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this time, let me talk about "The relation between the spirit of the Youth Pledge and high-technology

of Game On-line virus

among junior high school students as the next generation of Indonesian people."On 28th of October 1928,Indonesian youth
nasionalists from all over the country proclaimed a historic Youth Pledge, known as "Sumpah Pemuda", for one blood - the Indonesian homeland,
one people - the Indonesian nation, and an unifying language - Indonesia.
TEXT SWEAR YOUTH NOISE 28th of OCTOBER 1928 First Our sons and daughters of Indonesia, pleaded spill one blood, soil Indonesian.
Second Our sons and daughters of Indonesia, admitted that one of the nation, the Indonesian nation. Third Our sons and
daughters of Indonesia, to uphold the national language, Indonesian. The main purpose of the Youth Pledge was due to
nationalist Youth Indonesia wants all teens who will become the next generation of Indonesian people can reach the main idea
of the Youth Pledge "One country, nation, and language, Indonesian language." But before Indonesia gained independence with
Dutch colonialism, there is no tolerance for poor Indonesian people to get an education. Education only for children exclusively
of important officials. So, the government reported that more than 80% of the population can not only speak but also read the
Indonesian language. In 1945, when Soekarno declared Indonesia's independence, the Youth Association advises the
government to realize the idea of the Youth Pledge to include Indonesian for Indonesia material in all schools. So as to enhance
nationalism Indonesia
Now, let's discuss what is the difference between teens today with teens in the past? The correct answer is technology!
Development of technology brings many things that people do not have had many years ago. If we recall that Soekarno said, give me
10 young people so I can master of the world.It give the impression that youth is the back country and are the spearhead of our
this.So we, Indonesian youths have to actually carry out development based on well with Pancasila. Then if we remember the events on 10 November, the
day a hero to the nation indonesia. countless number of souls that float at the time. Countless treasures that had perished in the war.
The fighting occurred throughout the city even happens in all corners of the country. Shriek-shriek like the cry of independence
echoed lion flesh and blood thirst. Independence we already have. The invaders want to go back to shred our unity, our freedo m
and even the dignity of the nation, as an independent nation. Surabaya youth gone backwards one inch face of modern weapons of the invaders.
With sharpened bamboo spears and eruptions coupled with the tempestuous passion occupiers leave the country to its knees a free
and sovereign. Fighting spirit Surabaya youth build a solid foundation for the soul and spirit of the present development. Victims
have been many, the ideals of independence has not been done. It is our duty to pass on all the noble ideals of our heroes. Now in
2011 the Indonesian government declared about free education in elementary and junior high. The government hopes that with
this otherwise improve the quality of Indonesian society.
The government not only provides for free education-cost, but also the internet go to school. In this issue, the government wants
the students from elementary to University students can use the internet as a source for their learning process. However, Internet technology not
only provides the resources for their learning process, but also provide other services. Which one of the popular Internet service is an online
game. Online games are played over some form of computer networks around the world. This online game like Ayodance, Ragnarok, Perfect World, Seal,
Counter Strike, and more. This online game has a difference with a single game on a personal computer without an internet connection. This
game has thousands of users around the world. So, we can play games and chat with other users. Online games also have some negative
consequences. Some of them are consequences of sleep loss, reduction in eye health, want of time and money.
There is little doubt that playing games online, with thousands of other players, is a more enjoyable experience for game players instead of playing
the game offline. But studies have found that they are interested in online game players to play the game for a longer time than
single player games offline. Some of the advantages of playing online games players can interact with other players, and have a
lot of fun playing with a lot of friends, get information from other players, and can refresh our minds. Playing online games according to
several studies that are useful.
This allows the minds of the players to be more active and has to move fast. Let's together. In the spirit of 10 November and
October 28 we generate spirit of development. All this merely for the sake of sacrifice to the homeland and country.If not we who carry out the
development, who else???
Similarly, speech that can I give.I’m sorry if there are words that are less pleasing to You.May God
is always with us in fighting for the fate of a brighter future. Thank you for your attention Assalamualaikum wr. wb. And good morning
On October 28th, Indonesian people and especially youth celebrated “Hari Sumpah Pemuda” or “The Youth
Pledge Day” a day which is believed to be the day of youth rising in 1928. It was the promise that was
written and declared by Indonesian Youth; from every race, every culture, every belief and religion, every
background in Indonesia. The goal is to have an independent Indonesia with one motherland, one nation and
one language.

It started from the first Indonesian Youth Congress held in 1926. At that time, they promoted the idea about
“United Indonesia.” In 1928, the second and third Indonesian Youth Congress was held; they discussed
educational issues. In the final session, the participants heard “the future” of the Indonesian National
Anthem “Indonesia Raya,” which then was followed by the declaration of “Sumpah Pemuda” or “Youth

Here’s the English version of “Sumpah Pemuda” (

We, the sons and daughters of Indonesia, acknowledge one motherland, Indonesia.
We, the sons and daughters of Indonesia, acknowledge one nation, the nation of Indonesia.
We, the sons and daughters of Indonesia, uphold the language of unity Indonesia

Indonesia has 34 provinces, 17,508 islands, 300 distinct native ethnic groups (with their own culture,
traditional clothes, traditional food, traditional song and dance and 742 different languages and dialects).
Since that day, Indonesian youth have been willing to do every single thing in the name of Indonesia and for
the social welfare of Indonesian people. It was the time, when the youth showing their power and braveness
to make a better Indonesia. The simple proof is, we’re speaking in Bahasa Indonesia even though we have
our own language based on our culture or in which province we were born.

I will not talk about the history that much, but from the history I’ve realized that “We have no idea" how
strong we are until we do something or move to make the better future of our world.” We should realize that
we actually have so many creative ideas in our head, we have so many places to speak out and share every
single incredible dream in our mind. Even when the people around are just ‘silent,’ it doesn’t mean, they
don't care about what you’ve said, it means they are thinking about it.

Inspiring Youth Stories

Another example about the youth power is Malala’s story. She’s a little girl who was shot by the Taliban.
And something special about her is, she has a big dream for girls and every child to get the rights to go to
school. She has no worry and bravely speaks about her dream and her desire even when the Taliban stormed
her school bus on October 9th 2012 and shot her in the head to silence her campaign. But now, she did it!!
The world is talking about her and cares about her dream. The world has realized that education is at the top
of the list to make the world better. The people come together; one by one, from day to day to give their
support and donation to help every child, especially for children’s education. (

The history of “Sumpah Pemuda” and the story of “Malala” clearly show and explain that we are really
strong. Youth are really strong. We just need a little braveness to share and speak about our incredible
dreams, ideas and desire to make a better world. We just need to arrange “how it will work” in a good way
and take full responsibility. The good news is, we’re living in the digital era, which makes it easier to share
and spread the world about our good desire. If the 1920’s youth from Indonesia were able to unify so many
cultures and beliefs in Indonesia and a little girl like Malala was able to increase people’s awareness about
the education of children, can you imagine “What we will create if we are working together in the name of
peace and responsibility to make a better world?”
Kindly share your desire and the inspiring story or history of youth from your country. Let’s start to be more
aware about the issues around us and think about “how to solve it” in the simple way. Ask your friends and
people around you to discuss it, do the smallest things that we can do to make a better world and don’t forget
to do it with heart and as good as we can do it.
Youth Pledge Day Speech
The topic of my speech is “Youth Pledge Day”.

The Youth and Ladies of the blessed, Seventy-nine-year period and is suata long journey for a generation of
people when it was, October 28, 1928 ago, Indonesian youths and various groups gathered in Jakarta, said a
determination in the pledge an oath known as the youth .

Today, we all come back to celebrate the historic Youth Pledge Day / Youth Day. This shows that as a great
nation always appreciates and respects the service and sacrifice of the fighters in achieving and upholding
the independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

State youth and sports ministry has set the theme of youth oath anniversary 79th this year is "Improving the
solidarity, integrity, and professionalism of the youth towards a prosperous and dignified nation.

The theme thus implies that Indonesian youth who have the spirit of solidarity is a young man who was able
to grow the social empathy to feel the suffering of others and have the ability to share.

For that I am thankful, let us offer our prayer presence of God, God Almighty, that we all, especially the
younger generation given the spiritual and physical strength in the continuing struggle to build the nation to
realize the life of a better future.

Ceremony participants who I respect, Every-day we commemorate the historic day, we need to remember
for a moment, how great is the struggle of the predecessors, the fighters dalamn enforce the nation's
independence had been achieved during that struggle, conducted in an integrated compact between the
people with all the forces that there. Their struggle is not about time, their struggle can not be assessed,
because without considering property or family. They just want to reach a goal of independence.

Youth Pledge in 1928 was a decision born of various discussions and long talks youth Indonesia at that time,
which is the forerunner of the founding of the Republic of Indonesia. Therefore, the youth as future leaders
and agents of the future must be able to understand and appreciate the depth of the meaning of the oath

Youth must be the spearhead and pioneer journey of this nation, and must be capable of undertaking the
reforms anyway. We do not get stuck in phase opposition and discussion that is actually not necessary that
only waste energy and effort.

Future challenges increasingly heavy and complex. The era of free trade and investment have been before
us. The era of globalization and information technology that requires a reliable quality of human resources
separately won the nation's increasingly sharp competition.

Therefore, in commemorating the Youth Pledge Day / Youth Day is let us increase the spirit of national
unity, moral nation, also demanded an increase in the nation's human resources discipline, independent and
professional with a mastery of science and technology and skills.

In line with this, I took an oath warning through the momentum of this young man we make as a trigger of
our shared passion to constantly improve the unity and integrity of the nation to increase the participation
and support for development in favor of the interests of the nation's youth as the next generation.

With the participation of all parties and supported by the view a visionary outlook on youth and maturity in
thinking the more the public interest, state and nation. Ladies and gentleman that’s all I can say. I hope the
spirit of the fighters we can be felt by youths Indonesia. And may Allah always gives His guidance and help
to All of us.

Wassalamualaikum wr wb.
The Ministry of Youth and Sports has determined the topic of this the 79th Youth Pledge Day celebration is
about “Improving the solidarity, integrity, and professionalism of youths in order to reach for prosperous
nation with dignity”.

Therefore, I am grateful, let’s extend our prayers to Allah Swt, the One and Almighty, so that all of us,
especially for youth generation could be given the power physically and mentally in carrying on the struggle
in developing the nation to achieve a better life in the future.

To all the honorable ceremony participants,every time we celebrate historical days, we need to
commemorate for a moment about how great the struggles carried out by our great predecessors, the fighter
of nation in upholding the independence that had been achieved at that struggling time, everything was
carried out cohesively and corporately between people and all of the powers existed. Their fight was
heedless of time, their struggle was unappreciable. It’s because without considering their wealth or families,
they only went for a goal, namely independence of nation.

Youth Pledge Day in 1982 is one of decisions which was born from many deliberations and long talks
carried out by Indonesian youths at that time that was a pioneer of the founding of Indonesian Republic.

Youths must be the head of the spear and the pioneer for the journey of this nation and be able to carry out
the mandate of reformation. Do not get ourselves into conflict phase and discussion that is actually unneeded
and only wasting the energy.

Therefore, in celebrating this Youth pledge day, let’s develop the spirit of nation’s unity, nation’s morality,
and along with the betterment of nation’s human resources which are discipline, independent, and
professional with the mastery of science and skills.

This celebration of 79th youth pledge day also has deep and strategic meaning in our nation’s efforts in
mending the quality and showing the identity as a great, qualified, authoritative, and dignified nation.

In other side, youths are also demanded to be creative and innovative in facilitating the execution of
decentralization or region autonomy. Thus, hopefully the results of development could be felt to spread
unevenly into remote sites of some regions.

To all the honorable audience, Indonesian youths as the inheritors of nation’s cultural noble values, the
successors of noble goals of nation’s culture struggles, and human sources of national developments, are
supposed to prepare and determine the resolve, and optimize the roles in embracing the unity, enhancing the
human resources of Indonesian youths as a concrete effort to achieve continually national developments.

If we look back, one of the main pillars from national development is national unity. In national unity with
all of its Bhinneka (Diversity) is implied by the power to face all the challenges that pump up our nation to
stand along with other nations.

In the same line with this, I invite you through the moment of youth pledge celebration to make it a trigger
for our spirit to always develop the unity of nation, develop the participations and supports to the
developments that takes side on the concerns of youths as our nation’s successors.

Our attentions and cares towards the growth and development of youths must be increased so that our
nation’s generation can grow stronger, not weak generation neither physically nor mentally.
With the participations from all sides and supported with those visionary views of youths and their maturity
in thinking that prioritize more the interests of people and nations.

To all the honorable youths and audience, that’s all the welcoming speech I could convey, I wish Allah, The
One will everlastingly provide His leading and guidance to all of us