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Grappled in the realms of untold poverty in Uganda, lies youth unemployment estimated at 85%
and still growing. This has not only predisposed the country’s young population to psycho-social
torment but ranks highest as the major cause for the populations’ involvement in high risk sexual
behavior, criminal acts including theft and robberies. Gambling, alcohol and drug abuse has also
been ranked highest among this population. School dropouts,

Despite the numerous milestones attained by the current government in improving the country’s
security, social services to the country’s ever growing population leaves a lot to be desired. With
an obsolete education system, health care in shambles, high tax rates and soaring commodity
prices, chronic corruption in public offices remain the norm of society.

Currently, Uganda is challenged with unpredictable weather patterns with devastating effects on
her agricultural backbone resulting into famine and chronic food insecurity. In a society already
embroiled in massive corruption, unemployment, non-functional social services and chronic food
shortage, alternative innovations are paramount to revive the stagnating security and socio-
economic conditions in Uganda.

Based on the above stated facts, there is a search for potential partners and experts in “Life
Hack” Ideas and programs targeting youth unemployment. Using the media including social
media, Life hack has the capacity to transform the youth population in Uganda into a socio-
economically functional entity capable of sustainably transforming Uganda and the entire region
at learge.

Major Objective

To facilitate positive youth mindset change and innovations for job creation

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