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Target Group: Year 4 (Sk Jalan Ong Tiang Swee)

Subject: English Language

Date: 9th February 2015

Class: Year 4C

Time: 8.15am – 9.15am (1 hour)

Level Proficiency: Intermediate

Focused skill: Reading

Integrated skill: Listening and speaking, Writing

Language focus: Reading comprehension

Previous 1. Basic knowledge on answering comprehension questions

2. Pupils know about occupation

Unit: 2

Theme: World of Knowledge

Topic: Spending Wisely

Content 2.2 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to demonstrate understanding of a
Standards: variety of linear and non-linear texts in the form of print and non-print materials using a range of
strategies to construct meaning.

Learning 2.2.2
Able to read and understand phrases and sentences from:

(a) linear texts

(b) non-linear texts

Objectives: By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:

1. Answer all the comprehension questions correctly.

2. Able to recognise the correct match for each occupation.

Sentence 1. She is a teacher. She is teaching in the school.


Teaching Aids: 1. Text on ‘My parents’ occupation’.

2. Textbook

Educational Multiple intelligent, thinking skills


Moral values: Respectful, cooperation, and loving

Sources: Text on ‘My parents’ occupation’.

Stage/ Time Lesson Teaching learning Instructional Language Rationale
Content/ Activities
Set  Question and 1) Teacher starts the lesson  Class, do you know  As a warming up activity.
induction answer by telling about different where an engineer
 Help them recall previous
(7 min) session occupation has it work?
knowledge on occupation.
different workplace
 “WH”  Does it have the same
 To arouse the pupils interest
question” 2) Teacher emphasizes on workplace as other
on the lesson that they about
the workplace by asking occupations?
o What to learn.
the pupils about some
o Where occupations  Listening and speaking

 Asks the whole class.

 Ask pupils randomly.

 Dialogue on 1) The teacher asks the  Now, I want you to  To make sure the pupils can
Pre-Reading textbook(pg. pupils to read the text read the text silently. do independent reading.
(10min) 13) silently.
 Read aloud the article  To ensure that all the pupils
2) Teacher asks pupils to in groups. can read together.
read aloud in groups.
 Reading

While-  Text on ‘My 1) The teacher distributes  Now, I want you, in  To stimulate the pupils’
Reading parents’ the text to each group. pair, to read the text thinking skills.
(20 min) occupation’ silently and answer the
2) Teacher asks the pupils  Ensure the pupils can answer
complete the task
to read the passage the comprehension question
silently and complete the correctly and match the jobs
table with appropriate  Have you done? correctly
 Reading

 Teacher walks around to

observe pupils’ progress.

 Attains pupils who need helps.

Post- 1) Teacher checks the  Now, lets us check the  To ensure that they able to
Reading answer together with the answer together. answer the questions
(20 min) pupils. correctly.

2) Teacher does  Teacher observes pupils’

corrections in front of the
class. progress.

 Teacher able to correct the

mistake on the spot.

Closure  Summing up 1) Teacher sums up the  Let us read once again -

(3 min) the lesson, lesson by asking the
 We must work hard in
giving brief pupils to read once
order to achieve our
evaluation again.
2) Teacher talks about the
integration of
morale values.
moral values.


Lecturer’s Guidance/Mentor’s Comment:

Read the passage below and complete the following tasks.

My Parents’ Occupation

In the class Year 4 Merah, there are varieties of jobs that the parents of the pupils do for a living. Melissa’s mother is a
teacher while her father is a pilot who is working at the in the Kuching International Airport. Meanwhile, Imran’s parent is both
working as a baker who owns their own bakery shop in the city nearby. Stephanie is a daughter of the owner of a well-known
electrical company in the town and both Aaron and Daniel’s father are working in his company. The company building was
designed by Erica’s father and it is very beautiful. If anyone in the class is sick or feeling unwell, their parents will send them to
Erica’s mother clinic which is not far from the school. Sometimes, their will ask Jiji’s mother to send them to the clinic with her
beautiful taxi and most of the times she will drive them for free. Although there are a lot of different occupations in the Year 4 Merah
class, each and every parents of the pupils will always try to help in other as they realise that different jobs will have different kind of
services that they are providing.
Complete the table below by filling in the space provided with the appropriate occupation.

Parents Occupation
Answer the question correctly in full sentence

1. Where is Erica’s mother workplace?


2. What is Melissa mother’s occupation and where does she work?


3. What does Jiji’s mother do for a living?


4. Whose parent is working as a doctor in nearby clinic?


5. Where does Aaron and Daniel’s father work and what is their occupation?