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Science Assignment– Body Movements

I) Give one word for the following:

1. Joints which allows movement in all direction._______________________

2. It is made up of many small bones; the rib cage is joined to these


3. The joint which allows the movement of our head.____________________

4. The pattern of movement of the limbs in animals, including human is


5. Makes a cage that protects your vital organs, like your heart, lungs, and


II) Give reason, why?

1. We are able to bend our back.

2. Fish can easily swim in water.

3. Some birds can fly

III) Choose the odd one out and give reason for your answer:
1. Earthworm Snake Snail Starfish

2. Shoulder Pelvic Upper jaw Lower jaw

3. Ulna Femur Fibula Tibia

IV) Write short note on the following:

Difference between the gait of a snake and an earthworm

V) Tell whether each statement is true or false.

a. _______________ your bones are hollow.

b. _______________ Blood cells are made inside your bones.

c. _______________ Adults have more bones than babies do.

d._______________ The cartilages are harder than bones.
e._______________ The finger bones do not have joints.
f._______________ The forearm has two bones.
g. ______________ Cockroaches have an outer skeleton.

VI) Why are dairy products good for your bones?

VII) How many more bones do babies have than adults?

VIII) Name the various types of joint.

IX) Match the items in column I with one or more items of column II:

Column I Column II
(i)Upper jaw (a) have fins on the body
(ii)Fish (b) has an outer skeleton
(iii)Ribs (c) can fly in the air
(iv) Snail (d) is an immovable joint
(v)Cockroach (e) protect the heart
(f) Shows very slow movement
(g) Have a streamlined body
X) Study the given picture and identify the basic parts of the skeleton