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Base Engine Data Sheet D193096CX03

Industrial Market
Number Cylinders: 6 Bore: 6.25 in (159 mm) Revision:
Displacement: 1,150 in3 (18.8 L) Stroke: 6.25 in (159 mm)
Aspiration: Turbocharged and Charge Air Cooled 18-Jul-2014

General Engine Data

Approximate engine weight (wet) * 4,700 lbm 2,132 kg
* Specification dependent. Not to be used for contractual agreements.
Note: Engine wt w/o rockshield & alternator
Maximum overspeed capability 2,450 RPM
Mass moment of inertia of rotating components (excluding flywheel) 16.8 in-lbf-sec2 1.898 kg-m2
Maximum allowable installed engine power angle 0 deg
Maximum allowable installed engine tilt angle 75 deg

Engine Mounting System

Moment of inertia of complete engine:
X moment of inertia (Roll) 2,203 in-lbf-sec2 248.8 kg-m2
Y moment of inertia (Pitch) 3,706 in-lbf-sec2 418.6 kg-m2
Z moment of inertia (Yaw) 5,069 in-lbf-sec2 572.5 kg-m2
Maximum crankshaft thrust bearing load limit
Intermittent load 1,500 lbf 6,672 N
Continuous load 750 lbf 3,336 N
Maximum bending moment available from front of the crankshaft:
0 degrees 1,193 lb-ft 1,617 N-m
90 degrees 1,468 lb-ft 1,990 N-m
180 degrees 1,825 lb-ft 2,475 N-m
270 degrees 1,832 lb-ft 2,484 N-m
Maximum torque available from front of crankshaft: (without side load) 1,000 lb-ft 1,356 N-m
Maximum static mounting surface bending moment:
Front side pad N/A lb-ft N/A N-m
Front face of block 500 lb-ft 678 N-m
Rear face of block 1,000 lb-ft 1,356 N-m
Flywheel housing side mounting pads 860 lb-ft 1,166 N-m
Center of Gravity
from rear face of block 23.9 in 607 mm
from engine centerline to left side of engine (as viewed from rear of engine) 9 in 229 mm
above crankshaft centerline 2.4 in 61 mm
Engine block side mounting pad width from engine centerline N/A in N/A cm

Intake Air System

Maximum intake air restriction (heavy duty air cleaner)
Dirty Filter 25 in H2O 6 kPa
Clean Filter 15 in H2O 4 kPa
Minimum dirt holding capacity with heavy duty air cleaner 25 g/cfm
Maximum allowable intake air bleed for accessories (not including air compressor) 0 ft3/min 0 L/s
Recommended intake piping size (inner diameter) 5.5 in 140 mm

Exhaust System
Maximum allowable static bending moment @ exhaust outlet flange 0 lb-ft 0 N-m
Exhaust manifold/turbocharger blanketing acceptable No

Status for curves and data: Preliminary-(Estimated data) Chief Engineer:

Tolerance: Within +/- 5% Wm Bederaux-Cayne

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Cooling System
Engine cooling circuit
Coolant system type 1 Pump-1 Loop
Minimum operating block coolant temperature 160 deg F 71 deg C
Minimum fill rate 5 gpm 19 L/min
Maximum initial fill time 5 min
Minimum water pump inlet pressure with non-deaerating or partially deaerating cooling
Minimum water pump inlet pressure with fully deaerating cooling system 0 in-Hg 0 kPa
Maximum static head of coolant above crankshaft centerline 60 ft 18.3 m
Minimum pressure cap rating at sea level 7 psi 48 kPa
Maximum pressure cap rating at sea level 15 psi 103 kPa
Minimum coolant expansion space (% of system capacity) 5 %
Maximum deaeration time 25 min
Acceptable types of deaeration systems Positive
Minimum drawdown (% total cooling system capacity) 11 %
Full ON Fan engine coolant outlet temperature 200 deg F 93.3 deg C
Intake manifold air temperature derate/alarm temperature 165 deg F 74 deg C
Maximum allowable accessory coolant flow 0 gpm 0 L/min
Coolant capacity - engine only 42 quarts 39.7 L
Maximum recommended external coolant flow restriction in engine circuit: 5 psi 34.5 kPa
Engine coolant circuit thermostat opening temperature: 180 deg F 82 deg C
Engine coolant circuit thermostat fully open temperature 202 deg F 94 deg C

Thermostat out coolant flow vs. external restriction for engine system (with open thermostat)

System Restriction
Engine 2.5 psi 5 psi 7.5 psi 10 psi
Speed (17.2 kPa) (34.5 kPa) (51.7 kPa) (68.9 kPa)
RPM gpm L/min gpm L/min gpm L/min gpm L/min
1,300 128 482.6 116 437.2 100 378.5 83 312.3
1,600 161 607.6 152 573.5 141 533.7 129 486.4
1,800 184 694.6 175 662.4 167 632.2 156 588.6
2,000 205 774.1 198 747.6 189 715.4 181 685.2
2,100 217 819.5 209 791.2 202 762.8 194 732.5

Minimum block coolant pressure at speed (open thermostat without radiator cap)
RPM psi kPa
1,300 10 69
1,600 12.8 88
1,800 16.6 114
2,000 20.9 144
2,100 25.5 176

Lubrication System
Maximum lube oil flow to all accessories 5 gpm 18.93 L/min
Maximum oil sump temperature 250 deg F 121.1 deg C
Maximum oil pressure spike on cold engine 150 psi 1,034 kPa

Electrical System
System voltage: 24 V 110 V
Minimum battery capacity-cold soak at -18 deg C (0 deg F) or above
Engine only-cold cranking amperes: (CCA) 900 CCA 0 CCA
Engine only-reserve capacity: (RC) 320 min 0 min
Maximum starting circuit resistance 0.002 Ohm 0 Ohm

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Fuel System
Typical clean fuel filter restriction 1 in-Hg 3 kPa
Maximum fuel supply restriction at fuel pump inlet
with clean fuel filter element(s) at maximum fuel flow 4 in-Hg 13.5 kPa
with dirty fuel filter element(s) at maximum fuel flow 8 in-Hg 27 kPa
Maximum fuel drain restriction (total head)
after (or with) check valve N/A in-Hg N/A kPa
before (or without) check valve 10 in-Hg 34 kPa
Maximum fuel inlet temperature 160 deg F 71 deg C
Minimum fuel tank venting rate 22 ft3/hr 0.2 L/s

1.1 *Maximum Rating may be used for intermittent load applications (full throttle operation is cyclically interrupted) where the average load
factor does not exceed the continuous rating, and where full throttle operation does not exceed 60 minutes without interruption.
1.2 *Continuous rating may be used for constant load applications requiring uninterrupted service at full throttle for extended periods of time
and for Water Management applications.

2.1 If the application qualifies for the continuous load rating the governor cut-in point shall be set within the limits of the solid line portion of the
continuous curve.
2.2 If the application qualifies for the maximum load rating the governor cut-in point shall be set within the limits of the solid line portion of the
maximum curve.

3.1 Load (Speed) factor is defined as the arithmetic mean of the Load (Speed) profile of the normal duty cycle, not including prolonged periods
of idle operation.


*These ratings represent gross engine performance capabilities obtained and corrected in accordance with SAE J1995 and the conditions as
stated on the front of the curve.The ratings are in conformance with the requirements specified in ISO 3046, BS 5514 and DIN 6271.Although
these specific standards have a note excluding road construction, earth moving equipment, agricultural tractors and industrial trucks as
applications not covered by the standard, these are included as acceptable applications of these ratings.
The Maximum Rating conforms to ISO 3046 overload power and fuel stop power. The Continuous Rating may be used for continuous service
in commercial applications and it conforms to ISO 3046 continuous power.
Reference standards: BS 5514 and DIN 6271 standards are based on ISO 3046.

Change Log

Date Author Change Description

10/27/2008 Jacob A Brown Regarding the values for the Maximum Bending Moment available from the Front and Rear of the
crankshaft: 0 degrees lies on the cylinder center line toward the cylinder heads. 90 degrees is toward
the exhaust side of the engine.

End of Report

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