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Byilding Are Told

. Ai 'Ji^jig. last [G^cm- M to. have-

ia icii^iice biiiidilig, Ijif. Jaihes
iStoliies, ti&ad of the biology de- V b l X X . Sio.S. G^otqiiBt Stali» Co2l(»<ro lor V9mm^ l^ied^raviUe. Georgia. •Dpcwxfbes'^i))^^
.^axt&erit, aunauncea today.
This b'tiiiding will adequately
12 smtaits COMPLETE
house: tiie biblogy/ physics de-
partmeats. Floor space has al- DEGREE REQUIREMENTS
ready been allotted to therfl. The Degrees will be graatfti to 12
"White Ghristmas/^ Candlelif^^
• elxact itlcatiori has ndt beEiii deter- seniors ait the ead of this qwar-
miSM, hut it is. definite that if ter. Half of them will be ia the
• will ntft be oii front campus, Dr. Home EconojBaies, four in Ble-
Stokea said. meutary' E^nicatioa, and «ae e&ch
Serv[ce,Projecb Precede Hblidays
The eutrance to this building in. Secretarial Traihiog aad Math- Classes Choose Task Of Provic^g
witi have six colximns,, and wili ematics—Science. Phoenix t ^ five
1*? Qi Grecian architecture; Those stuitJeri'ts' completing- the Help For Less F^tunate Atneific^ns
T^iiie plans i^rovide for a special work are:. , 'Seniors For Members The GhrisliTias.S9-2sort will b© observed on the GSOW'•cant-'
YpotA oh IJi^ ground floor with Home Economics: Five memlsers of tlie senior
pus-this ^veek when the annual White Ghristmas and Y'Cctndl®^
a seating cajjadty of 2.12, spec- Merle Hodges, Catherine class have beeii aimouneed as
light serViGQs are'held. ' ,:-.,.^
ially eqiiiiiiJed for fiaovies, lan- McClaia, Mary Beverly Newtoii, having been, elected to the Phoe-
tern slides, and. opaque projec- Mrs. Madeline Scott, Carolyn nix Society at the fall elections. White Chfistrpais is spiohsored"
tioiis. AH offices will be equip- Smith, Mary Nell Witherington. They ^are: , '•- the senior clasis, aiia.
ped with private research labora- Elementary Bdiucation: Jane Betty Liee .Anderson, Betty brie chapel period is reserved for
c(i.U,C':Ps, The long corridors will Bagley, Rebecca Faust, Mrs. Ly- Beyd, Gl&itys liemfi, Caltierine Colonnade Scoops this purpose. Tuesday, Deceinber
dia Sheppard! Grimsley, Mrs. DuPree arid • Mary' „ Flannery
be lighted by sunken fluorescent
. lights. Mae Morgan McGraw. O'Connor. ''-',,^ St. John's Prediction 12, is the day set aside this year,..
A*, this time, .rrtemtterg., of .the.
Ann Also in Phoenix ai'e Ariiivii?^ •The Colonnade can now be
The physics department will Secretarial Training: Sei^iipr Class will malce their con-
Pledges and Josephine Hunt, two 'uMited with its first national tributions to the,, needy and; un-
have a si^ecial room for setting Harris..
seniors who were elected to the scoop;-
up demonstrations, and also a Mathematics, Science Divisioai: group last spring. derprivileged. .Helen , Walla^se
According to tiie bearded will be the speaker for this pro-
laboratory for household physics. .\nn Pinkatoft,
gentleman'himself, the GSCV7 gram, .'•......
The biology department v/ill
boast a large museum in th© niain
entrance, and an extensive green-
St. John Pfidfcts MS ropeaei Colonnade has, with this is:ue,
scooped one of the big-titne, Under the sponsorsliip of the
national magazines.,., YWCA, the vai'ious'. musical
house on.;Eirst floor. In ad.':;
to these, there is t© tae a.specin Victory, lime hm mmmlm Yessir, Look magazine, had groups on campus and ..Modern
best look to its laurels. The Jes- Dance club v/ilt presehit the an-
..anjmai room on tlie roof. By Martha Cccrpenter cmd Jay McCoy
The matlxmatics department sies are invading the field'."N.^ nual Christmas Candlelight Ser-
has a suite of J-'ooms on the ground
"Emope will b e sv/ept by revolutions within the next year," The scoop is in printing htis' vice December JO , in Russell
floor. There, are to be three assarted Robert St. John, inierhatlonally famous commentcrtor day, December 5, 1944, the 1945 'She program. v/ill.,open ,at, ,8:00
floors, serviced by an elevator— and war correspondent, whose batting average in predictions predictions of Robert St. John, p.mVvwith the brass quartet,, di,?
a freight, elevator! is almost 100 per cent. which won't hit the magazines
rected'Nbfi Lloyd OiutLand, playiriig,
The plans for the cheinistry This is one of the prophecies Mr. St... John made 10 predic- stands untiL sometime iji Jan- on the froi^t steps of ;th& jaudi-to-,
department include special iab- made for the coming year by Mr. tions tor 1944 ai'd rine of tliem uary when Look pubiislies rium. Their'i^-^nlbers Will, include
oratories. for genei-al, physical, St. John -during his recent visit have already been proved correct. them. Qhrislanas.. :Cliorl£'^. JaiidL^Ga^ls^
quantitative, qualitative, and or- to the campus. The others are: The ninth, conceniiiig the assassi- Not bad! Not bad at all! > „ , .MisS')^eiiicin,s,". will open- the
ganic chemistry. Worlc on elec- The war m Enu-oiie wU be natio.n of an important . political numbers. 'in,side .the auditorium
,.. ' ••ronic will be offered with em- over by the middle of the figure in Em'ope, may yet be re- with an. o,rgan- prelwde at - -8."30
phasis on radar, i Also provided summer. alized. Mr. St. John has not yield- p.m.' Three well-lcnown! Clirist-
for is a large stockroom, can-
trally located, making material, <
The war in the Paclfio will ed this point for he says, '-It has
{probably still be going- by a not yet been proved that Hitler
nOlrlstopt mas Carols, Joy to the WorWl, It
Came Upon, a aHdniglit Olear,
easily accessible to, the cheniistry year from this Christmas. is alive and' I am liopeful." . and Harit, i^e Herald Angels
department. . Eussia- will join in the Ja- The well-known correspondent
' "The need, for, a science build- panese war at least to the arrived on the campus the after-
iiivllalions To OPK Sine, follow as the Proce3i^ion.aL
During the '' remainder "of Part
ing is and lias. been great. The extent of .grantiuff bases. noon of November 27 for a lec- Ten girls, from the ju^^ior and' I of the progi'am the A Cappella I. '

present .fapilities,, are shamefully In 1943 America's chief in- ture that night. Mr.-St. John is senior classes, have accepted- in- Choir, .under. ,: tile .•.direction' of
inadequate,"Dr. Stokes said i" terest Avill be in reconversion the author of Pi'©n: the Land of vitations to become members • of Max Noah will sing.
conclusion. and demobilization. (Continued on Page Three) Omicrdh;,','Pi. ... Kappa, honorary, rn''-,-additi.on to-.these'.two. :^ro-
Home Economics 'fraternity .oh prcgrams, e£\ch class hag planned
a class project. ,
The freshman and sdphompre
The Spirit of Christmas Speaks Miss. Sak Bess .,Hunt,-N^itionai classes 'will • eoihbine'., this year,.
Counselor of Phi"UpsHon . Omi-; and talce as • tlwir . :}oint'' project
cron, a national honorary frater- the task of supplying Ciiristmas
I coa the spirit of Christmas. My abode is Claiis. ' I am the love, which brings, families nity, visited the campus Friday toys and px'esents to the younger
boys of,the Bpy«.Training School.
within the hearts, of people who believe, in together at Christmastime. ^nd Saturday to inspect the local The junior class has collected a
:me. For these people, who are my people, I honorary. • for possible . member- large number of toys arid con-
am a symbol' of .a b.etter world—a world re- , I am in the air when stars'twinkle oh crisp ship in Phi U. ^ structive materials which WilJ be,
alizing the idfeals of today. winter nights; .when snow creeps dovm to donated to tl\e children; at a Ja-
iMembers of OPK entertained panescrAtneriean relocation, cen-
earth; when .voices ^ring through the;^ night
Miss^ Hunt'.with a'dinner •'in,.tlie, tev.j ' ; i.--
Today some of my people are fighting forces • singing Jmgl© Bells and Silent Night'"I am
tearobm Friday night. She had
which wish to abolis-h my kind of life. ,'My in the flam'es .^-ot lick up around a Yule log. conferences ;vvith Dr.iiGuy W^hs
people will protect me as other, generations Voices carry, me when they shout greetings and Miss Lutie Neese •coneemitag THE WOBLD
hcrve protected me during the: past 20' cen of ''Merry Ghristmaa.'' T dm' the .satisfaction the foronatian of''a-'chapter ,ot
"tuxios-. •h that comes, .with making someone else's Phi U here.
Greece ip oo tlie verge of 0i«il
.Christads a little brighte,r,, , Basis fo« members.hip "^ ^ ^ war foUowifli*. a gM^i outf>rea|b:
You ask what I mean to ttt<»e. my p^ple,
local group is .depeiu^eht upon in, the. city of Atheria, where n^tfr-
that they would cherish me so? IwilltisU On'OuistiiDMn Day L fill--the room with ,the kidividuai abilities and. achieve- ,tid?iatvj;has\ noiw'-h'e^^ •deolaredi;;
you v/hat l am. .vapors of a.plum pudding,, like .the. fragrance ments. Gif Is, fulfiilihg; ill© require-
. of pine, like jthat department store smell of mcntg at this time lire: Third Ax'mof h»v« cfioaeeil ^ ^ '
I am tlie sound in yoiir iicMut -When a c6fi~ new things. \ ,
i Louise Bobo, JaqqUeline Bur- Saar river in tlift Mtle .-to^l
•greqation sings O Comtf M Yoi TfttthliiL I am ton, Martha Clark, Helen Crpt- Saartautcm. WcmltetB of ttte',
the wonderment in at child's h«cat. ivheai.he lamnovf';traveling (hroughoyt tihe world well, Frances Crooras Hines, British^ Second Army wwe^ »8»

8Q©3 a Christmas tree beautifully decoititedi with my,, pepple, some of them have only me Mabel Hodges, Reba Nell Jordan fiehHnt?'<]fiii the. Mnas Rivfir^
with their ih^.morie6 or a itaore peaceful life; JohnsoAi June Carol Jones, HawA of ftollaiMl.
I am ioy that aceompcrhies giving iq^ ^^%*3®, Rtisaion' ttoops bicKC't'd Auapa
however they, lore passing me on to other Langford, and Virginia pT^ti.
whcS love you fdr your l o v e ^ c h a ^ ^ | ^ ^ * > % f jSveJo^ In IhW offcikiivc' ^i^vmi% ^tfiW0i
fba gift ' which I aiiya^ OPSt wa3 origioatjB^^iast sprins. southwestern'^uii^ary'i j,'
Thirteen seniors, nowion campus The Americtt;i>>'IMrst Atm3f%,l|i»S;.
I am « Kom« wUh pf^^pAioA and spij^tual I am ih» 3pMjt of Cbr|itm««. My abode is were among the charter mem- takea'four towns o» tlJe C9l(?||ke;
warmth. I am the fa4th o! a. chi|d in, Santa .within 1lhi9 tioarta of poopk Who believe in me. bers.' '
, '•'
1 • t
W,ttln at:r<w» thctotite" itivfer. '"

TV 1 • . \.
THE COL(ON|r,A;P,!;,

Harrell Named Prexy FdUCatiOII 111 EurOpCail

Now Wear Tlwse Col Quaiiter.. '-'i'. •••"
(. I'

Of Institutional Club Grey Uniforms After Anticipation Staff Hemliers f rosh Vgiiinteer Betty Boyd, presi'dcnt of CGA,
had this''eo'fn'rrient to I'ri.a'ke:

ill Joe Writes Not-So-6t-Letters New officers of the

tional Management Club
Survives War Willi Sludent H M m Sinatra didn't come,' but—the s n a p p y ' n e w Cadet ^Nui'se ; . Eleven.''.students have been ap-
To Reduce Trips
\ • ' . • .''I'".)'

\ "I feel that this action on^tlie

part of the'freshman class . ,is a
• " . ,• . , -

In. Belgium, . the. University ' oi! imifo^msdid,'and that w a s enough to make any of the girls pointed,, to ..Colonnade staff pqsi-
beeai announced as follows: Jane ocurageous and strong acceptanice
To Jessie While He Works For Civvies Harrell, president;; Rachel 'Dickey, HORSBRUGH TQ Ai>PEAB
vice president; .Sara Rudolph, ON APPRECIATIpNHQUE.
Brussells' has been closed' .since
1941 because' of 'the ^resistance .o£
at Miller Hall swoon.
The uniforms, which
ticns as,announced this week by "Members of the' freshman class
the heads, of the .editorial • and have voted to restrict the nu^mber
arrived business staffs. of week-efids to v^^hich they will
Of stuaent governmeKt; We are
proud of" them. ' •
secretary" an-'d trasurer; and students and prtfessbrs to tinfree "I would like to v.rge that each.
By HELEN MATTHEWS last Wednesday, are- a-• lovely
Emma Burch^ editor of the clui. ' Miss' Beatrice 'Hor&brugh, vio- education. The Library of the COLLEGES MUST WAKE UP shade; of grey with bright red Five , pf ' these will be working be \ entitled next quarter. studentv individually be • espee-
. It is a Noticeable fact thct on week-ends we hold hands Ihjist, will be'preseiited in recital FOR POSTWAR EDUCATION •on.the business .staff while the .Various plans were discusse.d iaEy careful in 'deteranninijig -her
paper. ' '
-with that;'certain some one not on campus, but thiQugh letters Ujiivfersity of Louvain iias-been, insignia.^vThe cap of the same
•remainder v<are ..editorial assistants.- as possible to the prob-
"Fields Open- for- Dietetics' M' ' on the Wednesday'evening Ap- -' Americah'''"universities cannot color, is ' the ' revised'.' edition of
ovin\ weelc-ends, . ''rerneniibering
across the Pacific or Atlantic. ^ jors" is the theme for the year,' preciation Hour, December 6, at destroyed with most of its 900,- endure as.-"ivor>" towers.".affording the Montgomery beret, made to
•Their names.vwill be, included in lem, ,and the follownig were .that college work .she'ald. come
It is . tfc-bugh • letters that we The club project is, preparing a 8:30. .She will be accompanied|,000 volumes, some.ol which were .the staff box for t h c f i r i t time, adopted' and accepted as a satis-
a retreat for scholars, Dr. ..Ddwin suit a more feminine taste than
keep up wiw some of the things anything like it is ii'v the movies." one-dish meal for the nursery by Miss Gertrude Urban Allen. priceless and irreplaceable. • with'rthis.issue..: They' are as fol- factory plan by Dr. Guy Wells
they are- .doliig-. tWnkin.g', saying Al'?o iTom the same boy, "AH Sliarp SurdeU, directdr of Cooper thac of.the famed .geiieral. . and'Dean Ethei Adams. Below is 'fi. ieharV'sh'owirig the
school children once a week. The Orchestral accorA^animeht will lows: _. ..,.,.,. -
an<i j-.-pJanining;. lor—y/hen they the boys are going to church t o - Union, New York City,, told' a average nu'mber of w'eek.rends iov
I-i:stilutional Management paper be provided by Mrs. Christine In Holland, the .University of • Naturally, .the. arrival of ' t h e Editorial. asslstajits: "December 1, 1944. Because^ oaph-tpersGn:.'.''!•'
come marching home. morrow.' We've heard'there are 1574, was torujn on post-wrar educational ' '' •
will be' edited "quarterly.' Though Leyclen, founded in uniforms, has. caused much, ex- iMargaret, Ann Barnes,. June we feel that the trips away from
"'E^'eryoue taaows that Doajplas goir.g to bie three giirls tliere. Of Rounlree Anderson. closed when 54 professor^ and problems at Fehn College, Cleve-
the club has just begun to func- citement among,the Cadet'Nurses. Davi!,, .Betty Jones, Catherine campus during this quarter have '"•*i;
•MacArtiiur's secret weapon is the course, that's not Avhy we're go- three instructors resigned in p ro- Cleveland, Ohio, recently. ' t^ 9
tion, a weiner roast has already, Her program includes .numbers' "And what's more," qne of them Leathers, .Elizabeth Waters. ' &.
Navy and the Navy's secret wea- ing? No kidding, we all go pretty • Direct service to the commun- been excessive, particularly in '§"
from Bach, Moaart, • Schumann, ^tet; to Uie di'smissal of their X
been held. ''we're passing our Staff typist: Martha Giles.
ity will be demanded in the post- exclaimed,
•p *^ •

pon is the Marines," are the regular here." Jev.'ish co-leagiies. Between . 70 tho Freshman Class, and that this • tT
. M r s . Ann Smith is faculty ad-jpp.,pig];ii, and Albeniz. Business.Assistants: Jamie Bag-
sentiment; »{• one Marine'pilot in "Yvu've certainly got to tal<€ a visor to the club. and 80 per cent of the Dutch war era, said Dr. Bm-"dell, after subjects!" may have influenced the 'quality
well, . Alice Bagley, Peggy Ball, of our work, we wish to .•subniit Senior . . . 122 2-22 1.82
' t h e ' S o u t h Pacific.' He also rem- long-time view of things over students have • incipient or active rejecting a proposal to return to While we .were there, we did
Clara Mae Hall, Audrey Alobley. the following plan for Winter Jmiior . . . 110 ISC
inisces thus-ly: "I lelt kinda here. Some of the boys tuberculosis, due to undernour- the disciplines of the Middle a little snooping, into the private \,m
•hcmesiclc-v^*heni you 'mentioned had 30 or 32 months
,the coming' of fall, because I here—three Christmases
Faculty MjMflbers Express i;hment and lack of medical care.
Fifty per cent of the Dutch st'u-
Ages. lives of our sister Jessie.
It is significant, loe contended, ' Like most Jessie, most of the
. With these'..additions the staff Quarter."
nov/ numbers approximately 30
''^onbcn'nore . 231
Froshm'en . . 416

on all staffs combined. "We voluntarilv ngree to limit 1

really do love that p a r t of the from home. You hear them talk
year. I certainly •miss the beau- ab<'ut this island, and that. they Of Orgaiatlon Of (iSCW Leape 'dnls have been engaged illegally
in the underground resistaitce
*{*• that collC'jes which in tlie past Miller girls have
have relied upon "prestige," and "Wo like the GMC .boys," said
boy-friends. ourselves to two home-go!-
week-ends during the Winter
TOTAL . . 877 I54fl i.?6
tiful woods and trees that we have hit, tlie antics of the Japa- movement. Universities in the in • which enrollment has been a one "th.^t is certain ones. I have ST. JOHN PREDICTS Quarter. This is to -be a tem-
( ;
havp around homiC. I miss not nei-e sol-daers, etc. All kinds of A-ft'er the League of Women Voiers v/as formed on this Soviet Union have suffered $4,-
"class privilege" are now lookinr brother over there." She abided; VICTORYJN 1945
being able to go to football games opinions and ideas are aired, ,b;Ut campus recently, a CoionrWide reported intei'viev/ed several j O'0O,OOO,o6o in damages. (•Continued from Page One) porary, trial arrangcnient for one
for a wider base of student pat- that her teddy bear is named
una] not being able to look for- the long-future is the o n i f s a n e members of the f-3culty in conned:en with their opinion oi the Silent People anci lis Always quarter. At the end of this time
waa'-d to bssketball." wa-^', seems like," came/ from a organization of the group. Their repUes are given below:
It is reported that 80 percent ronage.—ACP. "Little Porter" for one 'of the Tomorrmv. While in town . ^^ the results will be discussed', and
Jinimie?—"only he's not my vi'-ited the tMiiledgeyille State vf desirable, the same plan will
From Ital5', \^Tiitten tlie (itoy paratrooper in New |2fuinea. Of the Danish students are work-
Ibefore election, "My absentee Dean Taylor:
ing in the underground. Stu- Hospital and local points of inter- be voted on again for the Sprint HAVE THAT GLAMOROUS
An Army Air Corps Lieutenaiit Several of the girls are wear- est. He was entertained with a
Fallot canie a few weeks ago.
ViTites from somewhere m Eu- "All women should vote. They need help of those who have
dt;nt.« all over Europe, in armies',
NEW-WAY in;^- engagement rings... .Margie supper at the cafeteria Mpnciay
Georgia is the only state where studied and thought through the in prisoner of war camps, refu-
rope, "My pjDsltion on the com- should also be prepared to par- isiue.s and who may have an gee and internee camps, in the WE SPECIALIZE IN SHOE Edvvards, Doris Johnson and E>ot evening and' returned to Atlanta
18 year olds can "vote, every sol- I P I C T U R E TO SEND OVERSEAS-
ticipate intelligently in public an^^
dier aj'iyv>'here v/iH take off his bat team i.ts'^in the nose of a Fly- community affairs. Constant dil- even clearer perspective of prob- undeground, in .forced labor, and REPAERING. DYEING AND Edwardc; for example. immediately follou'ing the lee-'
Christmas Cards
ing Fortiress. It is a good place in. the universities seein to be
hat to her .for that law. Did
fron. which to view the conflict igence is necessary for anyone
lems than the boys then.
eager for the resumption of edu-
DRY CLEANING Only, one of the girls is from ture. at i MADE AT EBEBHART'S!
j'ou vote? We're six hours ahead "It seems to me that the League H. A. SNYDER. Mgr. ancttber • state. • She is Becky- Mr. St. John in speaking of
?.nd perhaps help to hasten the who wishes merely to keep up, cation, seriously ready for ' the Miller's Stores. Inc.
of you, so it will be tomorrow of 'Women "Voters Is an organiza- Riddle from, southern North the revolutions that he believes
pence. I also remember that He and much more so for those who reformation of^ education, and'for
moraing before even' the scatter- tion' by means of which the young Carolina. will follO'W the war in Europe
who watches the'" flight of the Wish to look ahead and help the establishment of close bonds
•ed results start coming in. 'f^Ve "'omen of GSCW can prepare Tne 3.6 students, range in age explained that the people are IWIItl«lll|llillllllllMtlirailll»HI«ll>l«lllf«i»!l«IIH«l»!«ltlWllti«llll»ll»!till|»l|ll|B!ei|ll|lllBi»IWI»lllllimtff
tiny sparrow shall surely not make policies. with their fellow students in the
.haA>e a radio set up a.'nd :•}]] of
overlook a B-17.'" "Participation in the activities themselves to decide ajitelligentiy world from 1.6-26, but the majority of fI.,V;hting against fascism, internr.1
us are catching .upon the news on problems that they and re- them are 17 or 18 years old. as well as foreign, and therefore,
and music."
Aw^her boy fronoL the
'Pacific writes: .,.^'rhoiigh
And so we hear from them, of the League of Women Voters turned soiaiers are going to face."
Soittb and' they also hear fi-om us. Just
there listen to this from a sailor: "If
is one important means of keep-
ing informed. '' Every woman
should grasp every opportunity
Miss Tthel A. Adams says:
The World Student Service
Fund, with its 1944-4-5 goal of
''The recent orga'nizaticn of a $500^000 in the United States HbUday Greetings
Lilce some Jessie they have liberation from German or Ital-€cker beds in their ian-fascism 'does not necessarily
rooms. They have their own set mean liberation from ail fascisi'n.
CAMPUS THEATfUL' Ji.l"".»U.t.».'J--l

- a s e - 4 i « ^ - * ^ 5 v ' good, beaches lor the censor knew all the lovely chapter of the League of Women serves tliese .student in Europe THURSDAY AND FRIDAY
of this Icind."' of dOT'r/5itory officers. Cynthia When aslced what 'deinocracy's
A-win>ming/ n i - a s s u r e yooj life tho'ughts I read between the
Miss aitirgaret Meatlci's: Voters on. the campus of Geor- and Asia in their extreme prW'^ ToSSSwFrom McCart is president; Mildred attitude 'should be . toward the
in' the South' 'Sea Islands isn't lines Of your letter, he'd have gia State College for Women was ent nGQd, and is now launched' on"'t-i'-!*»'i.
cut out all the spaces." And he "I think it is the most practi-
.o.oth timely and gratifying, I the rehabilitation and reconstruc- HALL MUSIC CO. Lines if vice-president; Ruth Per- Balkans, he emphatically stated
clo.'^es with "if you want to do cal and certainly the most worth- ry, secretary; Ida Lucyle Lewis, that the Balkans sliould be allow-
think. tion program in the liberated
your part to Iteep my ceiling '.vhile organization tliat I know treasurer. ed to adopt a policy of the Bal-
MERRY high, keep those letters flying to anything about. I Like especially
''Particularly the eighteen-year ai'eas, starting in France. The
• so recently given the fran- worlc is conducted for students of
Like -as, they have devotipnals lca.ns for the people of,the Bal-
a fellow, down here who is liav- its scientific approach 'to impor- each morning and evening. kans; and Western democracy
CHRISTMAS ins a pretty hard' time keeping tant matters: that is they inves- chise in our state, will need and all stricken lands according to should -no longer stand in the way ;
his feet on the ground." tigate every iss'ue thoroughly be- should benefit by the training the need and regardless of I'ace, of E federation of Balkan states,
Of course, wc want them all fore they attempt to take a stand thus afforded."
nationality, religion or politics. whh Knnielkirees'JohBCcfrailiiie
To the he continued.

"back home for lceeps''~ and soon, on it. I have utmost respect for
but xintil then we''ve got a chain the League's record and a very
Miss Helen Oreene:
"In the national picture, the \j)t KmJU ^unm. He agreed with Mr. Churchill
in his, recent statement that the • SATURDAY
of letters across each ocean keep- vital faith in wliat it can and League of Women Voters is one war will be over by • next sum-;
will accomplish." of the most respected non-parti- FOR FANCY GIFT WRAPPING
ing them close to us.
Dr. Georse Bdswanerer: -'an groups. 'Charles Beard says
mer. "If the Russians mount a ; iSeeADeiid'llhiit / M : I
YOU CAN DEPEND ON bii* wintci' offensive," he added,;
''Alter the war two most im- they have probably done 'more to
"the w.'jr might end sooner." WAlKf ' % i i i
' CHANDLErS / LET US REPAIR YOUR SHOES portant political groups will be purify city politics than any other HOSE'S .The magnetic .journalist , last
Qttick Seirice coid Reasonable fir>t, returning soldiers tbem.- one group." Xiciit of his radio charm by per-
selves and second could bs wives, Dr. Jolm Moi-ffan:
Prices! sona] \ appearance as vras evidenc-
'ii.?.'.ers and sweethearts of these "I think they have carried "out
ed hj the resixmse given him by
THE IWIOM Globe Shoe Hospital
same men. Soldiers will know one of the most i'.ntelligent edu-
'.vhiit they v.'ant'to-make a bet- cational programs that we have the students. The" attractTor
Next to Co-ed Theotxe seemed nautual for Mr., St. John
ter world, but they ai"e going to ever had in tlie state." SHUPTRINE#5\ exp-essed the de<^ire to return
n".-'<t year for a .longer cfay. The SUNDAY ONLY
Everything was on the credit WISHES TO EACH AND im-Jtat'on.has. been extended to ^>.
ilLLEDOEmiE BDS lERMINAL sidt; of the ledger Vv'hen the Com-
merce Club met Noveinber 28.
for the theme Vv^as Thanksgiving.

MILIEDGEVILLE GA. Following a brief business Merry Christmas

6pen:'7t30:AeM.Jo 10:30 P.M. meeting a program of games, e£ch
-T-aiid a - ^ ' •'' '
Wishing You a ^^V
of them built around the chosen
Merry Chnstmas!
E.W.T. To
theme,' was led by the president,
Happy New Year
. . wiih
• '•JMS'L

FRoivf.,;. • , . Arrive;
.12:50 A
12:50 A. ., Via Thompson- -A«BM«>»
Betty Lee Anderson, and refresh-
ments were served.
Macon. •: • • 2:1(1 A 'A.tC-A. . ..M^con
• Aijiffustar-Via' 'Ttosnson.'.. TAB A 7:45 A',. .. aiacon MONDAV-TUESDAY-WEDKISDAY * "
.. AwgnlBteJ-^via.' IfBomficn .'.•.. Vla Saudm-v'ille- -AugwSta
. 8:05 A 8:10 A.
At^nl*.;.., ,.....,...._
: '.•>'.f-

. 8:55 P 8:30 A Atlanta
! ,. Via Thoiufion- -Artgwsta
For the Best and Most Efficient Semce Get Ready for i
'9:35 A 9:40 A.
AlactQh'.''...: . . . . . , . . ' . . • ;
Atf ^ f t i ^ ' V i a " Sainiiiersvmie, .- . 10:34 A 10:40 A-
, .Macon
.'.Atlan'.a Call On Qhristnias. i
''AtfthiS^ai^.:,':'; .'••: '•••;.•• .ll,:Sf» A' 12:40 P.
•»' 'Dfitili«l'^Savaiftiii*ft... ;.;••'•"•. :'l2:i8 P 12:45 ? . .Savaimiih.
-Aucusfa ODO RLESS C L E A N E R s '
; 1:25 P 1:30 P, VLa Thom&on- -Au«fu«;»
M ! J « o » . ^ • . . ; . . • , • _ ; . , , . . . • •,'.• •;•••••'•••(••
•.il;35P^ 1:40 P. . ."Via Sarid^rsville- .. .Maco» New Pern^anent Wave
. 2:30 P 235
, .^ui!nf*l»-*-^ia'''''l^i«>»|««.'?5-<^- ' 4:40 P, ,. .jOTacon ••' /;,', •• ' From'-. ,^,. , '^ •
. *:3''' r ."irao P ,.,.,. .S;vvaiinah CHRISTMAS PRESEI^rrS AND CARDS ARE GIVING
N' bwbUri^S&.vaiJimah•'.'.;.;•
:,Atlanta.;.;'';.,.i}'.' •.;,;• •l:^ :y'.: r'r•;'v
— ' . imy 5:30j» !i..;. .•.:.•;'.;. .:..
./4w."'n'Srt'.'i' OUT FASTI •'"'• BfelFs Up-to-Date
,..J:45 f •^•'* ^ : . . ,.i.r
. i.,.Via SrtJtdersvUk-
'• i C i j ^ e o r . : . ' ; . '•'• '••'•''''/••• \l'-"-'
' '"•«''" jninB';«k—Tia jrhwiri^P; '• •'
''• . €r05;P fi!r.ffl'P
CAU. P/VRLY .WHILE THE, SUPPLY LASTS ^.' Beauty 'Shop-- |; |HiSiUlSlHm!!ISi!!tBi!llsi!tiSI!!^^
.' l<<^'Amn...'."'•".'• ..."'.v.'.,'; . . . . '\ t,mii* Blifaco'H BiSniiirin3iiTiriiq^^
I ;ftt(ll5'P' 10:25!.. ,1 •;!! !»'.•
: '.'•AllgllSJa-rvra.- >. S»Bfl'.V^yiMe.
.10:20 P

How To Make $25—or-i-Why Don't Yc>u Study ' "ConipulSory- Military; itrairiii'iaf mi;
;.:.-. •^l^;.X'^%v'5tot?xg; '.to' pas^:- all' of your subjects this, quarter?
S^9 iwiioiittrfep^e^^ some stdajects must be M e d
After the Wair,''" .vims; W
of the etirrent AiSkits firroitp
sUbiGp For
" IS^'• spins'stud-^nt^ Why shoulcL' ybii fail? • Noveain^r 20, tit, jfiin Mbi^n •, -h's' O' l(>a9. iMtirdiMil^ on& cuts thrdugh the forest of-recon-
lead tJhe discussion-.; . i ^ struction' chatter where iive huhgTy, iorgdtten people whose'
(i • • •' ' •^Mi'd-^^rni tfeats: have been giveri iri order for the students' thcit move girb should take,#a4^ lives ar^ worn down to the unbearable qliick. You cart pfer-
••'^to' jj^9- approximotelY' where they, stand ihthe class and in ., uat'w worit after finiJshirig .college
fdi'rn'no miracle tha't will absorb suffering, nor roll it off your
• • pi^er for the students-to-.bscortie acquainted with' the'vari- So that they niight.'better.- .find
;. •.oto ••bs^inyife^ by the teachpirs. those' who had bacjt. You, 'wlio' choose to rebuild this shatfered World, con-
their, place la the ppstrwai* wp'rtd
*'grades^ui'isati^actbry on the. mid-terms should realize the' sider well the path-you travel!
The Freshpiiaai Y' Ciui^'iei-Ssted^ t h e world h ful! oif sorr#t^. cbxtiifiitmen* be to ' serve. You
\yiii fiiiid yourself saying, "I camei
,. W'0,i:ind©J^fe^^ &at there, are causes for lov/ grades oiid. as it& officers for the; yeai'-Eliz^-^ Its thig^dyi will toark.deeply you to de recreational leadership antt

for thait reosdri'each pei'scn should investigate the causes beth Waters,, president;, Edith who. face it. Yau will know the
here.I am On the coolciag crew!"
/dtti'd should eliiiainate ihem in so far , as ; possible. The' Lewis', vice-presideht; yila. Overr pain of feeling yotu? fingers fold
Or, "I came here to intiate indus-
:'crovr;5=.'d1ii/ingcondilipn3 naturally lower scholarship unless street, sfecretary-treaswrer. over scrawny bones. You will
trial processes, and here i am
'eitiremfe'-ctaie-isiafcen to prevent excessive idleness in Iha walic into hdnies bei^ft of chairs, doing the laundry!", All your
. individual rooms. • • Max Noath'wasrecen.tiy iavited
^y the Florida .Band sixd ydcal tabbies, bfiids. "You WiU watch fancy ideas as to what you were
• It :hcis jbeert .said after careful research ^ a t when a person Music Assocratiorts to. help, prgan- "little peo-pie'* ijrepare a *'^eai to be and do in life must go. If
';ihiss0s .a^sihgle class sha loses $25 of future, earning power. .ize the Florida Mus.ic Educators from a scanty supply > of hearis they do'ii't, ybu'won't laat- Mores
How much riiore do we lose by insufficient studying? Associations and " affiliate tliem and rice. You will piclc up year- th^n gehius and. skill, adaptabil-
.. P.S.I Rerriember exams axe from December 13-16. with the Music EHucatora Nation- old babies welsiiing less than ity arid humility are needed. If
al Cbnferetice. While there he you did at birth. you don't want to lose yourself,
alsot directed. th^ 'all-state chorus Your soal wiJi crj' oiat in rebel better peddle your apples else-
of 3dO voices. lion. You wriil becbma impatient where.
because people won't change Make certain tliat ?<»« *VeaCiy
NEWMAN CLUB tilings. You will tire of climb- care. It's easy to talk about the
The Newman club hold's .its reg- ing mountains to tattered cabins pocr but endurance^ will be tried,
ular meetings' every Wednesday to help sick children. You. will when you stand in the midst of
at 6:30.
give instructions.for the care of squalor an.-:l dirt among people
bab>, or urge a .mother to cbme who at times don't seein to care
back to tine clinic for treatm'ent— \yhether they are helped or not.
Ifianlis Eiprelseil all in vain. The sun will grow K you haven't love to give, don't
hot on 'your head and shoulders; go. If it is. a sacrifice to you,
your feet will become heavy; you don't go. As long as you. feel
ar Coimtftee will gripe at your colleagues; you you are giving up soTnetliing,^you
v/ill wipe'the perspiration from have nothing to. give.
"Thanks to you, faculty, stu- your brow and exclaim-, "So this Reconstruction is no misty
dents, ^ housemothers, Peabody is reconstruction." Yes, this is dream rollihg in on the lapping
.^ryd'es and l^igh school, and labor reconstruction. It is a tough, waves of tlie conference ground
force, the GSCW quota of tlie dirtjr job that takes every bit of shore. Nor is it a job which
O'niled War Fund went over the you. .' - government alone can do. It isn't
tOT) With a" quota of $2250, the
Wluit do yon want to do? idealism falling . glibly from
^um of $2278.41' was collected; .
If only to feed, to build, to clear youthful lips, nor a bapPy thought
'"The seniors in Atlvinson Hall
debris, to conduct recreation, to to quiet enthusiastic church- par-
reached their quota first; Bell
heal" the sick, to aid tile liome- lor youth. ReconiHtruction is
CLime in second, and Bell Annex less, you will grow weary; for stark reality. - It is in" prppess
third.' Though all the - groups these 'are not of the essence: The now. '
r-i.Mched tlieir quota, several went messa'ge, the kind of life purpose
The world is waiting fo:^'tl^osdl^
'v'cr the top. of the latter gi'oups, you demonstrate through the ser-
who have. v/hat it. takes to, trans-
.Terrell ' A had the greatest vices yoli perform is the far
late' into action this noblest' • of elver, namely $9.25; Bell greater thing which will build ideals. All who participate in
Annex . came in; second.' No' defi- whatever . new world we have. reconstruction will come to' know
nlce. amount was assigried ,to' the
Pifofeissions aild sliills are need- that, there is yet hope in the
Poabody grades 'and high schooii ed desperately,' btit let' irbur first world.
bu: the' High' SctiOQl .Council set
a certain amount for each, class.
"In the college mucla credit for
the fine sho^ying: of thg dormitor- The COLONNADE
iea goes t© the;houseiTi,qthers,and Meaner ol Assocls^ed CoUecjiate Pfess
especially to .the War. Fund 'Drive
leaders:.. Elsie Washburn in At-
•clnson; Jackie Lovett . in. , Bell;
•Eulalie.-Webb in Pell Annex.; Glo- Published eveiy other w^sak dusnng the school Yaar except
ria Swanson'in the. Three Terrell during holidoYS s^nd examinalioQ periods by jhestus^esit^
Hall, where live the freshmen; ^ of the Geoffgia State College for Women, Mfiliedgeville,
Ruth Read-in Beeson Hall, and \^.*
Georgia. I Sijbscriptibh price, $1.00 per year. Entered as
•fCugenia Hollingsworth Wilson in: second class miiil ma^er. October 30. 1928, in the post
killer Hail and in the two Home'
office. Milledgevfle. ba.. under the Act of Maxell 3, 1879.
Maaiagement Houses,
• ."'The GSCW. War Fun<i. Coin-
mil tee 'included: • • r- •• EDITORIAL STAFF
"Dr. Amanda.. Joluison, cliiiir-;
znah; J. H. Dewberry, vice-cliair-' Jeann-e Power .•'. ....Editor-in-Chief,
man;!Dr. Guy H- Wells, Dr. Hoy June Jones-! ^;,, , .Associate Editor
Taylor Enxily Cottingham, Prof. Helen Crbtwell......... .Managirig\ Editor
M?x Noah, Miss Miaggie Jenlcins Miriam Qiatfield ..•.
4, »,*•:* * *'' .....Ne^fVs, Editor
"Dr. Mildred Eniglish, Misa
Hdzdl Smith. ,• 0. ».,..• , • • * ...literary Editor,
Mary Lee Anderson, Dr., Jessie
w Shall We Detemine Our God^ M^Vejr, Sirs. J. t . King, Pirof. W^ Heleri Matthews. ., —Feature Editor.
T. Knox, Betty BoH, Elizabeth Mary Flarmery O'Connor.........,.,.,r.-.............U.'.'ftrt Editor
• ^ 'What: In'.the'gool 6f"a"contsst?' Orie offhanded'/mighi! i
Knowles, Eugenia Wilson, Mary Grace Woirible. . . • ; . . . . . ..iExchah^e Editor .
•corameni-that-the prize involved is the'goal; iHe'v/ihning i
Jdhnsort, Bet^y dooden, Eulaiia Martha-'^iles....... — > . v.'..:.:.^ ....>,... '>>:iV .v^'l 0 . .Typist
of that prize is'the ^victory. On the pth,e:; hand one might';! Wel5b and Miss Patsy' Malcom.
.r^;flecat' that .the goal consists of th^develbpth'.ent of 'the in-. Editorial Assistants: Margaret, Ajin Barh<3!S, Chris .Davis,
bth^s assisting' ih coUectihg June Davis, LaureifeVMea:di*ian, ;'i^^^^ Johnson,'
•dUiritlUqi Jairid'• tilie: group/';-...;'^ 7^
- Betty J^ii^Jil^ Leathers, '
\^., t|ds d»telopm^nt'iii^ rhehtai,'-.and!J "Profi. Eaklns,'. pt. Mawchester,
-Jay MeC6yi>Hi2ab4fti3#atei3v ' - r'.v'
pi^l^qiiBgipal ! b ^ be; seeriS>;'tHis^i Misa Virg^niii siatterfteld, atid
' JjiboPciteiiln winnincj /the;' .-Miss MryVJBuirhs. :.
\§tix^ 'ior..the' ack^^pvsjiti^^ "To each and all; who Mtonie Bell PpweQ...... — . . . . . ^ . . . .Business Manager ;
•^08 coijiSbe the;,'v^ctorir;pj^^ p%,^a£|?y<^QUi!;a^;| put the driye a,?rbB9, we the coirk- • limiei 'Ekigwell.. '.-y. .-•.,..••..'.. ....^ssiatcmit'.Susineas'i.Maha^
mittciis'' wish to •«fl!'s''d(tu*''appr6r
cistioh a'hd' .thariJiisi'*'-.'• ' :', )•
•Bujfiri©^5-^Age»3tanffe;V !AUc©!"'lla^ley^! ••'pei^qry 'Biiili) ••Audj^f
"l^iSetj^, : ,„..•..,•,,•:•.;, ,/'•;••'•

• (

:vi''- "km.u. '. i