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Complete the following sentences with a, an, the or ().

a) My mother works as

b) London is

c) He gave her

d) Internet is

nurse in


most multicultural city in

United Kingdom.

flowers and

box of chocolates.

quickest way to communicate.

2. Re-order and write sentences in the past simple.

a) There / to be / on the motorway / a big accident?

b) To the party / me / not invite they

c) The job / get / you?

d) with her kids / go / she / to the park

e) to a bigger house / they / not move?

f) All day yesterday / for the test / I / study

3. Complete with the comparative or superlative form of the adjectives in brackets.

a) Speaking foreign languages is

b) Companies want to go international to make

c) English is

d) English is

e) This is

(important) it was in the past. (high) profits.

(spoken) language worldwide.

(easy) to learn than Mandarin.

(quick) way to learn a language.

4. Put the verb in brackets into the past simple.

Yesterday Colin (1) studio. When he (3) there. He (5) together. They also (7)

(leave) home at 8.30 and (2)

(drive) to the

(arrive) some actors (4) (be) already

(have) a coffee

(greet) them and then they (6) (decide) to go out after work. They (8)

(can not) talk for much longer because the director (9)

(not eat) much.

(want) to start work. They


like) the food and so he

(10) (work) hard all morning and at about 1.00 pm they (11)

to a Chinese restaurant. Unfortunately Colin (12)



5. Complete with the comparative or superlative.

a) Claudine Farrell is

b) This is

c) Catherine’s car is

d) Claudine’s house is

e) This was

(old) Colin. Colin is (good) film he has ever made. (fast) mine.

(big) her sister’s.

(happy) day of his life.

(young) of all.