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Mo and Vu. GB Qarnmac TRENTON, Mo. BEL, quamrarz 3 FOR VIOLIN ALONE. BY orTro sozriDADNW. Author of “Marte Nocturno,”” COMPOSED BY spaclO RELIGIOg, QUARTETT. FOR VIOLIN ALONE. ‘The Author plays this compo= sitionas follows: Unscrew the fog of the bow,place the stick under the Violin-holdthestick andfrog with your right hand and play asusual.. This enables the player to sustain all thenotes and give expression. thereby, Producinga decidedly novel effet, ‘which would beimpossibletto a tainin the usual style ofbowing. Dex Componistspelttese Come position auf folgende Weise:man tstuwbtdonFrovehh me Bil —,.—CLrC ‘Stock wirdunter die Violinegehal= tenglsoumgekehrt wieman sonst ‘pial somitwindberweckt dae man alle vier Saiten aufeinmal mit vol= eee vor tragen kannDiese Spiel_Art Wr cgeelilalchjedocketfedral! Adagio sostenuto with great expression. 0.SOLDAN. Op. 2. zr Tis Copyright 1880 by Balmer& Weber. a f ik 3 a eH oF moeee $4 ow conver ore | one om Maestoso. alla conte 8916 = 2 siete eto ep sess oh [Rano hone ao h [seo anne NN on Jenne ( +4 [p2a-2 \" [bz2ne [Rs—0 pune 1 & Les e+ ha Iho : $_conce” 4 EA] na non h Jo A rs oC s: Ineene itl art my a ° ho Reso pence eam-o [ Ristero we [Reza ese | In—y | Gkq Gkq | 23 3916