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PEPSI Screening

Katia Flores
Principles of Educational Psychology
Professor Hooks
March 9,2017


When April was 16 her whole family moved to Las Vegas because of family issues so
half way through high school. She had to leave her friends and boyfriend at the time back in Los
Angeles. The whole week she hated her parents for moving out and having all these changes to
her new life. She wanted to go to a Art school but it was hard for someone to drive her to the
school so she had to go to a school where she was going to hate it, or so she thought.
She started going and development friends over time but it didn't start off well, the first
day of school she ate lunch by herself and went start home to cry. Second comes and she new
friends that helped her not feel alone, than he introduced her to more friends. Even though she
has new friends she misses her old friends, she felt safe with them. Her old school was a visual
art school and super tiny. The teacher where all connected so each class was related so each class
was connected. For the first time she liked her teachers and friends that's why when she moved it
was hard on her. Art was everything to her she had been talking oil painting classes, sculpture,
and screen painting. When she moved to Vegas she knew things were going to change even if it
was going to be hard.
She was always good at school but never a straight A students so she knew it was never
going to be simple to pass classes. Class was never super exciting learning something that was
either super boring or old news. She started to take class less interest worried more about her job
and making money. See in California school would get out at 3pm so when she would get out it
was straight to volleyball practice than straight home and only homework so that didn't give her
any time for work. School should be about fun new experiences and it did even though she had
annoying start in a new school. She also joined Key Club that was a new experience, that gave
her a reason to stay after school and cut the hours at work.
She had a weird high school experience but over all her family helped her through it and
even though she hated them it all worked out. So far her classes are working out and she is
enjoying her last months of high school before she goes of to college and pursue art. Even
though she won't finish high school where she wanted to she will still major in art.

Physical Development
April is still very young but she has changed a lot during the two year here in Vegas. When
she was 16 just moving here she was mad at everyone for moving out, also super quiet and kept

to herself. The first day of school she was having lunch by herself, she was scared. The first
couple weeks she kept thinking about her friends back home. She would call them after school
just to see how all here friends were doing.
In History class she meet Gabe who became her best friend he introduce her into her new
group of friends. His group of friends are all diverse in culture. I observed her and her friends
and they all told me how she's so different in class and with them she's super fun and crazy at
times. When she joined key club she was shy at first but with the community service
opportunities and rally's she got to know a lot of the club.
Since she moved she has been working after school, she told me that at the beginning she just
wanted to do something after school but now she likes the money. April said that her boss was
always checking up on her grades so she always has to keep her grades up. School is super
important to her boss. April said that even though she started to hate her job and the mistreatment
of customer she still did it to feel independent and she was just waiting to turn 18 to get out. She
even started paying her own cell phone bill.

Emotional Development
On an Emotional level I think April has just gone through some teenage stuff that's just a
temporary thing. She's growing up and changing her mind on everything involving school and
just friends in general. Her sister was always the one hanging out with April and helping her out
if she needed something. Her family is always there for her until her sister moved back to
California. That made her mad that she was losing her older sister, now it was just her mom and
couple of friends she has.
She felt alone in a sense that she only had her mom to talk to. Most of teenagers tend to only talk
about their problems to their friends and older siblings.
Her friend Gabe introduced her to another great friend that become her best friend Zendy. She
became really close to her since she was missing her older sister, Zendy was a great student.
Zendy and April had two classes together and they would help each other when they need help in
anything. April started picking up and dropping off Zendy since they lived to close to each
other. A lot of her other friends were doing sports so she started to working on getting onto a

team and play volleyball. In a way Zendy motivated April to join something that would make her
happy and active.
Over the past year her mom and April get along much better than before. She is now her best
friend and always there to help her and guide her. She's become more understanding and now see
why they moved to Las Vegas. She has grown up a lot because it talks a lot to finally become
friends with a parent and still be able to have respect.

Philosophical Development

Social Development

As I said in the previous page when Aprils family move to Las Vegas from Los Angeles it was
because her dad lost his job. He had family in Las Vegas and they said there was jobs in Vegas.
It's not like they were totally poor but it was more like where is there a better opportunity. Plus
April wasn't the best in Los Angeles she was a different person that wasn't the smartest student.

Intellectual Development

Recommendation for Teacher

Ms.Lopez was April’s ceramics teacher and mentor for two year it was right when she

moved to Las Vegas. This is April's favorite class because she always stays after school to finish

a projected. Always dedicated to making it look the best she could possibly could, Ms.Lopez said

that April tends to do a lot of fantasy work because she loves all these crazy ideas. April is

hoping to enroll into college and either going for a Art major or class in ceramics. Many of

classmates also tend to look to her for help or information on projects she tends to be the next

one that students ask for help.

Another great teacher that I meet and really appreciates April is Mr.Gonzalez he is her

History teacher , I looks like he loves his job. I observed the class and he just makes the whole

class involved with the subject. April seems to enjoy the subject but also because she has too,

even though Mr.Gonzalez says she's a great student even though sometimes she seems to doze

off. He said she is really good at test taking even though she doesn't talk that much in class. He

thinks it has something to do with moving to Las Vegas in the middle of high school and missing

her old friends.

Even though this wasn't a class I went to her Key Club meeting and she was a totally

different person. I was surprised how she was outspoken and loud just participating in any topic

that was being presented. Ms.Lee is the teacher in supervision and she says only good things

about April even though it has only been a little time she really enjoys having her in the club.

Overall her teacher seem to be great and she doesn't seem to be any trouble to her teachers. This

shows how much she is growing , getting ready for college.

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