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Lauren Hazony

19 Old Mamaroneck Road #3H (203) 561-2580

White Plains, NY 10605


Lauren Hazony
19 Old Mamaroneck Road #3H (203) 561-2580
White Plains, NY 10605

Hebrew University of Jerusalem – Rothberg International School

May 2017
Certificate in Jewish Educational Leadership Jerusalem, Israel /
New York, NY
Completed as a part of the Legacy Heritage Fund’s Teacher Institute
Fourteen day intensive learning experience for classroom teachers to grow as school leaders
with the goal of undertaking an educational initiative from theory to implementation.
Capstone Project: Kriyah B’Kol ‫קריאה בקול‬: Hebrew Reading Assessments and Targeted

Columbia University Teachers College

February 2016
M.A. in Applied Linguistics New York,
Masters Literature Review: “An Examination of Hebrew Language Educators in the United
States: Current Trends and Pre-Service Preparation”. Completed October 2015

Boston University
May 2010
Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Special Education; Minor in History; cum laude
Boston, MA
Elementary Education and Mild-Moderate Special Education (K-8) Track
Completed over 900 hours of student teaching, in-classroom experience over the course of
five semesters at five different public schools in the Greater Boston area in K-5 settings.

Certifications (Expired)
 New York State Licensure: Initial Certificate in Students with Disabilities & Childhood
Education, Grades 1-6
 Massachusetts State Licensure: Mild/Moderate Special Education, Grades 1-8;
Elementary Education, Grades 1-6

Teacher Training
 Legacy Heritage Teacher Institute
 Bishvil Ha-Ivrit Performance Based Assessment Seminar (Upcoming, March 2018)
 TalAM Hebrew Curriculum Training Institute – Parts 1 and 2 for both 1 st and 2nd grade
 Participated in the yearlong Jewish New Teacher Project training program for
professional development

Teaching Experience
Bi-Cultural Day School
Stamford, CT
 2nd Grade Hebrew/Judaic Teacher
09/2015– Present
Sole 2nd Grade teacher for two class sections. Develop and implement daily and unit lesson
plans for Tefillah, Chumash, Hebrew, Holidays, Israel, and the weekly Torah portion.
Differentiate instruction to meet students’ varying needs. Guide instruction and coordinate
scheduling and rotations of Hebrew Reading Groups and four expert/assistant teachers.
Write and produce Chaggigat HaChumash. Mentor undergraduate student teachers
annually from the Legacy Heritage Jewish Education Project at Stern College. Use of TaLAM,

19 Old Mamaroneck Road 3H Lauren Hazony 203-561-2580
White Plains, NY, 10605
iTaLAM, Lehavin U’Lehaskil, and Lookstein Israel curriculum.

 8th Grade Hebrew Language Teacher 01/2018-

8th Grade Hebrew Language Teacher leave replacement while continuing existing roles
within the school. Create and implement lesson plans and assessments to meet the needs
of all learners. Utilizing the Bishvil Ha-Ivrit Curriculum.

 5th Grade General Studies Leave Replacement Teacher 05/2015-


Bet Torah Religious School

Bedford, NY
Teacher (part-time)
09/2012 – 06/2015
Instructor for 2nd grade beginner Hebrew course and Judaica. Past instructor for a 6 th grade
course on the structure and meaning of the prayer service, includes students with special
needs. Communicate with parents regarding learning and progress including sending out
monthly class newsletter.

Temple Sholom Religious School

Greenwich, CT
Learning Coordinator (part-time)
Establish accurate, individualized learning and behavior plans for 30+ children in a school of
200+ students. Handle student discipline and behavior issues. Mentor for teachers and
conduct school-wide classroom observations. Create and evaluate school-wide assessments
and report cards. Coordinate and oversee tutoring program. Collaborate to develop new
school-wide curriculum aligned with school philosophy and work to implement components to
reach all learners. Design and lead three two-hour teacher-training sessions on collaborative
learning, the goals of teaching Hebrew, and Hebrew reading instruction. Facilitated transition
between Heads of School.

Carmel Academy, PALS (Providing Alternative Learning Strategies)

Greenwich, CT
Special Education Teacher
Lead Judaic/Hebrew teacher in self-contained, dual curriculum combined 1 st and 2nd grade
classroom for students with learning disabilities. Create, implement and modify curriculum and
lesson plans for Hebrew language, Chumash, Parsha, Judaic Studies, and prayer. In
collaboration with co-teacher, create, implement and modify lesson plans for Math, English
Language Arts, and Reading using Orton-Gillingham methodology. Collaborate with teachers
and administration in development, teaching, evaluation, and revisions of mainstream science
and social studies curriculums. Confer with parents, teachers, in-house and private therapists
and administration in order to resolve students’ behavioral, social, and academic progress and

Related and Additional Experience

Temple Israel Religious School
Boston, MA
19 Old Mamaroneck Road 3H Lauren Hazony 203-561-2580
White Plains, NY, 10605
One-on-One Aide
09/2007 - 05/2009

The Friendship Circle Stamford,

Specialist/Volunteer 2002
– 2011
Began as a high-school volunteer working individually with children with severe and moderate
special needs. Interacted in pool, camp, trip, Sunday school and party settings, and in their
own homes. Returned to work as behavioral specialist implementing behavior plans for the
large group and aiding teenage volunteers.

New England NCSY Newton

Center, MA
Event Coordinator
02/2007 - 06/2009
Responsible for 18 multi-day regional conventions/events for approximately 150 teenagers
and staff from 20 cities/4 states. Planned and coordinated logistics and provided on-site
support and supervision. Compiled a manual to help train new staff on all components of
logistics and administration surrounding these events.

Israeli Dance Instructor

2004- 2010
Taught Israeli dance in various settings, including schools, temples, adult classes, parties and
sleep-away camp. Instructed large classes tailored for each specific population, including
individuals with special needs. Produced a themed dance performance with over 250 children.
While still in high school, created lesson plans and taught Israeli dance as high-school elective.

Awards, Honors, Other

 Alida Putterman Israeli Dance Scholarship to attend 2007 Tamaron Israeli dance camp.
 Selected for interview by Lesley Stahl and appeared on 60 Minutes regarding the Harry
Potter books-1999
 Hebrew Fluency