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Arab | October 2017 | Vol. XL Issue 8

World ‫ﻋﺎﻟﻢ اﻟﻤﻴﺎه اﻟﻌﺮﺑﻲ‬

Improving Sludge Handling and Quality

for Centralized AD
Finest Quality Chemical
Metering Pumps and

Flex-Pro® A2 Features Include:
• Equipped with Blue-White’s exclusive
Flex-A-Prene® pump tubes for excellent
performance and long service life.
• Advanced electronics, SCADA ready
with firmware that can be updated.
• VGA Graphic Multi-Color (RGB)
backlit LCD Displays: Remote and local
IP66 control status; Motor speed; Input
signals; Output rate; and Service and
NEMA 4X alarm status.
• Maximum chemical output is 56.2 LPH.
Maximum pressure rating is 8.6 bar.

Chem-Pro® Features Include:
• Smooth full diaphragm stroke
every time and precise chemical
• Remote start and stop function.
• Advanced electronics and the
firmware can be updated.
• Equipped with Blue-White’s
exclusive DiaFlex® Diaphragm. IP66
• Maximum chemical output is NEMA 4X
153 LPH, Maximum pressure WASH DOWN
rating is 10.3 bar. • 714-893-8529
5300 Business Dr., Huntington Beach, CA 92649 USA •
Arab Water World October 2017
Serving the Water, Wastewater, Desalination & Energy Sectors in MENA - Since 1977
October 2017 | Vol. XL Issue 8

Issue Content....................................................01 Corporate Happenings....................................43
Opening Letter...............................................02 Projects & Developments...............................46
MENA Water Digest.......................................04 Products & Services.......................................50

Filtration Systems
Industrial Filtration Market Events Preview...............................................59
to Register Buoyant Growth by 2021...............07
Ultrafiltration Pumps
and Their Role in Ultrafiltration.........................08 SERVICES
Coming Events...............................................61
WASTEWATER TREATMENT Buyers’ Guide................................................62

Sludge Dewatering & Processing
Improving Sludge Handling
and Quality for Centralized AD.......................12
Operating Experience Proves Benefits of Efficient
Sludge Dewatering Technology.........................14 General Information........................................6 3
Closing Letter.................................................64

Solar Desalination
Solar Desalination: A Promising Solution
CPH Team

(Email domain is
for the Future of Water in MENA......................16
• Mr. Fathi Chatila • Mrs. Mona Chatila (1944 - 2006)
FEATURE Management
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• Interim HR Manager
The Growing Use of GIS in the Water Industry....23
Abdul Rahman Hallak / ar.hallak@
Submersible Pumps
Editorial & Research
Submersible Pump Market
• Editor-in-Chief
To Reach USD16.3 Billion By 2026................24 Fathi Chatila / f.chatila@
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Drive the Swimming Pool Market...................28 Circulation, Marketing & Sales
• Circulation, Marketing & Sales Manager
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Accounting & Finance
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On Desalinated Seawater................................34
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Saudi Arabia Seeks Alternative • Graphic & Web Designer

Water Sources...............................................35 Shatha Yahfoufi / s.yahfoufi@
United Kingdom
The Problem with Biogas: How UK Cover Photo Courtesy of
Found a Way to Tackle Ammonia....................36 Saxland International

Published by CPH World Media s.a.r.l. - Beirut, Lebanon Helping Advance MENA & Beyond! Since 1977
‫ لبنان‬،‫ بريوت‬- .‫م‬.‫م‬.‫ميديا ش‬ ‫تصدر عن يس يب أتش ورلد‬ 1977 ‫نساعد بتطوير الرشق األوسط وشامل أفريقيا وأبعد! منذ‬

Water Purification System: ‫انتشار واسع لنظام تنقية املياه‬

The New Emerging Trend ‫يف الرشق األوسط وافريقيا‬

Residential water treatment devices help eradicate undesirable chemicals, ّ ‫تساهم أدوات معالجة املياه يف القضاء عىل املواد الكياموية‬
‫ والغازات واملواد‬،‫املرضة‬
gases, suspended solids or biological contaminants from water making ‫الصلبة العالقة و امللوثات البيولوجية املوجودة يف املياه لتصبح هذه األخرية نظيفة وصالحة‬
it safe to consume. The residential water treatment devices market has ‫ يشهد سوق أدوات معالجة املياه تقدماً ملموساً عىل مر السنوات‬،‫ يف الواقع‬.‫لإلستخدام‬
been experiencing stable growth over the years due to: improved availability
of purification and filtration devices, wide product choice, and growth in ‫ وباإلضافة‬،‫ تن ّوع املنتجات‬،‫بفضل عوامل عدة أهمها توفر أدوات تنقية وفلرتة أكرث حداثة‬
population that increased contamination of fresh water sources and rise in ‫إىل النمو السكاين الذي أدَّى إىل مزيد من التلوث يف موارد املياه العذبة وإىل ارتفاع عدد‬
construction of new residential buildings. .‫ورش البناء واملباين السكانية‬
Total population of the Middle East & Africa stood at approximately 346
million in 2015 and is expected to grow at a rate of 2% per annum, according 346 ‫تجدر اإلشارة إىل َّأن العدد اإلجاميل للسكان يف منطقة الرشق األوسط وافريقيا وصل اىل‬
to Future Market Insights. The region’s market is also witnessing mass ‫ ومن املتوقع أن يرتفع بنسبة‬،‫ وف ًقا لرشكة فيوترش ماركيت إنسايتس‬،2015 ‫مليون يف عام‬
migration of people to urban centers, thus increased demand for water ‫ كام ويشهد سوق املنطقة نزوحاً كبرياً نحو املدن مام أدى إىل ارتفاع الطلب‬.‫ يف كل عام‬%2
purifiers. Economies of North Africa, on the other hand, have also been ‫ أ َّما اقتصادات منطقة‬.‫ وبالتايل الحاجة اىل املزيد من أدوات التنقية والفلرتة‬،‫عىل املياه العذبة‬
expanding at a healthy growth rates in the last few years, a factor which
in turn is expected to further fuel growth of the overall residential water
‫ األمر الذي‬،‫شامل افريقيا فقد حافظت عىل نسبة منو ملحوظة يف خالل السنوات املاضية‬
treatment devices market in the MEA region. GCC region is witnessing .‫ساهم يف تعزيز أهمية سوق أدوات تنقية املياه وفلرتتها يف منطقة الرشق األوسط وافريقيا‬
entry of globally established water purifier brands, which has resulted into ‫ بدأت عالمات تجارية عاملية عدة يف مجال أدوات معالجة وتنقية املياه‬،‫ويف سياقٍ مامثل‬
increased competition in the market. Increased competition, in turn, ensures ‫ مام أدَّى إىل زيادة التنافسية يف سوق‬،‫باإلنضامم اىل سوق دول مجلس التعاون الخليجي‬
marginal decline in price of residential water treatment devices in the retail ‫ أ َّما‬.‫طفيف يف أسعار أدوات معالجة املياه يف السوق‬
ٍ ‫انخفاض‬
ٍ ‫العمل التي أدت بدورها اىل‬
market. Around 44% of the Middle East & Africa population still lives in rural
area and is not aware about the necessity and techniques of purifying and
‫ من سكان منطقة‬%44 ‫التحدي الكبري الذي يواجهه سوق األدوات املعالجة يتم َّثل يف أن‬
filtering water. Penetrating these markets may be a challenging task for the ‫ وبالتايل ال يدركون مدى‬،‫الرشق األوسط وافريقيا ال يزالون يعيشون يف املناطق الريفية‬
concerned market participants, as most of the vendors will have to begin by ‫ األمر الذي يتطلب من الرشكات املسؤولة نرش التوعية حول‬،‫أهمية معالجة املياه وتنقيتها‬
creating awareness regarding the importance of water purifiers and filters. ‫ ومن املتوقع أن يكتسب نظام تنقية املياه املزيد من األهمية‬.‫أهمية أدوات التنقية والفلرتة‬
The combination water purification system’ is a new emerging trend that is .‫يف السنوات القادمة‬
likely to gain ground in the coming years.

The October 2017 issue of Arab Water World (AWW) magazine covers a ‫ أكتوبر من مج َّلة عامل املياه العريب مواضيع مختلفة ومثرية‬/ ‫يغطي عدد ترشين األول‬ ِّ
number of interesting projects and topics. On page 08, the article describes .‫ دور مضخات الرتشيح الفائق يف مجال معالجة املياه‬08 ‫ فيصف مقال الصفحة‬.‫لإلهتامم‬
the role in ultrafiltration pumps in water treatment. The article on page 12 ‫ ويتناول املقال‬.‫ الضوء عىل منوذج إزالة ماء الحأمة ومعالجتها‬12 ‫ويلقي املقال يف الصفحة‬
sheds the light on a sludge dewatering and processing model. Moreover, the
article on page 16 highlights solar desalination in MENA. This issue is also ‫ كام يزخر هذا‬.‫ نظام التحلية بواسطة الطاقة الشمسية يف الرشق األوسط‬16 ‫يف الصفحة‬
abounded with a number of technical articles, country reports as well as news ‫العدد مبقاالت تقنية وتقارير حول البلدان باإلضافة إىل آخر األخبار حول أحدث ابتكارات‬
about latest innovations and market trends. Your comments and remarks are ‫ فال ترتدَّدوا يف التواصل معنا عرب الربيد‬،‫ آراءكم وتعليقاتكم ته ّمنا‬.‫سوق املياه واتجاهاتها‬
appreciated; please don’t hesitate to contact us at ‫اإللكرتوين‬

Fathi Chatila ‫فتحي شاتيال‬

Editor-in-Chief ‫رئيس التحرير‬

Honorary Content Consultants (HCC)

• Dr. Bakenaz A. Zeydan - Head of Water Engineering Department, • Dr. Walid Saleh - Int’l Network on water, Environmental & Health
Tanta University, Egypt (INWEH), The United Nations University, Jordan
• Dr. Eng. Darwish Ibrahim Yousef - Prof. of Yousef Office for • Dr. Yousef Al. Rumikhani - Assistant Professor - King Abdul Aziz City
Science & Engineering, Syria for Science & Technology (KACST), Saudi Arabia
• Dr. Jalal Halwani - The Lebanese University, Lebanon • Prof. Adel Sharif - University of Surrey, UK
• Eng. Mohamad Amin Saad - President Masar Technologies, USA • Dr. Ing. Aiman Eid Al-Rawajfeh - Tafila Technical University Dep.
Chemical Engineering - Jordan
• Dr. Mritunjay Chaubey - Pentair Water, India
• Dr. Sajid Mahmood (Azeemi) - Assistant Professor in Water Resources
• Euro Ing. Prof. Nidal Hilal - Director of The Centre for Clean Water
Management, COE in Water Resources Engineering, Lahore, Pakistan
Technologies, Multidisciplinary Nanotechnology Centre,
School of Engineering, Swansea University, Swansea SA2 8PP, UK. • Dr. Adil AL Tamimi - Associate Professor of civil enginering and Director of
the institute of Materials Systems “IMS” School of Engineering,
• Dr. Riyad Abou Maizar - Associated Consultants Engineers (ACE), Bahrain
American University of Sharjah UAE

02 | October 2017



Power supply units for

superior system availability
Power professionals
Select the ideal solution for functionality and power:
• QUINT POWER power supplies with maximum functionality
• TRIO POWER power supplies with standard functionality
• UNO POWER power supplies with compact basic functionality

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to about 2 million people a day. LG Chem The key focus countries included
Bahrain is scheduled to supply RO membranes
from the second half of this year. Last
Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Mauritania,
Somalia, Thailand, Djibouti, the
year, the company won an order from a Philippines, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Benin,
Nass Marine Participation plant in Oman with 250,000-ton capacity.
The two contracts brought LG Chem
Mali, Somalia, Egypt, Sudan, China, and
Iraq. Upon completion, these projects
in Seatrade 2017 closer to the global market leadership. are expected to serve over 250,000
Salt concentration and water temperature people, said a statement from Dubai
Constantly striving to provide better in the Red Sea area including El Galalah Electricity and Water Authority
services and lead the regional market; are the highest in the world, requiring RO (Dewa). The work was done in co-
Nass Marine Services Co. participated membranes to satisfy difficult conditions. operation with Mohammed bin Rashid
in the Seatrade Offshore Marine & But LG Chem’s RO membranes are 25% Al Maktoum Charity and Humanitarian
Workboats Middle East. The specialized superior to competitors in terms of filtered Establishment and the Emirates Red
builder of vessels and barge is set to water quality. They also save much energy. Crescent, it stated.
open the new facility in the year 2018
which will increase its annual building and
repair capability to 40 barges and vessels
instead of the current eighteen, in addition
to providing maintenance, periodic repair
and upgrade services to all customers.
Worth mentioning, Nass Marine Services
Co. was established in 2006 and has the
organizational infrastructure to deliver
projects on time and within budget. The
Company’s skilled workforce of 400
craftsmen can build barges and the 520
- 700 ton-capacity, up to 70 meters long
Marine Jetty for Mooring and Repairs.
The in-house design office can provide
standard design projects, as well as
tailor-made constructions to meet any
client specifications.

Egypt Iraq Jordan

LG Chem to Supply Suqia Launches Big Water Saudi Group Wins

RO Membranes Projects in Iraq Funding For Solar Project
LG Chem is stepping up a drive to lead UAE Water Aid Foundation (Suqia) said Saudi-based Abdul Latif Jameel
the global water treatment market after it has launched over 60 infrastructure Energy, a leading GCC-based solar
winning Egypt’s largest project to turn development projects across the globe PV (photovoltaic) developer, said one
sea water into fresh water. The company in partnership with Mohammed bin of its key units has secured funding
announced it has been chosen as the Rashid Al Maktoum Charity and for a major solar project that can
sole supplier of Reverse Osmosis (RO) Humanitarian Establishment and power more than 120,000 homes
membranes to a seawater desalination the Emirates Red Crescent. UAE in Jordan and also generate 435
plant with 300,000-ton capacity which Water Aid Foundation (Suqia) said it million kWH of electricity per year.
Metito, a global water treatment company, has launched over 60 infrastructure The transaction was done with the
will build in El Galalah and Port Said in development projects including European Bank for Reconstruction
Egypt. It is the largest desalination plant in setting up of water plants, wells, and and Development (EBRD) and the
the country which can provide fresh water desalination plants across the globe. Netherlands Development Finance

04 | October 2017


Company (FMO), through a USD65 unsuccessful as either a Manager or

million loan for the development of Saudi Arabia Technical member in this round will
the Al-Safawi solar plant located in have the opportunity to participate in
the north of Jordan. This is Abdul Latif future Request for Quotations (RFQ)
Jameel Energy’s third project in Jordan Saudi Arabia Seeks Bids and RFPs under the NREP. Dumat
following Mafraq I and II, bringing the Al Jandal marks the second of two
total number of homes to be powered for Wind Power Project tenders for round one of the NREP.
with clean energy past 120,000, said The Renewable Energy Project Bidding for the 400MW wind power
the statement. On completion of the Development Office (REPDO) of project is set to close in January 2018.


Kurita Sets Up
MENA HQ in Jafza
Kurita, a well-known Japanese
company specializing in water
treatment technology, has opened its
regional headquarter in Jebel Ali Free
Zone “Jafza” to serve its customers
spread across the GCC and the
Middle East. The company held an
opening ceremony of their offices here
in the presence of Michiya Kadota,
President and Representative Director
of Kurita Water Industries Ltd. , David
Olivet, Chief Executive Officer of Kurita
Middle East, Abdullah Bin Damithan,
Director of Commercial, DP World,
UAE Region, Ahmad Al Haddad, Acting
Chief Operating Officer, Jafza. David
Olivet said that the company has
been operating in the Gulf region and
the Middle East since 2007 through
Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Energy, its delegates and agents in various
Industry and Mineral Resources countries, but recently decided to
released the Request for Proposals establish a regional headquarter to
(RFP) for its first utility-scale wind power manage its operations more efficiently,
project within the National Renewable enhancing its presence in the region,
Energy Program (NREP). The RFP for as it is one of the strategic markets for
400MW of wind power in Dumat Al the company. Olivet said: “The Middle
Jandal in Saudi Arabia’s Al Jouf region East and North Africa (MENA) markets
is now available for qualified bidders on are key priorities and our new regional
the NREP’s dedicated eProcurement headquarter is part of our investment
portal. REPDO has qualified 25 to deliver high quality products and
companies for the 400MW Dumat services to our customers through our
Al Jandal wind project. The qualified dealers and warehouses. “We plan to
project, the Saudi firm will be supplying companies will proceed to the RFP open manufacturing facilities in Saudi
435 million kilowatt hours of electricity stage as either ‘managing members’ Arabia and the UAE in the near future,
per year in total across the country. or ‘technical members’ – or both – and it is our long-term commitment to
The new 51 MW plant will be located in based on their experience in delivering cooperate with local partners and the
Safawi, a region in the north of Jordan IPP projects of this scale. A company government sector to help address
and an area with high solar potential. or consortium whose application is water issues."

October 2017 | 05

Water Treatment
Filtration Systems
07 Industrial Filtration Market to Register Buoyant Growth by 2021
08 Ultrafiltration Pumps and Their Role in Ultrafiltration
10 Ecoclear® Neutralizes Hydrodemolition Water
and Removes Particles
10 New Inge® Contact for Middle East
11 UV Pure Welcomes DWG Process Supply

Wastewater Treatment
Sludge Dewatering & Processing
12 Improving Sludge Handling and Quality for Centralized AD
14 Operating Experience Proves Benefits of
Efficient Sludge Dewatering Technology

Desalination Technology
Solar Desalination
16 Solar Desalination: A Promising Solution
for the Future of Water in MENA
17 World’s First Solar Desalination Technology without Battery
WATER TREATMENT Filtration Systems

Industrial Filtration Market

to Register Buoyant Growth by 2021
ater purification is gaining prominence due to the shrinking water resources across the world and increasing wastewater
disposal costs. Owing to the growing water crisis and the importance of treating the water for reuse, the demand
for wastewater treatment technologies is on the rise. The depletion of fresh water resources has led to the use of
more chemicals for water treatment to make it safe to drink, thereby necessitating the use of water purification systems. Water
purification system can remove the disease-causing contaminants from the water and improve the quality of water. The global
industrial filtration market is projected to reach USD30.78 billion by 2021, growing at a CAGR of 6% from 2016 to 2021,
according to a report by MarketsandMarkets Research.
Water treatment utilizes industrial scale
processes that makes water acceptable
for end use which maybe be drinking
or industrial uses, according to Market
Research. It is also utilized to ensure
contaminants are removed prior to returning
waste water to the environment. The global
industrial filtration market growth can be
attributed to stringent government emission
regulations and the growth of the global
power generation and manufacturing
industries. The industrial filtration system
was initially used for filtering out impurities
from raw material to produce high-quality
products, according to MarketsandMarkets
Research. However, given the growing
concerns regarding global warming, scarcity
of drinking water, and soil degradation, the
governments of various countries have
imposed regulations to reduce the amount Global Water Intelligence. Miners are not be the largest market globally, and is set
of harmful effluents being released into the just facing intensifying competition for water to grow at promising CAGR from 2016 to
environment by industries. This measure resources; they must also deal with higher 2021. India is expected to follow, registering
has led to the increasing installation of volumes of wastewater. Membranes have the second-highest growth rate during the
filtration systems across industries. Liquid begun to offer a solution for treating tailings same period. Countries such as the U.K.,
filtration systems are estimated to dominate water, while there is room for improvement the U.S., Germany, and France are investing
the industrial filtration market, by type. in removing cyanides from waste-water in cleaner and renewable power generation
The demand for liquid filtration is fueled by following the processing of gold ore. methods. This has reduced the demand for
its wide range of application and the filtration systems in the power generation
growing demand for clean drinking “The demand for liquid filtration industry. Furthermore, slow industrial
water. Significant investments are being
made across the world to improve
is fueled by its wide range of growth and the economic recession are
also expected to affect the demand for
drinking water quality. Moreover, the application and the growing industrial filtration and restrict market
growth of industries that are dependent demand for clean drinking water” growth. For instance, the demand for
on water, such as chemicals, oil & filtration systems in the oil & gas industry
gas, power generation, pharmaceuticals, Asia-Pacific is estimated to lead the industrial witnessed a drastic fall due to the slump in
pulp & paper, and food & beverage, is also filtration market, in terms of growth rate as oil prices. Leading players in the industrial
expected to boost the demand for these well as market size, from 2016 to 2021, filtration market include Mann + Hummel
filtration systems. In food & beverage, according to MarketsandMarkets Research. GmbH (Germany), Alfa Laval (Sweden),
technology suppliers are developing High growth in the power generation and Donaldson Company, Inc. (U.S.), Parker
anaerobic treatment technologies that are healthcare & pharmaceutical sectors and Hannifin Corporation (U.S.), and Clarcor
more efficient and easier to operate, and new and proactive policy reforms to support Inc. (U.S.). New product/service/technology
which industrial facility operators can use the growth of the manufacturing sector in launch is the strategy most widely adopted
to take advantage of biogas production India and China are key factors driving the by players in the industrial filtration market.
to reduce their energy costs, according to market in this region. China is estimated to AWW Staff

October 2017 | 07


Ultrafiltration Pumps
and Their Role in Ultrafiltration
n many water treatment applications, the removal of particles is the key component in order to provide clean water for subsequent
use. An ultrafiltration plant removes effective particles down to a size of 0.01 µm, such as bacteria, suspended solids, etc. The
pressure range for ultrafiltration is from 1-10 bar. The size of ultrafiltration plants can vary from small-scale systems, e.g. water
supply in remote areas with only a few consumers, up to big industrial parks, which use ultrafiltration to process water, and water
supply for thousands of people.

In general, the feed water is pumped through

the membrane. Optional in the feedline is a
dosing pump, to pump flocculent into the
feedline in front of the membrane. After
the membrane there is a set of backwash
pumps to clean the membrane with filtrate
or enhanced with cleaning chemicals.
These, too, are dosed via dosing pumps.
Variable frequency drives (VFDs) are nothing
new to membrane filtration units. The most
typical use of an external VFD on pressure
pumps for reverse osmosis (RO) or ultra-
filtration (UF) systems is to account for
variability in flow. However, most end-users
see their application as having a constant
flow requirement, such as treating water for
a boiler system or a constant flow process;
the majority of membrane systems are
supplied with fixed speed pumps.
e.g. with a throttling valve. Additionally, in the exact flow and pressure requirement,
Challenges a drive can enable simple constant- and save large amounts of energy at better
Major challenges in the ultrafiltration pressure control for the membrane system efficiencies. Example: A 7.5 kW fixed-
applications can be: changing raw water regardless of changes in water supply or speed CR pump that is engineered to
conditions (e.g. turbidity increase, etc.) and discharge pressure (variability). deliver 40m3/h of flow in a system with 4
changing demand on the clean water side. bar is sometimes controlled by a throttling
These challenges must be handled and Save energy valve. This increases pressure (to nearly 7
solved by a modern set-up, in a reliable The basic affinity laws for pumps and motors bar) and moves performance down both
and smooth way. This requires a system in shows that by reducing motor speed you the flow curve and the efficiency curve.
which components can be easily integrated decrease energy consumption to the third A CR pump in this application will require
and which quickly gives reliable information power. End-users often use a throttling valve 5.5 kW. By using a drive to meet the flow
on water quality. Changes in flow rates must to decrease flow on a fixed speed pump. requirements, the exact pressure and flow
be handled flexibly. At the same time, needs are met. The power required
the process must be energy efficient,
economic and have no detrimental
“The pump system must account drops to 3 kW, allowing for energy
savings of €1400 per year.
effect on the environment. for variability in water supply
requirements for an UF system” Standardization
Flow variability, pressure stability A pump and drive solution can
The pump system must account for dramatically reduce the number of
variability in water supply requirements for This wastes large amounts of energy and different pump designs used to manage
an UF system. A good deal of variability money, a problem that is worsened when different RO/UF system sizes. This
could take place despite these being ‘fixed- pumps are over‐ sized during the design standardization on fewer pump sizes,
flow units’. Seasonality, process fluctuations phase. Furthermore, throttling will move a each with more flow flexibility, will help
or even water supply restrictions can cause pump down the efficiency curve, so not system manufacturers reduce complexity
variations. The right drive on a pump can only is the pump’s power draw higher, it is and costs while easing design needs. It
help to control flow without wasting energy, less efficient. A drive can allow you to dial can also help an end-user with multiple

08 | October 2017

Filtration Systems

systems or trains offering additional savings in maintenance and

spare-part costs.

Dual Frequency
Some system manufacturers will ship membrane systems to other
countries with different power requirements. A drive can allow for
50 or 60 Hz power and still run the standard pump motor. This
can save in the complexity and cost of different power variants for
membrane systems for North American or export use.
Telemetry, DMA and
Membrane wear SCADA solutions
Moreover, a smart booster pump softens the start-up and shut-
down of flow. This eliminates powerful water forces that can, under ovations
years of inn
“Newer pump products include for water n
integrated drives, where a drive is optimization
optimized for, mounted on, and works
together with the pump motor”
some circumstances, increase wear of membranes in a System.
Membrane degradation
All membranes will foul eventually and require cleaning, yet as
membranes clog, the pressure requirements to treat water at the
same flow rate increases. Without a drive, a system with a fixed-
speed pump will begin to deliver less than the rated permeate
flow. A modern drive and pump can account for pressure changes
easily, allowing them to operate for longer between cleanings SOFREL AS RTUs
without a loss in production flow -provided that the filtered water
• Remote monitoring
continues to meet quality requirements.
• Process control
• Data processing and archiving
Plan for the future
• 24/7 alarm management
Choosing the right drive and pump selection can help the end-
• Diagnostics and maintenance
user to plan for future system enhancements. This could include
• Structural operating costs reduction
changes to the skids, newer, lower-pressure membranes or
process flow changes. This flexibility will make retrofits cheaper
in the future, enabling the end-user to take advantage of new
performance solutions. data loggers
• District meters remote reading
Think integrated • Flow and pressure monitoring
Newer pump products include integrated drives, where a drive • Network diagnostic
is optimized for, mounted on, and works together with the pump • Night flow analysis
motor. This can lead to pumps with smaller motors, optimized • Thresholds alert monitoring
performance and ensure that the pump is protected. End-users • leak detection
should also look for a pump-designed drive. Many drives on the
market are generic to a variety of motor needs. A drive designed
and matched for a specific model of pump can make installation
and set-up easier, and increase efficiency.

Chemical dosing in pre-treatment & backwashing

Ultrafiltration requires extremely accurate dosages of chemical
additives. Modern digital dosing pumps, such as those
incorporated in systems provided by Grundfos can deliver the
required chemicals with precision. w w w. la c r oi x-s ofr e l. c om
w w w. ls -le a k-de t e c t i on . co m
Grundfos Water Treatment GmbH

October 2017 | 09


Ecoclear® Neutralizes Hydrodemolition Water

and Removes Particles
solid particles, settles into a storage hopper and is removed
by the integrated pump. The water continues to another
chamber for a second pH adjustment. A final monitoring
tank confirms the water pH has returned to a neutral 7
before it’s pumped out. Optical turbidity sensors and pH
probes continuously monitor and record the water quality
to ensure only clean water is discharged. If the water does
not meet set limits, the feed pump automatically shuts
down to prevent dirty water from escaping. The water
then starts to recirculate until it meets the preset values of
pH and turbidity. Aquajet designed the EcoClear for easy
maintenance. A folding roof and integrated walkway make
it safe and convenient to inspect the machine. The one-
of-a-kind design also doesn’t require filters, eliminating
the accompanying downtime and cost of replacing them.
Aquajet EcoClear The electrically powered EcoClear is compatible with the
full line of Aqua Cutter hydrodemolition robots and Power
Aquajet Systems AB, a well-known company in Pack units. The design meets ISO container standards for
hydrodemolition machine manufacturing, introduces the easy transportation. The dynamic combination of the Aqua
EcoClear® water filtration system. The innovative machine Cutter Hydrodemolition series and EcoClear work well in
works with the company’s full line of hydrodemolition applications such as roads and bridges, ship cleaning,
robots to treat the wastewater generated by the process waste water plants and petrochemical plants.
by neutralizing water pH and greatly reducing its
turbidity so that it can be safely released back into the
environment. Until now, methods to treat wastewater on
site were inefficient, took up too much space, or were
New Inge® Contact
simply unavailable, leading to significantly increased costs
and logistical challenges. The EcoClear system enables
the hydrodemolition contractor to treat wastewater in
for Middle East
real time and maintain an environmentally sound jobsite. As inge’s®
“We want our customers to focus on what they do Ultrafiltration
best — precise hydrodemolition of concrete bridges technologies, products
and other structures — not how they will manage the and services grow
water removal. That’s why we developed EcoClear,” strongly into the
said Roger Simonsson, Aquajet Systems managing Middle East water
director. “It collects, neutralizes and removes solids market, inge® Middle
without requiring the hassle of a separate water reservoir East team has been
or filters. This enhances customers’ productivity while further reinforced by
exceeding environmental regulations.” The EcoClear employing a full-time
— powered by Siltbuster Ltd., a manufacturer in water Rädel-Jan, inge GmbH
Regional Application
treatment systems — moves as much as about 88 Engineer to serve the customers even better with quick and
gpm, or about 5,283 gallons (20 cubic meters) per hour, timely technical & application support. Jan Rädel has joined
through a series of treatment chambers that neutralizes the inge® Middle East team as an Application Engineer
alkaline water to a pH of 6 to 9 and reduces turbidity to since July 1, 2017. After spending some weeks at the
just 20-25 mg particles/liter. The entire process can be Headquarters in Germany, he will now support the regional
watched, monitored and controlled online with the RECO customers and ever increasing installed base in the Middle
control system. The machine works by pumping water East with on-site technical support and close follow up.
expelled from an Aqua Cutter into an inlet chamber, Jan did his Masters in Process Engineering at the Hamburg
where a flocculating agent is automatically added to help University of Technology; He worked as an application
clump the particles in the water. The water then flows specialist and eventually as Project Manager for drinking
into a second chamber that introduces carbon dioxide water plants across Tanzania, East Africa, supporting non-
to neutralize the pH. In the next chamber, the floc, or profit organizations before joining inge GmbH.

10 | October 2017

Filtration Systems

UV Pure Welcomes DWG Process Supply

UV Pure is strengthening its
presence in Western Canada with
the addition of DWG Process Supply
as a manufacturer’s representative.
DWG Process Supply will offer the full
range of the company’s disinfection
systems for municipal, industrial and
commercial applications in Alberta,
and for wastewater treatment and
reuse in British Columbia. DWG
Process Supply works closely with
consulting engineers and OEMs in the
region to supply integrated treatment says Don Burgess, President of of parts and any warranty-related
systems for small- and medium sized DWG Process Supply. “We saw issues. “These systems continue
water and wastewater plants. The immediately that the systems, with to gain recognition throughout
inclusion of the mentioned systems Crossfire™ technology, complement this Western Canada for reliability and
means that the company is now able philosophy and contribute to significant low maintenance, even under the
to offer more complete, start-to- long-term savings in capital and toughest water conditions,” says Rick
finish solutions that include simple, operating costs.” In addition to system Van Sant, President and CEO of UV
chemical-free disinfection capabilities. specification and design, DWG Process Pure Technologies. “We’re delighted
“Our design approach is to provide Supply will also provide training and to welcome DWG Process Supply as
complete solutions for packaged ongoing operational support for the a new representative in this region and
systems that are reliable, easy to systems of the company within its look forward to working with them to
use and require little maintenance,” territory. This includes the availability deliver superior treatment solutions.”

Boost your T-Rack®

with 80 m²

inge® ultrafiltration technology is the preferred choice of customers worldwide for a wide
variety of water treatment applications. The company recently introduced a new module to
its new dizzer® XL series, which boasts an 80 m² active filtration area. Combined with the
T-Rack® 3.0, this enables you to significantly reduce the footprint of your UF system while
harvesting the full potential of Multibore® - the world’s most robust UF fiber.

October 2017 | 11


Improving Sludge Handling and Quality

for Centralized AD
oday, forward thinking water companies are exploiting sludge as an important fuel, indeed many have well developed sludge
strategies, building advanced anaerobic digestion (AAD) plant and thermal hydrolysis infrastructures to convert sludge to energy. In
the UK, and other parts of the world, centralized AD processing hubs, fed by a network of outlying satellite stations, have become
a popular model. In the process sludge quality, storage and transport have become critical factors driving performance and efficiencies.

As this trend continues and sewage sludge digestion process. And to add a level of storage and handling issues and is an
volumes grow, operators increasingly urgency, this needs to be achieved within increasingly attractive option. The indirect
have to look for the most efficient methods shortened timeframes to benefit from the benefits are wider than first thought.
of dewatering, storage and transportation optimum rheology and life of their sludge Firstly there is significant reduction in “live
of sludge for treatment. At the processing cake. Sludge has traditionally been storage” volume, plus fewer container
hub, AD process operators are movements, volume for volume.
looking for consistency in terms “…dewatering sludge to produce cake Additionally, this leads to a
of calorific value, Dry Solids not only makes it easier to transport transition from container rental to
(DS%) content, temperature, dedicated tippers and a reduction
cake rheology (the cell structure and store, it also helps to make it more in carbon and transportation
of the cake) and homogeneity, friable, stable, and safer to manage, while costs, which means a 4:1
to ensure process uniformity, ratio of fewer road miles for
efficiency and ultimately optimum minimizing odor” the equivalent movement.
gas yields. To do this, efficient operators produced in settlement tanks at 6% DS Typical savings through sludge cake
are endeavoring to manage the mix of and pumped into tankers for shipment off optimization dependent on application
consistencies from their various satellite site. But dewatered sludge at 22% DS can be estimated at around USD13,000
sites to balance the infeed to their significantly changes the transportation, to USD22,000 per month for a 100m3
truck loading silo compared with an
existing 2-3 RORO container system.
Cover Photo Courtesy of Saxlund International And around USD35,000 per month
for a 240m3 truck loading silo. Further
benefits include an overall reduction in
haulage labor costs with storage facilities
able to manage weekend volumes
without shunting of containers, quicker
turnaround time for sludge lorry loading,
and minimized odor emissions. It also
means that unnecessary demurrage and
reception blockage costs are minimized,
as truck-loading silos (TLS) such as those
developed by Saxlund International
offer a quicker turnaround (an estimated
15 minutes loading as opposed to a 30
minutes plus shunting time) and reduced
physical strain on drivers, who remain
in their cabs during loading. They also
reduce odor, as a TLS is odor-controlled
whereas hook lift containers are only
covered. Truck-loading silos (TLS)
using the latest Saxlund Sliding-Frame
technology and screw conveyors enable
greater volumes of sludge to be handled
in a shorter space of time than traditional
hook lift container storage systems.
Sludge is discharged on a ‘first in first out’
Saxlund truck loading silo basis, important when handling materials

12 | October 2017

Sludge Dewatering & Processing

with a shelf-life. A sliding frame mechanism can be used to

undercut the full section of the contents of the silo to prime
a screw trough. Since the whole section is undercut, the pile
section discharge is termed “mass-flow” (like laminar flow in a
pipe) from the silo. Truck loading silos can fill larger rigid trucks
or articulated tipper trailers, reducing the waiting time for a
truck delivery, and the number of return trips required. Foreign
object debris (FOD) contamination, which can damage pumps
and cause narrow restrictions in downstream plant, can also be
reduced. It is worth mentioning that, whilst some storage silos
may be cheaper, they may be of an inferior design and quality
which can result in problems with bridging and discharging.
Storage systems need to be large enough to accommodate up
to four days’ fill, taking account of reduced manpower over four-
day-long holiday weekends: cheaper silos have been known to
collapse when they cannot properly contain the weight of the
sludge. So, dewatering sludge to produce cake not only makes

“A constant, precisely metered

volumetric flow of friable sludge is
critical to anaerobic digestion and
thermal hydrolysis systems”
it easier to transport and store, it also helps to make it more
friable, stable, and safer to manage, while minimizing odor. For
those operators already using pumped cake, the move to chain
or screw handling and storage benefits the cake composition,
making it more AD efficient and easier to spread by farmers. A
constant, precisely metered volumetric flow of friable sludge is
critical to anaerobic digestion and thermal hydrolysis systems,
requiring properly engineered solutions that take account
of the materials’ non-free flowing properties to avoid the
risk of blockages. A measured flow ensures a homogenous
discharge to the next process. Selecting the right technical,
environmental and economic solution, for a water companies’
current requirements and future needs, makes sound sense.
But extensive experience and a full understanding of the
processes and risks are essential. Two key players in the UK
are Southern Water and Anglian Water. Both have deployed
Saxlund sludge cake handling and silo solutions to optimize
sludge transfer to centralized hubs in support of their advanced
AD infrastructure. As the race to build more centralized AD
facilities continues we see growing demand for robust bulk
handling and storage solutions across the industry to support
quality sludge dewatering and processing. Experience will
of course always count, and choosing the right engineering
partner will be essential. Economies of scale and the drive for
ever more efficient and centralized AD processes is likely to see
increased demand for robust bulk material handling solutions
across Europe and beyond. Of course, experience counts so
choosing the right partner to improve sludge handling and
quality will be essential.
Mark Neal
Biosolids Materials Handling Sales Manager
Saxlund International Ltd.

October 2017 | 13


Operating Experience Proves Benefits

of Efficient Sludge Dewatering Technology
ue to the large number of screw presses sold over the past 10 years for sewage sludge dewatering projects we are
today in the position to rely on a rich trove of experience and know that screw presses are generally able to dewater
sewage sludge to a dry substance content in excess of 20%. Which dewatering degree exactly can be achieved
in the individual case depends, however, not only on the applied mechanical equipment and sludge conditioning but very
much on the properties of the sludge itself.

Just as with mechanical sludge

thickening, polymer overdosing need
to be avoided when dewatering sludge
with screw presses. Frequently, we
also experience a negative influence
on dewatering results if preceding
thickening systems with polymer
addition are used, due to the interaction
of the two polymer agents. It is generally
of vital importance to select the best
suitable flocculent and to accurately
determine its optimal dose, conditioning
and adding method. Especially in this
respect, the experience and knowledge
of operating staff plays a substantial
role. Another factor that has great
influence on dewatering degree is the
rate of organics and structure-giving
materials contained within the sludge.
Sludge with a high content of inorganic
material is usually easy to dewater.
Operating results have shown that
screw presses achieve final DR contents
of up to 40% when dewatering sludge
with a low content of organics and high Huber ROTAMAT® Screw Press RoS 3Q
content of fibers. For comparison, DR
contents above 60% are achieved with treated. The specified costs refer to an DR/d. According to table 1, an average
paper industry sludge. average sewage treatment plant size polymer consumption of 8 g WC/kg DR
of 20,000 PE. The investment costs and average energy consumption of 8
Costs of sewage sludge dewatering for sludge dewatering on such a size W/kg DR can be anticipated. We have
with screw presses of plant amount to about USD117.735, further assumed USD5.9/kg WC as
Life cycle costs have increasingly costs for the flocculent and calculated
become important over the past years. with energy costs of USD0.18 /kWh
Although investment costs still play a “Sludge with a high content of and staff costs of USD47 /h on the
prominent role, it is meanwhile often basis of 3 hours work being required
operating costs, especially with sludge inorganic material is usually easy per week.
dewatering, that decide which type to dewater”
of dewatering unit is selected. Costs Sewage sludge dewatering results
for energy and polymer consumption, achieved by screw presses
staff costs and other disposal costs can including screw press, electrical control Table 2 shows exemplary operating
therefore be the crucial factors. Table system, polymer dosing station, results of several screw press
1 shows the investment and operating pumps, internal piping and installation. installations. These figures are values
costs, divided into the costs for Assuming a specific sludge production for orientation only because, in practice,
energy, flocculants and staff as specific of 80 g DR/PE, the resulting amount of site conditions can be very different in
costs per ton of dry substance to be sludge generated is about 1,600 kg/ each individual case. On-site testing

14 | October 2017

Sludge Dewatering & Processing

Table 1: Specific costs for sewage sludge dewatering with screw presses 70% with a sludge age of 40 days to
4 months. The test results presented
in the following are average values
Unit Energy Flocculant Wage Total
from all 14 tests achieved at nominal
throughput and under stable operating
conditions. Huber ROTAMAT® RoS
Specific costs € / t DR 1.20 40.00 7.10 48.30
3Q screw press units dewatered on
average to a DR content of 26.7%,
with extreme values of 21% and
Table 2: Exemplary sewage sludge operating results of screw press installations 42%. The average separation degree
achieved was 96.4%, the best result
Project Type of sludge Throughput Final DS Separation Flocculant
was 99%, the lowest degree 94%.
degree consumption Specific polymer consumption was 7.7
g effective substance per kg dry mass
with a peak of only 3.5 g/kg. Twice,
Municipal 35% primary 110 kg DR/h 33–36% 98% 3.5 – 4.5
65% surplus g WC/kg DR however, doses of 11 g/kg had to be
D 2007

Municipal 20% primary 140 kg DR/h 29–32% 97% 5.5 – 7.0

USA 2008 80% surplus g WC/kg DR Biological wastewater treatment
generates sewage sludge that inevitably
requires further treatment tailored to
Chemical 100% surplus 100 kg DR/h 20–25% 99% 10.0 – 12.0 meet the specific requirements of the
D 2008 g WC/kg DR
customer’s sludge disposal concept.
A substantial pre-treatment step is
to reduce the water content of the
Municipal 100% digested 500 kg DR/h 24–26% 98% 9.0 – 10.0
D 2009 g WC/kg DR sludge. Concerning overall life cycle
costs, screw presses have proven their
suitability as a highly efficient sewage
with a mobile screw press demo unit is all cases the sludge to be dewatered sludge dewatering solution on the
therefore highly recommendable as this came from storage tanks with dry market over the past years, especially
is a perfect opportunity for small to medium size
for interested customers
to convince themselves
“Biological wastewater treatment generates sewage STPs. Screw presses
provide technical and
without obligation and sludge that inevitably requires further treatment commercial benefits
on their own site of the for plant operators as
efficiency of a screw tailored to meet the specific requirements of the investment costs are low
press. In 2007, HUBER
SE carried out tests on
customer’s sludge disposal concept. ” and the machines are
very easy to operate.
14 sites in Germany with
demo units designed for a pollution load substance contents of 1.0 to 10%. The Huber Technology
corresponding to 1,500 – 15,000 PE. In loss on ignition ranged from 23% to Web:


You choose Singer Valve’s

LCP-TP Level Control Panel
Innovative electronics that
produce better results with
none of the usual headaches.


October 2017 | 15


Solar Desalination: A Promising Solution

for the Future of Water in MENA
ater scarcity is one of the most crucial problems in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The MENA
is home to 6.3% of the world population but has only access to 1.4% of the fresh renewable water resources.
The World Bank estimates that by 2050 the annual water demand gap will increase from 42 km3 to approximately
200 km . Main reasons for the water scarcity in the region include the increase in population and economic development

as well as climate change and desertification.

To mitigate water scarcity, the countries

of the MENA region have substantially
increased their investment and
participation in desalination. There is no
single model for desalination, nor can
one model be applied in all the countries.
Desalination is not a new technology;
on the contrary it is one of the oldest
methods of water purification known to
man. The desalination process in nature
is responsible for what we know as the
“water cycle”. The sun provides energy
that causes surface water to evaporate.
Subsequently the water vapor comes
in touch with a cooler air; it then re-
condenses to form rain. This process can per day. As mentioned before, there is Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE.
be duplicated artificially with much faster no single desalination model that can be The United Arab Emirates and China
speed and higher quantity. The process of applied to all the countries in the MENA have signed an agreement to cooperate
desalinating salt or brackish water can be region. Due to the environmental impacts to increase the use of renewable energy
done in three ways: Seawater is distilled that are mentioned before, a new and in the desalination process. The goal is
through heating, causing it to evaporate. more sustainable approach might be an to reduce the energy consumption to
The vapor is then condensed by using interesting option for the MENA region. 40%. CSP is a viable and suitable option
electricity or low-pressure vessels to For now the most popular method that for the industrial-scale desalination
lower the amount of energy required. The will replace the old-fashioned energy plants which require more electricity
process of reverse osmosis is applied, in consumptive desalination processes and the high temperature fluids. The
which high pressure pumps force the water is the Concentrated Solar Power Plant MENA region is more than adequate
through a membrane that is impermeable (CSP). Other methods of desalination for techniques using solar energy since
to salt. Desalination projects can have using renewable energy include solar- there is abundance of potential. Several
a substantially negative impact on other countries in the region such
the environment, such as marine as Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia have
life disturbance and destruction, “…there are already more started large projects concerning
greenhouse gas emissions and the than 2,800 desalination plants the CSP plants. Morocco has
decline of the coastal water quality. the potential to be a leader in the
That is mainly due to the massive operating in the MENA region” region with the construction of
consumption of energy during the the massive solar energy plant in
desalination process, as well as the high thermal energy and wind-based energy. Ouarzazate which will partially be used
concentration of chemical discharges that CSP works by utilizing large mirrors, for desalination purposes. This project is
contain heavy metals from corrosion and which are placed in a field, capturing under the umbrella of Desertec, together
low levels of heavy metals. In the reverse rays of sunlight and reflecting them to the with the construction of the Tunisia’s
osmosis plants, there would be even receiver elements and that then amplifies TuNur solar plant, which was approved
traces of iron, nickel and chromium. The the heat by up to 100 times. This can be in 2012. The most recent project
desalination process is a very expensive used in a thermal power cycle through took place in Qatar where Monson
undertaking for the countries concerned. steam turbines or gas turbines. CSP Group announced new low-energy
Nevertheless, there are already more than plants can also function through fossil consumption, automated, renewable
2,800 desalination plants operating in the fuels, allowing them to satisfy the demand. energy-powered desalination plant.
MENA region and they produce around The biggest consumers of the CSP plants Fanack Water
27 million m³ of freshwater from seawater in the MENA region are Algeria, Libya, Web:

16 | October 2017

Solar Desalination

World’s First Solar

Desalination Technology
without Battery



OSMOSUN® is the world’s first seawater solar desalination

plant without battery. The patented innovation Mascara
Renewable Water consists of the coupling of reverse
osmosis desalination technology with photovoltaic solar
energy, without battery. The first association of two mature
technologies -PV and SWRO- in an industrial product
allows utilities and communities to produce fresh water
at an unprecedentedly low cost with no greenhouse
gas emissions. The daily capacity of the standalone
OSMOSUN® seawater desalination unit ranges from
0,6 to 600 m3 using solar energy only. By combining
several units or connecting the units to the grid for a
water production outside of sunshine hours, the daily
capacity can reach up to 10.000m3 per day. Mascara
Renewable Water’s OSMOSUN® technology has been
selected among 120 applicants to join Masdar Renewable Multilayer PVC Piping System
Energy Desalination Program along with SUEZ, VEOLIA,
ABENGOA and TREVI SYSTEMS. It is the only
desalination unit powered directly by solar energy among
the participants at the Abu Dhabi renewable energy
organization. The OSMOSUN® demonstration unit’s
acceptance test report published by Masdar in June 2017
concluded that the OSMOSUN® features exceeded initial
expectations: Daily production of 40m3 per day powered
only by solar energy, without battery, beyond the 30m3
initially forecasted. Among the different demonstration
units from the Masdar program, OSMOSUN scored the
lowest specific consumption rates, with 3.2 kWh/m3 in
spite of the seawater salinity of 42.5g/L. That level is 10-
15% lower than the advanced technologies tested in the
program. -With seawater salinity at 35g/L, OSMOSUN® A Corys Building Materials company
specific consumption is off 2.5kWh/m3.

October 2017 | 17

Flow Meters
19 Energy Demands Drive the Flow Meter Market
20 Nivuflow 550 NIVUS: An Easy-To-Operate Flow
Metering Transmitter
20 Fluid Dynamics™ Systems on Display at WEFTEC
21 FEWA Is Investing in Smart Water Metering Solutions
FEATURE Flow Meters

Energy Demands
Drive the Flow Meter Market
he global flow meters market demand is expected to witness lucrative growth over the forecast period (2015-2022) owing
to varied technological developments leading to the adoption of advanced technology. They consist of an indicator, stop,
scale and tube. The performance depends on the temperature, density viscosity and pressure of the fluid which is measured
by repeatability, linearity, range-ability and accuracy of the instrument. Increasing mining, petrochemicals, refining, food industry,
chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry across the globe is expected to drive market growth over the forecast period.

Growing technological advancements

along with device intelligence have helped
these devices to edge beyond the basic
function to be essential tool for business
and process improvement. Key features
such as high accuracy allowing daily usage
along with high rate of response is projected
to accentuate market growth over the next
six years. Additionally, the flow meters
offer enhanced features such as self-
diagnostics, up-to-date communication
protocols, which is further expected to
favor market growth. They offer high
resistance level to high temperature and
temperature shocks which is estimated
to further trigger the flow meters market be used in a varied range of pipe sizes. oil and gas projects in the Europe,
growth over the forecast period. The rise The application segment includes oil and Middle East and African region is further
in new process plants along with increase gas, petrochemicals and refining, energy, projected to offer significant opportunities
in capital projects is expected to drive water and wastewater, chemicals, food for modern day flow meters. Notable
market growth over the next six years. In and beverages and others. Energy, water vendors in the flow meters market include
the recent years, positive displacement and wastewater is expected to be the key Emerson Electric Co. Ltd, Yokogawa
and differential pressure meters are being application segments over the next seven Electric Co., ABB Ltd, Siemens AG,
replaced by smart meters such as coriolis years. North America is projected to be Azbil Corporation, Endress+Hauser
and ultrasonic. However, lack of availability the key region for the flow meters market AG, Invensys PLC, Badger Meter.
of skilled technician, specialized equipment owing to the high demand by hygiene Inc, Krohne Messtechnik GmbH
along with high power requirement is conscious population that requires waste and Hitachi Ltd. Siemens AG
projected to hamper market offers SITRANS FC430 and
demand. The flow meters “Coriolis meter is expected to surpass SITRANS FC410 coriolis flow
market can be segmented metering systems along with
on the basis of product type the usage of magnetic flow meters over electromagnetic and ultrasonic
meters for all utility applications.
into magnetic, coriolis, vortex, the next six years” Emerson Electric offers micro
turbine, differential pressure,
and ultrasonic. Magnetic meters are motion coriolis flow meters
widely used in the water and wastewater water and water flow meters. Asia Pacific including T-series, R-series, CNG050,
industry. These meters are relatively cost is expected to be strongly emerging region H-series, and F-series for liquid, gas
efficient, easy to install and require low owing to the rapid industrialization along and slurry applications. In June 2015,
maintenance. The demand for magnetic with increasing population. Mushrooming Emerson Process Management’s coriolis
flow meters has increased considerably populations of this region require high and vortex flow meters have been certified
owing to their application in non-intrusive wastewater and water management to the (ASME B31.1) power piping design
measurement. Coriolis are primarily used in infrastructure in the region which in turn standards. ABB ltd. offers various flow
petrochemicals, refining, chemicals, oil and is creating exponential opportunities for meters including coriolis, electromagnetic,
gas and other industries. Coriolis meter is the market players. Additionally, new multiphase, thermal mass, vortex and swirl
expected to surpass the usage of magnetic investments along with rising demand along with related services.
flow meters over the next six years. The for innovative technologies from varied
ultrasonic meters offer consistency over end-user industries is further projected to Grand View Research
full flow range and the same meter can elevate the market in this region. Traditional

October 2017 | 19


Nivuflow 550 NIVUS: An Easy-To-Operate Flow

Metering Transmitter
The new transmitter, in combination
with a radar sensor, enables contactless
flow measurement in open channels
and part filled pipes. To accurately
detect and compute flow rates, NIVUS
have developed new dynamic hydraulic
models, created for the widest range
of canal shapes based on alternating
filling levels. Upon request, the system is The new Nivuflow 550 NIVUS
also available for use in Ex zone 1. The
compact transmitter design permits easy provides remote maintenance options via levels. NIVUS group is a well-know
and space-saving installation in control Internet. Flow metering using the radar developer, manufacturer and supplier
cabinets using DIN rails. A weatherproof sensor is suitable mainly for applications of measurement instruments for water
cover for outdoor use is available even in featuring aggressive or abrasive media. industry. For 50 years, the company
IP 68. The graphic display and the intuitive Moreover, the radar measurement has been pointing the way ahead in
operating concept of the NivuFlow 550 system is ideal for applications with measurement technology, continuously
allow quick and easy commissioning of sedimentation since the radar sensor is developing new products and practice-
the flow measurement system. Thanks fastened outside of or above the medium. oriented solutions. Based in Eppingen,
to extended diagnostic options running Furthermore, NivuFlow 550 stands Germany, the group operates seven
processes can be analysed professionally out for the use even in applications international subsidiaries and co-operate
directly on site. Furthermore, the unit with shooting discharge and low flow with more than 40 distributors worldwide.

Fluid Dynamics™ Systems on Display at WEFTEC

is pleased to announce that it will demo unit of its dynaJET™ dry
be featuring its industry-leading polymer preparation system on display.
liquid and dry polymer systems at The dynaJET is an ideal solution for
the upcoming Water Environment wastewater applications because it
Federation Technical Exhibition and utilizes a negative-pressure pneumatic
Conference (WEFTEC). Fluid Dynamics conveyance system to transport
will be featuring its state-of-the-art and disperse the dry polymer prior
dynaBLEND™ liquid polymer dilution/ to wetting. Dispersing dry polymer
feed system at this year’s show. The prior to coming into contact with the
patented dynaBLEND technology eases dilution water assures effective polymer
the task of blending liquid polymers for particle wetting. Effectively wetting
wastewater processes because it has each polymer particle prevents polymer
been designed to effectively activate agglomerations from occurring. The
all types of liquid polymers. The result is reduced mix and hydration
dynaBLEND’s non-mechanical mixing times, higher polymer performance and
chamber also delivers an unequalled lower chemical costs. The dynaJET
degree of reliability when compared is typically applied on applications
to other technologies. The system requiring more than 9#/hour of polymer
FluidDynamics dynaBLEND also features an injection check valve and when the polymer transfer distance
designed with easy disassembly and is more than 20 feet from the volumetric
Fluid Dynamics™, a well-known inspection in mind, which eliminates feeder to the mix tank. Fluid Dynamics
manufacturer of liquid and dry polymer many of the maintenance concerns is a division of Neptune Chemical
blending systems and a division of that affect other systems. In addition, Pump, an operating company within
Neptune™ Chemical Pump Co., Fluid Dynamics will also have a live PSG®, a Dover company.

20 | October 2017

Flow Meters

FEWA Is Investing in Smart Water Metering Solutions

The Federal Electricity and Water
Authority, who provides more than
300,000 customers in the Northern
part of the United Arab Emirates with
electricity and water, is investing in smart
water metering solutions. The authority
has initiated a new partnership with an
order of 30,000 intelligent water meters
from Danish Kamstrup, a world-leading
provider of intelligent metering solutions.
The investment in these meters and a large quantity of data, which makes the company always think forward in
smart metering will enable FEWA with it possible to detect leakages faster, pursuit of a brighter energy future; one
operational efficiency and optimization collect information about the network that advances the performance of every
of their business. In the beginning and detect tampering. In addition, the customer, whilst creating lasting value
of August, representatives from the high accuracy of the meter ensures for the served communities. Kamstrup
authority have been on inspection at precise billing of the consumption, and is world well-known manufacturer of
the Danish headquarters in Stilling to the technology makes the consumers system solutions for smart energy and
approve the new meters. The installation capable of following their consumption water metering. Through its expertise
of the meters is expected to begin even closer “, says Danish Fareed, and passion for partnership, the
in September. “Our intelligent water General Manager, UAE. Kamstrup company always thinks forward in
meters provide FEWA with technology is an international manufacturer of pursuit of a brighter energy future; one
that makes a difference in its ability to system solutions for smart energy and that advances the performance of every
optimize the distribution network, and water metering. Through leadership, customer, whilst creating lasting value
reduce water waste. The meters provide expertise and passion for partnership, for the communities they serve.

October 2017 | 21

Industry Spotlights
Computer Modeling, GIS & Telemetry
23 The Growing Use of GIS in the Water Industry

Submersible Pumps
24 Submersible Pump Market
To Reach USD16.3 Billion By 2026
26 Tormac Puts the Sun on Tap to Drive Progress
26 The Evolving Importance of High Quality Production

Swimming Pools & Spas

28 Competition & Variety
Drive the Swimming Pool Market
29 New ‘Ecoline Residential’ Release Going Swimmingly
29 Celebrating 10 Years in the Pool Service Industry
INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHTS Computer Modeling, GIS & Telemetry

The Growing Use of GIS

in the Water Industry
he Geographic Information System (GIS) is trending. It is nowadays used in almost every industry due to its growing
functionality and major role in identifying and processing problems. It is considered to be important for the collection,
storage, analysis, modeling, and display of multi-disciplinary data from various sources, including remote-sensing imaging,
digital maps, field sampling, and survey information. The fact that this technology offers the combined power of geography and
information systems makes it an ideal tool for effective management infrastructure especially when it comes to the water industry.

The use of GIS applications for the water

industry started evolving in the late 1980s
and in the 1990s, it was used specifically
for mapping, modeling, managing facilities
and developing programs, operations and
maintenance plans. Few years later, GIS was
widely used in the studies of drinking water
considering its importance in identifying the
main problems of the water infrastructure as
well as recommending solutions, scheduling
and recording maintenance activities. As
per The World Bank, advances in GIS
technology become especially important
when dealing with complex river basins
whose climate, soils, and land use/ land
cover distributions vary significantly with
space. GIS technology is equally important
in addressing a basin being used and
managed by multiple actors. In this case, to the major challenges in the MENA countries use GIS to review patterns and processes
facilitate optimal joint resources management today, is to increase agricultural production of projects. Administrators and managers
and development decisions, one needs to to sustain the fast growing population. integrate spatial information into daily
spatially identify the sources and sinks of Thus, the North Africa and Middle Eastern routines, operations analysis, and
water and associated pollutants. Moreover, countries, are mainly leaning on the GIS interdepartmental work flows. Policy makers
the effects of spatial factors such as climatic technology in the present time, to better are in a position to create the foundation
conditions or soil type, and temporal factors manage and improve their changing for ensuring the longevity of thriving
such as seasonal and yearly communities, commerce, and
changes in climatic conditions, can “GIS is being used both for industrial government. By using GIS for spatial
be evaluated with high resolution progress and for the sustainable analysis and perspective, they are
using GIS. Following the fact that the able to understand better the past,
water resources worldwide are being development of resource management present, and future environments
altered due to changes in climate, considering its great value to planners they may influence. Whether
population, economic development interdepartmental, interagency, or
and environmental considerations,
and policy makers” international, GIS enterprise solutions
preserving the world water resources has societies, according to a study conducted open a world of possibilities. Forward
become challenging. In addition to that, by ESRI. In fact, GIS is being used both for thinking government agencies and private
water scarcer and the degradation of water industrial progress and for the sustainable industries have found GIS essential for the
supplies may threaten the development development of resource management management of utilities, law enforcement,
activities and health of people in many parts considering its great value to planners health care, road services, agriculture,
of the world which is why many countries are and policy makers in order to maintain a water resources, petroleum and pipeline
adopting the GIS technology in their process balance of modernization and tradition facilities, mining, and much more. But what
of fighting the water deficiency or crisis as a core technology for building a better remains an obstacle is the lack of skilled
they might face in the future. According to future for the Middle East and North Africa workforce and inadequate planning for GIS
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, region. GIS enables its users to intelligently implementation in developing countries as
the MENA region is considered one of the manage and manipulate their geographic well as the expensive GIS software.
most water-scarce region of the world, one of data. Business and government analysts AWW Staff

October 2017 | 23


Submersible Pump Market

To Reach USD16.3 Billion By 2026
ubmersible pump system is the most effective mechanical device to pump fluid to the surface; these have a wide range of
application in oil and gas plants, water treatment plants due to its high efficiency, low-cost and maintenance, and low space
requirement. Global submersible pumps market stood at USD9.57 billion in 2016, according to TechSci Research, and
is anticipated to reach USD16.3 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 5.49%, in value terms, during 2017 – 2026, on account of
increasing demand for submersible pumps in agriculture sector for irrigation purposes, growing need to treat wastewater generated
from industrial sector and declining groundwater levels. Moreover, rising industrialization coupled with huge investments in infrastructure
and water treatment development is expected to increase demand for submersible pumps across the globe during forecast period.

The rising preference for submersible multistage segment accounted for the over the shortage of drinking water and
pumps over jet pumps is identified as major shares of the submersible pump huge investment of government as well
one of the primary growth factors for market. Factors such as the increased as vendors to develop infrastructure
this market, according to a report by usage in the industrial sector and the rising for waste water management and safe
Technavio. Submersible pumps and concern for wastewater management, drinking water, according to a report
jet pumps perform the same functions will contribute to the growth of this by Research Nester. Environment
of extracting liquids to the surface. industry segment in the coming years. legislation that has forced manufactures
But submersible pumps are a lot more Borewell pumps are cost-effective and to produce energy-efficient pumps
efficient and use lesser energy to operate do not require much installation time. and this will further propel the growth
compared to the jet pumps. These pumps Additionally, end-users with lesser of submersible pump market over
are also preferred as they do not the forecast period. Growth in
need suction techniques that are “…the borewell submersible pumps the infrastructure development
required by jet pumps to pull the segment accounted for the maximum due to rapid urbanization in the
liquid. Moreover, submersible pumps developing countries such as India
are waterproof as the leakproof shares of the submersible pump and China this will further attract
seals prevent leakage of the liquid market during 2016” international process manufacturing
or electric charge when the pumps organizations to set up their plants
are immersed in the liquid. Additionally, space can also install a borewell pump. in these countries that will further boost
these pumps do not need extra space As per this market research report, the up the demand of submersible pumps.
or utility room for their existence and can borewell submersible pumps segment Increasing subsea operations and deep
be immersed deeper in the liquid unlike accounted for the maximum shares of water exploration activities in oil and gas
any other pumps. Furthermore, when the submersible pump market during industry, increasing sewage treatment &
immersed in the liquid the submersible 2016. The boost in the submersible other effluent management activities will
pumps, do not make much noise and are pump industry is because of the growing further expand the submersible pump
free from cavitation due to which there environmental concerns, government market across the globe, however factor
is no spike in pressure. During 2016, the initiative to recycle the waste water to like high operational and maintenance
cost, high-cost of product are some
factors that can restraint the market
growth over the forecast period. Owing
to the presence of large international
vendors, the submersible pump market
is highly fragmented. These companies
hold the maximum market share and are
expected to retain their market positions
during the forecast period. The key
reasons for their prominence in the market
are efficiency, reliability, and sustainability
of the products provided by them. The
leading vendors in the market are Baker
Hughes, General Electric, Grundfos,
Halliburton and Schlumberger.

AWW Staff

24 | October 2017

Whether you are looking for a quiet solution or resistance to high temperature for your HVAC applica-
tions, SAER’s new L series is the answer. An in line pump, characterized by innovative compact de-
sign to save space, combined with special nodular engineering cast iron construction which ensures
constant performance over time even under harsh conditions. Made in Italy. Quality guaranteed.
The range starts from 0,18kW up to 92kW, Suction & outlet from DN25 up to DN150 and a flow rate
from 0,5 up to 800m3/h.

L-2P 25-90 L-IVE-2P 100-200

L-2P 40-200 L-4P 150-400

Made by italians
Via Circonvallazione, 22 - 42016 Guastalla (RE) - Italy Tel. +39 0522 830941 - Fax +39 0522 826948
SAER.Elettropompe - @saerelettropompe - Saer Elettropompe - Saer Elettropompe -
SAER Pump Selector

Tormac Puts the Sun on Tap to Drive Progress

It is becoming increasingly evident that power. One of the overriding factors Tormac understands the global drive
relying on conventional power systems, that has made the company make to reduce carbon dioxide emissions
specifically thermal power which is the inroads into solar power pumps is the and the company is keen to tap the
backbone of the agricultural sector is fact, apart from the energy issues, that vast potential especially in the pumping
carbon intensive and unsustainable. That in many locations in the world that are sector. Tormac Solar Submersible
is why it makes perfect sense to look remote, traditional power sources are Pumps are ideal for irrigation as well
for alternative power sources that are hard to come by or virtually nonexistent. as domestic usage. As a company
reliable, cost effective and eco-friendly. In The company meets a real need here committed to innovation, quality and
this context, especially for water pumps, by bringing in the advantages of solar service, Tormac, has always looked at
one of the key components of agricultural driven submersible pumps. The climate customer demands and requirements
power consumption, solar energy makes in many countries in the developing to ensure that their needs are met with
perfect sense, given the abundant solar world is suitable for solar pumping. innovative solutions.
resource. Tormac has always believed Tormac’s capitalizes on this and taps
in taking the lead in providing solutions solar energy as a valid option for small- Go Solar. Tormac Shows The Way.
that are viable, cost effective and can scale water pumping in rural areas Going solar today is not just an option
be easily adapted to any given situation. where the demand is regular, such as it is imperative. We have no choice but
Tormac, a well-known company in pumps for drinking water as much as irrigation. to embrace alternative means of power
with a major presence across the globe, Applications of solar systems are generation to power our machines. For
has developed, after extensive R&D, a growing at steady rate and the company long, Tormac has been exploring ways
range of pumps that can run by solar is always ready to meet the challenge. and means to design pumps that can
tap the power of the sun. Launched
some years back, Tormac solar pumps
have today become the benchmark
for quality in the segment. Tormac
Solar Submersible Pumps are ideal for
irrigation as well as domestic usage. As
a company committed to innovation,
quality and service, Tormac, has always
looked at customer demands and
requirements to ensure that their needs
are met with innovative solutions. Tormac
has a strong global presence and have
found wide acceptance in diverse
markets by virtue of superlative product
performances. Also, the fact that Tormac
designs pumps that are country specific
adds to the acceptance factor.

The Evolving Importance of High Quality Production

The high quality production is becoming quality European origin raw materials
more and more important for energy in each production step as well as
efficiency and end user customers. high quality machining, high quality
Energy efficiency is becoming more and welding, high quality casting parts,
more important all around the world and high thickness for casting parts
due to limited natural sources. When it and stainless steel semiproducts.
comes to water supply, life cycle cost For energy efficieny, in a motopump cover design is more durable with
is also very critical. Ustunel makes system, the design is the main critical longer covers. For thrust bearing, one
sure to provide a longer life to its own issue. Ustunel aims to improve its of the most important part in Motor,
products. Thus, quality is the main pumps effciency for pump stator which is why the company uses a
element of its products and production and rotor designs with following CFD special design for a high thrust load
processes. The company uses high analysis. In Motor design, the casting with bronze material.

26 | October 2017


Competition & Variety

Drive the Swimming Pool Market
echnavio’s market research analysts have predicted that the global swimming pool market will witness steady growth at a
CAGR of nearly 4% over the forecast period (2017-2021). With an increase in the construction of luxury hotels around the
world, the market for swimming pools is likely to have a positive outlook in the coming years. In the recent years, the number of
international travelers has increased considerably leading to a boom in the tourism industry.

The construction companies and hotel

owners have realized the potential in the
global tourism market, which is leading
to intense competition among them. This
has resulted in the construction of several
hotels that offer facilities such as sports
centers, spas, and swimming pools.
Moreover, there are a number of resorts
that offer rooms with private pools. This
is attracting many tourists to opt for such
accommodation, thereby contributing to
this market’s growth in the future. In terms
of geography, the Americas dominated
the global swimming pool market during
2016 and will continue to lead the market
in the coming years. One of the major
reasons for the region holding the largest
share is the presence of swimming pools
in apartments and individual houses,
especially in the US. The US is one of
the most urbanized countries with a Hayward Pool Products, Laswin population. As the population is
population that has a high spending Pool Products, and Swimlime. Other expanding, land consumption will
capability. Many people can afford to prominent vendors in the market are increase. Therefore, the construction
have swimming pools in their houses. Aladdin Equipment, Carvin, Confer industry is focusing on constructing
However, the market has reached its Plastics, Finish Thompson, Intex vertical buildings that can accommodate
maturity stage because of the presence Recreation, Nidec Motor, Ningbo the maximum number of houses.
of developed infrastructure in the region. Linya Swimming Pool & Water This has led to a rise in the number of
The global swimming pool market is Treatment Equipment, Pentair, high-rise buildings with amenities like
highly competitive owing to the swimming pools and gyms,
presence of numerous well- “the construction segment dominated which will directly contribute to
established players. The intense
competition, consumer spending the market and will continue to lead this segment’s growth in the
future. During 2016, the motor
pattern, demographic trends, and the market until the end of 2021” pump segment accounted for
frequent changes in consumer the largest shares in the global
preferences are significant risks for Pleatco, Pool Tool Company, swimming pool market and will continue
vendors. The vendors compete in terms Raypak, Rola-Chem, Smartpool, to lead the market until the end of 2021.
of pool size, types of water features, SunRunner Pool Equipment, Motor pumps are used in swimming
service portfolio, pricing, and safety Therm Products, Val-Pak Products, pools to maintain the flow of the water
features. The competition is expected Valterra Products, and Waterco. and can last for as long as 7-8 years if
to increase with the increase in product In terms of revenue, the construction they are maintained properly. Although
extensions. The vendors are investing segment dominated the market and will there are no substitutes for motor
in designing, planning, developing, continue to lead the market until the end pumps, the segment will exhibit a slight
branding, expanding existing products of 2021. The residential construction decline in the year-over-year growth rate
and services, and also in acquiring new segment is moving toward constructing because of their long-life cycle.
players in the market. Key vendors high-rise buildings because of the Technavio
in this market are H.C. Harrington, limited availability of land and growing Web:

28 | October 2017

Swimming Pools & Spas

New ‘Ecoline Residential’ Release Going Swimmingly

The recent release of Australian
Innovative Systems (AIS) new EcoLine

Residential chlorine generator for
fresh water swimming pools has been
enthusiastically embraced by the market,
with industry feedback indicating the
system is a ‘game changer’ for home pool
owners. “Our distributors and industry
friends have told us that we have redefined
the future of swimming pool chlorination,” compared to approximately 5,000+ppm the same name (EcoLine) that is already
AIS CEO Elena Gosse said. “Our innovative in a traditional salt water pool. “Home pool operating in luxury resorts, water parks
technology has taken traditional salt water and spa owners can now enjoy all the and FINA standard competition pools
chlorination to a whole new level with benefits of swimming in fresh, clear water worldwide. Australian Innovative Systems
EcoLine’s low salt operation combining without worrying about water hygiene (AIS) is a multi-award winning, Australian
the convenience, reliability and protection or the storing or handling of dangerous owned expert in the design, production
of a salt water system with the feeling of chemicals, Elena said. “Another feature is and supply of residential, commercial and
swimming in fresh water. “The result is a the reduced risk of salt induced staining industrial water disinfection technology
swimming environment that is gentler on or corrosion of poolside flooring, fixtures and chlorine generators. With over 20+
people and on property, when compared to and fittings, especially those made from years’ experience and a reputation for
standard chlorine or salt water pools.” The rust-prone substances or salt-sensitive continuous innovation, AIS’ remains one of
secret to EcoLine’s success is revolutionary materials such as sandstone patios.” Australia’s most trusted water disinfection
technology that safely and conveniently EcoLine Residential was developed over companies. The company is also
disinfects water at TDS (Total Dissolved five years by AIS. The company has a recognised worldwide with its technology
Solids) levels as low as 1,200ppm, when commercial water disinfection system of exported to over 55 countries.

Celebrating 10 Years in the Pool Service Industry

Pleatco, LLC, a well-known
company in pool and spa filtration
products, and longtime co-sponsor
GENESIS/National Swimming Pool
Foundation®, announced today the
launching of the 2017 search for the
best pool and spa service technicians
across the country, and the competition
is extending as far as Canada and
Europe. This year’s search marks the
10th anniversary of the contest. Since
2007, the company and its co-sponsors
have been shedding a light on this Smith. "A pool or spa is an integral to the International Pool | Spa | Patio
segment of industry professionals who part of a home—a way to relax—and Expo held in Orlando, November 2017.
are more accustomed to working in the it’s a place for a family to share time Both winners may attend the GENESIS
shadows. The contest is an innovative together. Homeowners trust their service Basic Pool Construction course free of
way to honor the hard-working men professional to keep their “backyard charge (USD5,000 value) being held
and women of the pool and spa service oasis” safe. The relationship with the at the show. Winners (and finalists)
industry. “Over the past nine years of homeowner is much deeper than that will receive NSPF’s AST Certification
the contest, we’ve learned that being of the mailman or local handyman, in course (USD1,100 value) free of charge,
a professional pool or spa service most cases. Essentially, the Perfect also offered at the show. To celebrate
technician is more than a job…it’s a Pool Guy and Perfect Pool Gal are the with Pleatco the 10th anniversary of
passion. Many homeowners treat their unsung heroes of the neighborhood." the contest, NSPF will offer their AST
service guy or gal like family; it’s a This year’s Perfect Pool Guy and Perfect Certification course free of charge to
special relationship," says CEO Howard Pool Gal will each receive a trip for two ALL Perfect Pool Guy/Gal alumni.

October 2017 | 29

Country/Regional Reports
31 Challenges & Opportunities in the Indian Water Market

34 Qatar Becomes More Dependent On Desalinated Seawater

Saudi Arabia
35 Saudi Arabia Seeks Alternative Water Sources

United Kingdom
36 The Problem with Biogas:
How UK Found a Way to Tackle Ammonia
38 Drainage Work Improves Storm Resilience In Cumbria
38 Speedy Delivery Puts Yorkshire Water Back On Track
39 Hanovia to Demonstrate Application-Optimised
Solutions at Drinktec
39 Open Day Focuses On No-Dig Pipe Diagnostics
40 British Water ‘Unconference’ Seeks To Harness Innovation
40 Scottish Petrochemical Plant Saves Water with GE
41 Avoidance Tool: The Next Generation

Challenges & Opportunities

In the Indian Water Market
India’s tremendous economic growth is driven by the government’s spending on infrastructure development to accommodate
international and domestic investments. Economic activities are likely to be buoyed by expectations from the newly-
elected government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. However, the government’s legislative agenda remains constrained
by strong political opposition, with possibilities that major reforms will be delayed or even shelved. With growing urbanization
and industrialization, demand of water for municipal and industrial use has been increasing accordingly. This presents a great
opportunity for innovation and solutions in water market, especially in the fields such as infrastructure, technologies, and services.

Water market
Frost & Sullivan forecasts the Indian
water market expenditure is to reach
USD9.77 billion in 2016. The Indian water
capital expenditure is likely to account
for 40.9% of total expenditure, with the
remaining 59% coming from operation
expenditure. While the government
contributes about half of it and the
private industrial/domestic sectors
contribute the remaining business, this
synergy between the private and public
sectors is crucial in solving the imminent
water crisis in India. Various global water
companies have established presence
in India; large global and Indian market
participants include Veolia Water, Suez
de Lyonnaise (Degremont), VA Tech sources are either polluted or dried due to quality of water supply services.
Wabag, Nalco, and GE Betz-Dearborn. prolonged drought. In the coming years,
this demand for water will increase, andInadequate technology &
Challenges limited capacity
this will result in high competition among
Water is a cross-cutting issue that consumers in the sectors of irrigation, Current water infrastructure in India
permeates the cultural, social, economic, domestic, and industrial. has limited capacity to deal with new
and political fabric of India. If India has to socio-economic developments. The
make progress on major development Energy-water perspective overall water industry is also challenged
fronts, it has to address the following In agricultural states such as Punjab, Uttar by the effect of climate change and
challenges. Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra environmental pollution. Over the
and water scarce states such as past decade, significant progress was
Burgeoning demand for water Rajasthan, water resources especially made to provide communities with
India has highly diverse climate conditions ground water are over exploited. With access to water supply. However,
by region that can cause weather- many water infrastructures are
related disasters such as severe “Over the past decade, not operating efficiently due
floods and droughts. The country’s significant progress was made to to poor maintenance, aging
erratic weather patterns tend to provide communities with access systems due to lack of budget
create hydrological shocks while for retrofit and replacements,
rainwater harvesting, a common to water supply” and contamination or depletion
source of water, becomes challenging. the existing nexus between water and of water source. This approach of
More than 60% of India’s irrigated energy it is difficult to balance both “build-neglect-rebuild” is prevalent in
agriculture and 85% of drinking water efficiently, as water pumping systems India and has resulted in inefficient and
supplies are dependent on ground water. lead to high energy consumption. As poor performance of existing water
However, it is foreseeable that India’s India is also facing power supply issues resources and irrigation infrastructure.
rivers and other surface water sources intermittently, it is often challenging
are not able to cope with the growing for both water authorities and private Frost & Sullivan
demand for water as many of such water water companies to dispense consistent Web:

October 2017 | 31


World ‫ﻋﺎﻟﻢ اﻟﻤﻴﺎه اﻟﻌﺮﺑﻲ‬

32 | August-September 2017


Arab Water World (AWW)

October 2017 / Vol. XL Issue 8
Serving the Water, Wastewater, Desalination & Energy Sectors in MENA - Since 1977

This is the third major project undertaken by Aqualia in Egypt after it was chosen in 2010 to
design, build, finance and operate for 20 years the New Cairo wastewater treatment plant. Located
in the capital of Egypt, this was the first contract awarded in the country as a public private
partnership (PPP). The improvement of the sewerage and treatment services is one of the goals set
by the United Nations in the Millennium Development Objectives (MDO) and the New Cairo plant
was praised by the international organization as “an example and engine for social development.”

August-September 2017 | 33


Qatar Becomes More Dependent

On Desalinated Seawater
atar was among the early adopters of desalination, and its first major plant came online in 1962, according to Global
Water Market. Qatar has very scarce water resources. Its limited groundwater resources have been over exploited and
as the reserves deplete quality deteriorates. The State of Qatar depends on desalinated seawater to satisfy 99% of its
municipal water demand. Qatar has a population of 2.2 million growing at 3% annually and more pressing than the country’s need
for successful economic diversification is its need for water.
Qatar utilizes 460 liters of water per Chart 1: Total production of desalination plants - Qatar
capita per day, the highest in the world,
according to a report by Mordor
Intelligence. This consumption remains
perilously high despite government
warnings, and especially ironic, given
negligible non-renewable water
resources, rainfall below 75 mm a year
and high temperatures stealing the
little precipitation the country gets.
The depleting natural precipitation and
ground-water levels and increasing
population are the major drivers of
the sector in the region. A continued
effort at increasing diversification of largest utility firms in Qatar are involved have a combined capacity of 2.3 billion
government income from hydrocarbons in this multi-billion-dollar project, which gallons of water. Tendering for the new
is another factor that has led to an aims to extend the water supply to the RO equipped desalination plants can be
increase in construction projects, country for up to a week. KAHRAMAA done through the KAHRAMAA website,
industries, manufacturing plants, etc., (Qatar General Electricity & Water and the last tender, ended January
leading to more demand for fresh water. Corporation) announced that it aims 2016, called applicants for supplying,
Moreover, the government is supporting to complete the new facilities by 2017, installing, and commissioning of 2000
and encouraging the establishment of complete with solar panels. While the m3/day single unit of RO desalination
desalination plants to meet the nation’s country is focusing on increasing the system for Asr project with high salinity
demands. The biggest challenge of number of plants, it has a unique focus groundwater. There is a perceptible shift
desalination is the cost. As per a study, on the type of energy and technology in terms of technology used. The thermal
the cost of desalinated water per meter used. Qatar is one of the few countries desalination process has proved to be
cube was USD 1.04, 0.95 and 0.82 for which have not integrated reverse expensive in the long run because of
MSF, MED, and RO, assuming a fuel osmosis (RO) membrane technology the increasing demand and the massive
cost of USD 1.5/ GJ. Moreover, energy beyond small-scale projects, despite amounts of hydrocarbons required to
accounts for approximately three- conducting research on the process. produce water. Thus, reverse osmosis,
fourths of the supply cost of embraced because of its
desalination. Transportation “Qatar is focusing on expanding its lower cost, and more effective
cost is also added to the overall
cost, making desalination a very
desalination water supply by pumping in filtration, is progressively being
implemented in the new plants.
costly process. Another negative USD4.67 billion, 4 times the amount set Mindful of the exhaustible nature
impact of desalination is on the aside for the first five World Cup stadia” of the hydrocarbons in the
environment with the treatment country’s reserves, the country
of brackish water leading to pollution of Instead, thermal desalination process plans to use solar panels and other
fresh water resources and soil. Discharge is widespread in the plants, with up to renewable energy sources on its new
of salt on coastal or marine ecosystems 327 MIGD (1.5 million m3). The first plants to produce water. Towards this
also has a negative impact. Qatar is phase of the project of setting up new end, the Qatar government has imposed
focusing on expanding its desalination desalination plants entails 24 reservoirs strict policies to ensure energy efficiency
water supply by pumping in USD4.67 across properties in Um Salal, Rawdat so as to lower carbon emissions.
billion, 4 times the amount set aside Rashid, Al-Thumama, Abu Nakhla
for the first five World Cup stadia. The and Um Bakara. These reservoirs will AWW Staff

34 | October 2017


Saudi Arabia Seeks

Alternative Water Sources
he Global Food Security Index 2015 notes that despite Saudi Arabia’s harsh desert environment, 97% of the population
has access to potable water. Saudi Arabia’s average annual rainfall is less than 100mm and high evaporation rates limit
the availability of surface water sources. The over-extraction of groundwater resources and a lack of perennial rivers have
led to the development of extensive desalination facilities. Six non-renewable aquifers and numerous desalination plants satisfy a
majority of Saudi Arabia’s water consumption needs.
Urban water usage
Data from NASA’s GRACE satellite mission
indicates that the Arabian Aquifer (underlying
Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States) has one
of the highest rates of depletion, particularly
from agricultural usage. The extensive
withdrawal of water from fossil aquifers is
threatening the security of Saudi Arabia’s non-
renewable water resources. After locating
several large aquifers during the 1970’s,
the government drilled thousands of deep
tube wells for both agricultural and urban
use. Years of unregulated water extraction usage is still common on many farms. desalinated water. Introducing a water
has led to increasing groundwater scarcity. The Saudi Arabian government must pricing system will not only recoup some
To prevent further environmental damage, consider social policy aimed at targeting of the costs of production, but increase the
the reliance on deep-tube wells to source irresponsible water management value of water so that consumers begin to
precious fossil water must be reversed and behavior to ensure that groundwater practice better water management. Greater
alternative water sources secured. Saudi supplies are not wasted entirely. appreciation of the value of water may lead
Arabia has one of the highest per capita to a change in Saudi behavior; one that sees
water consumption rates in the world. The Current solutions and gaps sustainable water consumption adopted
average per capita water consumption rate Since 2005, desalinated water has by all. Recycled water is currently used for
is estimated at 100-350 liters per day for accounted for approximately 70% of the irrigation in agriculture and urban parks.
urban areas and 15-20 liters for rural areas. nation’s water use. While desalinated water Saudi Arabia reuses approximately 2,367
Urban dwellers are consuming water at an has ensured Saudi Arabia has enough million cubic meters of treated wastewater
unsustainable rate. A greater investment in water to meet demand, it does create its per day according to a General Electric
demand-side management strategies to own challenges. The process requires high industry white paper on water scarcity in
increase conservation practices Saudi Arabia. This represents 30-
and decrease consumption rates “Saudi Arabia reuses approximately 40% of the country’s wastewater;
is urgently required. 2,367 million cubic meters of treated plans have been announced at a
wastewater per day” conference this year to expand
Agricultural water usage that capacity to over 65 per cent
Dams are used to trap surface water runoff energy input; more than half of domestic oil by 2020. The National Water Company
during rainstorms that occur in the coastal consumption is required to run the plants. is currently developing a plan to privatize
areas and southwest highlands. In 2012 The high costs and energy consumption wastewater, and plans to use almost half of
Saudi Arabia had an estimated 232 dams associated with the desalination process recycled water in urban areas for domestic
in use. Water from these dams is used for have created a scenario where Saudi purposes. This development represents
agriculture production and is replenished by Arabia’s desalination capacity, and therefore a significant improvement in current
the flash floods that occur from November water security, is closely linked to the wastewater usage and strengthens Saudi
to April. Low precipitation rates, however, stability of its oil supply. Leakages and Arabia’s current water security outlook.
limit surface water supply. In 2000, modern transit problems with pipe networks also
irrigation techniques accounted for 66% cause more than a third of the desalinated Madeleine Lovelle
of irrigation activity while traditional surface water to be lost each year, particularly in the Research Assistant
irrigation accounted for 34%. Despite 400 kilometers between the Gulf coast and Global Food and Water Crises Research Program
Future Directions International
the greater adoption rates of modern Riyadh. Saudi Arabians only pay one percent Email:
irrigation technology, inefficient water of what it costs the government to produce Web:

October 2017 | 35


The Problem with Biogas:

How UK Found a Way to Tackle Ammonia
educing the amount of energy consumed by the wastewater treatment process has become a priority for municipal and
industrial users worldwide. In the United Kingdom many municipal users are using advanced digestion to convert sludge
to energy, which can then be used to power wastewater processing. However advanced digestion, while it can produce
high levels of biogas, can also lead to extremely high levels of ammonia – which if not treated properly can derail the economic
benefits. Here Gary Jackson, Managing Director at ACWA Emirates, explains how utilities have found a way around the problem.

Sludge as an asset
With as much as 50% of the cost of
running a wastewater plant spent
on energy it makes sense to look at
alternative sources of power. Now
falling subsidies and rising energy
costs are also encouraging utilities in
the Gulf States to consider new ways
of generating power from waste. Using
advanced digestion could allow utilities
in the region to slash their energy bills
and even move towards becoming
energy neutral. However the most
effective systems also create hard to
treat waste streams, which should
be considered when designing plants
which will convert wastewater sludge
into renewable energy. High ammonia
levels in treated wastewater can lead
to environmental pollution as well as
making the water unsuitable for re use. ACWA’s Amtreat process

Ammonia concern spun off by sludge thickening and Gulf States but is increasingly being
Globally there is an increased centrifugal processes. Rising energy used by municipal users, with many
emphasis on promoting water re-use prices and environmental concerns wastewater plants around the world
wherever possible, so this also needs were leading UK utilities to consider aiming to become energy neutral. Using
to be considered when designing sludge as an asset, rather than as sludge to generate biogas is a popular
wastewater treatment. ACWA has something to be disposed of. By using option in the UK, with a number of utilities
been a leading expert in industrial and advanced digestion, sludge from the establishing regional AD centers, which
municipal wastewater in the take in sludge from surrounding
UK and other regions for more “By using advanced digestion, sludge plants and convert it to energy
than thirty years. In 1991 the from the treatment works could be using advanced digestion. In
UK company was acquired by advanced digestion the effluent
Consolidated Contractors converted into biogas, which can then be is heated at the start of the
Company, which reinforced used to power the plant” process, which significantly
its position as a global concern increases the amount of biogas
and created strong links to the Gulf. treatment works could be converted produced. However advanced digestion
Since 2006 the company has had a into biogas, which can then be used also leads to high levels of ammonia in
Middle Eastern office in Dubai. ACWA to power the plant, or even, in some the post centrifugal liquors. The more
began researching ways of dealing with cases to sell back to the grid. effective the biogas producing process,
the high ammonia levels created by the higher the level of ammonia – which
advanced digestion in the late 1990s, Advanced Digestion gave utilities a practical, environmental
when it was asked by a consortium of Advanced digestion (AD) is already and economic problem. Levels of
UK water companies to look at ways of widely used by industrial users, such ammonia in post AD liquor is typically
tackling ammonia in centrate, the liquor as food and drink manufacturers in the around 1,500 mg per liter but can

36 | October 2017

United Kingdom

be as high as 2,500 per liter. If this

liquor is fed back into the start of the
process the ammonia levels can be
so high it can reduce the efficiency of
the plant. In order to deal with the high
ammonia liquor produced as a result
of the advanced digestion process,
ACWA developed the Amtreat system,
a modified activated sludge treatment
which is adjusted to suit the strength
and the volume of effluent to be treated.
Extra nutrients are added to help boost
the biological process in order to deal
with the high strength liquor.

Amtreat in action
The Amtreat system is now being used
at seven sites across the UK and with
advanced digestion gaining ground,
many other municipal authorities are
also looking at the process. The latest
completed project is a USD2 million 3d Image of a Typical Amtreat Plant
ammonia treatment removal plant for
United Utilities at the Leigh Wastewater advantage, especially as the plant was can lead to long term savings in terms
Treatment plant in Greater Manchester. constructed within a restricted space. of reduced maintenance and running
The project, awarded by framework Liquor temperature can be maintained costs. ACWA can retrofit the Amtreat
contractor KMI Plus, is part of an at a constant temperature using a heat system to existing plants, but a far
overall upgrade to the Leigh plant to exchanger and boiler, which means better answer is to install additional
improve sludge recycling and disposal there is no seasonal variation. ACWA ammonia treatment when building
within Nitrate Vulnerable Zones. The has also worked extensively with a new advanced digestion plant. By
Amtreat plant, which was completed in Anglian Water, providing additional including a system that is purposely
September 2016, is capable of treating high strength effluent treatment to designed with a focus for treating
805m3 per day, with a minimum high ammonia levels from the
95% ammonia removal. In “The Amtreat system is now being used outset, advanced digestion
the operation, the treated plants can ensure maximum
effluent is pumped back to at seven sites across the UK and with efficiency from day one, as
the head of the treatment advanced digestion gaining ground” well as reducing the risk of
process. Leigh, which acts environmental pollution. The
as a processing center importing complement its heating, pasteurization company with more than thirty years
sludge from outlying sites treats the and hydrolysis (HpH) plants, which experience of dealing with hard to treat
sludge utilizing advanced digestion also produce streams with high levels wastewater is perfectly placed to advise
and dewatering which generates high of ammonia. municipal wastewater authorities in
strength ammonia liquors. These the Gulf States who wish to embrace
include centrifuge liquors from both A new source of power the potential of renewable energy
raw sludge thickening and digested Advanced digestion is already currently and water re use. With an increased
sludge de-watering processes. For used in many industrial wastewater emphasis on need to reuse resources
United Utilities one key advantage plants in the Gulf, and with rising energy it is more important than ever that the
is that the technology used in the costs and a wish to promote renewable process of generating energy from
ammonia removal plant is familiar within sources of energy, it is highly likely that waste is managed well from the outset
the industry. The project incorporates municipal authorities in the region will and that everything is done to make
an anoxic tank, an Amtreat reactor, be looking closely at the possibility of the process as efficient, as stable and as
chemical dosing, settlement tank, producing biogas from sludge. Installing environmentally friendly as possible.
stilling tube, heat exchanger and boiler, new anaerobic digestion systems is a
pumps, blowers, instrumentation and major investment for utilities, but one Gary Jackson
Managing Director
control room. A smaller footprint, which can pay off in terms of reduced ACWA Emirates
compared to conventional activated energy costs and additional sources of Email:
sludge processes is a further income. The initial capital investment Web:

October 2017 | 37


Drainage Work Improves Storm Resilience

In Cumbria
Sapphire Utility Solutions has been
awarded a Framework Contract by
Cumbria County Council for the clearing,
inspection and mapping of drains and
gullies. “One of the main reasons of
winning this contract was the successful
completion of a project in 2016 to
conduct similar work on 12,000 gullies
in the areas affected by the flooding that
followed Storm Desmond,” comments
David Sheard from Cumbria County Drainage by Sapphire Utility Solutions
Council. “Sapphire was contracted for a
12 week period and we were delighted which they are responsible to better to local residents that the Council is
that the work was completed within understand where improvements are taking a pro-active approach to flood
budget and a week early.” Following the required.’ This led to works in the flood protection. “As a result of the company’s
unprecedented flooding that occurred affected areas, which delivered a range work, these critical drains are now
in Cumbria on 5th and 6th December of positive outcomes. “The mapping clear and the risk profile of the drainage
2015, the Flood Investigation Report work undertaken by Sapphire revealed infrastructure has been documented
tasked Cumbria County Council, United an extra 10% of drainage assets that to provide a prioritisation matrix for
Utilities and Carlisle City Council with were not previously documented. “This remedial work, which makes a significant
an action to ‘review and investigate project was featured on two different TV contribution to the future flooding
drainage and sewage systems for news programmes and demonstrated resilience of these areas.”

Speedy Delivery Puts Yorkshire Water Back

On Track
When a Yorkshire Water WTW site able to test, deliver and commission to install and commission the TransPAC,
experienced a significant rise in taste the complete carbon dosing solution setting the PAC dosing rates to the
and odor complaints, Transvac were in less than a week. As the TransPAC exact requirements of the site. With
able to offer immediate assistance. is fully containerized, the whole unit TransPAC, no PAC is wasted and the
Thanks to a stock TransPAC unit, was lifted via a Hiab lorry and driven flow can be adjusted as conditions
which was ready at Transvac Head to the problem site on the same day. change. The TransPAC was supplied
Office in Derbyshire, the team were Transvac engineers then attended site with both a bulk bag dosing frame and
silo feed chute as standard, allowing
the site engineers to choose their
preferred method of transferring PAC
into the hopper, either from bulk bags
or a silo. The client was pleased with
the quick turnaround from Transvac
- in fact, thanks to the stock unit, the
whole timescale from order placement
to delivery was just one week. Transvac
is an expert in Ejector Solutions for Oil
& Gas, Water Treatment and Process
Industries. The company is proud to
be celebrating our 44th year. Its mission
has remained simple; to be the ‘World’s
well-known supplier of innovative
The TransPAC during FAT testing at Transvac Ejector solutions’.

38 | October 2017

United Kingdom

Hanovia to Demonstrate Application-Optimised

Solutions at Drinktec
Hanovia is to preview a new energy The PureLine UVEO is suitable for
efficient UV disinfection system for water high flow rates just using a single
treatment applications at drinktec 2017. medium pressure lamp, which is
The industry’s largest conference and designed to consume less power than
exhibition will provide the first opportunity conventional UV systems. The system
to speak to the company’s sales and takes advantage of an optimised
support team about a new low-pressure hydraulic design to deliver a guaranteed,
UV system, which has been designed consistent UV dose with reduced
to reduce energy consumption, simplify energy and running costs. The intelligent
servicing and maximise process uptime. control is capable of monitoring flow
Visitors to the company booth will also and UVT readings to adjust the system
receive expert advice on implementing power and deliver the required dose.
UV systems and learn how companies In applications with high flow rates the
such as Cott Beverages are achieving PureLine UVEO excels because it is a
effective microbial disinfection whilst powerful UV system that can provide
using less chemical additives and effective treatment using a single lamp. for over 90 years and with the energy
preservatives. The company’s team This creates savings in terms of energy efficient PureLine UVEO and new low-
will also be demonstrating its PureLine consumption, consumables and space pressure system we continue to produce
Ultraviolet Energy Optimised (UVEO) when compared with a multi-lamp advancements that better service our
water treatment system, which has been system or the use of two systems in customers in the food and beverage
designed specifically for applications series. “Hanovia has been developing market,” explained Matthias Boeker,
within the food and beverage industry. application-optimised UV technology Hanovia EMEA Sales Manager.

Open Day Focuses On No-Dig Pipe Diagnostics

Excavation avoidance will be the focus condition assessment. Technologies system. The new training center
of an open-day hosted at Aquam Pipe under demonstration include features a multi-purpose rig modelled
Diagnostics’ (APD) new training and LDS1000, the most advanced long- on real-world water and gas pipeline
demonstration facility in Derby on 12 distance CCTV-acoustic leak detection infrastructure. Daniel Krywyj, director
October 2017. Water utility engineers system on the market; Pipescan+, of Aquam Pipe Diagnostics, formerly
and contractors are invited to the event which carries out full-dimensional operating as JD7, said, “Pipeline
where they will have the opportunity to surveys of pipework of all materials excavation can be costly, time-
get hands-on with specialist equipment and the Investigator+ pressurised consuming and highly disruptive for
for no-dig leak detection and pipeline pipe inspection and leak detection road users. In many cases the correct
application of our technologies also
makes it entirely unnecessary. “APD
has developed an impressive range
of proven technologies for monitoring
and assessing pipelines which can be
introduced to infrastructure through
existing stop-taps and hydrants.
The open-day is an opportunity for
industry professionals to explore the
full potential of our equipment and
hone best practice for putting it to
use in the field. “We also look forward
to welcoming product engineers and
leakage and water quality managers
to look around our new Training &
The multi-purpose rig Aquam Pipe Diagnostics’ Technology Centre.”

October 2017 | 39


British Water ‘Unconference’ Seeks

To Harness Innovation
Completely eliminating the environmental the fluid format of the unconference
impact of the water industry whilst is intended to achieve.” The water
securing an excellent service may industry’s first UN conference: Circular
seem like an impossible dream, but it Economy Challenges is the result of
is the vision of an event being held by the ongoing collaboration between
British Water. The trade association British Water, Anglian Water and the
is holding the UK water sector’s first utility’s Water Innovation Network. It
unconference, also known as an is sponsored by Knowledge Transfer
open space conference, in London Network (KTN). Anglian Water’s head
on 5 October 2017. Marta Perez, of innovation, Steve Kaye said, “Anglian
British Water technical director said, Water have been working on increasing
“An unconference is a more organic their performance through innovative
approach to solving complex problems approaches and need your help in
than the traditional top-down conference identifying future challenges and creative
format. We thought it was particularly solutions to support the creation of a Steve Kaye,
circular economy. We are very proud of head of innovation at Anglian Water
suited to the journey the water industry
needs to take. “If we are to identify our sustainable and innovative approach
sustainable solutions and become a to business. “Join us on the day to find innovation into the water industry in a
fully circular economy, creating zero out what we have in store.” Jonathan dynamic way. The Knowledge Transfer
waste and producing renewable energy, Abra, knowledge transfer manager - Network is delighted to support this
then we need to be highly inventive, water & wastewater, KTN said, “This UNconference, which should maximise
creative and productive. That’s what is a unique opportunity to leverage the active involvement of all participants.”

Scottish Petrochemical Plant Saves Water with GE

GE Water & Process Technologies was limited to four cycles due to calcium of GE’s technologies, we have seen a
has honored INEOS with its prestigious phosphate and calcium carbonate considerable decrease in water usage,”
Ecomagination Leadership and Return on scaling, the KG plant team collaborated said Kenny Stevenson, KG plant
Environment (ROE) awards to recognize with GE Water & Process Technologies manager. “We are very honored that GE
the petrochemical manufacturer for its to address these issues and thereby Water & Process Technologies recognized
noteworthy reductions in water usage increase the cycles of their cooling our efforts with these Ecomagination
and associated costs savings on its water. Specifically, Water & Process Leadership and ROE awards.” GE’s
KG ethylene plant at its petrochemical Technologies provided the asset with its InSight APM system and service reliability
complex in Grangemouth, Scotland. GenGard* corrosion treatment chemistry, center allowed for continuous monitoring
Faced with a water cooling system that TrueSense* cooling water technology and of key water parameters between service
InSight* asset performance management visits, which ensured that any issue
(APM) system. By implementing this that could increase the scaling due to
solution, INEOS would have the ability to increased cycles were addressed quickly
potentially increase the water cycles in and efficiently. “Effective cooling water
the cooling tower system to eight cycles, system operation is critical to reducing
which would conserve approximately water usage and operating costs at
100 million gallons of water per year and petrochemical plants. By applying data
thereby deliver significant savings. analytics to online information from
“As one of the largest manufacturers the plant’s cooling system, we can
in Scotland, we are constantly looking continuously optimize our chemical
for ways to improve our environmental treatment solution and help INEOS
performance. We have made significant reach its business and environmental
upgrades and investments in recent years goals,” said Amy Ericson, chemical
to improve the reliability and efficiency of and monitoring solutions—GE Water &
the plant. Following the implementation Process Technologies.

40 | October 2017

United Kingdom

Avoidance Tool: The Next Generation

The e-Safe All Service Avoidance Tool
from PipeHawk plc has, in just a few
short years, become a fundamental
part of the safe digging process at
many Water and Power companies,
Construction contractors and Utility
workers worldwide since its first
appearance at the 2013 No-Dig Down
Under show in Sydney, Australia. This
success has been largely due to its
uncomplicated design, easy operator
interface and cost effectiveness. Since
then, the company has continued to
enhance the versatility of the e-Safe
system by adding new features and
accessories, many of these as a result e-Safe
of feedback from existing users. In
2014 came the MAX ‘Off Road’ kit, Estimation and Chronos Masking, the feature. A downloadable ‘Log’ of
enabling use to be extended to sites latter an innovative feature providing Operator usage providing date and
with more variable and undulating an effortless way to check for services time of each use, approximate location
ground conditions than the typical street stacked one beneath the other, at any coordinates, generated by an on-board
environment. This was followed in Spring given point. Then in Autumn of the GPS and a record of each function used
2015 with e-Safe+ the first standalone same year came the e-SafeLOG variant, by the operator including distance &
variant. This brought Instant Depth bringing with it the first Supervisory depth readings where taken.



V-200 Series BE-Series

Economical Brush Strainers
Low Flow Rates High Load

V-Series TM
- Industrial Separator
Vacleen® - Agriculture Economical

Large Flow Rates Small Footprint


Winner of Two
International Awards Patents covering some features of one or more products
in some countries - contact us for more information
© 2017 Evoqua Water Technologies LLC, Neptune-Benson LLC

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October 2017 | 41
Corporate Happenings
43 Xylem Strengthens Presence in Qatar
43 Ajman Sewerage Expands its Network of
Customer Service Centers
44 Chairman of Metito Supports SDG
44 Emerson Completes Pentair Acquisition

Projects & Developments

46 Aqualia Signs a Contract to Build
the Abu Rawash Treatment Plant
47 Safe Drinking Water to 50,000 Kenyans
48 Pell Frischmann Designs Water Infrastructure System on Aconex

Products & Services

50 Technology Is Proven with Technocore PVC Piping System
52 Remote Monitoring of Water Networks
52 ELGEF Plus Branch Saddle System Topload
56 DC Power Supply

Photo Courtesy of Lacroix

DEPARTMENTS Corporate Happenings

Xylem Strengthens Presence in Qatar

Xylem Inc., a well-known global our manufacturing plant in Dubai to
water technology company, which support demand spurred by various
opened its Qatar office in end of infrastructure projects, we remain
2016, held a conference in Doha to committed to helping Qatar achieve
connect with its growing network of success in its ambitious roadmap for
partners and customers. The Xylem the future.” The newly opened office is
team delivered updates on their best- located at Al Jazeera Tower, 34th Floor
in-class portfolio of solutions, and Diplomatic Area, in Doha, and is part
reaffirmed the company’s vision of of Xylem’s USD35 million investment
being a market leader in Qatar’s water strategy in the Middle East and North
sector in the presence of over 100 key Africa. Additional facilities include a
industry consultants and contractors. manufacturing plant and rental and
“This is a significant event for Xylem. services business in Dubai, as well network technologies and advanced
Qatar’s ambitious infrastructure as an office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. data analytics for water, gas and electric
plans reinforce the need for water Xylem inaugurated its manufacturing utilities to its portfolio of solutions. The
solutions that are smart, adaptable, plant and rental and services business combined Company’s nearly 16,000
and capable of handling complex on October 2016. The Company’s employees bring broad applications
tasks at hand. We expect to forge products and services move, treat, expertise with a strong focus on
stronger ties with partners, customers, analyze, monitor and return water to the identifying comprehensive, sustainable
and end-users allowing us to deliver environment in public utility, industrial, solutions. Headquartered in Rye Brook,
exceptional technical expertise, residential and commercial building New York with 2016 revenue of USD3.8
service and support,” said Vincent services, and agricultural settings. billion, Xylem does business in more
Chirouze, regional director, Xylem With its October 2016 acquisition of than 150 countries through a number of
Middle East and Africa. “By utilizing Sensus, Xylem added smart metering, market-leading product brands.

Ajman Sewerage Expands its Network of

Customer Service Centers
Ajman Sewerage Private Company service center, which encompasses
Limited forecast that they will serve a fresh and contemporary design,
up to 600,000 customers by the is strategically located along Sheikh
year 2020. The growth is mainly Maktoum bin Rashid road close to
attributed to a steady growth in Rawdha bridge. “In addition to this
population primarily of people living brick-and-mortar we also strongly
and working in the emirate, along focus on the development of our
with the expansion of the sewerage digital offer, which now includes the
infrastructure in Ajman. Speaking while use of e-services and e-payments
officially unveiling the company’s new through our mobile application and
and modern customer service center, our website,” added Christophe
Christophe Ledur, Ajman Sewerage’s Ledur. This achievement, according
General Manager said that the number to Christophe Ledur, is part of the
of walk-in customers in their customer company’s customer convenience
service centers had seen an increase strategy under the leadership of Ajman
of 33% over the last year. “With the Sewerage’s Chairman, Sheikh Rashid
opening of this new customer service Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi. A significant UVT-LED-H Ajman Sewerage opening
center, our main objective is to percentage of the company’s
enhance the ability of our customers to transactions are currently being institutions, remittance companies and
interact with us in a timely, convenient, processed through its digital channels. strategically located payment kiosks
and effortless manner,” said In addition, Ajman Sewerage has in a bid to allow its customers perform
Christophe Ledur. The new customer also partnered with leading financial their transactions conveniently.

October 2017 | 43

DEPARTMENTS Corporate Happenings

Chairman of Metito Supports SDG

The Intergovernmental Institution placed to provide guidance in this area
for the use of micro-algae spirulina as well. As well as raising the profile of
against malnutrition (IIMSAM), the micro-algae spirulina as a tool in the fight
Intergovernmental Observer to against malnutrition, Mutaz Ghandour
the United Nations Economic and has pledged to support the development
Social Council has appointed Mutaz of Spirulina Feeding Centre in Kisumo,
Ghandour, Chairman and CEO of Metito West of Kenya’’. Mutaz Ghandour
Holdings as a Goodwill Ambassador. added: “This project is in-line with our
Commenting on this appointment, Mutaz values as a company. There is a clear
Ghandour said: “The objective of this need to seek out new solutions, fresh
institution is to eradicate malnutrition in ideas and approaches to deal with the
Africa by 2030 in support of the United challenges of malnutrition, just as much
Nations Sustainable Development Goals. as we need to address lack of access
Human access to basic nutrients, be it to clean and safe drinking water. This
food or water, is a basic right yet 1 out is exactly what Metito endeavors to
of 6 people lack access to safe drinking do by investing in R&D and looking for
water, and 1 in 3 people suffer from new next generation technology that
malnutrition. With 60 years of experience can help communities efficiently and
in the water industry, we understand the sustainably.” The Secretary General Mutaz Ghandour, Chairman - Metito
importance of creating awareness about of IIMSAM Remigio Maradona said:
these issues and to advocate those “We are extremely fortunate to have covering three business areas: design
rights. I am confident that there is much an ambassador of Mutaz Ghandour’s and build, specialty chemicals, and
to be done to eradicate malnutrition calibre and stature supporting our cause. utilities. With over sixty years of
and aiding the development of Micro His immense industry knowledge and operational experience, the group
Algae Spirulina in Africa is one step huge experience in the water industry provides customized, comprehensive
forward’’. Mutaz Ghandour continued: will be an enormous asset in creating and advanced solutions across the full
“The benefits of spirulina for nutritional awareness of and supporting the fight spectrum of its industry, from clean to
purposes are well documented, edible against malnutrition. Spirulina is an dirty water. With a mission to sustain the
algae is a cost-effective, healthy, protein ecologically sound way of producing world’s water resources, Metito provides
rich, food supplement. In addition high protein food that can benefit the effective water management and
Spirulina has the potential to improve millions of people around the world treatment systems that can reconcile
food security while also benefitting the who most need it. I look forward to the ever growing water demand and the
environment by requiring less land to working closely with Mutaz Ghandour to dwindling natural resources. Committed
produce the same amount of protein achieving some real progress in turning to a cleaner environment, Metito
and energy than livestock and other the potential of Spirulina into reality”. endeavors to utilize its world-class global
crops. The development of Micro-Algae Metito is the provider of choice for total knowhow to provide millions of people
Spirulina needs a reliable source of intelligent water management solutions across the globe access to clean and
water so in that respect we are ideally in the emerging markets with operations safe water.

Emerson Completes Pentair Acquisition

Emerson announced that it has these highly respected products and
completed the purchase of the Valves aftermarket services to our portfolio,
& Controls business from Pentair Emerson is better positioned to serve
for USD3.15 billion. “This acquisition the needs of our global customers.”
enables us to continue to grow our Headquartered in Schaffhausen,
global footprint in automation and Switzerland, the Valves & Controls platform. Mike Train, Automation
expand our leadership position in key business is a leading provider of valve Solutions executive president, said,
served markets such as chemical, solutions and services with nearly “Pentair’s Valves & Controls business fits
power, refining, mining and oil and gas,” 7,500 employees around the world. extremely well with Emerson’s existing
said Chairman and Chief Executive The business will be integrated into portfolio of Fisher control valves and
Officer David N. Farr. “By adding Emerson’s Automation Solutions regulators and Bettis actuators.

44 | October 2017

Projects & Developments

August-September 2017 | 45


Aqualia Signs a Contract to Build

the Abu Rawash Treatment Plant
Hassan El Far, CAPW Chairman
(Construction Authority for Potable
Water and Wastewater), Luis de
Lope, Aqualia’s International Director
and Maged Abadir, Orascom Chief
Operations Officer (the company
which completes the consortium
alongside Aqualia) have signed the
contract for the design, construction
and maintenance of the Abu Rawash
wastewater treatment plant in Cairo
(Egypt). Once finished, the plant
will treat 1.6 million cubic meters
of water per day and will serve six
million people, making it one of the
largest in the world. The signing
took place at Prime Minister Sherif
Ismail’s office, who took charge
of directing the ceremony. It was
attended by Moustafa Madbouli,
Ministry of Housing; Sahar Nasr,
Ministry of International Cooperation;
Abu Rawash Treatment Plant, Cairo
and Mohamed Kamal el Daly, Giza’s
Governor. Also present were Arturo
Avello Díez del Corral, Spanish treatment plant from 1.2 million m³/ awarded Aqualia the project for the El
ambassador in Egypt, and José day to 1.6 million m³/day and the Alamein desalination plant. Located
Octavio Tripp Villanueva, Mexican addition of biological treatment. The on the Mediterranean coast in an area
ambassador in Egypt, as well as Abu Rawash contract is part of the of growing tourist development, the
Khaled El Degwy, Concessions ambitious program for water and plant will treat 150,000 m3/day. As a
Director of Orascom. Representatives sewerage actions by the Government company specializing in the design,
of FCC Construcción, the company of Egypt and has the backing of building and operation of all types of
leading the delivery of the project, the African Development Bank, a water and sewerage infrastructure,
and representatives of the African multilateral organization the purpose Aqualia operates 445 treatment
Development Bank, the entity of which is to finance development plants and 33 desalination plants on
responsible of financing the operation, projects on the African continent. This four continents. In this sense, the
were also present. The project, valued is the third major project undertaken company contributes significantly
at USD320 million, was put out to by Aqualia in Egypt after it was chosen to the improvement of the quality
tender by the Egyptian Ministry of in 2010 to design, build, finance and of life of the societies in which it
Town Planning. It is a DBO (design, operate for 20 years the New Cairo works. Together with its experience
build and operate) contract that wastewater treatment plant. Located in treatment and sewerage projects,
includes a three-year operation and in the capital of Egypt, this was the the company works on various R&D
maintenance period. Although the first contract awarded in the country initiatives to apply new technologies to
initial agreement with the Egyptian as a public private partnership (PPP). these processes. Aqualia is the water
government included a concession The improvement of the sewerage management company of FCC, one
for 20 years (including financing), the and treatment services is one of the of the well-known providers of public
economic situation in Egypt made it goals set by the United Nations in the services in Europe. The company
advisable for the investment in the Millennium Development Objectives is the third largest private water
project to be assumed entirely by the (MDO) and the New Cairo plant company in Europe and the seventh
Egyptian state, abandoning the original was praised by the international in the world, according to the latest
idea of a concession type contract. organization as “an example and ranking by the industry publication
The scope of the work includes the engine for social development.” In Global Water Intelligence (GWI), and
enlargement of the existing primary 2016, the Egyptian Ministry of Defence serves 22.5 million users.

46 | October 2017

Projects & Developments

Safe Drinking Water to 50,000 Kenyans

A two-year project to bring safe,
affordable drinking water to more
than 50,000 of the poorest residents
in Nairobi, Kenya, has now been
inaugurated after successful completion
earlier this year. The initiative was co-
funded by OFID (the OPEC Fund
for International Development), the
UK Government’s Department for
International Development and
Borealis and Borouge through their
joint corporate social responsibility Water solution provided
programme Water for the World™. An
estimated 60% of Nairobi’s population to piped supplies therefore buy water role in addressing the global water
live in informal settlements, with little from private street vendors, at much challenge,” says Dorothea Wiplinger,
access to water and sanitation. The higher prices. The initiative extended the Borealis Sustainability Manager. “…
Nairobi City Water and Sewerage existing network into the settlements, because they last three times longer
Company has in the past found it using high-quality polyethylene (PE) than existing pipes, suffer fewer
difficult to invest in these services pipes. This allowed pre-paid water breakages and need less maintenance.”
because of the haphazard design of dispensers to be installed, which are Says Craig Halgreen, Vice President
the settlements, inadequate resources now providing water for as low as one Corporate Sustainability at Borouge.
within the utility and a perception that tenth the price that consumers used “… we have experience in developing
residents would be unwilling to pay for to pay to water vendors. “Innovative sustainable water systems for all kinds
services. Residents without access PE pipes can play an important of environments.”

October 2017 | 47

DEPARTMENTS Projects & Developments

Pell Frischmann Designs Water Infrastructure

System on Aconex
Aconex Limited, provider of the #1 Japan International Cooperation by mail or courier was expensive
global platform connecting teams on Agency (JICA) for the redesign and and time-consuming. File sizes and
construction and engineering projects, reconstruction of water intake facilities, regional connectivity issues made
has helped Pell Frischmann manage water treatment plants, transmission email impractical.” Aconex solved the
the design of a much-needed USD700- facilities, and distribution pipelines. problem with project-wide collaboration,
million water infrastructure rehabilitation Following an international tendering connecting the entire team and all
project in Iraq. Pell Frischmann is one process, the Ministry awarded the design project data on a single platform. This
of the UK’s well-known engineering, project to Pell Frischmann. Active in Iraq allowed the design team in the UK to
development and management since 2004, the firm had won the British upload large design documents so that
consultancies, involved in over USD1 Expertise International Masterplanning the team in Iraq could download and
billion in construction projects annually. Project of the Year Award in 2017 for print them for the client. Each document
The Water Supply Sector Loan Project its collaborative work on the country’s went through multiple revisions during
involved refurbishing aging facilities and transportation infrastructure. With design the design phase of the project. “Aconex
building new infrastructure to support the teams in Exeter, London, Baghdad, and was much faster and more secure than
public health of residents in the Ninewa, Mumbai, and a client in Iraq with an emailing because we were sending links
Anbar and Salah El Din Governorates of unreliable IT infrastructure and security to the files stored on the platform rather
Iraq. The entire water system had been issues, Pell Frischmann knew the project than the files themselves,” said Neal.
long overdue for a major upgrade. “The would present challenges. The firm “Our team in Baghdad always had the
people here badly needed this system,” selected the Aconex platform to be able current versions plus easy access to all
said Stewart Neal, civil engineer at to store, access and share design data the history.” Using Aconex also helped
Pell Frischmann and design manager securely in the cloud, manage complex Pell Frischmann avoid all the IT issues
on the project. “Since water demand design reviews, track approvals, and typically associated with onboarding a
exceeded supply, water would be keep all communications and processes geographically dispersed team of 150
turned on for 24 hours in one zone of a connected to the project rather than people across different organizations.
city, and the next day water would be lost on email or internal servers. Even “We never had to get IT involved at
turned off in that zone and directed to then, Aconex helped Pell Frischmann all to support the product or to install
another zone. The intermittent water quickly avert problems that the firm software,” said Neal. “Learning the
supply and low water quality created could not have anticipated. “We found system was relatively straightforward,
public health risks.” In 2012, the Iraqi that the client preferred to review and and we needed only a web connection
Ministry of Municipalities and Public approve designs on paper,” explained to access it. Aconex saved us an
Works utilized financing from the Neal. “Sending design documents enormous amount of hassles not
only within our own organization but
across the project team.” The design
phase of the project was completed
on schedule due to the visibility and
control Aconex gave Pell Frischmann.
“There was never any ambiguity about
who was holding up the workflow,”
said Neal. “Everyone could see who
had approved designs, where the
bottlenecks were and who needed to
take action.” “The Iraqi water system
design is yet another example of our
leadership in Middle East infrastructure
projects across multiple sectors,”
said Steve Cooper, general manager,
UK and Ireland, at Aconex. “We are
pleased with the opportunity to deliver
value to Pell Frischmann and its
project team, and we look forward to
supporting the firm with similar projects
Pell Frischmann Iraqi water plant design project in the future.”

48 | October 2017


Lindsay is the single-source irrigation manufacturer that can develop FieldNET™

the right system for your individual needs. We’ve combined the Wireless Irrigation
strengths of all Lindsay companies and products into one simple yet
powerful package: the Plan to Profit Portfolio. No matter where you are,
FieldNET makes it easy
From large-scale designs and advanced controls, to custom pump to remotely control your
stations, add-on sensors and wireless irrigation management, irrigation systems. The easy-to-use interface
Zimmatic® by Lindsay seamlessly integrates all of these elements with status icons shows real-time progress and
stops – saving time, energy, labor and water.
into a customized system that helps you optimize performance and
crop yields while minimizing the use of resources. If it’s remotely possible, FieldNET can do it.
Find out more at
For more details, visit

2222 N. 111th St., Omaha, NE 68164

1-402-829-6800 •

© 2015 Lindsay. All rights reserved. Zimmatic and FieldNET are trademarks of the Lindsay Corporation.
DEPARTMENTS Products & Services

Technology Is Proven with

Technocore PVC Piping System
Traditionally in the Middle East, soil been specified and used in Europe technology, which reduces the usage of
and drain PVC pipes are extruded as for over 25 years. Indeed, in Europe, carbon during manufacturing, helps our
a single solid monolayer during the the majority of PVC soil and drainage customers meet increasingly tough new
manufacturing process. Technocore pipes are now manufactured using regulations and their own sustainability
pipes are manufactured by a more this technology. PVC multilayer plastic commitments. The main benefits of
complex production process and are pipes are also widely accepted in North multilayer technology are: Pipes are up
composed of three distinct layers- America, Australia, South Africa and to 20% lighter, making handling easier
a solid PVC outer layer, a rigid PVC many other countries around the world and improving site efficiency. Pipes
foam middle layer and a solid PVC because of their superior performance are stronger and have more impact
inner layer. This innovative technique and environmental advantages. resistance than conventional solid wall
produces pipes with improved Multilayer pipe technology was originally pipes, so they are less prone to damage
performance properties whilst reducing developed to improve the performance when being transported and when
the total material content. Hepworth’s of pipes and to help the construction handled on site. Reduced material usage
Technocore technology was developed industry to achieve a lower carbon means that there are environmental
together with the Wavin Group, based footprint, leading to a more sustainable advantages with regard to the lower
in the Netherlands, one of the world’s world. There is a growing demand from carbon footprint (16% reduction in CO2
leaders in PVC multilayer plastic pipe governments, agencies and legislative emissions over the whole supply chain).
technology. Although this technology bodies for greener products, i.e. those Wavin is a global supplier of plastic
is new to the Middle East region, that require less energy and use fewer pipe systems and solutions and has
it has a solid track record and has natural resources Our new Technocore built its reputation on 60 years of high
quality and innovation. The international
headquarters are located in Zwolle, the
Netherlands, and the company, which
employs 5,500 people, has a direct
presence in over 25 countries with 30+
manufacturing sites. Wavin is part of
Mexichem, one of the world’s suppliers
of petrochemicals and plastics with over
18,000 employees and sales exceeding
USD3 billion. Hepworth is the well-
known manufacturer and supplier of
integrated piping systems in the GCC.
Operations were established over 40
years ago in Dubai and the company
now manufactures pipes and fittings
on three locations in the UAE and
Qatar. In addition, it serves customers
through operating companies in Oman,
Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and export
throughout the MENA Region and
beyond. The company supplies PVC,
PE, PPR, ABS piping systems and
accessories to the building, utilities,
infrastructure, industrial, agricultural,
irrigation and water treatment sectors.
Hepworth is a part of Corys Building
Materials, a holding company based
in Dubai, UAE, which manages two
other leading regional construction and
building materials business: Corys Build
Technocore ML PVC- U Centre and Corys Geosynthetics.

50 | October 2017

DEPARTMENTS Products & Services

Remote Monitoring of Water Networks

SOFREL AS RTUs range provides a market for remote monitoring of water without the need of any specific device.
solution combining ease of use and networks. For simple and user-friendly Completely modular in terms of I/O’s
performance for the monitoring, process operation, the AS RTU range make and communications, the AS RTUs
control and remote management of use of standard tools, such as the Web can be easily adapted to all types of
water and wastewater facilities. It benefits browser, and are able to communicate applications. In addition to the integrated
from the 40 years of technological over any transmission media (GSM, secure communication and smart data
expertise acquired by LACROIX Sofrel GPRS, Dedicated Lines, Licence-free archiving features, SOFREL AS has
in the fields of electronics, industrial IT radio, Ethernet, etc.). The integrated an ST and LADDER process control
and telecommunications, backed up display allows visualization and setting workshop and a dedicated function
by the company’s specialization in the of all the data managed from the AS block library for water applications. This
offers great program creation flexibility in
order to provide solutions that perfectly
meet the expectations of integrators and
operators. RTUs 100% designed for
water network management: Monitoring
of network installations and 24/7 alarm
management, optimized operation
of facilities (ideal for energy savings
and preventive maintenance), remote
control and inter-RTU communication,
automated functions from simple
commands to process control, extended
remote control and monitoring functions
SOFREL AS RTU (archiving, automatic balances, etc.).

ELGEF Plus Branch Saddle System Topload

The ELGEF Plus branch saddle system
Topload for large dimensions up to
2000mm by GF Piping Systems offers
now an even safer installation. The
integrated pressure testing connection
for the outlet dimensions d160 and 225
mm offers the possibility to perform
a pressure test of the branch saddle
before the tapping of the main line
and therefore a safe and cost effective
installation. GF Piping Systems adds
the feature of an integrated pressure
testing interface to its Topload branch GF Piping Systems Topload
saddle system for large dimensions with
an outlet dimension d160 and 225 mm. system Topload convinces based on jointing technologies and services for
The system now allows a safe pressure the proven principle of the ELGEF Plus the safe transport of water, chemicals
test up to 18 bar in advance of the modular system. In the area of large PE and gases. Besides GF Automotive
tapping of the main line. The pressure installations for gas, water and industrial and GF Machining Solutions the
test for the Topload saddles with main applications it provides superior company is part of the Georg Fischer
pipe dimensions d315 to 2000 mm can modularity and flexibility. The functional AG group, founded in 1802, with
now be done simply and efficiently with design and the interaction of the high- its headquarter in Schaffhausen,
a standardized testing plug. This not performance components, enable a Switzerland. GF Piping Systems
only reduces the testing effort, but also simple, quick and safe assembly on- serves its customers in more than 100
saves time and expensive mechanical site. GF Piping Systems offers system countries and develops and produces
joints. The ELGEF Plus branch saddle solutions, high-quality components, products for the use in industry.

52 | October 2017


26 - 29 NOVEMBER 2017


Visit The Largest Construction
Event in The Middle East
The Big 5 Solar
Dedicated HVAC-R Hall
Smart Technology Focus
Product Sector Talks
Special Construction
Building Envelope &

Building Materials
Construction Tools &

& Innovations
Construct Technologies
& Finishes
Building Interiors


Platinum Sponsors Piping Solutions Aluminium Industry Partner Organised by
Partner Extrusions Partner

Visit The Largest Construction
Event in The Middle East


Platinum Sponsors Piping Solutions Aluminium
Partner Extrusions Partner
26 - 29 NOVEMBER 2017

The Big 5 Solar
Dedicated HVAC-R Hall
Smart Technology Focus
Product Sector Talks

Construct Technologies
& Innovations
Construction Tools &

Organised by
Building Materials
Building Envelope &
Special Construction
Building Interiors
& Finishes

Industry Partner
DEPARTMENTS Products & Services

DC Power Supply
High-performance QUINT POWER
power supplies feature new functions
to ensure superior system availability.
The unique SFB Technology and
preventive function monitoring
increase the availability of client’s
application. Via the NFC interface,
signaling thresholds and characteristic
curves such as the output voltage can
be individually adjusted.

The advantages:
• SFB Technology selectively trips
standard circuit breakers; loads
connected in parallel continue working
• Preventive function monitoring
indicates critical operating states
before errors occur
• Signaling thresholds and characteristic
curves that can be adjusted via NFC
maximize system availability
• Easy system extension with static
boost; starting of heavy loads with
dynamic boost and more than 20 ms mains failure (UPS) continue to deliver power even in
• High noise immunity, thanks to buffer time the event of mains failure. The company
integrated gas-filled surge arrester The uninterruptible power supplies offers UPS solutions for AC and DC
applications and protect the client’s
system against power supply failure.

UPS for DC Application

Furthermore, Phoenix Contact
integrated solutions with power supply
or energy storage offer a space-saving
UPS system. Its software allows to
configure and monitor the UPS system.
Clients can use the buffer modules to
extend their UPS system and to also
bridge short failure times lasting up to
30 seconds.

The clients’ advantages:

• UPS solutions for every requirement
and application: use in industry,
building automation or engineering as
well as the supply of AC and DC loads
• Space-saving: Plug and Play
solution integrates a power supply or
energy storage
• Flexible, thanks to the modular
system: for load currents up to 40 A
and buffer times lasting several hours
• Full use of the energy content:
processes and applications continue to
SFB Technology be supplied for as long as possible

56 | October 2017

Events Review
60 Successful Conclusion to

Events Preview
59 Project Lebanon
WETEX 2017:
to Highlight the Future of the World’s Water Technology
60 Building onAmsterdam
Aquatech Great Potential
2017 Set To Be a Record-Breaker
60 The Organization Is Moving Up Into High Gear

Photo courtesy of Project

Photo CourtesyLebanon 2017
of HydroGaia
EVENTS Events Preview

WETEX to Highlight the Future of the

World’s Water Technology
As the world’s population continues
to rise, the demand for clean energy
resources is also steadily increasing,
which poses the significant challenge
to humanity of ensuring sufficient
clean water resources, by creating
more opportunities to develop new
innovations and technologies; while
also preserving the environment and
conserving natural resources. The
scarcity of drinking water in different
parts of the world imposes challenges
that encouraged many companies to
invest in research of new technologies
for water production and storage.
The effort has coincided with broad
awareness campaigns for rationalization
and waste reduction. Researchers Speakers
have taken different paths in their
quest to find new sources of water accessories for digging technologies, kind worldwide with an increasing
supply, including the move towards pumps, valves, the latest advances number of exhibitors and sponsors
enhancing desalination of seawater, in irrigation systems, agriculture and participating at the event. WETEX
reducing costs of treated waste water, horticulture equipment and water 2017 serves as an important meeting
and solar-powered desalination. The extraction equipment. With a focus point for manufacturers, service
innovative solutions and cutting- on water conservation, WETEX will be providers, decision-makers and
edge technologies in water treatment showing products for detecting and investors from around the world to
are one of the key subjects of the treating water leakages, reservoir lining ensure a brighter future for generations
19th Water, Energy, Technology and and various materials used in the water to come. Since its launch 19 years
Environment Exhibition (WETEX), which sector and for water transportation. ago, the exhibition has seen the
is being held under the theme, ‘At During the exhibition, DEWA will also conclusion of many agreements
the Forefront of Sustainability,’ from highlight its strategic plan to promote and partnerships that contributed
23 to 25 October, 2017 at the Dubai the efficiency of its water network to to shift the energy sector regionally
International Convention and Exhibition meet increasing demand for clean water and globally. This year, WETEX
Centre. The event is held in adherence and support sustainable development will provide a platform to show the
with the directives of HH Sheikh in the Emirate through the launch of latest technologies in water, energy,
Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, sustainable development projects all environment and green economy.
Vice President and Prime Minister of the over the world. DEWA will promote The exhibition focuses on innovation
UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and under the the efforts of the UAE Water Aid as one of the key pillars to drive
patronage of Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Foundation (Suqia), operating under sustainable development, improve the
Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, the umbrella of the Mohammed bin quality of life and transform Dubai to
Minister of Finance and President of Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, to a destination of choice to for living,
DEWA. WETEX will showcase the latest combat poverty and disease by finding working and tourism, as well as to
developments and projects in water, durable and substantial solutions to attract investment. The event is being
energy and environmental technology. the scarcity of drinking water by using organized under the umbrella of the
This year’s WETEX is expected to solar energy and other sustainable 4th Green Week, as it coincides with
attract the largest number of industry solutions. More than 8 million people the second Dubai Solar Show and the
players from around the world under in 19 countries around the world have fourth World Green Economy Summit
one roof, covering all aspects from water benefitted from Suqia’s projects. 2017 with over 80 speakers from
treatment, desalination plants, pipes of around the world invited to speak on
all kinds, to coolers and heaters. WETEX WETEX has established itself as various aspects of green economy,
will also display tools, equipment and one of the largest exhibitions of its smart cities and innovation.

October | 59
EVENTS Events Preview

Aquatech Amsterdam 2017 Set To Be

a Record-Breaker
With the latest edition of global water
exhibition Aquatech Amsterdam set to
open its doors in just a matter of weeks,
a suite of new and expanded features in
the industry-leading program have helped
put the show on track to be a record-
breaker. Exhibitor numbers have already
passed the 900 mark, the highest ever for
the event. Advance visitor registrations,
the trade show area, and the number
of entrants to the prestigious Aquatech
Innovation Awards are all at record
levels, putting the show on course to Visitors at last year’s event
be the most successful yet. Aquatech
Amsterdam, to be held from 31 October latest developments in key segments such year there will be a greater area of trade
to 3 November, already leads the way as desalination and smart technologies. show floor than ever before. The Aquatech
as an international platform for process, A constant drive by the Aquatech team Innovation Awards have attracted the
drinking and waste water technologies. to make the event even more successful greatest ever number of entries, with 78
The 2017 edition of the show will include has put the latest edition on track to exciting innovations put forward. On top of
an even greater focus on innovation, and break records on all fronts. Exhibitor this, advance visitor registrations are at a
the expanded program will highlight the numbers are already at a new high. This record level.

The Organization Is Moving Up Into High Gear

EXPOCOMFORT, the world’s well-
known biennial exhibition dedicated to
residential and industrial installations,
air-conditioning and renewable energy,
enlivening the halls of Fiera Milano from
13th – 16th March 2018. Technological
innovation in terms of products, systems
and solutions for comfortable living
and strong internationalism, reign once
again as the undisputed protagonists
of MCE 2018, reaffirming the event
leading position in an even more global
context. Right now, MCE - MOSTRA
registered over 1,100 direct exhibitors.
It has all it took to be a success. Many sanitary technology, water treatment, (commercial, residential, and industrial),
new companies choosing the show heating and renewables too. In total, from a single flat to a block of flats, from
to make their debut, some big names over 80% of the exhibition spaces public buildings to industrial plants. A
making a comeback and a sharp rise have already been pre-booked. MCE unique opportunity for all players in the
in foreign exhibiting companies. In 2018 will once again be an ideal global HVAC&R systems market; from
particular, the display area dedicated showcase that will take visitors on a manufacturers of high tech solutions to
to air conditioning, refrigeration and journey through the most innovative wholesalers and retailers, designers and
hardware sectors is almost completely technologies for energy efficient installers, to discover novelties and the
sold out. Excellent performance for management of the built environment leading sector trends.

60 | October 2017

SERVICES Coming Events

Tel: +968 24700656 dmg events

2017 Fax: +968 24799737 Tel: +971 4 438 0355
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United Arab Emirates 2018
Saudi Arabia WETEX
Water Management, Environmental and
Saudi Agricultural Exhibition
Water Technology and Agri Industry Exhibition
Energy Technologies Exhibition
23 – 25
08 – 11
Dubai International Convention
Riyadh International Exhibition Centre
and Exhibition Centre
Riyadh – Saudi Arabia
Dubai – UAE United Arab Emirates
Info: The International Water Summit Is a Unique
Riyadh Exhibitions Co. Ltd
Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) Global Platform for Promoting Water Sustain-
Tel: +966 1 229 5604
Tel: +971 50 625 4791 ability in Arid Regions
Fax: +966 1 229 5612
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Web: Abu-Dhabi National Exhibition Center – Adnec
Abu Dhabi – UAE

November Info:
Egypt Afrina Nasrin
Watrex Expo Middle East Reed Exhibitions
Leading trade fair for Waste Water Tel: +971 2 4090387
& Water Treatment Technologies E-mail:
09 – 11 Algeria Water and Electricity Expo Web:
New Cairo International Conference Center The 9th Algeria Electricity & Water Expo 2017
Cairo – Egypt 06 – 08
Palais des Expositions d'Alger
Info: Algeria – Algeria March
Al Awael international Trade Fairs (ATF)
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Fax: +20223580982 New Fields Exhibitions Saudi Arabia
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The Big 5 Saudi
Web: E-mail:
International Exhibition for Building,
Water Technology & Environment,
and Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
Oman 05 – 08
Infra Oman United Arab Emirates Jeddah Centre for Forums & Events
Oman’s 7th International Exhibition The Big 5 Show Jeddah – Saudi Arabia
for Infrastructure & Industrial Projects The International Building and
09 – 11 Construction Show Info:
Oman Convention & Exhibition Center 26 – 29 dmg :: events Middle East, Asia & Africa
Muscat – Oman Dubai World Trade Center
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Dubai – UAE
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Al Nimr International Info: E-mail:
Exhibition Organizers Vicky Wilcox Web:

If you would like to run your event in this space, kindly send all necessary details to

October 2017 | 61

SERVICES Buyers’ Guide

New Magnetic Flow Meter from Lindsay

• Superior IP68 enclosure seal

• Remote management
capabilities with FieldNET
• Range of sizes
• Optional battery pack
featuring longer life than
most competitive models


‫ ﻋﺎﻟﻢ اﻧﺸﺎءات اﻟﻌﺮﺑﻲ‬World

62 | October 2017

SERVICES General Information

Subscription & Membership ‫اإلشرتاك والعضوية‬

Arab Water World (AWW) magazine can be received monthly by subscription. The yearly subscription ‫ دوالراً للمشرتكني من‬25 ‫ تبلغ قيمة اإلشرتاك السنوي‬.‫ عرب اإلشرتاك‬،ً‫ميكن الحصول عىل مجلة “عامل املياه العريب” شهريا‬
rate to AWW is: Lebanon $25, Arab Countries, Iran, Cyprus $65, Europe, Turkey & Africa $95 120 ‫ وأوروبا و‬،‫ أفريقيا‬،‫ دوالراً للمشرتكني من تركيا‬95‫ دوالراً للمشرتكني من البلدان العربية و ايران وقربص و‬65 ‫لبنان و‬
and other Countires $120. Further information on multi-year subscription rates and membership
privileges can be found on the inserted subscription & membership card. For special student
‫ أو حول‬،‫ للحصول عىل املزيد من املعلومات حول اإلشرتاك لعدة سنوات يف املجلة‬.‫دوالرات للمشرتكني من البلدان األخرى‬
and group/bulk subscription rates, please send your request to Mr. Jad Aboulhosn (Circulation & ‫ أما الطالب الذين يرغبون يف الحصول عىل‬.‫ الرجاء مراجعة بطاقة اإلشرتاك والعضوية‬،‫املنافع التي يستفيد منها املشرتكون‬
Marketing Manager) at: ‫ فالرجاء األتصال بالسيد جاد أبو الحسن مدير التسويق والتوزيع عىل عنوان‬،‫حسومات خاصة عىل بدالت اإلشرتاك يف املجلة‬‫الربيد اإللكرتوين التايل‬

Editorial Regulations ‫رشوط نرش املقاالت‬

Since we always aim at providing our readers with the latest and most essential editorial content, and ‫ وهو أن‬،‫حرصاً منا عىل تقديم أهم املواد التحريرية وأجدّها اىل ق ّرائنا وإستكامالً للهدف الذي أسست من أجله املجلة‬
since we try to act as an information bridge between high-tech countries and developing countries of
the MENA region, we hereby mention the conditions for publishing editorial material in AWW, hoping
‫ نوضح يف ما ييل‬،‫تكون الجرس ا ّلذي يربط بلدان الرشق األوسط وشاميل أفريقيا بالبلدان الرائدة يف حقل املياه يف العامل‬
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October 2017 | 63

‫الكلمة الختامية‬

Ministry of Energy Unveils ‫وزارة الطاقة تعلن اسرتاتيجية‬

Water Security Strategy 2036‎ 2036 ‫األمن املايئ‬

The Ministry of Energy has unveiled the UAE Water Security ‫ الهادفة‬،»2036 ‫أعلنت وزارة الطاقة عن «استراتيجية األمن المائي لدولة اإلمارات‬
Strategy 2036, which aims to e ‎nsure sustainable access ‫إلى ضمان استدامة واستمرارية الوصول إلى المياه خالل الظروف الطبيعية وظروف‬
to water during both normal and emergency conditions in
local regulations, standards of the World Health
line with ‎
،‫ بما ينسجم مع قوانين الدولة ومواصفات منظمة الصحة العالمية‬،‫الطوارئ القصوى‬
Organization, and the UAE’s vision to a ‎chieve prosperity ‫ وتتمثل‬.‫ واستدامة نمو االقتصاد الوطني‬،‫ويسهم في تحقيق رخاء وازدهار المجتمع‬
and sustainability. The overall objectives of the strategy are to ،%21 ‫المستهدفات العليا لالستراتيجية في خفض الطلب على الموارد المائية بنسبة‬
reduce total demand for water resources by 21%,‎‎ increase the
‫ وخفض مؤشر ندرة‬،‫ دوالرات للمتر المكعب‬110 ‫وزيادة مؤشر إنتاجية المياه إلى‬
water productivity index to USD110 per cubic meter, reduce
the water s‎ carcity index by 3 degrees, increase the reuse of ،%95 ‫ وزيادة نسبة إعادة استخدام المياه المعالجة إلى‬،‫المياه إلى ثالث درجات‬
treated water to 95%, and increase national ‎ water storage .‫وتوفير سعة تخزين لمدة يومي تخزين للحاالت العادية في النظام المائي‬
capacity up to two days. ‎

Eng. Suhail Mohammed Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy, ‫ أن االستراتيجية ثمرة‬،‫ سهيل بن محمد فرج فارس المزروعي‬،‫وأكد وزير الطاقة‬
affirmed, "The UAE W ‎ ater Security Strategy 2036 came as a ‫تعاون الجهات المعنية بالمياه في الدولة على المستويين االتحادي والمحلي‬
result of consolidated efforts between federal ‎and local water ‫ ورسم تصور عن وضع قطاع المياه ومدى قدرته على التأقلم‬،‫الستشراف المستقبل‬
authorities to explore and define a vision for the water sector
in the UAE ‎and to ensure adaptability to future demands on ‫ وأوضح أن االستراتيجية تهدف‬.‫مع متغيرات الطلب على المياه في اإلمارات‬
water resources."‎He added, ‎"The strategy aims to ensure ‫الستدامة إمدادات المياه في مختلف الظروف لتلبية احتياجات المجتمع واالزدهار‬
sustainable water supplies in ‎various circumstances to meet ‫ الفتاً إلى أن االستراتيجية تم تطويرها بالتنسيق وبمشاركة‬،‫االقتصادي في اإلمارات‬
the needs of the community and the economic prosperity o ‎ f the
UAE."‎Al Mazrouei pointed out that the comprehensive, long-
‫جميع الهيئات والجهات المعنية بالمياه في الدولة وتم إعداد االستراتيجية من‬
term strategy covers all components of the ‎water supply chain ‫ لتغطي كل عناصر سلسلة اإلمداد المائي وفي إطار زمني مدته‬،‫منظور وطني شامل‬
throughout a time frame of twenty years. It focuses on three ‫ وذكر أنه سيتم تنفيذ االستراتيجية من خالل التركيز على ثالثة برامج‬.‫ عاما‬20
main ‎programs: the Water Demand Management Program, ‫استراتيجية رئيسية تشمل برنامج إدارة الطلب على المياه وبرنامج إدارة االمداد‬
the Water Supply Management P ‎ rogram and the Emergency
Production and Distribution Program. The strategy also tackles ‫المائي وبرنامج اإلنتاج والتوزيع للطوارئ إضافة إلى محاور مشتركة تشمل تطوير‬
policy development, legislation, water conservation awareness ‫السياسات والتشريعات وحمالت التوعية والترشيد واستخدام التقنيات المتقدمة‬
campaigns, use of advanced technologies, innovation, and
‎ .‫واالبتكار وبناء القدرات في مجال المياه‬
building national capabilities ‎in the field of water security.

"‎ The Water Security Strategy 2036 seeks to ‎reduce average ‫وأضاف أن االستراتيجية ستساهم في خفض متوسط استهالك الفرد إلى النصف‬
consumption per capita by half as well as focus on sustainable ‫ أما فيما‬.2036 ‫ بحلول العام‬%95 ‫وزيادة نسبة إعادة استخدام المياه المعالجة إلى‬
practices, for instance one of its key aims is increasing the
reuse of treated water t‎o 95%," Al Mazrouei explained.
‫ أوضح المزروعي أن‬.. ‫يتعلق باالستجابة والجاهزية للمخاطر والطوارئ المائية‬
The strategy seeks to develop a storage capacity for the
‎ ‫االستراتيجية تسعى إلى تطوير نظام إمداد مائي يحافظ على سعة تخزين لمدة يومين‬
water supply system that lasts ‎for two days under normal ‫ يوما في‬16 ‫تحت الظروف العادية يعادل توفر إمداد مائي في نظام التخزين لمدة‬
conditions, which would be equivalent to a capacity of 16
‫حاالت الطوارئ مع المحافظة على اقتصاد مستدام وبما يعادل اإلمداد لمدة قد تزيد‬
‎days in emergency situations, and enough to supply water for
more than 45 days in ‎extreme emergencies. .‫ يوما في حاالت الطوارئ القصوى‬45/ ‫عن‬

Eng. Suhail Mohammed Al Mazrouei ‫سهيل بن محمد فرج فارس المزروعي‬

Minister of Energy, UAE ‫ اإلمارات‬،‫وزير الطاقة‬

64 | October 2017