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El Centro College

ENVR 1401 Online

Supply List by Lab

Ecological Footprint Natural Selection Lab Pesticide Labels Lab

Computer paper cup(s) Pesticide labels, 2
plastic or metal utensils: knife,
fork, spoon
loose glove or oven mitt
Environmental Awareness bare hands  Water Filtration Lab
You cup 2 Plastic water/soda bottles, 0.5 L
The great outdoors  dry beans (1 ¼ cup) Glass cup (optional)
Design components vary by
Household Contaminant- individual
Scientific Method Options include:
Signature Assignment Lab
40 dry beans Cotton balls
12 plastic cups
4 Ziploc/resealable bags Radish seeds, 1 packet Coffee filters
4 paper towels Potting soil Sand (clean)
Water Ruler Gravel (clean)
Household contaminant Toilet paper
*Vary-group decision Paper towels
Water Kleenex
Biomes Lab Uncooked pasta
Computer Tulle/netting
Biomes PPT (given) Cheesecloth
Biomes Table (given) Gauze squares
Invasive Species Lab
Activated charcoal
Computer Etc.
Climate Change
Glass jars, 2
Land Use-Bird’s Eye View Lab
Qualitative Soil Lab
Plastic Wrap
Soil samples, 2
Tape/rubber band Ziplock bag/cup for collection
Thermometer Hammer (optional)
*Lab calls for 3 but work Vinegar
can be done individually 2 jars, narrow if possible
with only 1 -bud vases work well too
Light source/sun
Timer/ cell phone
*Incandescent bulb or Gloves (optional)
sun (florescent or LED
bulbs don’t generate
enough heat)
Sand or soil