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Isabel Katrina G.

September 13, 2010
English IV

A hero is someone who exhibits endurance, valor and

strength. Any teacher can be a hero but, in my eyes, there is only one
who has a googol of bravery, a fistful of vigor and a whole gallon of
endurance – my mom.
To fulfill a task, a hero must have patience and much
persistence. My mom has been my teacher for 16 years and has seen
me reap sweet results over and over again but has also seen me fall
down more than once. She has, not once, given up on me. She has
always been there to pick me up and give me a good push. Once, I
made a decision to quit school. It was, indeed, the worst idea I have
ever had but my mother was there to help me get rid of it. I have had
more than one foolish thought but she has never left me to fix my
messes on my own. Indeed, her tolerance for me has quite a long life.
A hero needs strength and courage to get past his life’s
trials. Mom is the only person in her family who lives in the Philippines.
I believe that she has the vigor to keep working for her to be able to
help our family reunite with hers. She has taught me that fortitude is
essential in reaching my goals.
She has always been there for me. She has the strength to
handle her own problems as well as my own. I have learned from her
that we all have rights and that we must fight for what we can do and
can have. She fights for her rights and makes sure her needs are met.
As if this weight isn’t heavy on her shoulders yet, she lovingly protects
me and my father.
Lastly, a hero is not measured by the size of his heart as
well. like a heroine in a movie, my mom has the greatest super power
anyone can have - the ability to love selflessly. She puts her family
first before herself and, doing that alone, is already hard enough. She
has taught me to love and give without asking for anything in return -
a feat that requires so much courage and strength.
Valor, endurance and strength – these are the attributes a
person must possess in order to be called a hero. I believe that my
mom is a hero because , not only does she have all these
characteristics, she does not use them for her own protection but for
the safety and happiness of the ones she loves.
A man does not need to win a battle to be called a hero for
a hero, in the most innocent sense of the word, is a person who shows
bravery and strength. Teachers are heroes for they face situations that
require these everyday because their aim is to inspire and not just
inject knowledge. Now, do you think you can be a hero?
Isabel Katrina G. Cajuguiran
September 13, 2010
English IV

My teacher has always been there for me

Never leaving my side, no matter how hard the
consequences may be
She has to carry three worlds on her shoulders
Because she believes in one thing – family comes first.

A hero is defined by his valor, strength and vigor

I see my mom as a hero – like one you’ve never seen
To her, the most important is family
And she fights for our needs selflessly

Some men possess the strength, endurance and bravery

But non e of these matter ‘til they learn to love selflessly
My mom’s been my teacher for sixteen years
And she has been my hero for sixteen years