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MINI EUROPEAN STYLE CRIMPING PLIERS ‘SN-16WF ‘SN-0725 Range of Application For Insulated and Non-Insulated cable end-sleaves Range of Application For Inculeted Terminals ZEN Sey A =| @ fal BT oe GS Capaaty een capsoty 05.25ne? TANG TO0ANG ANG 2OTeANG Tag Om =a Dom Wenn oan Wit oak SN-02WF2C ‘SN-02 Range of Applcaton Range of Applicaton For insulated terminals and cable end-sleeves AS For Non-Insulated Terminals Gapacty 05:25 mne Capacity 0.25.25 me AWG 20-14 AWG AWG 2e14AWG Length 90 mm Length 190mm Weight orkg Weight ark RATCHET CRIMPING PLIER (EUROPEAN STYLE) HS-30J ‘The components ofthe ratchet crimping tools are mado of special sie Designed accorsing a human factors engineering, it can save 60% conergy when eximping, Precis crimping aie sets and integra lack wit sel releasing mechs- nism ensure high-cualiy crimping effect ater erinping repeatedly. Accurate adjustment bofore ax works delivery Duo to best hanale grasping poston, light ard compact structure and handle design ensure perfec erenping efoct Capacity AWG Lenatt om Weight 0.8K Ly-03¢ HS-10 Range of Application Range of Applicaton For Insulated Terminals, For Non-Insulated Terminals. Gapacy 05-60 mne Capacity 156.0 mn? AWG 2ADAWG Cable Types (8) eo awe. Length 230 mm Length 230mm Weight O.nKg Weight 0K RATCHET CRIMPING PLIER (EUROPEAN STYLE) HS-04WF HS-26TW Range of Application IFor Insulated and Non-Insulated cable end-sleeves 7 bx Range of Application For Ingulated and Non-Insulated cable end-sleeves “A 2 Gal Capaciy 1-80 mm Capaciy 2x05-6.0me" AWG 20-1086 AWG 2x 2-10 AWG Length zm Lergih Bde ‘Weight o.8Kg Weight 08g HS-35WF HS-103 Range of Application Range of Application For Insulated and Non-Insulated cable end-sleeves AS Crimping Cap (for insulated closed terminais only) ¢ Gapacty 10635 mm? Capacity 15-10 mn? AWG e2AWG Cable Types (8) 1e-8AWG Length 230 mm Length 230mm Weight o.ekg Weight 08g RATCHET CRIMPING PLIER (EUROPEAN STYLE) HS-07FL. HS-O5FL. For 1.28.5 Flag Type female receptaces Insulated Teminals -" For 4816.3mm Flag Type receptacles Capacity 05:2.5 mm Capacay 05:25" AWG 2014 AW AWG 2e AWG Length 20mm Length 20mm ‘Weight ORKG Weight 08K9 HS-06WF2C HS-02H2 Range of Apglication Range of Application For cable end-sleeves and Insulated Terminals For coaxial cable Capaciy (0.216°(.omnp9.252°(6-4mmy0.088"1. Tne) HEX & 0.042°(1,Omm) SO. Capacity 05-25 nme Connector Types BNGAING and Min-UHE AWG 2014 AWG Cable Types G59 AGE2.BELDEN 8281, 50and 75 ohm Leng 220mm Length 230mm, Weight o.aKg Weight 06K MINI-TYPE SELF-ADJUSTABLE CRIMPING PLIER HSC8 6-4 HSC8 6-44 sce 64 tis applicable for tubular bara terminals and pre-insulaied terminal on rron-welding connection complied with standard elocrcal connection. When crimping, the terminal should be put inta crimping plirs laterally. Tho do- rmanded pressing force must be reached before the brake uit auomatially release the jaw of the pliers. Thus high qusliy crimping standard could be ensured during repeatedly crimping. Duet perect gripping pasion fixed are logical and Bghi scuciure an! ihe handle shape design meeting humen being engineering principle, i reduces fatigue degree. Hsce6-4a tis applicable for tubular bare terminals and pre-insulated terminal on nor-welding connecion compe wi sianderd electrical connection, When cemping the terminal should be put into crimping pers laterally. The do- rmanded pressing force must be reached before the brake url automaticaly ‘lease tho jaw ofthe pers. Thus high qualiy crimping standard could be cersurod during repeatoaly crimping. Duo o perfec ripping pasion fixed ane logical and ligt sirueture ang the handle shape design moeing human boing engineering principle, it reduces fatigue degree. Range of Application Gabe ene-sloeves Farge of Application Gabe end-steoves Capacily 025-6. Capacity 025-6 0mm AWS AWG 210 Lengit Length 75mm Weight Weight 0.309 NETWORK TOO! HT-315 HT-2008R HT-500R Wade Capactiymm? Mode Capacity ma? Model Capacly mn Rid TB, uid T88ne. SPAGIRIAS, GPECPI-2, HTS15 pune sates —t1genn TPR rig geenmeus —t1sinm ST SOOR ePACRE Legh 200m Length 205mm Length 100mm Weight 0359 Weight O5tke Weiatt 04% HS-210N HT-208M Ly.214 be F IDC CRIMPING FIXTURE & ATTACHMENT TY Mode Capadiymim= Noel Capaciy ma Model Hr2i0N FMS 11.88mm Hr200m aPeciRvas: vrais 6-27.5mm 55am Length 205m Length 200mm Long 65mm Weight 0.30 Weight 0.259 Weight bag INSERT TOO! HT-3140 HT-3225 GOWPIETETOOL_ANDLE BLADE FOR TERSINAL BLOCK COMPLETE TOOL DESCRIPTION Hr HID _USEONGBAMODINAR PHONE JACK raze, wrai4eK HESO__ HT-BK USE ON KRONE TPE FOR IMPACT TELECOM TERMINAL BLOCK rau HEMP USE ONPAUSONCS 110 TIRE craze Lerath 60mm Length 80mm HT-110 HT-3141 COUPLETETOOL HANDLE BLADE FOR TERHINAL BLOGK COMPLETE TOOL, DESCRIPTION wrHt0 HI-id USE ON SSOA MODULAR PHONE 18K HEATON EHO WEA USE ONKRONE TYPE Hana FOR IMPACT KRONE, AMP MODULES. HB Hee USE ON PANASONEC S HOTYPE +Bemm 70m .20Kg og Ute edd a8 HS-104C HS-1040 HS-104 1m For cuiing wire, 90mm max, ‘ripping wire 1 5-2 Sm 1m Aviomatic rebound spring 1 No damaging of he 1m For outing wire, 30mm maxrimping terminals |m Automatc rebound spring For cuting wie, 30mm max. siping wire . : ae |BNo damaging of the conductor core ‘Belém an crimping terminal, ete 1m Aviomatc rebound spring =e 1m No damaging of he conductor core Lent 470mm Length 170mm Longin 165mm Weight 0.189 Weight 0.15 Weight o.tSkg HS-1044 Hs-1042 HS-1043 1m Foreuting wir, 20mm max, sipping wire 0.9.6 are crimping temninals, et. Jn Automate rebound spring 1m No damaging of he consutor core 1m For cutng wir, 30mm max, sipping wire 0.2-1.25mn ane crimping terminals, et. | Automatic rebound! spring 1m No damaging ofthe conductor core I Fer cating wire, 20mmmax, sipping wie 0.25- 0.65mn and crimping terminals, tc Im Automate rebound sping IHL No damaging ofthe conductor core Length 660m Longth 65m Long 660 Weight 0.18kg Weight 0.16 weight 0189 8 DJUSTING INSULATION STRIPPERS WS-16 [ml For stoning the plastic oc rubher insulation of the single, mulinle cables anc wires of &1Bmm2 1m tipping diameter can be adjusted automatically for diferent wice cross sections 1m With wire cutter fo copper and elumirum wires, muliple sand up io 16mm2, sngle standup to Gram Im Win oasy changeable blade plastic jaws and adjustable length siop I Shockresisiant glass her and plastic bouiy |B No damaging of he conavotor care, ng Wetime FS-D3 [mi For stipping the plasic or rubber insuatlon of he single, mutiple cables and ices of 0.08-6mm2 1m Sipping ciameter can be adjused automatically for ferent wire cross sections 1m With wire cuter or copper and aluminum wires, multiple strand up to 6mm, single strand up fo 0.08mm2 1 With easy changoable blade plastic jaws ane adjustable longth sop I Shockerosisiant glass fer and plastic body 1m No damaging of te concuctor core, ong Wetime re TOMATIC WIRE STRIPPERS HS-700B 1m Stipping range: 0.5-5mm* Preoise blade design whout damaging the conductor cores |B During sipping, he wire is hele i by clamping jaws 1m With agjusiabe length stop 1m With a spring tums the stipper to he staring postion Long kfetime Model Capacity mm™ Hs-7006, DSi, 7.0,18,2.0.26,3.2mm Hs-T004, (0.26-2.5men!,20.5-2mm HS-700N 1.25-5.5mn, 905,1.2.18,202.8.31m neranns aerate Length 175m | ; ‘Weigh .20ke 7 ow HS-700D 1 Stipping range: 0.25-2:5mmt Stripping diameter can be adjusied automatically for diferent wire cross sections 1m Precise blade design without damaging te conductor cores |B During skpping he wire is held fm by clamping jaws With ecjusiae length stop | With a spring returns the stipper to te staring poston Long ifesme Length 170mm ‘weight 0.22k9 CABLE CUTTERS LK-18A LK-22A, 1m Cuting range: 16mm max No‘ for outing sical or see! wire Cutting range: 26mmémax, IH No' for cuting sted or sivel wire ib Length 125mm ef Length ‘60mm Sm Weight 0.109 HR Went 0.19% LK-38A LK-60A, S 1m Cuitng range: 85m? max. Not for euting sical or sical wire (Cutting range: Tom max. IH Not for cuting steal or sicel wire Length 210mm Length 230mm weight 0.85K9 Weight 5K FG-12 HS-165 1m Cutng range: 25mn# max. Not for cutting sical or see! wire 1 Cutting range: 25mm max. 1H No' for cutng sted or sivel wire Length 220mm Longih 65mm Weight 0.299 Weight rr) CABLE CUTTER HS-125 LK-250 LK-500 S¥ SSeS I Cutting range: 1282 max 1 Cuttng range: 250m? max 1 Cuting range: S00mm2 max Cutting easily with forging blade and 1B Cutng easily with forging blade and 1B Cuting easily with forging blade and tong Wetime tong item long itetime Not for outing stel or steal wire 1 No forcuting steel o steel wire 1 Notfor outing sieel or steel wire Length 200mm Length ‘500mm Length ‘200m Weight o7Kg Weight 1.3k@ Weight 28k COPPER TUBE TERMINAL CRIMPING TO: HX-50B / 50SC / 50D HX-120A/120D/120M/150B/150SC HX-245B Aw Balccal Ae ‘Aajstionands “The crimping tools Is used for non-walding and standard electtcal connection. The mould ofthe ermping les is mage of SCMA0 hardest tool stat ts withthe heraciorsics of ong lie, accurate bore diamoier and good crimping effect. Pitre Rargeothoton cued Lenght (coPpER use TERMINAL CRIPING TOOL ) HX-50B BS Standard type terminals: 6.0-50 mm? 380mm 1.3K9 ee Fe sceaiste Shaner Ser ion SON aa coat Som 5 PO Sea ane ea Som ag ae 35 eras pumas ‘ead ‘tom ——ig roe Ss Son bs a om Soon i ac ae nmr ae 2858 'BS Standart type femninals 70-280 mF ‘980mm BKQ MINI-TYPE SELF-ADJUSTABLE CRIMPING PLIER HSC8 6-6 HSC8 16-4 “The design is unique due to light weight and saving energy. When crimping tightly, he gripping fore would evenly transfer tal the section(4 or 6 spots)oferimping terminal. Because of reasonable design complied with human boing engineering principe, the weight ofthe plorsis only 260g ané ‘he Feng ofthe pliers body is onty 175mm. sce 164 tis applicable for tubular hare terminals and pre-insulsted terminal on ron-wolding connection complied with standard elecrcal connection. When crimping, the terminal shoulé be put into crimping pliors laterally. Tho de- ‘mared pressing force musi be reaches betere the brako urit automaticaly release the jaw of the pliers, Thus high qual crimping stanceré could be ensured during epestedly enmping. Range of Appetion Cabo end-slooves Farge of Application abe ent-taoves Capacity 0.25-6.0mm| Capaciy ‘ome AWG m0 AWG 728 Length ‘i7émm Length 20mm Weight 038K Weight 052K