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Notes from the Chairwoman
HI GUYS! in the pub, or on the bulletin board, be
! sure to let them know how much we all
The first newsletter with the season in appreciate their e"orts.
• Deep from the full swing. And what a glorious start! I !
am sure all of you have been so glad to Just so you know how that a"ects us
Heart see our Blues gracing our television immediately, we have been able to
screens and have enjoyed the results. further improve on the database that
• 5 Questions And though it would be heaven to see keeps us all connected. We are in
For... “easy” wins each week, I don’t know how process of working on a new website for
realistic that would be, so don’t get CIA, we have seen an improved
• Introducing... complacent. Support the team; I know functionality to the Membership
CIA Chapters! they can hear us from across the pond!
application and payment page, and of
course the new ticketing page for True
Boston, This summer has seen a lot of changes Blue members has really been improved
to the way CIA functions and we have - all thanks to the technology
Georgia, OC, been working behind the scenes to make committee. Along with that we have a
Midwest, San it all happen. We are all so proud to new sponsor BLUE BUNNY ICE CREAM,
report that Chelsea has approved a and the benefits of that will be heading
Diego, Beltway system whereby we can break into local to you soon in your membership
and regional chapters to better stay in package (the benefits of marketing). And
• Tel's Month in touch with all our members and yet be speaking of the membership package,
Question one big club - a sort of coalition of our merchandise committee has spent
clubs. It was a bit of a struggle to get all tireless hours coming up with a member
• CIA Crossword the details worked out, but so far it is gift that I am sure will please you all!
working FANTASTIC! Of course none of it With a little luck you will be receiving it
works without you, the member, and of in the next week or two in your mail
course our incredible volunteer army! In box. And it isn’t stopping there. We are
a nutshell, many across the country working on making some CIA
stepped up and asked to head up a local merchandise available soon, and it could
chapter, so we started with them. These include, shirts, hoodies, pins and
chapter heads have been working scarves! What a great way of showing
tirelessly to organize and activate their your support of Chelsea and
local members and to stay in touch with ChelseainAmerica.
them and build this Army of Blue !
Supporters in America. Personally I am We have also heard that the team will be
so proud of each of them; to take time heading to Asia this coming summer and
out of their lives to do all it takes to though it is disappointing, we have to
create these local chapters is amazing! remember we are not the only loyal True
And you know it doesn’t end there for Blues in the world. And we have to share
them, each of them have also stepped our boys in the summer. After some
up and o"ered their service to CIA for sadness on the bulletin board, someone
the better of all members. We were able suggested that we have our own
to create committees to bring even more “Summer Tour”, and it seems many are
to members, like a technology thinking that would be a great idea. So
committee, marketing committee, we are already looking into planning
Congratulations to Carlo - merchandise committee and more. They something really great for our members
Premier League Manager of the are not only looking over their clubs but this coming summer, again because of
Month for August! giving a little bit more so that we all
benefit. So when you see your local head Continued on Page 2

Continued from Page 1 to be more involved locally), the heads

members o"ering up their skills, of the chapters and how to reach them.
connections and volunteer time. We are Of course the best way is to sign on to
looking into a fabulous setting for all of the bulletin board! You don’t have to
us to meet up for a few days, have a read everything, but it is a great way to
laugh, enjoy the camaraderie of fellow keep up with what is happening. If you
members, have a kick about, talk have signed up after you sent in your
Chelsea, have a sing song and just membership, please let us know so we
general merry making. We want it to be can give you the permissions to see the
a great event that would be fun for the special MEMBERS ONLY AREA. All you
singletons amongst us and for families, have to do is send your name and
so young and old alike. We also hope bulletin board name to
that we will make it so a"ordable and we
everyone will want to be there and be will make it happen.
able to a"ord to be there! And you never !
know, maybe we can work out a surprise So without any further ado... drum roll
or two. please... your ChelseainAmerica
! chapters! (in alphabetical order)
But the biggest news, the best news, the !
most exciting news... we have been OK’d Austin Blues – Jens Busch and Scott
to have all the chapters (that qualify, i.e. Reaves –
they need to have 20 CIA members) have
a banner made to hang at the Bridge! Bay Area Blues – Starla Rose Soto –
Imagine how cool it would be to see a
long line of banners pan across our Beltway Blues – Neil Hobson and Allison
television sets in America announcing all Kasic –
the chapters! What a great way to let
everyone that is there know that we in Boston Blues – Ben Horner –
America are BLUE AND PROUD! Now the
banners are not free, and every club has Charm City Blues – Rick Sanchez and
to have at least 20 members, so how can Josh Massey –
you help make that happen? You all
know that we try and keep yearly dues Chicago Blues – Rich Janas –
down to a minimum to make sure that
everyone can a"ord it, and we certainly Florida Blues – Erik Coulbourne –
didn’t budget for sending 22 banners to
the Bridge this season. So what can you Georgia Blues – Nicholas DeJarnette –
do to help? Make sure your local club
has their 20 members, and if they don’t I Gulf Coast Blues – Matt Garcia –
am sure you all know one person that
loves Chelsea and is willing to join us, so Inland Empire Blues – Danny Campos –
get them to sign up! And then there is A big thanks to everyone who
the funding of the banners; we need m helps make the CIA Bluesletter
help, so if everyone gave $4 we would Midwest Blues – Jason Noel and Kevin possible!
be able to more than pay for the Walker –
banners. Again, get with your chapter Editor: Jamie Edwards
head and see how you can help make Mountain Blues – Mick Collins – Chairwoman: Beth Wild
that happen! Logo and Graphics: Raciel Diaz
! Motor City Blues – Dennis Fredell –
Proofreader: Sarah Drake
So in celebration of all of you, in
celebration of the formation of 21 North Texas Blues – Cary Eddy –
chapters of the CIA, in celebration of CIA Crest done in collaboration
those people that stepped forward to Orange County Blues – Andy Wray – with Who Are Ya Designs -
bring us all closer together and to have
even more fun following our team, this m
edition of the newsletter is dedicated to Pacific Coast Blues – Huby Schroeder Want to contribute or make a
THE CHAPTERS! A new book is being and Chris Cruz – suggestion? Send Jamie an
written about CIA and we want to email at newsletter@
celebrate it. Below please find a listing of!
all the chapters (so you all know how to Continued on Page 5
reach out to them if you are traveling
and want to meet up, or if you just want

5 QUESTIONS FOR.... Kent Blues Gill and Graeme Reeves

Gill and Graeme are honorary CIA members and season-ticket holders at the Bridge. After each match, Gill
posts her match report on the message board. I thought it was time to introduce them through 5 questions!
How and when did you become Frank!!
From the minute he signed for us, I
Gill:- knew he would be special. Worth every
There have always been Chelsea penny of the £11 million we paid for
supporters in our family, so I guess you him, West Ham’s loss was truly our gain!
could say from the day I was born.
He always works hard and is truly
There is also a story that when Chelsea dedicated to his football.! I was so
won the title in 1955 my Grandfather relieved when he signed his new
snuck away with me and took me in my contract to stay two seasons ago.! There
pram along the Fulham Road to join in is no question in my mind that he is
the celebrations. I was 2 years old, so of already a Chelsea Legend and will go on
course don’t remember it at all, but I am to become our highest ever goal scorer.
told I came back draped in a Chelsea
scarf. We were gone for over 6 hours ages because we were celebrating so We have been so lucky to meet Frank a
and apparently there was a search party wildly. They must have played “Blue is few times and he is the nicest person
sent out to find us! the Colour” about ten times and then an you could ever wish to know.
announcement came over the
Chelsea kind of skipped a generation for loudspeaker which said, “Ok, just one Graeme:-
me as my Dad was not in the least bit more song, and then you all really have JT, because of his leadership and
interested in football and then luckily it to go home!” commitment to the Club from ever since
re-emerged when my sons Neil and he was a youth player.
Graeme were born.! I am very proud of The tour last year to the USA and I was so worried when I thought he
them as alongside their Mum they are sharing it with you all; seldom a day might leave last season and remember
both Chelsea through and through!! goes by when we don’t talk about it.! Mum and me dancing around in our
! room at the Embassy Suites the morning
Graeme:-! Graeme:- he said he would stay. !
My mum has brought me up with Like Mum, I need to choose more than !
Chelsea, but everyone in school was Man one please. What is your most cherished piece of
Utd.! I confess I nearly got swayed, but Chelsea stu!?
in the nick of time, I went to Stamford Our tour to the US last year is right up
Bridge to see Chelsea beat there; especially meeting you all and Gill:-
Middlesborough 2-1 in March, 2001. It sharing the tour with legends Tommy Oh, here we go again!! Decisions,
was watching the little maestro Zola that and Steve. I love to visit new stadiums decisions.
made me realise Chelsea were the team and am doing a lot of away games this
for me! He was just magical and I am so year mainly because the atmosphere is I’ve got a personalised signed shirt by
happy I got the chance to see him play.! so great. I loved the Dallas Cowboys Frank after we won the title again in
stadium and will never forget it. 2005. He was voted our Kent Blues
What is your favourite Chelsea Player of the Year and we presented him
memory? My favourite match would be when we with our very own trophy. I actually also
beat Arsenal in the Carling Cup 2007. It have a pair of his boots!
Gill:- was my first final at the Millenium
Oh goodness, can I choose more than Stadium and got real nasty with 2 As you will all know I am a lover of
one!!! sending o"s. But we won 2-1 thanks to banners and flags, so can I also please
2 great goals from Didi! add our Kent Blues flag, and of course
First and foremost seeing the look on the CIA flag from you all when we were
the faces of the Kent Blues kids This year winning the double and going on tour.
whenever we get to take them to along to have our photo with the
matches. Premiership Trophy and FA cup.! I Graeme:-
rushed in and grabbed hold of the Prem A signed 2005/2006 home shirt which I
If I had to pick a match, it would be and Mum couldn’t wrestle me o" it. was very lucky to have done on the night
Chelsea vs. Barcelona in the Champions ! the Kent Blues made our presentation
League, 8th March 2005.! I have never, Who is your favourite first team for Player of the Year and a Teenage
ever in my life been in such an incredible player? Cancer Trust T Shirt which JT threw to
atmosphere at the Bridge as when JT me during a warm up at Stamford Bridge
scored the winner.! I remember at the Gill:- last year. !
end we would not leave the Stadium for “EASY, EASY”, you all know this one -
Continued on Page 5



by Ben Horner by Allison DeJarnette by Jason Noel
The formation of the Boston Blues was Formed in May of 2005, the Midwest
set in motion back in last October, Blues are now part of Chelsea In
when one other member and I first America. We are an o#cial Chelsea FC
met up to watch Chelsea drub supporters club carrying the "Blue
Blackburn 5-0.! Since then we’ve really Flag" for the Midwest states of the US,
grown in leaps and bounds.! We are taking in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa,
the CIA Local Club of New England, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota,
with most of our members hailing Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota,
from Boston and the surrounding area Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin.
(hence the name). The new regional
set-up that has been implemented So what can the Midwest Blues do for
this year has been perfect for us, as you? We are here to be a focal point
it’s allowed us to focus solely on Georgia Blues is an up and coming for Chelsea supporters, whether it be
organizing the Chelsea support in the supporters club with members from simply a place to chat online about
area without having to do all the Georgia and surrounding states. If you're Chelsea, a way of meeting new friends
administrative work that comes with planning to be anywhere near Atlanta, in your town, participating in trips
running a supporters’ club. come join!us for a match!at our around the US to visit other Chelsea
uno#cial headquarters, the Brewhouse groups or see Chelsea play, or even to
Because of this, our numbers have Cafe. Most of the Georgia Blues discuss heading over to London to see
increased all throughout the summer, members live outside of Atlanta but Chelsea at their famous Stamford
as we were able to use Facebook, make the trip to the Brewhouse Cafe Bridge stadium. The Midwest Blues
Twitter and other social networking to regularly for the comraderie, singing and cater actively to both the adult and
help get the word out about the to cheer on the Blues.!We are an family aspects of following soccer so
Boston Blues.! It’s been incredible as ecclectic yet tight-knit!group with we encourage you to get involved at
we’ve grown from a group of 4 or 5 of singles, families and couples from all whatever level you feel comfortable
us getting together over breakfast last over. The pub/cafe is generally filled with, but be warned, being a Chelsea
winter, to about 15 people on an with supporters of most clubs in the supporter is infectious and a lot of
informal email list, all the way to the Premier League, but we are proud to fun!
Silver level club we are now, more dominate the singing, usually in volume,
than 30 members strong, with more always in creativity! Come join us for a
every week. pint and be prepared to hear some
stories and sing some songs!
We meet for all matches at The
Phoenix Landing in Cambridge, MA, If you'd like to become a member of the
the O#cial Pub of the Boston Blues.! Georgia Blues, we'd love to have you!
We’re working to turn New England
Blue, so if you haven’t yet, join us!! If
you want to know more about us, we
can be found on Facebook by Thanks to everyone who
searching for “Boston Blues Chelsea contributed info about their CIA
FC”, Twitter (@Boston_Blues), or email Chapter! It's not too late to do so
us for the other groups... just send ! me an email at If you are interested in Chelsea on any level we strongly encourage you to
to be included in the next issue! sign up and get involved, if you have
Get the word out! any questions at all, please drop us a
line to

To chat with Chelsea fans in the

Midwest and across the world surf out
to the Chelsea in America chat site.

Our website is www.midwest-


by Ed Millan by Neal Hobson !
The majority of our registered The Beltway Blues is the local CIA Philly Blues – Dorothy Cooper –
members meet up at Phileas Fogg's a#liate club for the greater Washington,!but we DC metro area.! We include Northern San Diego Blues – Ed Millan –
sometimes venture down to Virginia, Maryland, the District and even
Shakespeare's Pub http:// West Virginia! We have been an uno#cial South Bay Blues – Raciel Diaz –,!although group, kind of loose and scattered, for
we try to avoid it since its an about a year now.! We actually started as Southeast Blues – Paul Peltz –
established Man Utd pub! a Facebook group, which was set up
simply to find and assemble local Texas Blues – David Braley –
We're all very!friendly and always look Chelsea fans to have discussions and
forward to seeing new Chelsea fans watch matches together now and then. !
come join us to cheer on the Blues. There were several of us that were CIA So read on, and get to know some of
and True Blue members with a handful the chapters! They are all special and
Our Facebook group is http:// of us being able to see a match at all very involved and excited in Stamford Bridge once a season. bringing the most to your
gid=355326375349&ref=ts membership. Many of them have
We formed kind of by accident, with an Facebook and Twitter pages as well to
email from one of our founding stay even more connected. They are
members, Allison, who had been there and waiting for you to come and
chatting with Beth.! Allison had get more involved. Isn’t it wonderful
mentioned how the Facebook group was that from Boston to San Diego from
getting people together for matches and the Motor City to the Gulf Coast, we
was attempting to grow.! With Beth as are covering America! If you are
our guide we’ve taken the next step in interested in stepping up for next
growing the Beltway Blues as a great season and getting a chapter, contact
group of passionate Chelsea fans.! Most your current chapter head to find out
recently some of us got together for a what it takes, what is being asked and
tailgate party before watching the start recruiting now. Before you know
Manchester City v. Inter Milan friendly in it your time will come and you and all
Baltimore. Great fun and great people!! the local supporters will be the next
Continued from Page 3 We’re looking to becoming more club to join the ranks of chapters of
involved with Chelsea in America and of ChelseainAmerica, supporting the
Do you have any pregame rituals? course, Keeping the Blue Flag Flying FINEST TEAM THE WORLD HAS EVER
High over Washington DC! SEEN!
Gill:- !
We ALWAYS display the Chelsea flag in Enjoy the newsletter, get involved,
our front window at home on any match have fun and be on the lookout for
day.! I get a bit neurotic if I think I’ll your membership package arriving
forget, so I lay it on the windowsill the soon in your mailbox!
night before just to remind me.! I !
remember once we drove back from CAREFREE
Folkestone, a round trip of 10 miles, !
when we had forgotten to do it because Beth
we were so worried it would jinx us! The
other thing I do is kiss Frank and JT’s
photos on the wall before we leave.! I
have this thing about them not getting THE OC BLUES by Andy Wray
Starting from just 7 guys just a few The Olde Ship!in Santa Ana, CA their
years ago, and growing into the West home and!designated meeting spot for
It’s a bit of a crazy one, but I always sit
Coast Shed End on most big matches, every LIVE Chelsea match! If you live
on the right of Graeme at away matches,
the OC Blues have seen many ups and around the OC, or are visiting us like
it’s because I sit on his right at Stamford
downs together- and!usually do so many UK Chelsea have on game days,
Bridge, so even if our seats are allocated
before 9AM and always in "Chelsea- do stop by the pub and join us in
the other way around, we switch.
Style"- by singing CFC songs, cheering cheering our Mighty Blues! The OC
on our players and pretending we are Blues draw many!Chelsea fans living
on the terraces in the Shed End week-in in!Southern California,!making for a
I make sure I wear certain pieces of
and week-out! great place!to meet up and enjoy CFC
clothing for every game; they include
matches together!
Chelsea socks, top and pants!
Since 2007, The OC Blues!have called


HIGHLIGHTED FIXTURE: How do I do a piece on a legend
to tie in with West Ham? Should I
West Ham United Vs Chelsea: do Lampard, Cole, Zola, Clarke?
Well, it wasn’t really a hard No, I decided to focus on Jimmy
choice this month. We seem Greaves. Where do I start on one
to have a long history against of Chelsea’s most prolific!goal-
the “pikeys" and it hasn’t getters ever? Well, he made his
always been about what’s debut in August 1957, scoring in
going on on the pitch. We’ve a 1-1 draw away at Spurs.
played our neighbors 129
times of which we have sent He was basically a goalscoring
them down the District line with no ! machine. In his first season he scored 22
points on 49 occasions; we have drawn a Played for both: Jimmy Greaves, Frank goals in 35 games - not bad for a 17-
total of 28 and for some reason have Lampard, Harry Medhurst, Glen Johnson, year-old! In those 22 goals came a
lost 52 times. Our first o#cial league John Sissons, Eric ”The Rabbit” Parsons!! foursome against Pompey and a hat-
game against them wasn’t played until ! trick against She" Weds. In his second
1923, but we had played them in the Games from this weekend in years season he played in all 42 games and
football combination since 1915. In front gone by: scored 32, this time bagging 5 against
of a crowd of over 50,000, we played out Wolves and another hat-trick against
a 0-0 draw at the Bridge. Sept 14th 40: Spurs (A) L 2-3; Nottingham Forest. He slowed down a
Goalscorer: Spence 2 -Att 1622 bit in 59/60 scoring just 29 times from
Even though Chelsea have lost more 40 games, but once again he did bag
than we have won against “the 'ammers," Sept 10th 62: Southampton (H) W 2-0; another 5 goal haul this time against
a lot of these losses were during the war Goalscorers: Tambling, Moore - Att Preston.
years when a lot of teams had to used 18,890
guest players. One example was in the In his final season in 60/61, Greavesy
Football League south game in 1940 in Sept 13th 73: Oldham Ath (A) L 1-2; played in 40 games and scored 41 goals,
front of 8645 - even though we had a Goalscorer: Wilkins R - Att 10,406 including 3 hat-tricks and 4 braces. One
player get a hat trick we still (just) lost of his four goal showings was in his last
3-10. I mean, come guys, it’s West Ham Sept 13th 03: Spurs (H) W 4-2; game at home at the Bridge against
- who could lose that much to them Goalscorers: Lampard, Hasselbaink, Nottingham Forest. Many fans were
now? It’s laughable! Mutu 2 - Att 41,165!! upset when they got wind of Greavesy
!!!!!!!!!!! moving to AC Milan, and the same fans
But that’s the way it was. We didn’t really Sept 13th 08: Man City (A) W 3-1; were even more upset when he came
start getting to play them on a regular Goalscorers: Carvalho, Lampard, Anelka back to England after just 5 months and
basis in the League until 1958; just - Att 47,331 went to Spurs. During his time with
about the time a certain J. Greaves hit Tottenham he was top scorer in every
the scene. Our results have gotten better season, just as he was at Chelsea.
since the war years, none more so than a
nice 6-2 drubbing on April 9, 1966. Our Greavesy has a very distinct record of
team that day was Bonetti, Kirkup, scoring on every one of his debuts.
McCreadie, Hollins, Hinton, Harris, When his career was over he had netted
Bridges, Graham, Osgood, Venables, 357 times in the “old” first division
Tambling. Our Goalscorers: Harris, alone, 35 times in the FA Cup and 44
Graham 2, Venables, Tambling 2. times for England. For Chelsea his final
stats were: played 169 matches, scored
In recent years we do seem to stick four 132 goals. Not bad for a bloke who
past them a lot. Last season we won never put on the #9 shirt! For some
4-1, then 4-0 in 07/08 and 4-1 in reason Greavesy doesn’t have anything
06/07, both at Upton Park. We won 4- 1 to do with Chelsea anymore but in some
at the Bridge in 05/06, and sometimes Chelsea fans' eyes he’ll always be a
we get greedy and score 5 against them CHELSEA LEGEND. !
as we did in 01/02. There was also a !!
game in late '96 which we won 3-1 at CHELSEA TRIVIA: The day we played
home; nothing remarkable about that, West Ham and Pierluigi Casiraghi’s
but it will always stand out for Franco career ended was also the same day that
Zola running circles around Julian Dicks Joe Cole signed professional forms for
and smashing the ball into an empty net. West Ham.


Created and compiled by Andy Burbidge

5. Also called by some "Marlboro 9. Originally named Waterloo, a state

Across Country", this was the last great capital and the 3rd fastest growing
barrier to settling the west city in the US
1. Site of our victory over AC Milan,
gaining this nickname from it's many
6. Six nations have ruled this chapter's 10. Their o#cial website claims it to
attractions and friendly residents
home, but they were gracious hosts in be America's finest city, something
the summer of 2009 the Kumeyaay Indians have known for
2. More likely to get a visit from the
10,000 years
men in blue than black
7. This chapter is a real peach
11. Hopefully we can get interest and
3. 64 miles around the capital, and
8. The initials for this chapter, you members from the dot-com members
still holds your pants up
won't find anything else that rhymes of the local valley that is not all about
with it fake boobs
4. One of only three states in which
you can drive to see the sunrise and
sunset on di"erent coasts on the same

5. This chapter can be traversed by

one road, route 1

6. Cup of tea down by the harbor? I'm

not sure there is any left...

7. Not a chapter, but membership of

this will help you get seats to see the
finest football team on the planet

8. Representing Chelsea on the

Confederate side of the Mason-Dixon

9. Devastated by an earthquake not a

year after Chelsea were founded,
maybe we can send Wenger and Fergie
to their famous island jail

10. Not much brotherly love from AC

Milan when they beat us here 2-3 in

1. 12 states from industrial to
farmland, the largest CIA chapter

2. Although a little battle worn, Ford,

Chrysler and GM still hail from here

3. So called almost as long as Chelsea

have been in existence, IE to the
locals, and that's not Microsoft's
Internet Explorer
The crossword and solutions can also be found online at
4. Best avoid this chapter for a while if
you are a BP chairman