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TASKalfa 5501i/4501i/

mono Multifunctionals
Shaping the
future of
Designed for businesses of all sizes, TASKalfa defines and consistent high-image quality engineered into each
multifunctional devices in a whole new way, delivering the TASKalfa MFD assures superior document imaging every time.
power, performance, quality and ultra-reliability that your That’s TASKalfa’s number one priority.
business demands. So whether you print, scan, copy or fax –
this series will become an essential partner to your business. Integrating with KYOCERA Mobile Print technology for
printing from and scanning to smartphones and tablets, as
Engineered for the critical demands of any business, each well as major third party solution partners for advanced cost
TASKalfa multifunction device (MFD) features a sleek design on recovery & security, document workflow, and advanced output
the outside with advanced imaging technology on the inside. management, the TASKalfa mono MFD series meets your day to
The powerful combination of fast output speeds, Kyocera’s day needs, every day.
unique long life technology, solution integration capabilities,

TASKalfa 5501i
55ppm mono

TASKalfa 4501i
45ppm mono

TASKalfa 3501i
35ppm mono

Kyocera is an environmentally-concerned global organisation yield which increases your business productivity by having a
who rigorously follow the principles of the three R’s – reduce, multifunctional product that is operational.
reuse and recycle. The importance of having respect for and
conserving our environment has been etched in Kyocera’s The TASKalfa multifunctional products offer one of the lowest
ethos from inception. Our worldwide green policies encourage Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC) in the market and
conservation and recycling, along with the development of represents up to a 50% decrease from the previous typical
products and technologies that can actually minimise the generation of mono multifunctional products which could save
impact on the environment. For example, our use of eco-friendly your business electricity costs. In addition, the TASKalfa MFDs
materials extends to our packaging, which is foam free, and offer deep sleep mode which consumes less than 2 watts of
is constructed from biodegradable cardboard. The inks are electricity, potentially adding to your savings. Also, to help
produced from vegetable and soy dyes and have absolutely no minimise your environmental footprint by reducing your paper
impact whatsoever on the environment, when recycled. usage, the ‘blank page skip’ feature will not copy a blank page
from your pile of documents.
The standard long-life components from Kyocera delivers
up to 600,000 pages for the first preventative maintenance

WEEKLY TIMER Innovative Technology Advanced USB Interface
Weekly Timer allows you to store The user-friendly colour touch Be in control of your documents on the
machine on/off times for each day of screen control panel provides robust go. Conveniently print-from, and scan-
the week and set the machine to document handling and ease of use to, any USB drive right from the touch
automatically turn on and off at those at your fingertips. Newly designed to screen control panel in PDF, JPEG, TIFF
times, saving both energy and money. incorporate the ‘Home screen’ with and XPS file formats.
These devices do not depend on your the push of a button, this control panel
staff remembering to switch them off. allows easy swipe with your fingertips
Weekly Timer is installed on the like you would a smartphone or tablet.
machine as a standard application.
Customised pre-set shortcuts for
up to 50 unique workflows and the
commonality of this colour touch
X screen control panel, to the TASKalfa
Edit the power on/off time on each day of week

4 Enable the Application 5501i/4501i/3501i, lets you get on with

Day of the Week

Monday --:--
Power On

Power Off
your work even faster.
Tuesday --:-- --:--

Wednesday --:-- --:-- 1/2

Thursday --:-- --:--

Friday --:-- --:-- Edit

Retry Times End

Status 21 / 6 / 2013 11:45


Set the time to turn on the main Set the time to turn off the main
power switch. power switch.
To enable this function, To enable this function,
check the checkbox. check the checkbox.

4 Enable 4 Enable

Power On Power Off

08:00 18:00

#Keys #Keys

Cancel End

Status 21 / 6 / 2013 11:45

Businesses today are challenged with reducing output costs whilst maximising office productivity. Kyocera’s open software
development platform allows you to integrate the device into your existing business workflow in exactly the way you need it. Hybrid
Platform for Advanced Solutions (HyPAS) transforms the device into a business tool that goes beyond the traditional functions of
any normal device. These MFDs can be uniquely configured to interface with specific business applications like your document
management system (DMS) or your inventory warehouse system directly from the control panel.

Advanced & Secure Network Scanning & Printing.

The TASKalfa series is equipped with a standard network These devices also support the latest WEB protocols in order to
interface compatible with network protocols such as TCP/IP send and receive from mail accounts such as Gmail and Hotmail.
(IPv4), TCP/IP (IPv6), IPX/SPX, NetBEUI, IPSec, and AppleTalk. It
enables network printing on Windows, MAC, UNIX, NetWare and At the control panel the high compression setting dramatically
other platforms. These devices enable printing from different reduces the file size of your document, whilst you can opt to
paper sizes from the paper cassettes as well as tab paper enable file size scanning to determine the size of your scanned
printing for organisation of your important documents. files prior to sending to your email, thus ensuring you meet your
company’s IT size restrictions over the network. For PDF archival,
Whether you’re scanning to your PC, FTP site, document box, the TASKalfa series also features PDF/A scanning to ensure you
USB device, or email, the TASKalfa series ensures secure meet PDF archival ISO regulations within your company.
scanning supporting SMTP over SSL for your peace of mind.

advanced Functionality.
The TASKalfa Series is extremely productive, offering fast unit, or by scanning your documents and sending them as
scanning and finishing speeds, matched to high-capacity digital files in to your workflow. Choose from a number of paper
finishing options and high-volume paper feeders, designed to feeders to suit different papers and formats, for fast continuous
exactly suit your specific requirements. Save time and reduce printing and high volume operations.
paper waste by printing on both sides with the standard duplex

professional 7-bin fast dual scan document wide 8.5” colour touch
mailbox processor screen control panel
The 7-bin mailbox sorter allows At less than one second per page, its dual The user-friendly colour touch
for faster and more efficient scan capability dramatically improves your screen control panel provides
organisation of print outs for your productivity and handles mixed originals robust document handling and ease
business office. with ease for a powerful scanning solution of use at your fingertips.
in both full colour and black & white.
robust 4,000 sheet advanced usb host
finisher interface
This robust finisher supports multi- Conveniently print-from, and scan-
position stapling and a variety of to, any USB drive right from the
paper weights. Options include touch screen control panel in PDF,
2/4 hole punch, 7 bin mailbox JPEG, TIFF and XPS file formats.
and booklet folding for all your
advanced finishing needs. versatile multi-
purpose tray
On board document
A standard 150 sheet multi-purpose
storage paper tray can handle mixed media
Create a simple way for you to types and up to 300g/m2 for
store, secure and access critical your special jobs such as banner
documents at the device through printing. Optional Banner Guide
TASKalfa’s unique on-board allows for up to 10 banner sheets.
Document box.
flexible paper
professional booklet handling
An innovative paper path design
Fold, tri-fold and saddle stitch allows for a variety of paper weights
booklets, up to 16 individual sheets through the trays, giving you the
from A4 to A3, for that professional flexibility to satisfy virtually all your
touch in-house. print and copy needs.

Two document
processor three paper
folder for
options feeder options
Optional 4,000 4,000 sheet
> 175 Sheet Dual Scan
sheet finisher Document Processor
finisher > Dual 500 sheet trays

Optional 1,000 with scan speeds > Folding up to 16 > 3,000 sheet large Optional 7-Bin
> Multi-Position
sheet finisher Staple up to 160ipm (dual Sheets capacity tray Mailbox
scan) > Tri-Fold > 3,000 sheet large > Up to 7 output bins
> Multi-Position > Optional 2 and 4
> 100 Sheet reversing capacity tray (side
Staple hole punch unit > Saddle Stitch > 7 bins x 100 sheets
Automatic Document deck)
> Optional 2 and 4 > Optional 7-bin A4; OR
Processor with scan > A4 to A3 Sized
hole punch unit mailbox Sheets > 50 sheets A3/B4
speeds up to 75
> 60-300 g/m2 > 60-300 g/m2 images per minute > 60 - 256 g/m2 > 60–163 gsm

advanced Functionality.
DF-770 for DF-790 for
up to 1,000 up to 4,000
Stapling up to 3 positions sheet finishing sheet finishing
Top left staple Top right staple 2 side staple Stapling up to 50 sheets Stapling up to 65 sheets
A4 or 30 sheets A3 at 3 A4 or 30 sheets A3 at 3
positions positions. Also includes
walk up stapling

Hole Punch
2-hole 2-hole top 4-hole top 4-hole Requires PH-7C Requires PH-7C

Booklet & Tri-folding

booklet mode booklet mode booklet mode (top) trifold bi-fold Available on the Requires BF-730
(left-to-right) (right-to-left) 4
DF-790 with BF-730
4 5
7 7
5 4

7-bin Mailbox Tray

7 trays for up to 100 sheets per tray Available on the Requires MT-730
DF-790 with MT-730

Banner Printing
Available as standard 305mm x 1,220mm 1,220mm Banner guide optional connector available
to set up to 10 banner sheets

Cover Modes
Cover mode Add a cover to your print or finished copies . You can
print/copy the first page and/or the last page on to
coloured paper or thick paper fed from different paper

Page Inserts
Page insert Insert different colour or type of media between a set
number of pages to differentiate your prints and copies.

Tab Printing
Tab dividers Tab Printing feature allows users to divide certain
sections of a document by inserting index tab dividers.

Most of the optional accessories on the TASKalfa Series are 7-bin mailbox for even faster and more efficient organisation
common across the entire range. So if you want to utilise your of printouts. Additional paper cassettes can give these fast
assets by mixing and matching accessories as your business TASKalfa multifunctional devices a paper supply of up to 7,150
requires, then the TASKalfa Series is perfect for you. Select sheets, for hours of non-stop printing. No matter how your office
from two document processors and two different finishers, carries out its document management, you can do it better with
including one modular finisher with optional booklet unit and a Kyocera TASKalfa MFD.

Technology: KYOCERA Laser Colour, HyPAS™ solution platform Controller language: PRESCRIBE IIc Fax System (W) B, Internet Fax Kit (A)
Engine speed (pages per minute): Emulations: PCL (PCL c / PCL-XL), KPDL (PostScript Scan Extension Kit (A):
TASKalfa ci: Up to / ppm A /A in colour and b/w compatible), PDF Direct Print, XPS Direct Print Scan to searchable PDF solution (embedded OCR)
TASKalfa ci: Up to / ppm A /A in colour and b/w Operating systems: All current Windows operating Printing System ( ): Fiery Controller
TASKalfa ci: Up to / ppm A /A in colour and b/w systems, Mac OS X version or higher, UNIX LINUX, Printing System Interface Kit (B): Interface board for Fiery
TASKalfa ci: Up to / ppm A /A in colour, up to / as well as other operating systems on request
Technology: Kyocera Max. original size: A3 Paper handling
DF-790 + attachment kit AK-731; Main tray: 4,000 sheets A4
A /A Laser
in b/wMono MFD, HyPAS solution platform
Fonts/barcodes: outline fonts (PCL), fonts (KPDL ),
Engine speed:Resolution: (3,000 sheetsDP- (B) Document
with attachment processor:
BF -730); 60–300(reversing
gsm; B5R–304.8 document
x dpi, Multi-bit technology for print Continuous copying: 1-999
8 fonts (Windows Vista), Bitmap font, types of onedimensional x 457.2 mm Sub tray: 200 sheets A4; 60–300
TASKalfa 5501i: Up to 55/27 ppm A4/A3 processor), sheets, –160gsm;g/mA6R–A3
, A R–ASub , folio
quality of dpi equivalent x dpi Zoom range: 25 - 400 % in
barcodes 1 %two-dimensional
plus steps barcode (PDF- ) tray (top) 100 sheets; 60–300 gsm; A6R–A4 Stapling up to 65
TASKalfa 4501i: Up to 45/22 ppm A4/A3 DP- Document processor: (one-path duplex scanning)
Warm-up time
TASKalfa 3501i: Up to 35/17 ppm A4/A3from power on: Preset magnification ratios: 5 Reductions/5 Enlargements
Print features: Encrypted PDF Direct Print, IPP printing,(5R/5E) sheets A4 or 30 sheets A3 at 3 positions, B5–304.8 x 457.2 mm.
sheets; for– up tog/m
Walk up stapling available
(simplex), –
3 positions. g/m2
Resolution: 600 TASKalfa ci/
x 600 dpi, Multi-bit ci: Approx. forseconds
technology or less
print quality of Digital copy features: Scan-once-copy-many,
e-mail printing, WSD print, secure electronic sort,
printing via2in1
SSL, IPsec, (duplex); A R–A , folio
9,600 dpi equivalent x 600 dpi ci/ ci: Approx. seconds or less and 4in1 function,
SNMPv image repeat
, Quick copy,proof
copy, pageand
numbering, coverprint, job DF-770 + attachment kit AK-731; Main tray: 1,000 sheets A4,
hold, private
mode, booklet copy, interrupt copy, form overlay, stamp function 60–300 gsm, PF- B5E–A3, (B)Stapling
Paper feeder: x
up to 50 sheets sheets,
A4 or 30 sheets – g/m2,
Warm-up time: Approx. 23 seconds or less storage and job management functionality
and skip blank page function 3 positions, A3 R– tray:x 100 sheets
A Sub mm, folioA4, 60–300 gsm, A4–A6R
Time to first page: ci: Approx. sec. or less in b/w; sec. or less in colour
Exposure mode: Auto, manual: 7 or 13 steps PH-7C Hole punchPF- unit (B)for
Paper feeder:
DF-790/DF-770; sheets, – 60–300
2-hole/4-hole g/m , A , B , letter
TASKalfa 5501i: Approx. ci:or
TASKalfa3.2 sec. Approx.
less sec. or less in b/w; sec. or less in colour COPY FUNCTIONS
Image adjustments: Text, Photo, Text + Photo, Graphic/Map gsm, A5R–A3 PF- A side deck: sheets, – g/m2, A , B
TASKalfa3.8 sec.
TASKalfa 4501i: Approx. ci: or
less sec. or less in b/w; sec. or less in colour
TASKalfa 3501i: Approx. Max. original size: A MT-730 Mailbox sorter for DF-790; 7 bins x 100 sheets A4,
PF-780(B) Multimedia tray and paper path unit: (for TASKalfa 50
TASKalfa4.7 less
Approx. sec. or less in b/w; sec. or less in colour
sheets A3/B4, 60–163 gsm
CPU: Freescale QorIQ P1022 (Dual Core)
CPU: TASKalfa ci/ 800MHz
ci: Freescale QorIQ P (Dual Core) SCAN Continuous copying: –
MHz FUNCTIONS 4550ci/5550ci), 500 sheets, 60–256 g/m2, A5R–305 x 457 mm
BF-730 Booklet and tri-folding unit for DF-790; Max. 64 pages (16
Memory (std/max): 2 GB RAM ci/ + 160 ci: Freescale
GB HDD QorIQ P (Dual Core) MHz
Functionality: Zoom range: Scan-to-FTP
Scan-to-Email, % in ,%Scan-to-SMB
steps , Scan-to- DT- (B) Document tray, DT- (B) Document tray
sheets) booklet folding and stapling 60–256 gsm, A3, B4, A4R
Max memory increased to 2.5GB when
Memory (standard max.): DP-772 installed USB Host, Scan-to-box, Network TWAIN, WSD R/ scanE Booklet mode;DF- 60-90gsm (C)* : 16sheets, 91-105gsm : 13sheets, : Main tray:
Standard interface: USB 2.0 ci/
TASKalfa (Hi-Speed),ci: USB GBHost
+ Fast GB HDD Scan speed: Digital features: Scan-once-copy-many, electronic sort, 106gsm or more max.: 1 sheet Cover sheets A (60–220sheets
sheet with attachment
gsm (simplex).
Ethernet 10Base-T/100BaseTX/1000BaseT,
TASKalfa ci/ ci: GBslotRAM
for optional
+ GBprint
HDD 160 images per minute in mono Folding 60-90gsmBF- : 5);sheets,
max. (Non-staple) g/m2;91-105gsm
max. B R–: 3 sheets, x mm
in and in function, image repeat copy, page numbering,
server, slot for optional SD-Card, slot for optional Fax Systems 80 images per minute in colour 106gsm or more Sub: 1tray:
sheet Tri-folding:
sheets A60–105
; gsm,g/m
; Atri-R–A
Standard interface: USB (Hi-Speed), USB Host , (A4, 300 dpi withcover DPmode,
-772) booklet copy, interrupt copy, form folding: 5 sheets (60–90gsm), 3 sheets (91–105 gsm) 2
Dimensions (W x D x H): Main unit 648 x 767 x 747 mm Sub tray (top): sheets; g/m ; A R–A
Fast Ethernet Base-T/ BaseTX/ BaseT, slot for overlay, stamp function and skip blank page function.
Weight: Main unit approx. 86server,
kg Scan resolution: 600 dpi, 400 dpi, 300 dpi, 200 dpi, 200x100 DT-730; DocumentStaplingtray upfor to
easy handling
sheets A ofor papersheets A at
optional print slot for optional SD-card, slot for dpi, 200x400 Exposure mode: Auto, manual: or steps
dpi, (256 greyscales)
Power source:optional
AC 220 VFax ~ 240 V, 50/60 Hz Job separators: positions, B x mm
System Image
Max. scan size: A3 adjustments: Text + photo, text, photo, map JS-730 Job separator; 30-sheet internal job separator, :60–256
Dimensions (W x D x H): Main unit:
Power consumption: x x mm DF- (D) *

TASKalfa 5501i:Weight:
Printing/Copying: 890W Original recognition: Text, Photo, Text + Photo, optimised for OCR gsm, A5R–A3 Main tray: sheets A , g/m2, B E–A ,
Main unit approx. kg SCAN FUNCTIONS
Sleep mode: 8.5W, Energy save mode 1.8W Network protocol: TCP /IP JS-731 Job separator;
positions 70-sheet
up tojob separator,
sheets A 60–256 or sheets A
Power source: AC 220 V ~ 240 V, 50/60 Hz
TASKalfa 4501i: Printing/Copying: 780W File types: PDFFunctionality: Scan-to-email,
(high compressive, encrypted, Scan-to-FTP, Scan-to-SMB, gsm, A5R–A3 Sub tray:
PDF/A), Searchable sheets A , – g/m2, A –A6R
Sleep mode: 8.5W, consumption:
Energy save mode 1.8W PDF (option), JPEG, TIFF, XPSHost, Scan-to-box, Network TWAIN, WSD scanJS-732 Job separator;
Scan-to-USB PH- C/PH- D Punch unit for DF- (C)/DF- :
TASKalfa 3501i:TASKalfa
Printing/Copying: 660W
ci - Printing: W (in colour), W (in b/w), 100 sheet internal separator, 60-256gsm,ASR-A3. Either JS-730 or
Sleep mode: 8.4W, Scan speed: (A , dpi with DP- ) -hole/ -hole/Swedish type, 60–300 g/m2, A R–A
mode:save mode W, Sleep1.8Wmode: Recover priority W or less, JS-732 can be fitted at the same time
Safety standards: GS /saving
TÜV / priority
CE. This unitWisormanufactured FAX FUNCTIONS TAS Kalfa 3051ci/3551ci: b/w 100 images per minute,
(optional) MT- (B) Mailbox sorter for DF (C):
Energy less Banner guide: Banner Guide; up to 10 x banner sheets (136 gsm)
according to ISO 9001 quality Compatibility:colour 100 images
ITU -T Super G3 per minute bins x sheets A , sheets A /B , – g/m2
TASKalfa cistandard
- Printing: and ISO W 14001
(in colour), W (in b/w), Security:
environmental standard. Reduction of Hazardous Substances TAS Kalfa 4551ci/5551ci: b/w 160 images per minute, MT- (B) Mailbox sorter for DF- (C):
Ready mode: W, Sleep mode: Recover priority W orModem
less, speed: Max. 33.6 kbps
(RoHs) compliant. colour 160 images per minute Data security Half
kit (E); ISO 15408
folding: – (Common
g/m2, Criteria)
A , B , Awith R security
Energy saving priority W or less Transmission speed: Max. 3 seconds (JBIG) level EAL 3
For Australia & New Zealand: AS/NZS3260, C-Tick, A-Tick / Scan resolution: dpi, dpi, dpi, dpi, Booklet: max. sheets ( pages, – g/m2)
TASKalfa ci - Printing: W (in colour), W (in b/w),
Scanning density: Normal: 200 x 100 dpi, Fine: 200 x 200 dpi,
Telepermit, International Energy Star Program. x dpi,dpi, x 400 dpi ( dpigreyscales) Printed Document Guard Kit (B); Protection
Non-staple folding: max. sheets ( – g/m2) from unauthorised
Ready mode: W, Sleep mode: Recover priority W or less,
Superfine: 200 x 400 Ultrafine: x 400 copies of documents
Energy saving priority W or less Max.A3 scan size: A Tri-folding: – g/m2, A R
Max. original size: Card Authentication Kit (CAK); CAK Licence
PAPER HANDLING TASKalfa ci - Printing: W (in colour), W (in b/w), Original recognition: Text,MH
photo, text + photo, optimised forreadersOCR for secureMulti tri-folding: sheets ( –to enable
g/m2),USB card ( –
sheets g/m2)
Compression method: JBIG, MMR, MR, proximity card release
All paper capacities
mode: are based W, Sleepon 80gsm
mode: paper,
priority W or less, Network protocol: TCP/IP BF- Booklet and tri-folding unit for DF- (C)
of max 0.11mm. Pleasesaving
use paper recommended Memory: Standard 12 MB, max. 120 MB Other:
Energy priority W or lessby Kyocera under Half folding: g/m2, A , B , A R
normal environmental conditions. Features: Opt.File types: PDF
Internet-fax, (high compressive,
network encrypted, PDF/A), SD-Card; 1 slot for printing forms, fonts, logos, macro storage 2
faxing, rotate transmission, Booklet: max. sheets ( pages, –90 g/m )
Noise level (sound pressure level ISO /ISO ): rotate reception,Searchable
duplex fax PDF (Option),
reception, JPEG, TIFF,
memory XPS
Input capacity: 150-sheet multi-purpose tray*, 60–300 gsm Fax memory; MM-16-128:
Non-staple Image memory
folding: max. (120
sheetsMB() – g/m2)
TASKalfa ci: Printing monochrome: dB(A) LpA/ mailbox, remote diagnostics, dual fax with second fax system
(banner 136-163 gsm), A6R-305 x 457 mm, tab paper (136 -256gsm), Keyboard; USB Tri-folding:
Keyboard / Wireless g/m ,A R
Banner max. 305 colour
x 1,220 mm; dB(A) LpA, Readyuniversal
2 x 500-sheet mode: paperdB(A) LpA
FAX FUNCTIONS (optional) Multi tri-folding:
Allows USB sheets ( – to g/m ), sheets held( g/m2)
cassette, 60-220TASKalfa
gsm, 140 3551ci:
x 182-305Printing
x 457b/w mm48.3 dB(A) LpA/ Card Reader Holder; card readers be securely
CONSUMABLES and stored JS-
colour 49.0 dB(A) LpA, above
ReadyA4 mode 38.0 dB(A) LpA Compatibility: ITU-T Super G Job separator:
** 150 sheets A4 or smaller, 50 sheets Black toner kit: TK-6309; Micro-Particle toner black for 35,000
Modem Keyboard Holder; -sheet
Allows internal job separator,
USB keyboards to be securely held g/m and
, A R–A
Max input capacity with4551ci:
(80 gsm): b/w 49.9sheets
7,150 dB(A) LpA/ pages measured at 6%speed: Max.
A4 coverage kbps
stored JS- Job separator:
Duplex unit: colour 50.2 dB(A) LpA, Ready mode 38.3 dB(A) LpA Transmission
Preventative maintenance speed:
yield: 600,000 seconds (JBIG)
Max. pages
Platen Cover (E);-sheet
Platenexternal job separator,
cover. Cannot g/m2, A R–A
be used in conjunction with
Duplex as standard 5551ci:
supports Printing
A5R-305 b/wmm,
x 457 51.460–256
dB(A) LpA/
gsm Fax resolution:
Waste toner bottle: Normal:pagesx
WT-860; 100,000 dpi, Fine: x dpi
DP-770 or DP-772*Bridge unit AK- is required for the use of DF- (C) and DF- (D).
Standard output colour 50.7 dB(A) LpA, Ready mode 36.1 dB(A) LpA
capacity: x x dpi
Staple cartridges: SH-10 for optional DF-770 & BF-730; 3 x 5,000 IB-50; Gigabit-Ethernet
Banner Guide board(A): 10BaseT/100BaseTX/1000BaseT
Banner paper feeding guide, up to 10 sheets
250 sheets face-down, max. output
Safety standards: GS,capacity
TÜV, CE350 sheets staples per boxMaximum
SH-12 fororiginal
optionalsize: A 3 x 5,000 staples per
DF-790; IB-51; Wireless Ethernet
Fax memory board
This unit is manufactured according to ISO quality standard
box Compression method: JBIG, MMR, MR, MH
Cabinet; MetalMM cabinet : Image memory ( MB)
PRINT FUNCTIONS and ISO environmental standard. RoHs compatibility Memory: Standard MB, max. MB
Controller language: PRESCRIBE IIc OPTIONS Scan Extension Licence; Scan to searchable PDF solution
Features: Opt. Internet-fax, network faxing, rotate transmission, (embedded OCR)
6 (PCL5c / PCL-XL), KPDL3 (Postscript 3 Fax unit: FAX SYS W reception, duplex fax reception, memory reception, Data security kit (E):
compatible), XPS Direct print, PDF Direct print ISO (Common Criteria) with security level EAL
All paper capacities quoted are based on paper thicknessInternet fax kit: Internetremote
mailbox, Fax Kit diagnostics,
(A) Licence dual fax with second fax system
Operating systems: All current Windows operating systems, Mac Document processors : Printed Document Guard Kit (B)
of max. mm. Please use paper recommended by
OS X Version 10.4 or higher, UNIX, LINUX, as well as other DP-770 (reverse automatic document processors) - 100 sheets, USB IC Card Reader: Card Authentication Kit (B)AC Card Reader Holder (E)
operating systems under normal environmental conditions.
on request
45–160 gsm, A5R-A3, folio. UG- : ThinPrint support
Fonts/barcodes: Input capacity:
93 outline fonts (PCL ), 136 fonts (KPDL3), 8 fonts Average continuous toner yield insheets;
accordance % coverage A .
DP-772 (dual scan document processor) - 175 35–220 UG- : Emulation (IBM Proprinter/EPSON LQ- /Diablo )
(Windows Vista),150-sheet
1 Bitmap multi-purpose
font, 45 types tray, g/m2 (banner
of one dimensional –
(simplex), 50–220 ci/ A6R-A3,
gsm (duplex); ci folio.
g/m ), A6R– barcode
barcodes plus two-dimensional
x mm, Tab
(PDF -417)paper ( – g/m )2 Optional interface
TK- processor
Only one document K Toner-Kit:
can beToner
at theforsame,000
timepages IB- : Gigabit-Ethernet board 10BaseT/100BaseTX/1000Base
banner max. x mm; x
Print features: Encrypted PDF Direct Print, IPP printing, e-mail -sheet universal paper
printing, WSD cassette,
print, secure–printing g/mvia2
(TASKalfa ci/
SSL, IPSec, SNMPv3, ci),
quick Paper
g/m 2 feeders:TK- C, TK- M, TK- Y Toner-Kits: Toner Cyan, TIB- : Wireless Lan Interface
copy, proof and hold, privateci/
(TASKalfa print, job
ci), storagex and – jobx mm PF-730; 2 x 500Magenta, Yellow gsm,
sheets, 64-256 for A5R-304.8 pages x 457.2 mm, folio Platen cover (E)
management functionality
Max. input capacity with options: TASKalfa ci/ ci
PF-740; 2 x 1,500 sheets, 60–256 gsm, A4, B5, letter CB- : Wooden cabinet
TASKalfa ci/ Mobile
ci: Print supported
sheets A PF-770 (A4 sideTK-deck); K3,000
sheets, Toner Black
60–300 for A4, B5 pages
gsm, CB- : Metal cabinet
devices. Application
TASKalfaavailable ci/to download
ci: from the
sheets A iOS App TK- C, TK- M, TK- Y Toner-Kits: Toner Cyan,
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Duplex unit: Duplex as standard supports Magenta, Yellow for pages
Cost recovery & security: Compatible with all major third party
A R– x mm, – g/m2 WT- Waste Toner Bottle: sheets
integration software. Compatible with most web print applications
Output capacity: sheets face-down, max. output capacity sheets (in accordance with % coverage b/w: colour= )
Staple cartridge: SH- for DF- , BF- , SH- for DF-

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