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1 Creat Project

c Creat project Name

d Right Click at Test1 (Folder Project) and Set Project Directory

f Creat New Geometry

g Choose Geometry --> Next

h Creat your Geometry file and Finish

i Plot Geometry Data, but you can't make data geometry untill you done step (j)
j Copy other GM3 (etc; GM3 Topo, GM3 Pub, the others Gm3)
You can go to \\BHP-0m02-1069\BHP-0M02-1069_Data\Backup\Mineplan\GM3

Paste to your Minex Folder at computer (D:\Minex_Data\570-0M02-1254_Data)

k Open as secondary
l Reopen Plot Geometry Data
Now, you can make data geometry and open other geometry data

m When you make string or create something, make sure GM3 Devinition, because everything that yo

ition, because everything that you want creat, will be created in this Group