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Phonics Book 1 - 4 How to Use This Book

Book 1 Alphabet Sounds Book 2 Short Vowels

Sound Power Word Power
Unit 01 Aa, Bb, Cc Unit 01 Short Vowel a ap, am

Unit 02 Dd, Ee, Ff Unit 02 Short Vowel a an, at, ag In this section, students Students learn the target
learn about double letter sounds and words from full-
Unit 03 Gg, Hh, i Unit 03 Short Vowel e en, et
sounds and how to blend color illustrations.
Unit 04 Jj, Kk, Ll Unit 04 Short Vowel e ell, ed, eg sounds to make meaningful
Unit 05 Mm, Nn, Oo Unit 05 Short Vowel i ig, in words. The enjoyable chants
and pictures keep students
Unit 06 Pp, Qq, Rr Unit 06 Short Vowel i it, ip, ix
focused and motivated.
Unit 07 Ss, Tt, Uu, Vv Unit 07 Short Vowel o og, op

Unit 08 Ww, Xx, Yy, Zz Unit 08 Short Vowel o ox, ot, od

Unit 09 Short Vowel u un, ug Listening Power

Unit 10 Short Vowel u ut, ub, ud
In this section, students practice the target words
and sounds through listening tasks.
These tasks include coloring and using stickers.
Book 3 Long Vowels Book 4 Double Letter Sounds

Unit 01 Long Vowel a a_e Unit 01 L-blends bl, pl, cl, gl

Unit 02 Long Vowel a ai, ay Unit 02 R-blends dr, tr, cr, fr

Unit 03 Long Vowel i i_e Unit 03 S-blends sm, sn, sw, st

Unit 04 Long Vowel i y, i, ie Unit 04 Ending Blends ng, nk, ck, nt

Writing Power Reading Power
Unit 05 Long Vowel o o_e Unit 05 Digraphs ch, sh
Students can achieve the goal Students can practice
Unit 06 Long Vowel o oa, ow Unit 06 Digraphs th, ph, wh
of writing the target words. reading and decoding
Unit 07 Long Vowel u u_e Unit 07 Digraphs au, aw This section allows students words in sentences.
Unit 08 Long Vowel e ee, ea Unit 08 Digraphs long oo, short oo to reinforce their knowledge
of the relationships between
Unit 09 R-controlled Vowels ar, or, ur Unit 09 Diphthongs oi, oy
letters and sounds.
Unit 10 R-controlled Vowels er, ir Unit 10 Diphthongs ou, ow
Hybrid CD

E-book for effective language learning

Story Time Let’s Check! ❺ ❻ ❼
❸ ❹ ❶ Audio player _ Students can listen to
Students can practice reading Through the check-up test, the audio files.
the words in an interesting students can test what they
❷ Media player _ Students can see and
enjoy our multimedia contents.
phonics story. They can enjoy learned in the unit.
❸ Draw _ Teachers can use the special pen
the chant as well.
for their whiteboard class.
❹ Bookmark _ Teachers and students can
❶ make their own notes on each page.
❷ ❺ Find _ Teachers and students can search
for vocabulary words in the books.
❻ Index _ Teachers and students can see
the entire contents of the books.
❼ Result _ Students can see their learning

Various multimedia contents and test

•Students can listen, repeat, sing chants, and write words on the computer screen.

Review Students can review the previous five units through tests and stories.
Learning Words
Sounds and Letters Let's Write

•Students can read, sing chants, and record their reading voices.

Let’s Read_LOOK Let’s Read_CHANT Let’s Read_READ

•Students can test their understanding, and enjoy various games.

Workbook The workbook provides additional practice to develop phonics skills.

Unit Test Let's Have Fun Review Game

Contents - Double Letter Sounds

06 Digraphs th, ph, wh 56
three, thumb, math, bath,
bl, pl, cl, gl
this, that, photo, phone,
L-blends 8
01 whale, wheel
blue, black, blade,
plane, plum, plate,
clam, clover, glove, glass
07 Digraphs au, aw 64
sausage, gauze, sauce, autumn, August,
strawberry, paw, saw, yawn, draw
02 R-blends dr, tr, cr, fr 16

long oo, short oo

dragon, dress, drink, Unit Digraphs 72
trumpet, truck, train,
crab, cross, frog, frame
food, zoo, spoon, school, moon,
cook, book, hook, foot, wood
03 S-blends sm, sn, sw, st 24
smell, smile, smoke,
snack, snake, snore,
09 Diphthongs oi, oy 80
swan, swim, stone, stick coin, soil, point, toilet, boil,
toy, boy, joy, oyster, soybean
04 Ending Blends ng, nk, ck, nt 32
king, ring, swing,
10 Diphthongs ou, ow 88
pink, bank, tank, mouth, house, cloud, round, mouse,
neck, duck, ant, tent clown, cow, owl, brown, crown

05 Digraphs ch, sh 40
Review 2 Unit 06 - 10 96
cherry, cheese, chin,
peach, lunch, ostrich, Review Story 2 The Party in the Woods 98
ship, shell, fish, wash

Activity 1 The Board Game 104

Review 1 Unit 01 - 05 48 Activity 2 Complete the Words 106
Review Story 1 Meet My Friends 50 Glossary 108
Unit Word Power
L-blends bl pl cl gl
Sound Power Listen and repeat. 1-04

The blue sea is under the plane. bl

blue black blade

plane plum plate

Listen and repeat. 1-02 1-03

blue plane clam clover

b l bl
p l pl glove glass

8 9
Listening Power
Listen and circle. Then write. 1-05 Listen and color the correct picture. Then circle the word. 1-06

1. 2. 1. 2.
bl pl bl gl

cl cl
plane clover clam plate

m ove 3. 4.

3. 4. blue
cl gl bl pl

glass blue blade glove

bl gl
Listen and put on the right stickers. 1-07

e 1. 2. 3.

5. 6.
cl gl bl pl

4. 5. 6.
pl cl

ate over
10 11
Writing Power Reading Power
Look, circle, and write. Look at each picture and complete the sentence.

1. 2. blue glove glass plane clam


glove plate clam plum He eats a plate of s.


The woman drinks a of water.

3. 4.


glass blade plum blue The is in the sky.


The boy wears s.

5. 6.


clover glove plane black Gloria has a crayon.

12 13
Story Time 1-10
Let's Check!
sight s on, under
word A Listen and choose.
Listen and read aloud. 1-08 1-09

Blake is on the plane.

The sky is blue. a b c

The blue sea is under the plane.

2. a blade b plane c glass
The sea is beautiful.

She drinks plum juice.

B Look and unscramble.
The juice is good.
1. 2.

She eats clam soup and a plate of fried rice.

It s very good, too.
And she drinks a glass of water. d a l e b l u p m
She enjoys her food and drink.
She is happy.
C Look and choose.

a bl b cl c pl

a pl b gl c cl
Read & Write
* Blake is on the . am
14 15
Review 1 Unit 01-05 C Circle the picture that has the same sound as the underlined
A Circle the correct word.
1. blade 2. ring 3. plum
dress cheese glass

smile stone smoke

4. crab 5. snore 6. wash

ostrich drink train

ship frog snake

B Fill in the missing letters.

1. 2. 3. snore

over ame im

4. 5. 6.

ki te erry
48 49
Revie w 1-47

Stor y 1 Meet My Friends

This tall boy is Frank.

He likes camping in his tent.
I have many friends in my class. He can make fire with only
They always make me smile. stones and sticks.
Will you meet my friends? He is a good swimmer, too.

50 51
Look at the boy on the swing.
His name is Steve.

He has some special pets.

Three little frogs, two ducks, and a snake!
He always says they are lovely. This is Sharon.
She likes to make new dresses.
Look at these pink gloves!
Sharon made these for me.

52 53
I am Clara.
I like traveling and meeting new people.
I want to travel all around the world
by ship and plane.
It will be so much fun.
Will you join me?

There is Travis. He likes cooking.

What will you have for lunch today, Travis?
Clam cheese pasta, grilled fish and some cherry juice.
Wow! They smell yummy.

54 55