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Immanuel and St.

Andrew CE Primary School

Year 4 Class Bulletin
Term 1 September 2010

Dear Parents / Carers,

Welcome to Year 4’s Term 1 Class Bulletin!

I can’t believe that we’re already one week into new academic year! There’s a lot to look forward to
this year. The children have had a good start to the term and most of them are settling well into
year 4.

Our Creative curriculum theme for this term is ‘On your marks, get set, go!’ Most of the work this
term will be based on the Olympics. In Humanities (History & Geography) we will be looking at
Ancient Greece, the original home of the Olympics. In Literacy we will be looking at historical and
mythical stories that are linked with Ancient Greece. In Art we are going to create our own Olympic
logos for the 2012 Olympics and see if we can come up with something better! In Creative Arts and
D.T (Design & Technology) we will be looking at the designing and making of clothes including clothing
from Ancient Greece.

I hope the class bulletin answers most of your questions about the new term. If you have any
questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am available outside of the classroom
on the mornings from 8.45 and at the end of the school day.
Miss Kamson

Topics this term Important Notes:

Literacy 30th September – International Evening (6pm)

Our unit for the first three weeks will be based on
stories within a historical context. We will focus on 6th October – Parents’ Evening (2-7pm)
stories with historical settings and the children will
write their own short stories set in the past, using 19th October – Individual Photographs
their oral stories to structure the written versions. (provisional date)

Later in the term, the children will be investigating

and identifying the features of recount texts based
Homework will be given out on Wednesday and
on a real event. They will also be planning, drafting
due back the following Monday.
and writing newspaper articles that contain both
factual and opinion based content.
Homework will include maths and literacy
tasks, timetables and spellings each week.
Numeracy Some weeks an extra piece of work will be set
Each week we will be focusing on a different aspect based on one of the topics we are studying
of number or topic work, based on the National this term. Year 4 Homework club is on
Numeracy Strategy. By the end of year 4 children Wednesday after school.
should know multiplication facts for the 7, 8 and 9
timestables! This means that they should already be For extra support at home please see the list
confident with the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10 timestables! of websites provided on the back of the class
Please encourage your child to regularly practise the bulletin
timestables throughout the school year.
PE Spellings
Indoor PE – Ball/Net games Children will have their spelling test every
Outdoor PE – Swimming Monday morning. There will be 10 spellings
to learn each week. Please support the
children with learning their spellings. I am
sure that they will be eager to show off any
The Muslim way of life – Children will look at the key
new spellings that they have learned.
beliefs and teachings of Islam, making comparisons
with Christianity. They will have the opportunity to Outdoor P.E
ask questions and suggest answers about key aspects The children will be going swimming on
of Islam. Tuesdays. Please remember to bring swimming
A few of the children have volunteered to share kits and towels. It is also very important that
their personal experiences of Islam or Christianity the children wear a coat (with a hood or hat)
with the rest of the class and we are looking forward for the journey.
to this.
Indoor P.E
The children will have indoor P.E on
Wednesdays. Please remember to bring:
We will be using ICT across the curriculum
• Navy blue shorts or tracksuit
particularly in Topics. bottoms
• Pale blue T-shirt
Science • Trainers are optional
In Science pupils will be learning about ‘Moving and Shorts and T-shirts can be bought from the
Growing’. Science will be taught by Mrs Hoare on school office along with Immanuel and St.
Thursday afternoons as I am timetabled for PPA. Andrew sweatshirts on Tuesdays.

Creative Maths Reading

Please continue to bring book bags to school
Creative Maths is timetabled for Friday mornings.
on a daily basis. Books from the school
Pupils will be carrying out investigations in order to
reading scheme will be given to the children
deepen their understanding of Mathematics.
and changed every week (The dates will be
confirmed) Please continue to listen to your
child read, ask them questions about the text
that they are reading and sign the reading
journal so we know that they have read to an
adult at home. Children will also have the
opportunity to take out and change library
books on a weekly basis.

Useful websites
For further games and activities linked to
Topics, Numeracy and Literacy for Key Stage
2, please encourage your children to visit the
following websites: