/1,112 pp./1,000 illus./hardcover/
ISBN 978-1-62623-625-7/€309.99
DVDs! Volume 2: Facial Surgery
2010/1,080 pp./1,000 illus./hardcover/
ISBN 978-1-62623-627-1/€309.99
Volume 3: Breast and Body Surgery
2010/1,040 pp./1,000 illus./hardcover/
ISBN 978-1-62623-626-4/€309.99
Three Volume Set ISBN 978-1-62623-628-8/€799.99

The ultimate resource for

aesthetic surgeons
Totally revised and updated with over 40
new chapters, this new edition maintains
the same features that made the previous
edition so popular, including its beautiful
medical illustrations and a consistent,
comprehensive approach. Of particular
note are the clinical decision-marking
chapters Dr. Nahai authored, which are
complete with algorithms and case studies
to provide readers with a unique overview
of various options for each problem along
with his preferred solutions.


Volume I introduces patient fundamentals, selection anesthesia, and

business basics.

Volume II discusses skin care and dermatologic treatments, facial

fillers, and dermabrasion and chemical peels. It also explores hair
transplantation, brow lift, blepharoplasty, and avoidance and treatment
of complications of aesthetic eyelid surgery.

Volume III discusses breast augmentation, reduction, and mastoplexy,

Cobo, 2015 as well as body contouring, gluteal augmentation, and liposuction.
ISBN 978-1-62623-023-1

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Fat Injection
From Filling to Regeneration

plus e-content online
Sydney R. Coleman
Piccardo F. Mazzola
2009/803 pp./700 illus./hardcover/
ISBN 978-1-62623-577-9/€334.99

The book that compiles the world’s

The Art of Body Contouring
experience with fat grafting techniques
A Comprehensive Approach
Discussing not only the restoration and creation
Al Aly
of fullness in the face and body but also the
Fabio Nahas
effect which transplanted fat has on surrounding
2017/856 pp./1,000 illus./hardcover/ tissue, the contributors to this book present
ISBN 978-1-62623-656-1/€314.99
their observations on the remarkable changes
The all-inclusive discussion on one of the on various body features that fat grafting
produces. They explore possible explanations for
hottest topics in plastic surgery
these observations, including the effect of stem
This book encompasses body contouring cells transplanted in the fatty tissue.
procedures for patients of various body types.
Edited by Dr. Aly and Dr. Nahas, it reflects the
significant contributions to the art of body
contouring from Brazil and other South American ALSO RECOMMENDED
countries. Its consistent organization of chapters
throughout the book aids in easy reference and
the extensive number of beautiful illustrations
assist readers with understanding and visualizing
the topics contained within.
• Step-by-step guidance through procedures
• Detailed videos demonstrating multiple
• Contributions from world authorities in
the field Kontis, 2013 Herman, 2014
ISBN 978-1-60406-712-5 ISBN 978-1-60406-703-3
€89.99 €199.99

ebook and

Eyelid and Periorbital Surgery
Second Edition
Mark A. Codner
Clinton D. McCord
2016/1,248 pp./2,500 illus./hardcover with videos/ The five sections of the book
ISBN 978-1-62623-701-8/€429.99 (two of which are entirely new) cover:
1 – Fundamentals
An invaluable resource with expansive coverage
of aesthetic and reconstructive oculoplastic 2 – Aesthetic surgery
procedures 3 – Aesthetic nonsurgical state-of-the-art
periorbital treatments
This unique two-volume clinical resource features
comprehensive guidance for solving both common 4 – Reconstructive surgery
and rare eyelid and periorbital problems. Step-by-step 5 – Orbital and lacrimal surgery
descriptions and detailed videos make this book an
estimable resource for surgeons.

Eyelid and Periorbital Master the techniques of the experts!

The superb Periorbital and Eyelid Surgery Video Collection by
Video Collection Drs Codner and McCord, includes over 20 brand new procedures.
Second Edition More than 8 hours of tightly-edited video footage shows you key
2017/flash drive/jewel case/ technical steps, clinical pearls and how to avoid pitfalls. One of the
ISBN 978-1-62623-743-8/€199.99 largest collections of oculoplastic surgery videos available.

Videos available on a flash drive

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Auricular Reconstruction
Francoise Firmin
With Joseph R. Dusseldorp
ebook! Alexandre Marchac
2017/376 pp./1,570 illus./hardcover/
ISBN 978-1-62623-684-4/€269.99

The necessary reference for surgeons

who operate on the ear
This book details Dr. Francoise Firmin’s “trade
secrets” as a recognized thought leader in
auricular surgery. This practical, authoritative
book will be an essential purchase to all
surgeons who operate on the ear. With state-
of-the-art content, this must-have book,
which provides a comprehensive step-by-
step approach, offers a solid foundation for
understanding the three dimensional anatomy
of the ear and learning surgical techniques.
• Abundantly illustrated, with more than 1,500
color photographs and drawings
• Includes operative and lecture videos
• Expertly crafted, with surgical pearls,
guidance for getting the best possible results,
and hints and tips


Weerda, 2007
ISBN 978-3-13-139411-8

Comprehensive Cleft Care
Second Edition
Joseph Losee
Richard E. Kirschner
With Volume 1
ebook! 2015/799 pp./882 illus./hardcover/
ISBN 978-1-62623-664-6/€179.99
Volume 2
2015/818 pp./918 illus./hardcover/
ISBN 978-1-62623-666-0/€179.99
Two Volume Set
2015/ISBN 978-1-62623-663-9/€324.99

The extensive clinical companion

with unparalleled cleft care coverage
This broad reference for practical use addresses every aspect of the life-long ALSO RECOMMENDED
care required by patients with orofacial clefting. Supported by a handsome
full-color presentation, the heavily-illustrated chapters provide unmatched
coverage of everything from prenatal diagnosis to final orthognathic
surgery. The inclusion of topics such as basic science research, mission work,
and outcome measures make this an all-in-one clinical guide.

Comprehensive Cleft Care

Family Edition
Pollock, 2012
Joseph Losee et al. ISBN 978-1-60406-580-0
2015/376 pp./150 illus./softcover/ €129.99
ISBN 978-1-62623-668-4/€34.99

Parents need a trusted source of

information to allay their fears–you
are that source
This book enables families to play a
central role in navigating their child’s care.
With Written in easy-to-read language and
ebook! edited by professionals as well as parents
who raised cleft-affected children, this
accessible resource informs families or
Goudy, 2013
prepares professionals to guide families.
ISBN 978-1-60406-846-7

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Secondary Rhinoplasty by the Global Masters
Rod J. Rohrich
Jamil Ahmad
With 2017/1,816 pp./3,000 illus./hardcover with videos/
ebook! ISBN 978-1-62623-678-3/€424.99

Keep up with the ultimate resource on

secondary rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging operations

in aesthetic plastic surgery. Not only is it technically
difficult as no two noses are the same but also surgical
decision making plays an absolutely critical role.
Unpredictable post-operative healing, natural facial
asymmetry, and high patient expectations lead to a
high incidence of secondary (revision) operations. This
two-volume set includes contributions from over 70
• Completely unique content that stands alone but
can accompany the bestselling Dallas Rhinoplasty
• Full coverage of aesthetic and reconstructive
secondary rhinoplasty that discusses all techniques
and anatomical issues
• 3,000 beautiful color photographs and illustrations
and operative videos highlighting key techniques


Huizing, 2015 Behrbohm, 2015

ISBN 978-3-13-129412-8 ISBN 978-3-13-143591-0
€169.99 €139.99


Dallas Rhinoplasty
With Nasal Surgery
ebook! by the Masters
Third Edition
Rod J. Rohrich et al.
2014/1,706 pp./
2,500 illus./hardcover/
ISBN 978-1-62623-677-6/
€424.99 Constantian, 2009
ISBN 978-1-62623-611-0

Everything you need to know about primary rhinoplasty

This renowned rhinoplasty reference, written by acknowledged
leaders in the field, provides comprehensive coverage from
fundamental to the latest refinements. The book includes extensive
case analyses to facilitate clinical decision making, which supplies
rhinoplasty surgeons with all the tools needed for achieving superb
• New innovations for achieving a smooth dorsum, avoiding alar Sclafani, 2015
notching, and improving tip refinement ISBN 978-1-60406-867-2
• Several new chapters to the second edition which include
numerous color images
• Full-length, supplemental operative videos on four DVD

Nasoseptal Perforations: Endoscopic Repair Techniques
Isam Alobid/Paolo Castelnuovo
2017/160 pp./200 illus./hardcover/ISBN 978-3-13-205391-5/€99.99

Practical septal perforation repair, explained

This book reviews the surgical steps for endoscopic approaches to
nasal septum repair, provided in a series of pictures from cadaver
dissections and surgical procedures. Including videos of step-by-
step cadaver dissections, this book discusses endoscopic repair
techniques as a new innovation replacing the traditional external
approach to the septum. The pioneers of endoscopic approaches
who contributed to this book included recommendations as to
complication avoidance and surgical instruments.

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Problems in
Breast Surgery
A Repair Manual
Jack Fisher
Neal Handel
2014/860 pp./800 illus./
ISBN 978-1-62623-687-5/

The repair guide for

With challenging problems
DVD! and complications in
breast surgery

Beginning with chapters on the basic principles of corrective
breast surgery, key anatomic factors, and mechanisms of failure,
this book then proceeds to address the spectrum of potential
problems that can occur with each procedure, which include
both aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery. Doctors Fisher
and Handel introduce each chapter with a specific problem then
Partial Breast feature a variety of solutions from different experts for treating
Reconstruction the problem.
Techniques in Oncoplastic Surgery
Second Edition
Albert Losken
Moustapha Hamdi
Flaps for Breast
2017/640 pp./900 illus./hardcover/ Reconstruction
ISBN 978-1-62623-691-2/€224.99
Joshua L. Levine et al.
The new edition of the 2016/160 pp./259 illus./
groundbreaking work, updated hardcover/
and with expanded video ISBN 978-1-62623-094-1/
The “oncoplastic approach” to breast
reconstruction allows women to The book in which
preserve their breast tissue while contributors explain
maintaining aesthetics, symmetry, the procedures they
and shape. This book provides pioneered
surgeons with the techniques needed
to improve aesthetic outcomes while
maintaining oncologic standards.
This book gives plastic surgeons the instructions they need to
• Increased video/DVD coverage perform these sophisticated breast reconstructions.
• New chapters on BRAVA tissue KEY FEATURES:
• Contributions from expert surgeons who have perfected
• Expanded detail on mega-filling the perforator flap use in breast reconstruction
breast with fat
• Detailed instructions on how to perform flap procedures
• Radiographic images, intraoperative photos, and illustrations

Gender Affirmation
Medical and Surgical Perspectives
With Christopher J. Salgado
ebook and Stan J. Monstrey
videos! Miroslav Djordjevic
2017/320 pp./274 illus./hardcover/
ISBN 978-1-62623-683-7/€179.99

Modernize your practice with gender

affirmation surgery techniques
The rapid evolution of transgender medicine
and surgery has inspired an ever-growing Salgado
number of practitioners to care for
transgender individuals. A new generation Pages 60-61
of physicians is committed to providing
the highest level of care for transgender
individuals. Gender affirmation surgery is
among the most challenging of all surgical
procedures because of the anatomic
complexities, the risk of complications, and
the need to preserve function while striving
to obtain optimal aesthetic results.
• Robust, essential content from
internationally recognized innovators and
• Revolutionary techniques for all gender
transition surgeries
• Detailed and comprehensive coverage
including surgical technique videos

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Principles and Practice
of Pediatric Plastic Surgery
Second Edition
With Michael L. Bentz
ebook! Bruce S. Bauer
Ronald M. Zuker
2016/2,040 pp./3,000 illus./hardcover/
ISBN 978-1-62623-700-1/€424.99

Secure your knowledge on pediatric

plastic surgery with this comprehensive
new edition
This book includes exhaustive coverage of pediatric
conditions. Experts who lead the way in both
research and clinical practice present a wealth
of information for clinical decision making and
for honing the skills required to restore form and
function. Numerous photographs, illustrations,
operative techniques, tables, and comprehensive
references supplement the detailed text. The new
edition includes seven new chapters which cover
some of the most recent topics in the field and
greatly expanded surgical video.

Pediatric Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Arin K. Greene
2017/6000 pp./1,243 illus./hardcover/
ISBN 978-1-62623-262-4/€179.99

A comprehensive and reasonably-sized practical resource

for pediatric plastic surgical conditions
This easy-to-use and clinically focused book gives comprehensive,
practical coverage for pediatric plastic and reconstructive surgery.
In one volume, it covers all the key pediatric surgical conditions.
Its focus on practical management of conditions offers clinical
information but avoids detailed descriptions of basic sciences
and obsolete procedures, which makes this book an ideal quick
reference guide and practical companion. Liberal illustrations and
supplementary video content accompany the text.

With With
ebook! ebook!

Wide Awake Hand Surgery

Donald LaLonde
100 Hand Cases
2015/287 pp./200 illus./softcover/
ISBN 978-1-62623-662-2/€104.99 Martin I. Boyer
James Chang
Learn how to perform the innovative
2016/272 pp./200 illus./hardcover/
surgery that patients are demanding ISBN 978-1-62623-660-8/€114.99
This book is the definitive guide to the new
Cover the key principles of hand surgery with
breakthrough hand and upper extremity
straightforward treatment of classic problems
surgery technique: wide awake hand
surgery (WALANT). Presented in an easy- Globally recognized authorities compiled this clinical
to-read, bullet-point format, this book write-up of 100 typical hand cases. Presented in a highly
guides surgeons through all aspects of templated, high-yield format, this is an ideal quick
WALANT, which uses nerve blocks rather reference for students and trainees preparing for clinics
than general anesthesia. and the operating room, as well as busy surgeons in need
BENEFITS: of a brief reminder on key information.
preoperative testing, no intravenous CONSISTING OF:
insertion, and no monitoring–the • Description of the problem
patient simply gets up and goes home • Key anatomy
after the procedure • Workup
• WALANT saves patients, hospitals/ • Treatment
surgical centers, and physicians time and
• Alternatives
• Principles and clinical pearls
• Pitfalls
• Over 100 surgical and instructional
videos • Classic references related to the case
• Numerous color photographs • Full-color photographs and radiographs
• Atlas of tumescent local anesthesia • Discussion of the authors’ preferred treatment solution
distribution anatomy

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Seminars in Plastic Surgery

Editor-in-Chief: L.H. Hollier, Jr.
Vol. 31, 4 issues, ISSN 1535-2188
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Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery Open

Editors-in-Chief: B.T. Lee
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Plastic Surgery 2017 INDEX

7 Alobid, Nasoseptal Perforations

1 2 Kontis, Cosmetic Injection Techniques
12 Aly, The Art of Body Contouring 3 Lakin, Plastic Surgery Review
16 Behrbohm, The Nose - Revision and Reconstruction 21 Lalonde, Wide Awake Hand Surgery
20  Bentz, Principles and Practice of Pediatric Plastic 18 Levine, Perforator Flaps for Breast Reconstruction
Surgery 15 Losee, Comprehensive Cleft Care
7  Blondeel, Perforator Flaps: Anatomy, Technique, & 15 Losee, Comprehensive Cleft Care Family Edition
Clinical Applications 18 Losken, Partial Breast Reconstruction
21 Boyer, 100 Hand Cases 3 Marre, Fundamental Topics in Plastic Surgery
4 Bullocks, Plastic Surgery Emergencies 11 Nahai, The Art of Aesthetic Surgery
8 Cheney, Facial Surgery 8 Papel, Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
11 Cobo, Ethnic Considerations in Facial Plastic Surgery 5 Persky, Vascular Lesions of the Head and Neck
13 Codner, Eyelid and Periorbital Surgery 9 Pessa, Facial Topography
13  Codner, Eyelid and Periorbital Surgery Video 15 Pollock, Craniomaxillofacial Buttresses
10 Pu, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Asians
12 Coleman, Fat Injection: From Filling to Regeneration
17 Rohrich, Dallas Rhinoplasty
9  Connell, Aesthetic Rejuvenation of the Face and
16  Rohrich, Secondary Rhinoplasty by the Global
17 Constantian, Rhinoplasty
4 Roth, The Essential Burn Unit Handbook
8  Fedok, Minimally Invasive and Office-Based
19 Salgado, Gender Affirmation
Procedures in Facial Plastic Surgery
7 Shokrollahi, Flaps
14 Firmin, Auricular Reconstruction
17 Sclafani, Rhinoplasty
18 Fisher, Problems in Breast Surgery
10 Tonnard, Centrofacial Rejuvenation
15 Goudy, Complete Cleft Care
8 Truswell, Lasers and Light, Peels and Abrasions
6  Greene, Operative Management of Vascular
Anomalies 5 Weerda, Reconstructive Facial Plastic Surgery
20 Greene, Pediatric Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 14 Weerda, Surgery of the Auricle
24 Hamori, Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery 3 Woo, Plastic Surgery Case Review
6  Hanasono, Reconstructive Plastic Surgery of the 8 Yoshioka, Atlas of the Facial Nerve and Related
Head and Neck Structures
12  Herman, Encyclopedia of Aesthetic Rejuvenation 5 Zenn, Reconstructive Surgery
Through Volume Enhancement
4  Hoschander, Operative Procedures in Plastic, JOURNALS
Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery 22 Craniomaxillofacial & Trauma Reconstruction
16 Huizing, Functional Reconstructive Nasal Surgery 22 Facial Plastic Surgery
9 Janis, Essentials of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 22 Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery
2 Janis, Essentials of Plastic Surgery 22 Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery Open
10 Jin, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of the East Asian Face 22 Seminars in Plastic Surgery
3 Jones, Essentials of Plastic Surgery: Q&A Companion

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