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Assignment – FP012 A&T



This assignment has to fulfil the following conditions:

- Length: 6 to 8 pages (without including cover, index or appendices –if there are
- Font type: Arial or Times New Roman.
- Font size: 11.
- Spacing: 1.5.
- Alignment: Justified.

Use the following Word document as the template for the assignment. Follow the
guidelines of presentation and format, as for quotes and bibliographical references,
which are detailed in the Study Guide.

Submit the assignment following the procedure specified in the Evaluation document.
Assignments must not be sent to the tutor’s e-mail.

The assessment criteria can be found in the Evaluation document.

Assignment – FP012 A&T


You should devise a formal “progress” or “achievement” test for assessing

language learning outcomes of specified objectives in either listening or reading
(you must specify the objectives).

The instrument should be justified in relation to its theoretical basis. The test
should aim to test the communicative use of language and will therefore include
integrative techniques, although these might be objectively or subjectively
marked as you feel appropriate. Items which test knowledge of discrete items of
grammar and lexis may also be included if you think it is appropriate. The
rationale should minimally include discussion of the following:
 The type of test according to purpose (see unit 2).
 Whether the test could be considered second, or third generation.
 Discussion of the principles of language testing as outlined in Unit 3, in relation
to the test you design.
 Discussion of relevant scales and instructions for marking the test.
 Discussion of why you have chosen the test formats elected for the particular

Note: You are expected to devise a test (i.e. write your own test). Do not use a
test taken from other sources. Please note that plagiarised tests will be given a
fail grade.

Important: you have to write your personal details and the subject name on the
cover (see the next page). The assignment that does not fulfil these conditions
will not be corrected. You have to include the assignment index below the cover.

Assignment – FP012 A&T

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