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Exemplary 21st Century Classroom for At Risk Students

Project Abstract

SMK Pasir Putih, Pasir Gudang, Johor Bahru is seeking a grant to develop and run a special 21 st Century
Learning Classroom in our school. Spearheaded by two 2017 Teach For Malaysia Fellows, this project aims to
develop a modern, student-centred learning culture in school. The objective will be to instil a sense of
responsibility within 10 at-risk students. This special classroom will also be made as an example of a fully
equipped learning environment that encourages a shift away from the traditional teacher-centred classrooms.
Funding in the amount of RM 6,000.00 is requested for the purchase of furniture and equipment for the setup
of this classroom.

Statement of Need

SMK Pasir Putih has over 1500 students and over 16 Clubs, Societies and Prefectorial Boards. However,
the activities carried out by these groups are largely teacher-led. As a result, students have little ability and
opportunity to take charge and have a sense ownership of any projects. Secondly, the school’s efforts to
promote 21st Century teaching and learning has largely been ineffective due to inconsistent implementation and
a lack of resources. As a result, a conducive learning environment has been a struggle for the school, and SMK
Pasir Putih faces high truancy rates and a lack of student-led initiatives.

Programme Description

1. This special 21st Century Classroom came about when the teachers identified that there were many
unused classrooms within the school compound. The idea came about to convert one of these
abandoned rooms into a special classroom that aims to promote modern learning practices. The
identified room has the dimensions of 7.2 Metres by 4.8 Metres and is currently being used for storage.

2. This classroom will be equipped with furniture that are arranged to enable collaborative learning and
group discussions as opposed to the conventional classroom setup. Teaching aides will also be prepared
in the form of Mini-Whiteboards, Traffic Light Indicators, Feedback Parking Lots and also Reward Charts.
The room will also be equipped with a projector, adequate ventilation and lighting to create a
comfortable and versatile learning and revision space. Further, the room will also contain spaces to
display student work and successes.

3. In terms of current and short-term management of this special room, a small team of at-risk students
will be trained to maintain responsibility of this space. This group of students will be selected to not
only take charge of this room, but also to brainstorm and conduct activities to raise funds for the
continued maintenance cost that this room will incur. The objective here is to continually appoint new
students to take charge every year as a means of continuation.

4. This classroom will be open to all teachers who wish to conduct lessons with our resources. It will also
be accessible before and after school hours as an open revision space for students to benefit from.
There will be a booking system to ensure accountability of the resources and this system will be
managed by the aforementioned student management team.

5. This classroom project has already been approved by SMK Pasir Putih’s Administrators. Renovation and
Decoration will be conducted after the school term in early December, with a target completion date
of 25th December 2017. The aim is to have the classroom up and ready by the next school term,
beginning 1st January 2018. Selection and training of students will begin in January and will run for a
month. In that period, the teachers in charge will manage the responsibility of the classroom.

6. Attached below is the estimated cost breakdown of this 21st Century Classroom Project:

Tiket Penerbangan (Pergi - Balik) (termasuk cukai dan surcaj)
1 15,000.00
RM1,000 x 15 orang

Insurans Perjalanan
2 1,500.00
RM100 x 15 orang
Yuran Program (Yuran Pendaftaran, Yuran Latihan, Yuran
3 Kuliah, Honorarium, dll.) 4,500.00
RM300.00 x 15 orang
4 1,500.00
RM100 x 15 orang

Kos Pengangkutan (Ground Transfer)

5 1050.00
RM70 x 15 orang

Elaun Makan (Pelajar dan staf)

6 900.00
RM60 x 15 orang

7 Kos Persediaan (Banner, buku program, cenderahati, dll.) 1500.00


8 Kos Penyelenggaran 2,595.00

9 6% GST 1,557.00


Closing Statement

Your consideration of this project will be very much appreciated. There is an inherent need to shift to more
modern and student-centred teaching and learning practices in this school. We aim to create awareness that
students can be taught and encouraged to take ownership and be responsible on their own. We also firmly
believe, that the successful implementation of this classroom will be a stepping stone for other teachers to
follow suit with their practices. Thank you.

Appendix 1: The current state of the target room. It is currently used as a storage room for discarded furniture.
These will all be reused, recycled or donated upon commencement of this project.

Appendix 2: The proposed layout of the final classroom.