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Grammar B Rearrange the words to form sentences

A Correct the sentences which have mistakes with inverted conditionals.
with the use of an adjective phrase and 0 have / seen / said hello / I / had I / would / her
indirect question. Tick (✓) the correct Had I seen her, I would have said hello.

0 It would be useful to find out how much does it 8 our office / information please /
should / require any / you / further /
it costs
1 It would be good to know could I take the kids.

2 It’s easy to see why is art like this 9 cost we / had we / have gone / much the
incomprehensible to some people. trip / realised how / was going to / wouldn’t

3 It’s hard to understand why do people react in that way.

10 you wish / not hesitate / please do / to discuss /
me should / to contact / this further
4 It would be interesting to find out whether she’s
exhibiting at a gallery near here.
11 the party / would / had / rained we / it
not / have held / outside
5 It’s difficult to me to fully appreciate why
she’s so cross.

12 situation / have acted / I known / about the /

6 It’s impossible for me to understand why
had / I would / sooner
does anyone want to keep the current

7 It would be nice for to see these sculptures in a more

natural setting. 13 change / please / you / your plans / know
should / let us / decide to

14 more survivors / the plane / not

caught / had / fire there / have been /

15 had / hour it / the bomb / in rush

/ would / even worse / gone off / have

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C Rewrite these sentences with D Use the verbs to complete these inverted
adjective phrases. conditional sentences.
0 Hearing her talk about her upbringing in India 0 Should you wish to discuss this application in
was fascinating. further detail, please do not hesitate to contact
It was fascinating to hear her talk about her me. (wish)
upbringing in India.
24 how bad the traffic
16 Seeing a loved one suffer like was, I would have taken the train. (know)
that would be devastating.
25 it was Evie’s birthday, I’d
have bought her a present. (realise)

26 make a complaint,
17 Hearing such statistics is alarming.
please contact the practice manager. (wish)

27 Had I read the instructions first,

I the mistake. (make)
18 Knowing that your child is so
unhappy is deeply worrying. 28 anything, please do
not hesitate to get in touch. (need)

29 Had I noticed how upset she was,

19 Spending twenty thousand pounds on I . (apologise)
a wedding would be excessive.
30 anything
suspicious, please call this number.

Score / 30
20 Witnessing the situation without being
able to help would be very frustrating.
A Match the words with the definitions.
0 represent e
21 Knowing that you are there is deeply 1 unconventional
2 concept
3 symbol
4 in proportion
22 Martin coming to the funeral would be 5 school
6 illustration
7 controversial

a a group of writers or artists whose work or

23 Fitting everyone in two cars might prove
ideas are similar
b an idea
c a example that is used to show that
something is true, or used to show what
something is like
d one thing that stands for or is used to
mean another thing
e to stand for something or to mean something
f causing strong feelings of disagreement
g different from what most people
consider to be usual or normal h being the right size or shape compared
with nearby objects
B Replace the underlined words and phrases C Complete the sentences with the word
with words formed from the prefixes ‘im-‘, with the correct prefix. Choose A, B or C.
‘un-‘, ‘mis-‘and ‘in-‘ plus the adjectives from
the box. 0 Her art was utterly original and in the extreme.
A inconventional
visible controversial possible B unconventional
sufficient willing understood C non-conventional
comprehensible loving usual
16 People want art that they can understand
0 We had been set a task that was not able to be instinctively. This sort of stuff is completely .
done. A incomprehensible
impossible B uncomprehensible
C non-comprehensible
8 Perhaps it’s just me but I find a lot of his writing
completely impossible to understand.
17 The statue weighed over twenty tons and was
completely .
9 Her mother, she claimed, was cold and unable A non-movable
to show affection. B immovable
C unmovable
10 The frog’s skin makes it unable to be seen 18 The decision to award the
and keeps it safe from predators. prize to this established artist was fairly .
A non-controversial
B incontroversial
11 The writer complained that his work
had always been thought about in the wrong C uncontroversial
19 He criticised the exhibition, calling it
‘conventional and’.
12 His style of painting was not normal or A unoriginal
ordinary. B inoriginal
C non-original

13 The police had not enough evidence to 20 Most people are to pay
arrest him. that sort of money to look at a bunch of
A non-willing
14 He seemed a little reluctant to show B unwilling
me around his studio. C inwilling

21 Sadly, there were funds

15 As a statement, it is fairly to pay for the loan of the painting.
unlikely to cause disagreement. A non-sufficient
B unsufficient
C insufficient

22 Both
artists spoke in a dialect, using English that
would generally be described as .
A non-standard
B unstandard
C instandard
D Complete the texts with words from the
box. Remember to use the correct form of the

proportion misinterpret unconventional

school concept symbol controversial
represent illustration

A Throughout history, people have argued

about paintings. So what makes some
(0) controversial ? For some, the depiction
of violence is offensive. Others object to anything
that challenges a religious (23)

or belief. Then, there is the style of painting.

Some people expect to see figures represented
exactly as they are in real life, with everything
in (24) . They are offended by
(25) depictions of the human
form in which certain features are focused on and

B Artists
of this (26) would
use figures and objects in their work to
(27) qualities or emotions.
A(n) (28) of this would be the
figure of an angel often used in paintings as a
(29) of death. Of course, any
symbolic meaning intended by an artist may
be (30) . The angel of death,
for example, has frequently been wrongly assumed
to stand for goodness.

Score / 30

Total score / 60