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Teaching Persistence

By: Kotori Ota Grade: 3 School: Maili Elementary

Objective:​ SWBAT identify 3 ways to show persistence in their daily lives by documenting
their ideas on the goal setting worksheet.

Activity:​ Read aloud and goal setting

● Mentor text, “Colorful Dreamers” by Marjorie Blain Parker
● Anchor chart paper
● Markers
● Goal setting worksheet
● Pencils

Lesson Summary:
In this lesson, students will be introduced to the Habits and Mindset, persistence. I will use a
mentor text (Colorful Dreamers by Marjorie Blain Parker) to teach the importance of
persistence and how my students can learn and practice persistence in their lives. By the end
of the lesson, the class will come up with several ways to show persistence in their lives.

Mentor Text Summary:

This book about the artist Henri Matisse, who is a famous artist, who struggled throughout his
life to become an artist. The story shows ways that Henri persisted throughout multiple
obstacles in his life before we achieved his lifelong goal of becoming an artist.

Activity Teacher Action Student Action

● Read aloud Mentor Teacher will read the story to Students will key in on the
text, “Colorful the class having them focus events that take place that
Dreamers” by Marjorie in on how the main character conflict with Henri’s goals.
Blain Parker “Henri” kept his dreams and They will discuss how Henri
aspirations alive. displayed persistence
throughout the story

● Anchor chart paper Teacher will facilitate a Students will have

discussion on the word discussions about
“persistence” and persistence:
co-construct a definition with
the class “What does persistence
mean to you?”
“Why is it persistence

● Goal Setting Teacher monitors class and Students write and answer
Worksheet provides RTI with struggling the questions:
“What does persistence look
like at school?”

“What does persistence look

at home?”

“In what other ways can you

show persistence?”

● Conferencing Teacher will meet with each Students will reflect and find
student individually 3 ways in which they can
discussing the worksheet. show persistence in their
lives (at school, home etc).
Teacher will give feedback as
to how the student can
extend the idea of