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“Can-Do” Self-Assessment Chart

(Unit 2)
This chart will help you evaluate your own progress and identify language you may want to spend
more time studying and practicing. After you have completed the unit, complete the chart below.

Evaluate your confidence about each “Can-Do” statement in the following way: Check “1” if you feel
very confident in your ability to use the language described. Check “2” if you are not completely
confident. Check “3” if you are not confident at all. If necessary, go to the indicated page(s) for the
place in the unit where the language was presented and practiced.

Can-Do Statements Pages 1 2 3

Grammar I can use adjective clauses. 16, 17   
Vocabulary I can express regret. 18   
I can talk about taking or avoiding responsibility. 18   
I can express compassion and admiration. 20   
Reading I can understand illustrated proverbs. 14   
I can classify ideas according to themes. 14   
I can understand a conversation about refusing requests. 15   
I can read an article about lying. 16   
I can read and complete a questionnaire about responsibility. 19   
I can read a short story about a newlywed couple. 22   
I can read two moral fables. 23   
Listening I can understand people apologizing and taking or avoiding 18   
I can follow a radio program about helping others. 20   
I can understand people talking about their concerns. 25   
Speaking I can discuss asking for favors. 15   
I can discuss situations in which people lie. 16   
I can discuss the social uses of lying. 17   
I can role-play a conversation to express regret and take 19   
I can prepare notes and give a presentation. 21   
I can discuss people I admire or have compassion for. 21   
Writing I can make notes and write three examples about lying. 17   
I can work in a group to write a fable with a moral. 23   
I can describe an event from which I learned a lesson. 24   

Summit 2, Second Edition Unit 2

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