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Republic of the Philippines

Sorsogon State College

Sorsogon City Campus
Sorsogon City
A.Y 2015-2016

Narrative Report
Fundamentals of

Submitted by:
Ariel H. Dolar

Submitted to:

Emmanuel Nicolas
I. Activity Title:

Giving Instructions

II. Foundation Reference

Principle (up to teach and gentle)

1. Good practice encourages interaction between students and faculty.

2.Good practice encourages interaction and collaboration between


3. Good practice uses active learning techniques.

4. Good practice good prompt feedback

5. Good practice emphasizes time on task.

6. Good practice communicates high expectations.

7. Good practice respects diversity-talents, experience and ways of learning.

Qualities of good teachers:

A. Know and master the lesson

B. Giving clear and detailed instructions

C. Patience

D. Carefully technical terms to explain

F. Teaches right and congruent

G. Good teaching
III. Incident Report

What: Activity by pair

When: September 8, 2015

Where: Drafting Building

Who: Ariel H. Dolar and Mark Rogem Fivaldo

Why: To identify and to know the different qualities of a good teacher

How: One of the students plays the role of a teacher and the other
student’s plays the role of a student. The teacher will instruct the student
how to follow a given instructions and he/she will identify if the
instructions were followed.

IV. Actual outcome of Activity

The actual outcome of the activity that the teacher has given to the
student was a little similar to the original one or close to original but not
perfectly drawn. Besides instructions has been followed. the original one
has a drawing of an inverted triangle, this triangle is equilateral triangle and
a two circle that have a size of a five peso coin positioned and connected in
a lower part of the triangle. The arrow at the right side of the object
indicates the position of the object needed to draw.
V. Documentation

VI. Important lesson learned

The important lesson was, for the students he/she must listen very
carefully to a given instruction from the teacher. He/she must follow the
instruction correctly in able for the outcome of the output to be correct.
Students have to be patience by following orders and steps. Students have
to trust the teacher and build a solid relationship. For the teacher, a
teacher must have the qualities of a good teacher for him/her to earn the
trust and the relationship from their students. Teachers should develop the
right relationship between them and students. Teachers need to be very
careful in giving instructions to students because students depends more
about learning from their teachers.

VII. Resolution

A good teacher will have a good students or better students if they

teach them properly and correctly. Showing them the right way to the right
success. Establishing a good relationship for them to remember how they
want to be remembered. Allowing the students to explore and enjoy and
experience the real happiness that school and world offers. Let talent assist
and facilitate them toward to the right path. Teach them to set goals and
plans. Teach them proper value and a better future for incoming